Good Food Forum

Good Food Forum is an online community connecting stakeholders across our regional food system to facilitate new market opportunities, match resources, and share events, knowledge, recommendations, and best practices. This is a free resource open to anyone who works to grow, harvest, preserve, prepare, move, provide, and serve food & beverages within or with service to the Puget Sound region, as well as the businesses and organizations that support that work. 

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Nourishing Community

Nourishing Community is a subgroup of the online community Good Food Forum to connect food businesses and organizations addressing food insecurity across the Puget Sound region to share resources, collaborate, and coordinate toward shared goals. This includes (but is not limited to!) farmers, producers, distributors, wholesalers, food recovery, food banks & pantries, meal providers, mutual aid groups, and service providers with food programs. 

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The Walk-In

The Walk-In is a subgroup of the online community Good Food Forum to connect restaurants and food service businesses across the Puget Sound region to share resources, collaborate on market opportunities, and find solutions to challenges affecting the industry. 

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Good Food Kitchens

Good Food Kitchens is a food assistance, economic development, and local food resilience program serving King County.

We provide funds and resources directly to restaurants to prepare free, nutritious and culturally relevant meals for community members in need, helping to keep restaurant doors open and workers employed, while purchasing from local farms and producers and creating long-term local supply chain relationships.

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Seattle Restaurant Week

Seattle Restaurant Week will return this fall!

Seattle Restaurant Week is a bi-annual prix fixe dining promotion that gives diners a unique chance to support the greater Seattle area’s culinary community, highlighting its craft, diversity, resilience, and great food. The event is both a celebration of the amazing food and diversity in our local cuisine and an invitation to support our restaurants and communities.

Thank you to everyone who participated this spring. We look forward to celebrating with you again this fall!

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Farm-to-Table Trade Meeting & Food Biz Week

Food Biz Week took place the week of February 22, 2022 and was launched with the annual Farm-to-Table Trade Meeting hosted by Sustainable Connections and Seattle Good Business Network. Farm-to-Table Trade Meeting panels included information about new and upcoming food infrastructure projects and wholesale tools that make it possible for food manufacturers, restaurants, grocers, institutions, food assistance organizations and more to buy local. Food Biz Week featured three days of FREE Virtual Panels hosted by the Food Business Resource Center at Business Impact NW, focusing on Farm Businesses, Packaged Food Businesses, and Food Service Businesses. 
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WATCH: Food Infrastructure Projects to Connect Our Local Food SystemWATCH: Wholesale Opportunities to Connect Buyers to Local Producers

Nourishing Seattle

Restaurants, bars, and cafes are the heart and the soul of any city. In Seattle, our community’s diversity, values, and spirit are expressed through the take-out counters, fine dining establishments, and late-night spots that unite us. This third place weaves the fabric of our city, nourishing not only us, but our relationships with each other, our community, and our economy. These are some of the stories of the people that make up these essential places.

Watch the series and learn more about how we can support our independent restaurants.

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Restaurants at Home Map

An interactive map of Seattle-area restaurant pantries, prepare-at-home meals, and community kitchens. 


Getting Started

Restaurants at Home was created to help people find fresh & locally produced foods while supporting local restaurants, local farms and producers, and community members in need who have been challenged by the COVID crisis and its response. 

Use the Food Finder button at the top left to search a la carte and food box options for pantry items, CSAs, meat & seafood, meal kits, and ready-to-heat meals. Use the Community Kitchen filter to find food if you are in need of a meal or to support restaurants providing those to the community. 

If you would like to add or update your restaurant, please use this survey to submit the listing or forward to someone who should be included!

For other resources to find farm-direct options and local delivery services, along with restaurants doing traditional takeout and delivery, visit our Eat Local Support Hub. While there, take a look at other ways you can be supported and support the local community during this time. 

This map was created with support from the Natural Resources program at Green River College and made possible with support from King Conservation District.

Good Food Resilience Series

A series of three virtual workshops to provide meaningful peer-learning and partnership building opportunities across the Puget Sound regional food system in response to the COVID-19 crisis. 

These workshops will spotlight new models and programs that food businesses, community members, organizations have developed to address the negative impacts of the pandemic. We’ll identify opportunities for collaboration to support their work and explore how these new systems can help build a more resilient, sustainable, and just local food economy going forward.

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Questions about Good Food Kitchens? Reach out to gro.doogelttaes@kfg.

Questions about Seattle Restaurant Week? Reach out to gro.doogelttaes@wrs

Questions about the Good Food Economy program? Reach out to gro.doogelttaes@hairam.

Interested in sponsorship opportunities to support our work? Reach out to gro.doogelttaes@nire.

The Good Food Economy connects the Puget Sound food community in order to strengthen the local food pipeline and build a resilient, sustainable, and just local food economy. Made possible with support from a Regional Food System Grant from King Conservation District. 

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