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Vilnius City Innovation Industrial Park

Chosen by leaders for business development

Fully developed infrastructure

Sustainable growth in the innovators community

More than 1000 job openings

Specialized Life sciences incubator

Synergy of science and business

Support for innovation and entrepreneurship





Innovative business development in the Lithuanian capital

Vilnius City Innovation Industrial Park is the first and only industrial park in the capital of Lithuania, dedicated exclusively to the development of innovative business.

24 ha VCIIP territory is surrounded by national forests and already has a fully developed infrastructure. It is dedicated to Lithuanian and foreign companies that want to build research centres, laboratories or factories, as well as to business and science collaboration; nearby are some of the best universities in Lithuania, as well as main science centres.

In 2015, VCIIP was granted the status of a national importance economic project.

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The obvious reasons to apply

VCIIP advantages


Strategical location and great access

VCIIP is situated in Vilnius city, 30 minutes from the old town, the railway and bus stations, and the international airport. Three public transport stops – „Inovacijų pramonės parkas”, „Miškadvario” and  „Vismaliukai” – are located in VCIIP. Although city life is really close by, the area is conveniently situated away from the street noise, surrounded by national forests.


Developed infrastructure

The industrial parkalready has a developed infrastructure, from engineering networks tocommunications. All you have to do is apply and settle down.


Partnership oriented community

VCIIP was created exclusively for innovative companies that are operating in the seven areas of smart specialisation. It encourages partnership and clustering between its customers in order to take full advantage of the VCIIP community’s benefits.


The merge of science and business

VCIIP is part of theIntegrated Science, Studies and Business Valley “Sauletekis” program. Nearbyare two of the best Lithuanian universities and their campuses, three sciencecentres, two science and technology parks, as well as excellent conditions forR&D infrastructure development and human resource management.


From startup to investor

VCIIP is open tocompanies of all sizes: from successful global companies to start-ups.


Status of national importance. No infrastructure charge

In 2015 VCIIP was granted the status of economic project of national importance that is strengthening the Lithuanian innovation system. Therefore, infrastructure development charge is not applied to the investors establishing at VCIIP.

VCIIP has been in operation since August, 2018.

Already reached results

Investment attracted

€ 76002557

New job openings




Companies established



Life Sciences Incubator

By the end of 2023 a specialized life sciences incubator – Technology Development Center – will be built at VCIIP, offering unique laboratory facilities specialized for work with microorganisms, viruses and bacteria.

4000 sq. m. incubator will host 2 open access centers, with infrastructure and services accessible not only to the startups residing here, but for other innovative companies as well. Moreover, we estimate that by 2035 over 80 life sciences startups will have benefited from the incubator’s services.


Life Sciences Digital Innovation Hub (LS DIH Lithuania) Cluster is a platform for business-research partnership, dedicated to fostering digital innovation in the life sciences, bringing together research, business and public sector institutions and organizations.


Industrial Park Plan

Subleased lands Operator of VCIIP VCIIP operator‘s Science and Business Incubator (until the end of 2022) Land for long-term sublease State forest / Public areas Streets Planned streets Forests / Residential areas Reserved lands


Customers and partners’ comments

Why have they chosen VCIIP, what about Vilnius appeals to innovative companies, and why establishing at VCIIP is a smart decision for every innovative company? Our customers and partners can answer best:

„Most life sciences companies face similar challenges as they grow: first and foremost, the R&D and production infrastructure meeting GMP and GLP standards. In recent years, “CMB medicina” together with partners, have been carrying out R&D and production activities in the field of health technologies and biotechnologies quite intensively, therefore the need for infrastructure capacity has increased, and the possibility of concentrating activities in one place in Vilnius seemed appropriate. Therefore, in order to make better use of networking and synergy opportunities for faster development of “CMB medicina” and other companies in the sector, we chose VCIIP.”

Founder of „CMB medicina” Dr. Adas Darinskas

„We have never had any doubts about the development of “CMB medicina” in Vilnius. And the choice to plan the development at VCIIP was determined by several important factors: first of all – the developed transport infrastructure and possibility to establish relatively quickly, as well as the strong core of biotechnology companies already established at VCIIP and the neighbourhood of Vilnius University and Vilnius Tech. These are important conditions that, with the development of the company’s R&D and production infrastructure, will enable the growth of both the company and the cluster of advanced therapy medicinal products and other health technologies and biotechnologies research coordinated by “CMB medicina”.”

