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Classic Sci-Fi / Fantasy, RPGs and Boardgames

Aftermath! Survival Guide (Aftermath RPG sourcebook)

By: David S. Harmer


Aftermath! The Lost Adventures: Operation Morpheus and the Empire of Karo

By: Phil McGregor & William Pixley


Aftermath! The Lost Adventures: Operation Morpheus and the Empire of Karo

By: Phil McGregor & William Pixley


Agent of the Imperium (Traveller RPG Audiobook, plus bonus eBook) Marc Miller

By: Marc Miller



Shipping science fiction, fantasy, and games worldwide since 2002:

Every continent, including Antarctica!
Orders over $50 ship FREE in the USA


Here is a sampling of the classic Role Playing Games (RPGs) we have for sale. Many more small press games - thousands of them - can be found using the magic SEARCH BOX. Parts and pieces can be found in the Boneyard

Game Systems  2300AD | 7th Sea | Aftermath | Albedo | Alternity | Amazing Engine | Amber Diceless | Ars Magica | Atlantis | Babylon 5 | BESM | Bloodshadows | Boot Hill | Buck Rogers | Bushido | Call of Cthulhu | Car Wars | Castle Falkenstein | Central Casting | Champions | Changeling: The Dreaming | Chill | Chivalry & Sorcery | Compleat supplements | Conan | Corum | Cyberpunk | Darwin's World | Daredevils | Dark Conspiracy | DC Heroes | DC Universe | Deadlands | Delta Force | Dr. Who | DragonQuest | Dream Park | Dune | Earthdawn | Elfquest | Elric | The Fantasy Trip | Feng Shui | FTL: 2448 | Fringeworthy | Gamma World | GangBusters | Gear Krieg | Ghostbusters | GURPS | Hackmaster | Harn | Hawkmoon | Heavy Gear | High Fantasy | Indiana Jones | James Bond | Jorune | Justifiers | Kult | Legend of the Five Rings | Living Steel | Lost Worlds | Lords of Creation | Man, Myth & Magic | Marvel Super Heroes | Mechwarrior | Mekton | MERP - Middle Earth Role Playing | Midkemia | Millennium's End | Morrow Project | Mythus - Dangerous Journeys | Nightlife | Nobilis | Other Suns | Palladium | Paranoia | Pendragon | Phoenix Command | Powers & Perils | Price of Freedom | Privateers & Gentlemen | PSI World | Recon | Renegade Legion | RIFTS | Ringworld | Riddle of Steel | Robotech |  Rolemaster | Runequest | Savage Worlds | Sengoku | Shadowrun | Shatterzone | Sovereign Stone | Space 1889 | Space Master | Space Opera | Spycraft |  Star Ace | Star Frontiers | Star Trek | Star Wars | Talislanta | Talisman | Tekumel | Terminator | Thieves' Guild | Thieves' World | TimeMaster | Toon |  Top Secret | TORG |  Tribe 8 | Tunnels & Trolls |  Twilight: 2000 | Unknown Armies | Villains & Vigilantes | Warhammer | Whispering Vault | Wild West  Witchcraft | Wizards  Ysgarth


 AD&D  Classic Hardcovers Box Sets Al-Qadim | Birthright | Dark Sun | Dragonlance | Forgotten Realms | Greyhawk | Lankhmar | Monstrous Arcana | Kara-Tur | Oriental Adventures | Planescape | Ravenloft | Spelljammer | Miniature (A)D&D Box Sets OR Miniature AD&D Rulebooks


 D&D   OD&D | Classic (B/X BECMI) 3e D20 System |  4e  5e | Gazetteer | Hollow World |  Mystara 


 Early non-TSR D&D  Small Press |  Judges Guild |  Role Aids | 


 OSR/Retro  OSR |  Hackmaster  | Castles & Crusades  Labyrinth Lord |  OSRIC |  Swords & Wizardry


 D20 System  D20 | Eberron | Dungeon Crawl Classics | Mongoose |  Pathfinder


 Star Trek  FASA |  Last Unicorn Games |  Decipher | Jackill's (Star Fleet Reference Manuals & Data Sheets)


 Star Wars  West End Games (D6) |  Wizards of the Coast (D20 & SAGA)


 Traveller  Traveller | MegaTraveller | Traveller: The New Era | Digest Group Publications | GURPS Traveller | Mongoose Traveller


 Gaming Accessories  Protect Your Collection: Bulk Book Bags | Free RPG Day | Calendars | Catalogs | Miniatures | Posters | DICE | Model Kits


