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Tinsel is a tool for telling stories.

Tinsel helps you make telephony-based interactive audio experiences. If you want to make something that uses a touch tone dial pad for input and either text-to-speech or recorded audio for output, Tinsel's the tool for you!

To get started, sign in above. We don't use your Twitter account for anything other than login. If you're worried, feel free to make a new Twitter account just for Tinsel.

Once you've signed in, you can use our simple online editor. Check out the documentation to learn how to use the popular Twine editor, or the Tinsel Language Reference if you'd prefer Tinsel's JSON/JavaScript-based scripting language. Tinsel uses Twilio to make your game or art accessible from actual telephones. It only takes a few minutes to publish your work; you can read about that in our Connecting to Twilio guide!

Although it wasn't built using Tinsel, Here And There Along The Echo is a great example of the sort of experience you could use Tinsel to build. You can also call (858) 215-1980 for a Flappy Bird clone (its source is here), or stay tuned for more examples.

A work-in-progress by @lazerwalker.



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