Director of „CMB medicina” Milda Gritėnaitė

„To continue offering Lithuanian and foreign families a world-class education with the infrastructure that meets its needs, we have planned the development of our new campus in Vilnius City Innovation Industrial Park. We have chosen VCIIP not only because of its special location surrounded by nature, but also because of the strong scientific and business community that is emerging in the innovation industrial park, with which we expect strong synergies. We employ the latest technology to enhance children’s learning experience and therefore this is an extraordinary opportunity to integrate experiential education into the learning process and to give students a chance to observe closely how scientific discoveries and innovations are born.”

Headmaster of The British School of Vilnius Mr. Andrew Prosser

„The Stem Cell Research Centre has reached the point for development. We chose a place for it in Vilnius, because the largest biotechnology competencies in Lithuania are concentrated here. For us, Vilnius is a strategic place for development due to employees, logistics and interaction with other companies in our group. We chose Vilnius City Innovation Industrial Park because of the convenient territory for business development and important communications. In addition, a unique concentration of life sciences companies and research institutions is forming in this area, with which we expect high synergy. This will be a great place to work for our existing and new employees. We have already envisaged opportunities for further development of the company – we have left room for the second stage of the company’s development. When the company will need larger biotechnology production facilities, we hope to establish a 15,000 m2 biotechnology plant here in the future.”

General Director of “Stem Cell Research Centre” Prof. Vladas Algirdas Bumelis

„The ability to establish and adapt infrastructure to our needs comes rarely, especially in such a convenient location. We see the proximity of creative companies and research institutions in the park as an opportunity to strengthen business-business and science-business synergies, which will help to implement complex projects more efficiently. No less important reason – we believe in Vilnius as a city where the highest-level professionals would like to live and create, we believe in the vision and mission of the Park. Therefore, the decision to settle at VCIIP was very simple.”

CEO of Gensinta Benas Macijauskas

“Our decision to settle at VCIIP is based on several reasons – it is a convenient location with developed infrastructure, rapidly growing VCIIP life sciences community, and of course – the value proposition itself, which allows us to plan the rapid development of the company. In preparation for the expansion of the production of immunological diagnostic tests and their components, we are going to set up a factory and laboratory to develop new products at VCIIP by the end of 2023. It’s an important move which will help us to grow the company’s scientific and innovative potential in the future.”

Director of Imunodiagnostika Gintautas Gylys

“The VCIIP management team is highly oriented to life sciences sector growth and has put significant effort into accommodating our requirements and helping us grow.”

CEO of Droplet Genomics Juozas Nainys

„Our main goal is to expand our business in the high-tech field, which requires highly qualified professionals and large-scale research as well as collaboration with research institutions or private companies in the biotechnology sector. Therefore, the opportunity to set up in Vilnius City Innovation Industrial Park proved to be attractive not only because of its convenient location and well-developed infrastructure, but also because of the strong life sciences companies that are developing there.”

Co-founder & CEO, Sanobiotec Bio Rytis Vincentas Urbonas

“We have chosen VCIIP because of its amazing location — it gave us the opportunity to develop next to innovative modern companies, thus improving positions by attracting potential investors and commercial partners. Plus, nearby is Vilnius Gediminas Technical University.”

Director of UAB Poliprojektas Edvardas Charzauskas

“The opportunity to settle down in the Vilnius City Innovation Industrial Park seemed attractive due to the existing infrastructure, as well as great VCIIP strategy to create an ecosystem of innovations and good financial value. Continuing smooth and expeditious communication with the operator, its flexibility in dealing with various issues and finding the best solution has helped to make a definite investment in the park.”

Director of UAB Experimentica Giedrius Kalesnykas



The British School of Vilnius has presented the project for the new school campus

The British School of Vilnius hosted a new campus launch event on the 13th of May at the Grand Hotel Kempinski for its parent community, partners and many other guests, where it has presented a project for its new state of the art campus to be located at VCIIP. The British School of Vilnius has already started establishment in the Vilnius City Innovation Industrial Park and the campus will be built at VCIIP by September 2023.


