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2020 changed everything. Now, let’s change for good.

This is our once-in-a-generation shot to build a more equitable economy that uplifts all.

COVID-19 revealed the struggles that families and workers long faced in the United States. More than 40% live paycheck to paycheck, never have a chance to get ahead, and are only one setback away from losing it all.

Drawing on our experienced team and diverse partners, we foster large-scale collaboration and make philanthropic investments to help repair and reimagine the systems that fuel economic security and opportunity.



The COVID-19 pandemic shined a light on the serious systemic inequities within our country.

The pandemic, economic downturn, and racial reckoning has created new momentum for change. We can now seize this momentum to help build back a future in which everyone has economic security, opportunity and mobility – especially those who have been most locked out of the country’s prosperity.

As a collaborative philanthropy, we work to reimagine a more equitable world and also to invest in the implementation systems and technology that must be strengthened to make that vision a reality.


Building a more equitable economy that uplifts all.

Our Impact Goals

Recover Up: Jobs that sustain and uplift.

COVID-19 sent shockwaves through the US economy. And the pain was not equal. For example, half of the people in the lowest-paid jobs were laid off in 2020, and young Black women experienced unemployment rates at levels on par with the Great Depression.

Now, as we collectively dust ourselves off, millions are still unemployed, and millions more are underemployed working fewer hours or at lower skill and pay levels than they desire, with young people, people of color, women, and caregivers suffering the most.

Our vision? To help deliver jobs that enable economic security and mobility—especially for those who have been most locked out of the country’s prosperity. We have an opportunity to deploy philanthropic capital to leverage unprecedented, billions of dollars in federal and employer investments in job creation. Let’s make this more than a recovery back to the pre-pandemic status quo — let’s make it an opportunity to “recover up” into a better future.

Here’s how


21st Century Benefits: Because our benefits system should benefit everyone.

No one’s life should be defined by their hardest moments, yet too often our inadequate benefits system makes this the reality. A lost job turns into a winter without heat, or having to make the impossible choice between paying for medical bills, groceries, or rent.

In a compassionate and truly productive economy, there is support to overcome these bumps in the road. A child’s wellbeing and future aren’t harmed just because a parent temporarily loses a job. And we don’t leave millions on the sidelines of the labor market not living up to their potential. Delivering integrated, digital, and equitable public benefits, like unemployment insurance, can help to make this vision a reality.

Too often, proposed solutions to the benefits system take either a tech-only or policy-only approach. Our goal? Marry the two. We need the right policies, and we need the right tech systems to deliver benefits swiftly and equitably.

Here’s how


Impact So Far.

215,000 vulnerable families received emergency cash in 2020.

Provided critical insights to guide $2B in federal investments in public benefits

Helped unlock $115M+ in additional, aligned philanthropy.

What's New?

The Families and Workers Fund & U.S. Department of Labor Co-Host the First Good Jobs Summit

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Families and Workers Fund Welcomes its Philanthropy and Operations Team

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Families and Workers Fund Releases 2021 Annual Report

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Families and Workers Fund Launches Collaboration with the U.S. Department of Labor to Measure and Support Good Jobs

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Families and Workers Fund Announces Nearly $13 Million in Grants to Advance Good Jobs and A More Equitable Economic Recovery

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Families and Workers Fund announces $25 million commitment to advance good jobs

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Build a better tomorrow with us.

Collective action is the key to achieving the society we want to live in. Whether you’re a grantseeker, a prospective funder or donor, or simply interested in being kept in the loop, we’d love to hear from you.

 © 2021 The Families and Workers Fund • All Rights Reserved

The Families and Workers Fund is a fiscally sponsored project of the Amalgamated Foundation.

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