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HomeCollectionMy Retina & Retinette camerasAll my other camerasRepair helpMy "How to" repair guides for Retinas & RetinettesMy YouTube camera repair videosHow to adjust the rangefinder on a Retina IIaHow to assemble the Retina Ia, IIa film advance lever and frame counterHow to remove the top cover on Kodak Retina II cameraHow to remove the top cover on Kodak Retina Ia & IIa camerasHow to clean the rangefinder on a Kodak Retina IIa cameraHow a Synchro-Compur shutter worksHow to check the retard gear train (Synchro-Compur shutter)How to strip-down and service the Synchro-Compur shutter (Kodak Retina Ia or IIa)How to CLA the Prontor or Vero shutter of a Retinette 1A (pdf)How to open a Xenon lens from a Retina IIc, IIC, IIIc, or IIIC cameraHow to reassemble Retina Ia, IIa film advance mechanism and cocking rackHow to replace a missing Retina rewind buttonHow to replace the shutter cocking rack in a Retina IIc How to reconnect the aperture pointer on a Retina IIIcHow to strip and reassemble the focus mechanism on the Retina Ia and IIaHow to repair the front door stand on a Retina cameraService manuals & parts listsKodak Retina IIc, IIIc and related models parts list (pdf)Kodak Retinette 1A parts list (pdf)Kodak Retina IIa parts list (pdf)Kodak Retina IIIS service manual (pdf)Kodak Retina Reflex III service manual (pdf)Kodak Retina Automatic I parts list & service manual (pdf)Kodak Retina Automatic II parts list & service manual (pdf)Kodak Motormatic 35 parts list (pdf)Kodak Motormatic 35 service manual (pdf)Common Retina problemsFinding the camera parts you need for your repairsIs it worth getting my camera repaired?Causes of shutter-cocking rack failure on the Retina IIIc and similar modelsStripping down a Retina Reflex S, and reassembly!Usual things found during a typical service of a Retina IIICservicing a Retina I type 010What to do when D.I.Y goes wrongRetina infoKodak Retina and accessories instruction booksKodak Retina Close-up Rangefinder instructionsKodak Retina N-type close-up lens instructions (pdf)Kodak Retina R-type close-up lens instructions (pdf)Kodak Ground glass adapter instructionsKodak Retina I type 118 instructions (pdf)Kodak Retina I type 119 instructions (pdf)Kodak Retina I type 126 instructions (pdf)Kodak Retina Ia instruction instructions(pdf)Kodak Retina II type 011 instructionsKodak Retina II type 122, instructions(pdf)Kodak Retina IIc instructions (pdf)Kodak Retina IIC instructions (pdf)Kodak Retina IIIC instructions (pdf) Kodak Retinette IIA instructions (pdf)Kodak Retinette type 017 instructions (pdf)A few of the many Kodak Retina lenses & accessoriesAn early roll of Kodachrome filmA quick guide to using a Retinette II (Type 160)How to change the speed film setting on the Retina Reflex S or IIISRetina IIIc or IIIC?Kodak Retina IIIc production changesA cut-away model of the Retina IIIc cameraKodak Retina Stereo AttachmentRetina Ia brochure, in German (pdf)Retina Stereo Adapter brochure, in German (pdf)Kodak Retina "C" type lens mountsPre WW2 Kodak Retina serial numbersPost WW2 model Retina serial numbersSome of the secrets to using a Kodak RetinaOther camera stuff110 film cartridge meter setting notchSignet 35 frame counter repairAdventures with a 'parts or repair' cameraAgfa Solinette II Instruction Book (pdf)Pentacon FM instruction manual in German (pdf) A brief history of the early Braun Paxette camerasAccessing the shutter in a Mecaflex cameraHoneywell Spotmatic II with mirror lock-upLinks to some useful camera-related sitesPentax 50mm f1.4 Super-Takumar dismantling instructionsYashica Minister D instruction manualSynchro-Compur shutter assembly animationZeiss Ikon film? It's amazing what turns upRepair serviceAbout meCameras etc. for saleContact me

Welcome to Chris Sherlock's Kodak Retina and Retinette camera pages

The Kodak Retina family of fine 35mm cameras began life with the type 117 Retina camera, introduced in 1934 with Kodak's new daylight loading cassettes of 35mm film.

The Retina cameras were manufactured at Kodak A.G. in what had previously been the Dr. August Nagel Camerawerk factory in Stuttgart. The business had been purchased by Kodak in 1931.

A large number of Retina and Retinette cameras were manufactured until production finally ceased in 1969.

One day I hope to have an example of them all, but my collection is work in progress at the moment, as I suspect it always will be.

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