CMB Medicina, developing advanced therapy medicines, plans its establishment in VCIIP

Another biotechnology company, “CMB Medicina”, is starting its establishment in Vilnius City Innovation Industrial Park, which carries out activities in the fields of tissue bank, development of advanced therapy medicinal products, and health technology research. Company plans to establish at VCIIP by 2025. Investments in CMB Medicina’s R&D and production infrastructure in line with good manufacturing and laboratory practice are expected to reach more than Eur 5 million.


BaltCap Infrastructure Fund will invest EUR 6 million into private school project in Lithuania

BaltCap Infrastructure Fund (BInF) will finance EUR 6 million development of a private school in Vilnius. The school will be built in Vilnius City Innovation Industrial Park and will be operated by The British School of Vilnius (BSV). The school will be designed by 2L architects and developed via a special purpose company BSV Development.


The British School of Vilnius will establish a new campus in Vilnius City Innovation Industrial Park

The international school plans to locate at VCIIP in the area of 1.2 ha surrounded by forest. The new school facilities of around 3000 sq.m. will meet the highest standards and educational needs with spacious and bright spaces for various learning, sports, music and art activities. The campus will also include green common spaces for leisure and exploration, a swimming pool, basketball court, full-sized football pitch and other. Investments in the new international school complex will reach almost 6 million. Eur.


Stem Cell Research Centre is starting its establishment in Vilnius City Innovation Industrial Park

Biomedicine and biotechnology services company “Stem Cell Research Centre” (SCRC) is starting its establishment in Vilnius City Innovation Industrial Park. The company plans to open R&D and production centre and to install unique equipment that is not currently available in Lithuania – 3D bio printers, stem cell growth bioreactors. Planning to invest more than 27 million Eur, SCRC hopes to be one of the strongest global innovators in the field of stem cell and 3D tissue bioprinting research and technology development in the near future.


“Gensinta”, a start-up operating in the field of synthetic biology, will establish in Vilnius City Innovation Industrial Park

Northtown Vilnius, the operator of VCIIP, has signed an agreement with “Gensinta”, which is developing a new generation DNA synthesis technology based on molecular biology and photonics methods. “Gensinta” plans to fully establish in Vilnius City Innovation Industrial Park by August 2023, and the company’s investment in VCIIP is expected to reach more than 10 million Eur.


The pandemic did not set back the Lithuanian biotechnology sector – last year it grew the fastest

Last year, the Lithuanian biotechnology sector grew by almost 87 percent. The income of companies in this sector amounted to close to 2 billion and the value-added reached 2.5% of the country’s GDP. In total, over the last decade, the revenue of the Lithuanian biotechnology sector has increased nine times – from 226 million EUR in 2010 to almost 2 billion EUR in 2020. According to dr. Gediminas Pauliukevičius, CEO of Northtown Vilnius, operator of Vilnius City Innovation Industrial Park, the Lithuanian biotechnology and life sciences sector has been distinguished for many years by its productivity and impressive performance results.


Gediminas Pauliukevičius Q&A: Vilnius’s home for life sciences innovation

Lithuania’s goal to substantially grow its life sciences sector rests on the creation of an enabling environment for domestic and foreign companies alike. Vilnius City Innovation Industrial Park — established in August 2018 to provide a home for high-tech companies undertaking research and development (R&D) and production — aims to do just that. “Our vision is for VCIIP to mobilize a strong core of expertise and collaboration in the life sciences. As a park operator, we want the best possible conditions for the creation, growth, and co-operation of life sciences industry players,” says Gediminas Pauliukevičius, chief executive of Northtown Vilnius


VCIIP: connecting business with science

The Vilnius City Innovation Industrial Park is refining its recipe for collaboration between business and science. “We have practically everything,” says Gediminas Pauliukevičius, the CEO of Northtown Vilnius, the operator of the industrial park. “VCIIP is a territory with fully developed infrastructure and communications, surrounded by pine forests, not far from the center of Vilnius.” Since beginning operations in August 2018, some 12 companies have either settled or are beginning to set up at VCIIP, covering areas ranging from the laser and photovoltaic technology to medicine and biopharmaceuticals.

Explore the resources

Life Sciences Industry in Lithuania: A concise guide for life sciences companies planning development


Developing Innovative Business in Lithuania: A concise guide for innovative companies


Vilnius’s Home for Life Sciences



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