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Ben Franklin - 15 Interesting Facts about Ben Franklin - There are quite a few interesting tidbits that many people do not know about the man whose face is featured on the $100 bill. Archimedes - Top 15 Interesting Facts about Archimedes - Archimedes, and his significant mathematical and scientific advances have lasted through the ages, allowing for some facts to be known about Archimedes, like these fifteen. Martin Luther King - 15 Little Known Facts about Martin Luther King - Known for his iconic “I Have a Dream” speech, the man has left a model of reform in the United States that continues to shape ideas of equality for all people. Nelson Mandela - 15 Interesting Facts about Nelson Mandela - Perhaps by gleaning interesting facts about Mandela, you can feel more confident in your abilities to achieve your own dreams, despite challenges and opposition. Shakespeare - 15 Interesting Facts About Shakespeare - There are many interesting facts about Shakespeare’s life that are known, which can help shed some light on this mysterious man who has shaped culture with a carefully crafted pen. Marie Curie - 15 Interesting Facts about Marie Curie - The effects of Marie Curie’s curiosity and resultant theories and discoveries of previously unknown elements still rock today’s scientific community. Julius Caesar - 15 Interesting Facts About Julius Caesar - Few in the world exist who have not heard about Julius Caesar in some form or another, and his deeds are remembered in every history class. Leonardo Da Vinci - 15 Interesting Facts about Leonardo Da Vinci - Despite being a historical figure from over 500 years ago, his paintings, inventions, and documents are still remembered dearly till this day. Captain James Cook - 15 Interesting Facts about Captain James Cook - Born in an era when global exploration was part of how nations proved themselves, Captain Cook's life is by turns inspiring, surprising, and ultimately tragic. John F. Kennedy - 15 Interesting Facts about John F. Kennedy - Though John F. Kennedy was killed by Lee Harvey Oswald and possibly a second shooter, perhaps even as part of a conspiracy, on November 22, 1963, his legacy lives on. Cleopatra - 15 Interesting Facts About Cleopatra - Cleopatra continues to be a subject of fascination in all walks of culture, from the serious historical researcher to pop culturists to cosmeticians. Barack Obama - 15 Interesting Facts about Barack Obama - Over the past ten years, there has been an extensive list of interesting information that has been released to the public about President Obama that you will discover here. Albert Einstein - 15 Interesting Facts About Albert Einstein - Albert Einstein - mathematician, physicist, father, civil rights activist, and outspoken pacifist - still rightfully influences and inspires science students the world over. Adolf Hitler - 15 Interesting Facts about Adolf Hitler - Many historians agree that Adolf Hitler is one of the most accurate personifications of true evil as you will discover here. Suicide - Top 15 Reasons Why People Commit Suicide - This list will explain the top 15 reasons why people commit suicide, and how you can get help if you or someone you know is suicidal. Death - Top 15 Myths about Death - Many of these myths can be disproven; often, knowing the facts about death makes the transition between life and death much easier. Sex - Top 15 Myths About Sex - Here's 15 myths about your sex life that need to disappear off the face of the Earth forever, starting with everyone's favorite: penis myths. Murderers - 15 People Who Killed for a Living - Discusses 15 people who killed for a living and amazing facts that surround some of history's most infamous killers. Economy - Top 15 Countries with the Best Economy - Explains which countries are on the top of the economic pyramid, and what citizens of the world have the highest income and life standards. Retail - 15 Interesting Facts about Walmart - Walmart is such a household name now, it’s easy to forget that it is a complex corporation with intricate workings and a long history of evolution as a chain. Jobs - 15 Unusual Medical Professions - Discusses 15 unusual medical professions and details about positions at a hospital that are not related to any medical profession. Guns - Top 15 Myths About Guns - Violence and guns has been a hot topic lately, here we discuss 15 myths related to guns and the realities surrounding them. Drugs - Top 15 Illegal Drugs That Used To Be Legal - Many people frown upon illegal street drugs, and there is valid reasons for that. But did you know that most of the illegal drugs today were legal not so long ago? Disney World - 15 Fascinating Facts About Disney World - Let's discover the hidden magical facts that lies deep in the roots of Disney World, from when and how it was conceived to how it is operated even to this Walt Disney - 15 Interesting Facts about Walt Disney - Even four decades after his death, Walt Disney has still been able to inspire millions of people around the world with his work. Rainforest - 15 Fascinating Facts about the Amazon Rainforest - The Amazon rainforest is mostly unexplored, and remains one of the most fascinating places on earth for many scientists and explorers. Earthquakes - 15 Fascinating Facts about Earthquakes - As you learn everything there is to know about earthquakes, you will be able to have a deeper respect for the science that goes into finding and predicting them. Snakes - Top 15 Myths about Snakes - Snakes aren’t as inherently scary as they sound once you learn a little about their nature