A Guide From Semalt On How To Generate Passive Income With SEO

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A Guide From Semalt On How To Generate Passive Income With SEO

The Internet offers us a multitude of options for making money. Anyone can start a business that generates passive income if they follow the right strategy. However, we have to keep in mind that since anyone can do it, we will have a huge competition.
Thus, the choice of the market niche and the way we work the positioning of our website are crucial. In addition, regardless of the business model, improving the presence of our platform in search engines is a fundamental element for success.
In this article, we will analyze how to generate passive income through the design of an online platform and the correct use of the best SEO tools such as theSEO Personal Dashboard. If you have a professional project and want to give it a presence on the Internet, we invite you to read this article andcontact us. We will help you to position your business in the top positions of the search engines in no time.
Let's start our topic today by answering the following question:

With what type of business can I generate passive income?

In general, you can earn passive income on the Internet with any type of business that has an automated sales or commission system. If you have an online store, for example, although sales do not require your presence, you must manage shipments to customers, carry inventory and other procedures. Although the process is much simpler and less time consuming than a traditional business, it is still an active business.
We invite you to discover some examples of passive income generating Internet businesses:

Affiliate business

Affiliate marketing is the best known and most common type of business that allows you to generate passive income. It is also a business model in which SEO tools are vitally important. As such, we invite you to discover Semalt's Affiliate Program that will allow you to earn passive income through theDSD tool.
The affiliate model is about marketing something on the Internet. However, we won't have to go from customer to customer trying to sell a product to get a commission, but rather our strategy will be static. A clear example of this type of platform is one that compares specific types of products, including the purchase link to a specific sales portal.
The affiliate, who will be the one to get the passive income, receives a commission every time someone buys a certain product using their referral link. In this type of business, SEO is essential because if we don't have visibility on the Internet, no one will reach our links and we won't get commissions. That's why theSEO Personal Dashboardis what you need, because, in addition to getting your site to the top of Google, it also allows you to earn passive income through the Semalt Partner Program.

Selling courses

Selling courses is another option for generating passive income. It would consist of making the content, usually in text and video, and selling it later on a platform of your choice. Once the product is made, you won't have to spend any more time developing the revenue stream. The money will automatically come into your account every time someone visits your website and buys your course.
Good SEO positioning will make the search engines place you in the top positions and potential customers can choose your site over others. If a customer doesn't buy your product because they prefer another one with different features, nothing can be done in this case. However, if your course does not have sufficient visibility, the potential customer will not even consider buying.

Artistic digital sales creations

Certain types of artistic creations such as books, music or movies can be sold digitally without a problem. In other words, if you have a platform that offers these products for sale and you position it correctly, you can get unlimited passive income for the work already done. In this sense, the proper use of SEO tools such as theDSD toolis necessary for potential consumers of your art to find it.
Imagine the example of a musician creating musical works for soundtracks. This artist would have to have his / her own platform where anyone can buy the license to use the musical creations for his / her own audio-visual products. In addition, he / she should also have visibility on social networks. Both the own platform and the profiles on third-party platforms must conduct proper SEO strategies to gain visibility and reach potential customers.

Without a good SEO positioning, there will be no business

All these businesses allow us to generate passive income and therefore allow us to earn money online while we spend our time on other things. However, once we have created our business model, investing in SEO and constantly updating the tools needed to position our platform well is vital to getting customers.
Let's think for a moment about SEO positioning as if it were a local. A poorly positioned website could be the equivalent of a store in an alley. Some people may stop by to see our business, but the number of people who will come in will be very small and the number of customers who will end up buying something will be even smaller. On the contrary, a well-positioned platform will be equivalent to having a storefront in every major city in the world.
Through the development done above, we have just shown in a precise way, how SEO helps you to generate passive income easily. On the other hand, before finishing the content of this article, I would like us to discover together, between SEM and SEO, which one offers the best performance to a business.

SEM and SEO: which one offers the best performance to a company?

The market is rapidly evolving towards the digital world: some studies indicate that between 80 and 90% of consumers consult the Internet before making a purchase. In this context, it is important to know how effective an SEO and SEM marketing strategy is to achieve a positioning, so that customers can locate the company, which is the first step to increase sales and generate profits.
There are many indicators to measure the success of a digital marketing strategy, but to know the true performance that its SEM and SEO strategy generates for a company, the most important metric is the ROI.
Calculating the ROI of SEO and SEM marketing strategies helps determine which one generates the most revenue for the company. This allows you to focus resources on the most effective strategies.

SEO AND SEM Features

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a strategy to optimize a website's positioning to receive organic traffic. The goal is to attract relevant visitors to your website. Although organic traffic is not paid, mastering search engine algorithms requires the hiring of specialized people.
SEM or search engine marketing is a way to generate relevant search engine traffic by paying for advertising. The goal is to help companies gain a presence on search engines and drive relevant traffic to their website without delay.

SEM and SEO what is more profitable for a company

It is not possible to determine a priori which of the strategies is the most profitable for a company. The results depend on the company, its audience, its budget and the overall goals of the marketing plan.
Organic SEO research is not free, usually, specialized agencies are hired to achieve quality positioning. On the other hand, SEM or pay per click positioning requires an ongoing investment.
If a company needs to reach a local audience and has no urgency to do so, an SEO strategy can offer better performance. But if you're dealing with a law firm, with high competition, buying ads can be more cost-effective.

How to calculate the ROI of an SEM or SEO strategy

The return on investment (ROI) is an indicator used to measure the profitability of an investment. This indicator establishes the relationship between the net income and the amount of investment.
The ROI of any investment is calculated with the following formula:
ROI = Total Return on Investment - Cost of Investment (all divided by the cost of investment.)
In the case of SEM marketing and SEO, the most important step is to determine the revenue generated by online sales. This statistic can be obtained by setting up tracking of conversions that turn into money. Google Analytics is one of the tools used for this purpose. With the information from online sales and the rest of the company's financial information, you can apply the formula.


Generating passive income on the Internet is within everyone's reach, but it also generates huge competition. The correct use of tools such as theSEO Personal Dashboardand SEO techniques will allow us to have a business with a high traffic rate. Thus, you will not have to look for customers, but they will come to you.
In addition, of all the types of existing Internet businesses, the models we have analyzed, precisely because they are passive, are those that most require the use of SEO tools like theDSD toolto succeed.
The amount of revenue that can be generated with a well-positioned platform is impressive. The use of SEO is, therefore, an essential investment if you really want to be competitive on the Internet. Website structure, content and visibility are the triangular stone on which any business we can find on the Internet rests.

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