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China’s Troubles, America’s Opportunity

NEWPosted August 08, 2022

By Richard Vigilante

China does have a lesson for America, but it’s not what the hawks think.

Never-Ending Inflation

Posted August 05, 2022

By Jeffrey Tucker

One gets the feeling that DC just thinks we will all eventually get used to it, same as we came around to various restrictions on liberties during the pandemic

Hello, Mr. CHIPS

Posted August 04, 2022

By John Schroeter

The fact is the CHIPS Act is the biggest package of pork our government has ever foisted upon the American taxpayer

The Controlled Demolition of American Prosperity

Posted August 03, 2022

By Jeffrey Tucker

That’s the ruling-class vision of our future: poor, foraging for food, out of gas, paying through the roof for electricity, unemployed and living off welfare, vaxxed up, and testing constantly for the presence of the Coronavirus. Or maybe Monkeypox.

Joe Manchin Needs Better Advice

Posted August 02, 2022

By Richard Vigilante

Republicans have not left Reagan behind. Just the opposite. They have gone all pre-Reagan.

How Inflation Changes Culture

Posted August 01, 2022

By Jeffrey Tucker

Here we are now with a preventable inflation pandemic and the realization that we have to learn to live with inflation. Soon we’ll realize that we have to live with recession at the same time.

Congress, the Fed, and the Great Scam

Posted July 29, 2022

By Jeffrey Tucker

We don’t even have a word yet for what might be coming. Depression is already used. How do you describe high inflation plus a manufactured depression?

In Praise of Failure

Posted July 28, 2022

By Jeffrey Tucker

The systems of safety built up over decades will not protect people for much longer. We are headed to a world that restores the natural order of things.

A Literal Depression Is Already Here

Posted July 27, 2022

By Jeffrey Tucker

For years now, we kept thinking things would get better, that someone would save us from the emerging hell. That is not happening.

Ignore Economics, Wreck Everything

Posted July 26, 2022

By Jeffrey Tucker

Where do we start by finding our way back to sanity? I would suggest reading every single one of George Gilder’s books.
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