 Companies  3W | Alderac (AEG) |  Atlas Games | Avalanche Press | Avalon Hill | Bard | Chaosium | Columbia Games | The Companions | Dream Pod 9 | Dwarfstar |  Eden Studios | Fanpro | Fantasy Games Unlimited | FASA | Flying Buffalo |  GDW | Gamelords | Gamescience | Games Workshop | Guardians of Order | Judges Guild | Kenzer |  Leading Edge Games | Mayfair Games | Metagaming | Pacesetter | Pagan Publishing | Paizo |  Palladium | Ragnarok |  SPI | Steve Jackson Games | Task Force Games | Tri Tac | Troll Lord | TSR | Victory Games | West End Games | Whit Publications | White Wolf | Wizards of the Coast | Yaquinto


 Gaming Magazines  Adventurers Club Adventure Gaming | Alarums & Excursions | Ares | Autoduel Quarterly |  BattleTechnology | Challenge | Different Worlds | Dragon | Dungeon | Dungeoneer | Earthdawn Journal | Fantasy Gamer | Future Wars | Gateways | Gryphon | Gygax | Heroes | Imagine |  Journeys | Judges Guild Journal | Living Greyhawk Journal | MegaTraveller Journal | Nexus | Polyhedron | Pyramid | Shadowland | Sorcerer's Apprentice | Space Gamer | Stardate | Tales of the Reaching Moon | Traveller Chronicle | Travellers' Digest | White Wolf | White Dwarf | Wyrms Footnotes


 Wargames/Strategy  Advanced Squad Leader | Ambush | Battletech | Civilization | Command Decision | Cosmic Encounter |  Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective | Star Fleet Battles | Supremacy


 Fiction  Appendix N | SciFi Fantasy book lot deals  | Endless Quest Books | GAMEBOOKS


Collect all 20 Dungeon Geomorph Business Cards!


Orders over $50 ship FREE in the USA


New Arrivals

Gammarauders: Game of Creatures and Chaos (Gamma World) Box Set

By: Allen Varney & Jeff Grubb


Revenge of the Factoids (Gammarauders Game Expansion Set) Gamma World

By: Douglas Niles


Unearthed Arcana (Advanced Dungeons and Dragons) Hardcover Gary Gygax

By: Gary Gygax


Dungeon Master's Guide (Advanced Dungeon and Dragons, 2nd Edition)

By: David "Zeb" Cook


Fiend Folio (Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, 1st edition) Hardcover

By: Don Turnbull


Players Handbook (Advanced Dungeons Dragons, 1st Ed) Gary Gygax - Easley cover

By: Gary Gygax


Dungeon Masters Guide (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) Gary Gygax Easley cover

By: Gary Gygax


Oriental Adventures (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) Kara-Tur Gary Gygax

By: Gary Gygax


Deities and Demigods (Advanced Dungeons and Dragons) Hardcover 3rd Printing

By: James M. Ward & Robert J. Kuntz & Lawrence Schick


Fiend Folio (Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, 1st edition) NICE Hardcover

By: Don Turnbull


Dungeon Masters Guide (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) Gary Gygax Easley cover

By: Gary Gygax


POSTER: THOR (Marvel: Your Universe) 2006

By: Olivier Morales


POSTER: Magic the Gathering - Scars of Mirrodin 2011 Promo

By: Wizards staff


War Rafts of Kron (Dungeons & Dragons Module X7) B/X D&D Original 1984 edition

By: Bruce Nesmith


The Isle of Dread - 2ND PRINT (Dungeons and Dragons Module X1) B/X D&D

By: David Cook & Tom Moldvay


Master of the Desert Nomads (Dungeons Dragons module X4) Original 1983 edition

By: David Cook


Temple of Death (Dungeons and Dragons Module X5) B/X D&D Original 1983 edition

By: David Cook


The Isle of Dread - 1ST PRINT (Dungeons and Dragons Module X1) B/X D&D

By: David Cook & Tom Moldvay


King Tiger: World War II Heavy Tanks (Phoenix Command Mechanized)

By: Barry Nakazono


GURPS Steampunk (Hardcover)

By: William H. Stoddard


Mechanized Combat System (Phoenix Command RPG)

By: Barry Nakazono


Pak Front: World War II Anti-Tank Guns (Phoenix Command Mechanized)

By: Barry Nakazono


Panzer: World War II Medium Tanks (Phoenix Command Mechanized)

By: Barry Nakazono


Original Dungeons & Dragons Premium Collector's Wood Reprint Box Set

By: Gary Gygax & Dave Arneson


 More New Arrivals 

Wayne's Books: The Sales Site. Anything you see in these pages is in stock, ready to ship. Use that search box to find your RPG treasures.

Sell us your stuff! If you have some books, games, or pretty much anything you'd like to sell or trade, tell us about it! We pay on what we'd spend if we saw the same lot up for auction. For a quote, we'll need to know what you have, and the condition (wear, markings, completeness, etc.). Lists are good, photos even better. Or you can just box it up, enclose a note, mail it to us, and we'll send you a check based on what's there. Either way, you'll get the same payout.

Wayne's Books
20987 N John Wayne Pkwy Suite B104 PMB 444
Maricopa, AZ 85139-2926

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