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Date (London Time)AuctionOriginOrganizer#LotsScoringOpening bidPlatform25/08/2022 | 14:00 pmCafe Granja La Esperanza25/08/2022 | 14:00 pmColombiaPrivate3289+$16.00/lb and $18.00/lbView Lots31/08/2022 | 09:00 amNational Yemen Coffee Auction31/08/2022 | 09:00 amYemenMokha Institute28View Lots07/09/2022 | 00:00 amLamastus Family Estate07/09/2022 | 00:00 amPanamaPrivate24$60.00/lbView Lots

Why buy coffee through an auction? 01

Maximizes value

Created through the common value of cup scoring under CQI standards.

Creates fair and transparent pricing

Coffees are traded on FOT pricing with shipping prices provided separately.


Funds reach producers in a more direct and efficient manner, improving quality of life and level of planning back at origin countries.

Facilitate discovery and relations

Auctions provide access to market for remote farmers and allow them to showcase unique coffees to a truly global scale, allowing new buyers to discover them.

Our Network 02

We work with producers in more than 15 countries around the world host some of the most famous coffee auctions in the world… and a buyers database of more than 2000 contacts in different continents.

Producers and auction regions


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Sheba CoffeeNational Yemen Coffee AuctionPort of Mokha

Puerto Rico

Café Zumbador


Cepar: A Taste of Rwanda




Gems of Araku


Flavours of EthiopiaGesha Village


Flavours of Kenya


Best of the PearlDiscovering Uganda


Flavours of BrazilDaterraSan Coffee


Taza DoradaBest of LojaFlavours of Ecuador


Cafe Granja la EsperanzaColombia Land of Diversity


Lamastus Family Estates AuctionBest of Panama


Flavours of Honduras

Costa Rica

Exclusive Coffees


Santa FelisaSan Jose OcanaEl InjertoOne Of A Kind

Fair and Accurate Pricing

Created through the common value of cup score and private values of the individual

Connection & Value

Between sellers and buyers finding the most appropriate buyer for each coffee


Mitigates fluctuating markets creating a more stable, quality-driven model.


Sell, buy and discover coffee from anywhere in the world without the need to travel


Informing the seller about real-time quality, price and market viability

Why it works 03

For decades low prices have created obstacles to the sustainability of the coffee industry. Today’s fast-changing world only adds to these challenges.

Auctions are a great way to help navigate this for both producers and buyers. Connecting producers with a global market and finding the most appropriate buyer for their coffee adds value at both ends of the supply chain, builds mutually beneficial relationships and helps mitigate market fluctuation.

Connecting Value 04

Auctions are a great way to connect producers with a global market and finding the most appropriate buyer for their coffee, adding value at both ends of the supply chain, and building mutually beneficial relationships that help to mitigate the market fluctuation.

An auction is a space where both shared common values and individual private values are combined. This allows the individual to express their own value for a coffee alongside the shared indicator of cup score.

Incorporating these values together on one platform not only creates a fair and mutual model of trade, but allows value to be exercised in a way not possible in other more traditional avenues.

Why Sensible Coffee 05

We have been operating small volume Specialty Coffee Microlot auctions over the last 7 years. Based in Brighton, UK, today we are recognised as the experts in online coffee auction software and have a global client base spanning 5 continents reliably managing $millions of green coffee sales on our platforms every year.

Working with some of the best producers in the world we have helped bring some of the most exclusive and exciting coffees to market, often breaking the world record for the highest priced coffee.

Our experience gives us:

Expert understanding of the global coffee marketplaceA wide reach and audience at both ends of the supply chainThe ability to create effective marketing, branding and storytellingAn unparalleled understanding of online auction systems

We use our expertise to create direct routes to market for producers and generate more value for their coffees. Our goal is to use our auctions to help develop sustainable and repeatable trade in coffee.

AuctionsBuyers databaseLots sold

Are you a buyer or roaster?

Sensible Coffee is designed to not only elevate value for coffee buyers and producers, but to exist as a relevant and exciting platform for buyers to discover new coffees and develop new relationships.


Find new and exciting coffee from across the world.

Fresh & Exclusive

Access fresh crop coffee shipped directly from origin


Find coffee producers, and develop exclusive relationships for you and your business


Turn auction purchases into long-term direct relationships with producers


Bid on coffee from anywhere in the world and use our import, financing and shipping services to help you bring your coffee home

Shipping and Finance

Our shipping and logistics team can assist you making the post-auction process as straightforward and accessible as possible.

Nicolas Pastellopoulos
Head of Coffee at Sensible Coffee

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