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Perfect for singers of all levels, public speakers, teachers, and all professional voice users, the VocalMist is a portable tool for getting rid of dry throat, alleviating allergies, and helping your voice stay in high performance shape.

Simple and Portable

A removable facemask and USB rechargeable lithium batteries make VocalMist an easy, portable device for use at home or while traveling. 

Your Voice will Thank You

Our specialized Hydration Formula is designed to help your voice feel great and minimize chance of vocal injury. By matching what your body already does internally, VocalMist Hydration Formula helps give your instrument a boost without any artificial additives.

Singing Just Got Easier

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Just Fantastic

I have been using the VocalMist for a few weeks now. After about five uses, I returned for my weekly voice lesson. I hadn't done anything special in between voice lessons, except use the VocalMist. My teacher, without knowing I'd been using it, spontaneously stopped me and said "I stopped you just to say this has been the best singing I've ever heard you do. Your voice just sounds richer." Bottom line, it works wonders for the voice. I don't care how much water you drink, this will help hydrate your voice and provide, in my experience, a much richer sound. Further, it makes singing easier and less stressful. I can't recommend enough.

Love it!

I’d been performing in a very vocal demanding show so I decided to finally try the vocalmist out, and I’m so glad I did. From the first use I could already see a difference in my voice. It was so less straining and dry! Then when used it a whole 6 show weekend, I found myself less tired by the end. I love my vocalmist! The shipping was quick and the packaging was also lovely! 

VocalMist success!

My grandson is head singer on Carnival Cruise Ships. I bought him the Vocal Mist and he LOVES IT! 
It soothes his throat and he can perform much more comfortably! He thanks me for it every time I see him! 
Thanks for a great product!