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The only wearable aligner cleaner!
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Our wearable cleaner keeps your aligners clear and your breath fresh while whitening your teeth.

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Kills bacteria in the margins of implants, crowns, and bridges to help keep your mouth healthy.

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Use at home or on-the-go to keep your breath fresh and dentures clean – without harsh chemicals.

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Cleans orthogunk, whitens under brackets, and prevents white spots. Makes brushing fun!

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Why AlignerFresh?

Don’t be that person in the room with stinky yellow aligners. Bad breath and aligner funk are embarrassing. EverSmile AlignerFresh is the only wearable aligner cleaner that freshens breath and whitens teeth. No brushing or soaking required.

So How Does AlignerFresh Work?

Our hydrogen peroxide-based foam kills 99.999% of the odor and decay-causing bacteria in your mouth within 60 seconds. It also breaks up stain-causing molecules, gently whitening teeth – even under attachments, leaving your breath fresh and your teeth healthy! Say goodbye aligner funk!

You Deserve the Best

EverSmile AlignerFresh is Americas #1 orthodontist recommended Aligner Cleaner with over 1 Million bottles sold. Keep your aligners clear with AlignerFresh.

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Kills bacteria at the margins of implants, crowns, & bridges

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Clean & freshen dentures at home or on-the-go. No harsh chemicals needed.

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