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My name is Peggy Sylopp, I help with your new product and service design with IT know-how and artistic creativity.

I am a computer scientist as well as an audiovisual artist with a Master’s degree in public policy and eleven years of experience as a speaker and teacher.In my work, I combine UX engineering, deep tech, communication expertise and artistic creativity.

I primarily work independently, initiating projects and raising funds for them with a focus on solving social and individual problems, often on an open source basis. I occasionally join institutions that hire me for the duration of a project.

Over the last few years, I have led a scientific project on participatory health research in which users tested individualized hearing aids in everyday situations.

In this context, I invented a process for individualized hearing amplification based on the sound adaptation behavior of users as well as on artificial intelligence.

My vision is to make technology more accessible, especially for disadvantaged people, such as older people, disabled people, girls, newcomers and young people with low levels of education.

I know there are still many problems that need to be solved. Technology can make a big difference in helping to do so if it is used in a specific, needs-based manner.


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I design usability for innovative products that go beyond standards, user-centered and also based on deep tech and artificial intelligence.



Users already know everything about the product they want.

I will help them to realize that.

I believe that users already know everything about their ideal product.

We start with user research to design your product.
You benefit by receiving additional market security for your success.



Development of Software is Art

artistic creation and ease of use ​

Lean UX for Agile Development

guerilla-Tests, discount usability​

User Research

personas,user stories, costumer journey, empathy and experience maps, heuristic evaluation


from low-fidelity to high-fidility

Usability Testing

remote synchronous / a​synchronous, on-site observation


a couple of my


CC BY-SA 3.0 Peggy Sylopp



"Hear How You Like To Hear" Health Research

Initiation Participatory Health Research @Fraunhofer IDMT Oldenurg

I designed, raised funds and managed the citizen science project emphasizing individualized hearing in everyday situations.

This participatory research team involved users as well as developers and scientists.

I was responsible for the conception of and management for

• Participatory field research (about 60 participants, ages 17 to 70)
• Hackathons and workshops (about 200 participants)
• Online questionnaire (550 submissions)
• Online communication (social media, reports, popular science articles)

More Info

CC BY-SA 3.0 Peggy Sylopp


2018 & 2019

#hack4ears Hackathons

Organisation for the Future of Hearables in Berlin

As part of of Hear How You Like To Hear, we organized two hack4ears with about 200 participants and invited coders, scientists, designers, users and hearable manufacturers for a creative exchange about the hearables of the future

More Info

CC BY-SA 3.0 Peggy Sylopp



"Like To Hear" Hearing Aid Prototype

Open Source Prototyping @Fraunhofer IDMT Oldenburg

For the "Hear How You Like To Hear" field research we developed an intuitive gui control for a hearing aid prototype, easy to use for everybody.

More Info

Talks & Posts

Alle Videos

LikeToHear - Self-Adjustment of Open Source Mobile Hearing Aid Prototype (Peggy Sylopp)

About the speaker: Peggy SyloppScientific Associate, Entrepreneur, Artist, Fraunhofer IDMT Oldenburg, Germany2009 Diploma Computer Science, 2011 Master of Public Policy, 2010-2018 Teacher Computer Science and Math at Agenda school, since 2017 Scientific Associate at Fraunhofer IDMT Oldenburg, Germany, Research Group "Personlized Hearing Systems", ongoing mixed media art projects24:21

"Hear how you like to hear" | Peggy Sylopp | 91. Netzpolitischer Abend

Seit Oktober 2017 habe ich am Fraunhofer-Institut für Digitale Medientechnologie IDMT an personalisierter Hörverstärkung geforscht, im Citizen Science Projekt „Hear How You Like To Hear“, das ich als selbst Betroffene initiierte.Für mich war es einerseits spannend, andererseits aufreibend mich mit konventionellen Forschungsmethoden wie etwa der Laborforschung und Objektivierung der Betroffenen auseinander zu setzen und dennoch neue Wege für das Projekt zu realisieren.So entwickelten wir für das Outdoor-Forschungsszenario „Soundwalk“ die Open Source #liketohear-App mit Raspberry-Box, die ich euch zusammen mit einem Einblick in die Forschungsergebnissen vorstellen will. (Peggy Sylopp) Für Updates zu netzpolitischen Themen und Kampagnen folgt uns auf Twitter:ür Hintergrundinformationen und Stellungnahmen besucht unseren Blog: mehr über Netzpolitik und unsere Arbeit:Facebook:ützt unseren Kampf für Grundrechte und Verbraucherschutz in der digitalen Welt.Mit einer Fördermitgliedschaft: mit einer Spende:

likehear Podcast #1 mit Helga Velroyen

Ich habe im Rahmen des Citizen Science Projekts "Hear How You Like To Hear" am Fraunhofer IDMT Oldenburg [1] die Senior Software Ingenieurin und Hörgeräte-Trägerin Helga Velroyen am 25.03.2020 zu einem Skype-Interview getroffen. Wir unterhielten uns über Helga's Vorstellungen von selbstbestimmten Hören [2] , und ihre Einschätzung der Hörgeräte-Entwicklung seit ihrem Talk 2012 auf dem 28c3.[1][2][3]

Peggy Sylopp, Aislyn Rose: Take control of your hearing: Accessible methods... | PyData Berlin 2019

Speaker: Peggy Sylopp, Aislyn RoseTrack:PyDataHave you ever wanted more control over what you do or don't hear? This talk explores the potential of Python, deep learning, and open databases to bring you towards that goal, without needing expensive licenses or software.Recorded at the PyConDE & PyData Berlin 2019 conference.https://pycon.deMore details at the conference page: 00:00 Welcome!00:10 Help us add time stamps or captions to this video! See the description for details.Want to help add timestamps to our YouTube videos to help with discoverability? Find out more here:
WhenTitleWhereWhatMore InfoSlides2021liketohear - qualitative study on individual sound adaptation behaviour@Aural Diversity, UKTech&Art Talk2021LikeToHear - Self Adjustment of Open Source Hearing Aid Prototype@FOSSASIA, SingapureTechTalk2020Hear How You Like To Hear - Forschung für die Zukunft von Hearables@91.Netzpolitischer Abend der digitalen GesellschaftTechTalk2020LikeToHear - Self-Adjustment of Open Source Mobile Hearing Aid Prototype@rc3 Remote Chaos Communication CongressTechTalk2020LikeToHear - enhancement and manipulation of environmental sounds@Linux Audio Conference, FranceTechTalk2019LikeToHear - Insights into the Survey Results@hack4ears Motion Lab BerlinScienceTalk2019NoIze - Open Source Personalized Filter @Demoday PrototypefundTechtalk2019KI – kann ein Automat für uns hören? @Wissenschaftsjahr Online PlatfomArticle2019NoIze - Take control of your hearing: Accessible methods to build a smart noise filter@PyConDE and PyData TechTalk2019NoIze - Python for Noise filters and History@PyLadies MeetupTechTalk2018 LikeToHear Prototype@re:publicaWorkshop2017Wireless Community Networks in Brasilien: Wie Infrastruktur-armen Gegenden selbst verwaltete Netze entstehen@Software Freedom DayTechTalk2016Freifunk - Internetzugang ist ein Menschenrecht@re:publicaArtTalk2016Free Digital Territorries - Travel to Brasil for Internet Access@33c3 Chaos Communication CongressArtTalk2015Veranstaltungsreihe: Perspektive Wechseln In Weissensee@Frei-Zeit-Haus e.V., "Pankow hilft!"ArtEvent


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