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At AudienceXpress, we help you boost your brand with TV and streaming ad campaigns. Team up with us to deliver your ad to the right crowd and see results, stress-free.

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We know audiences

We build custom campaigns that deliver your message to your ideal audience. With Comcast viewership data and a total reach of more than 300 million viewers around the country, we can help you focus on the households most important to your business.

After your campaign launches, you’ll have near-real-time results at your fingertips. You can use these insights to prove ROI, optimize ongoing campaigns, and plan your next one.

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We’re here for you

Our goal is to give you the best results and the best experience. We do this by following the principles of innovation, simplicity, and support.

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Facts and data guide us every step of the way, from planning to results.

We give you flexible deal terms and pivot quickly if your needs change.

Our TV experts offer top customer service. We make sure your questions are answered and your expectations are met.


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