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Custom Solar Solutions

PowerFilm designs and manufactures custom solar cells, panels, and power solutions for energy harvesting, portable, and remote power applications using proprietary thin-film or high-efficiency crystalline PV technology.

We develop high-quality custom solar solutions for IoT, transportation, military, and consumer applications.

Markets We Serve


We don’t just offer solar products for the transportation industry. We design, engineer, and manufacture total solar solutions.

Internet of Things

Devices used in IoT are often extremely low power, light energy outdoors and indoors can be used to extend or replace traditional batteries, making long-term maintenance-free solutions possible.

Government & DoD

Since PowerFilm’s beginning over 30 years ago the US Department of Defense has been our largest lifetime customer. We offer man-portable, vehicle, and basing solutions


Whatever kind of boat you have, our solar solutions ensure your boat or lift batteries are ready to go when you are.


By installing a solar panel on the existing roof of a golf car, you can drive up to 50%farther and keep the batteries in your golf car up to 50% longer.

Design A Custom Panel

OEM business is our business in both B2B and military projects. We will work with you on design and engineering to create a custom energy solution that fits your needs.

Case Studies

Over the past three decades, we have developed custom solutions to meet the needs of many different companies in industries, including telematics, boating, IoT, the United States Military, and space exploration.

The Horizon Blog

Have you subscribed to our blog yet? We publish monthly, helping you make sense of all things solar.

About Us

PowerFilm’s proprietary manufacturing provides custom amorphous silicon panels that work in any light environment, including the indoor, industrial lighting of many IoT sensor applications.

Celebrating over thirty years in business, PowerFilm is proud to be one of the few US-based solar manufacturing companies operating today.

The Soltronix brand brings PowerFilm expertise, innovation, and commitment to US-based semi-flexible crystalline silicon solutions. Soltronix brings you complete solutions to fit your application, including panels, encapsulation, semi-flexible substrates, proprietary PowerBoost charge controllers, and the collaboration and customer service you expect from a US-based company.

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Blog Posts

How To Design Perpetual IoT Edge Devices Using Solar PMIC and Supercap Technology

Developing a robust IoT solution can be daunting. You must determine the components you need, ensure they work together efficiently, and rigorously test your device to ensure you don’t have field failures.

In today’s post, we feature a recent webinar where you’ll learn that working with companies specializing in PMIC, solar energy harvesting, and supercapacitor technology makes this process far less complex.

How To Develop An Energy Harvesting Power Budget For An IoT Device

Whether powering an outdoor asset tracker or an indoor BLE beacon, understanding power consumption and generation is critical to an energy harvesting solution.

Making a power budget will help you balance your device's power use over time, just like you would balance your spending, saving, and income each month.

Solar Solutions For Transportation Refrigeration Units

Since PowerFilm’s beginning over 30 years ago the US Department of Defense has been our largest lifetime customer. We offer man-portable, vehicle, and basing solutions

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AUSA Annual Meeting & Exposition

October 10-12

We will not be exhibiting at the show but would love to meet if you attend.

Location: Washington, DC

Contact: Kip Johnson, VP of Marketing & Sales

Email: kjohnson@powerfilmsolar.com

Phone: 515-292-7606

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PowerFilm Solar, Inc.

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