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A Searchable Database of Classical Music Recordings

Data last updated on 11 May 2022

Please read the detailed instructions if this is your first time.

(If you're looking for the Henry's Records store in Staffordshire, England, they're over at henrysrecords.co.uk.)

All searches are case-insensitive. Just use familynames for people: for example, search for Beethoven, notLudwig van Beethoven. The catalog is inconsistent about givennames, but the surname is always there, so searching for just thesurname will match either way. We use English spellings with noaccented letters: for example, if you're looking for the composerHans Gál, search for Gal. Spellings areanglicized according to whatever convention we felt was, well, mostconventional: it's Furtwangler, not Furtwängler norFurtwaengler (but just use a substring like“furtw” to avoid the issue entirely).

Symphonies are titled like, e.g., SymphonyNo.4, concertos like Concerto for Violin No.3,and similarly with sonatas and other countable series. Articles suchas a, the, le, la, der, die,das, etc are not included at the front of titles in anylanguage. For example, it's Mahler's "Lied von der Erde", oroccasionally "Lied von der Erde, Das", but never "Das Liedvon der Erde". Again, substring searches are your friend.

To generate tabular reports—for example, ifyou're Henry and you're preparing a Collector's Corner program—please visit the reports page.

You can download the full dataset. It is licensed under the CreativeCommons Attribution-ShareAlike license 3.0, meaning that you arefree to use the data for any purpose, including commercial purposes,so long as you abide by the terms of that license. The files are in asimple XML format that is designed to be both human-readable andmachine-parseable:

Orchestral Music (XML)Instrumental/Chamber Music Recordings (XML)Complete Operas (XML)Songs (XML)

For the technically inclined, here are some notes on how the data andwebsite are managed.

What is HenrysRecords.org?

HenrysRecords.org is an online catalogue of Henry Fogel's recordlibrary.

Henry is former Dean of the ChicagoCollege of Performing Arts at Roosevelt University, formerPresident of the Leagueof American Orchestras, and former President of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. He has beencollecting records for many decades. All areas of classical music arewell-represented in the collection, but it is particularly strong in early-and mid-twentieth-century operatic and vocal recordings, the conductorWilhelm Furtwängler, and several unjustly neglected composers andperformers whom I'm sure you would agree deserve wider exposure ifonly I would name them here, which I won't because can you imagine thereader mail it would generate if the list didn't include someone'sfavorite? Oy vey. Let's not even go there.

I'm Henry's son Karl, and a lifelong beneficiary of the collection.Starting in the late 1980's, we began entering the records into acomputer database. After a multi-year cataloguing spree, the wholething was done, and Henry has kept it up to date ever since as heacquires new recordings. Unfortunately, the one area that stillhasn't made it into the catalogue is his opera aria recordings (discsgenerally devoted to one singer performing a variety of arias andsongs), which are a major portion of the collection. He's not rulingout all hope of getting those finished someday, but it is a formidabletask because each song on each disc must be entered by hand, and someof the discs hold ten or twenty arias.

We make no guarantees about the accuracy of the data here, but wetry to run a tight ship. If you find any errors, or have suggestionson how to make the site more useful, or just want to tell us howyou're using the site, please contactus.

See also various collections containing classical music at the Internet Archive, such as: Allan Ulrich Dance & Classical Music (classical and dance music CDs. LPs, and books) Other Minds Music Reference Library (audio materials and periodicals from Other Minds) 78rpm record collection (digitized by George Blood) Miklos Pogonyi Collection (20th Century Contemporary Latin American Classical Music)

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