and understand them a bit. Horses - Top 15 Myths about Horses - Weeding through the myths to get to the truths can reveal some insightful information about horses, their care, and their evolution. Snow - 15 Fascinating Facts about Snow - Learn about the different types of snow, how it forms, along with other interesting facts about snow that will amaze you. Flowers - Top 15 of the World's Rarest Flowers - The following rare flowers are sure to pique your interest and cause you to reevaluate just how much you think you know about the quirks and oddities of the natural world. Snakes - Top 15 Most Amazing Snakes Around the World - Discusses the 15 most interesting snakes around the world. Many of these snakes have interesting features and looks to them. Animals - 15 Wild Animals Deadly to Humans - Fifteen examples of how dangerous wild animals can be to a human being and how it is important to always be vigilant when dealing with any type of wild animal. Bahamas - Top 15 Interesting Places to Visit in the Bahamas - Depending on what your interests are, these top Bahaman attractions will whet your appetite for the Caribbean lifestyle of simple and pleasurable living. Chicago - Top 15 Fun Things to Do in Chicago - No matter how many of times you visit Chicago, there always seems to be something else you haven't seen yet, this list should pin point the most important ones. Hollywood - Top 15 Fun Things to Do in Hollywood - This list of 15 great locations will give you suggestions for fun places to experience when you visit Hollywood, California. New York City - Top 15 Places to Visit in New York City - If you want to make sure you never miss the absolute best of culture, city, and people that New York City has to offer, make sure you check out the items on this list. Houston - Top 15 Places to Visit in Houston Texas - Whether you’re in the mood for delicious food, sightseeing, or heart racing thrills, Houston has something for everyone. Thailand - Top 15 Interesting Places to Visit in Thailand - From its bustling economic, political, and cultural hub of Bangkok to the outlying cities, Thailand is full of exciting things to do and places to visit. Switzerland - Top 15 Interesting Places to Visit in Switzerland - Resting in the middle of Europe, Switzerland is a deceptively small country that has many surprises in store for any traveler lucky enough to see it. San Francisco - Top 15 Places to Visit in San Francisco - San Francisco, known as the Golden Gate of California, is a vibrant, bustling, intriguing city with many amazing places to explore. Puerto Rico - Top 15 Interesting Places to Visit in Puerto Rico - Whether you are into nature, science, art, music, history, culture, cuisine, or sports, this small island has an adventure waiting for you. Norway - Top 15 Interesting Places to Visit in Norway - Located in Scandinavia, Norway offers unsurpassed culture, scenery, and history. Here are some top ideas for places to visit. Las Vegas - Top 15 Interesting Places to Visit in Las Vegas - Sometimes you just need an escape from reality, a single experience that just blows you away, Las Vegas delivers on that promise every time. Las Vegas - Top 15 Best Unknown Things to do in Las Vegas - For those wanting to experience Las Vegas beyond its abundance of fat Elvises and wedding chapels, this list shows a myriad of lesser-known attractions to explore as well. Bangkok - Top 15 Interesting Places to Visit in Bangkok - From culture to shopping and to spirituality, take your pick of what draws your attention the most to these 15 fabulous places to visit in Bangkok. Rio de Janeiro - Top 15 Things to Do in Rio de Janeiro - If you manage to include these 15 spots in Rio de Janeiro, you will have hit the highlights of this exciting city and you will be sure to have an amazing time in Brazil. Monaco - Top 15 Things to Do in Monaco - The tiny country of Monaco is a hot spot for the rich and famous, not to mention a great tourist location. Here are 15 fun things to do in Monaco. Dubai - Top 15 Interesting Places to Visit in Dubai - Dubai caters to the world-traveling luxury seeker through numerous places to visit and things to do, such as parks, malls, aquariums, museums, and cultural centers. New Zealand - Top 15 Things to Do in New Zealand - Failing to take note of this wondrous island nation is a major mistake that doesn't have to happen during your next travel planning session. Paris - Top 15 Interesting Places to Visit in Paris - Though Paris has countless parks, shops, museums and other things to do, these fifteen attractions stand out above the rest. Italy - Top 15 Interesting Places to Visit in Italy - Tourists tend to flock to Italy for its breathtaking views, vibrant culture, and abundant historical monuments as you will discover in this list. Singapore - Top 15 Interesting Places to Visit in Singapore - If you value independence and diversity in local culture, Singapore is definitely a place that should be on your bucket list of places to travel to. Islands - 15 Amazing Man-Made Islands - We list our 15 favorite Man-Made Islands that massively vary in size that you’ll no doubt find interesting, and probably a little perplexing. China - Top 15 Fascinating Facts about the Great Wall of China - This ancient defensive system has become one of the best-known symbols of modern China, with 10 million visitors every year from across the globe. Cathedrals - Top 15 Largest Cathedrals in the World - Visiting one of these cathedrals invokes awe and transports you to another time and place, connecting you with thousands of lives from the past. Palaces - Top 15 Famous Palaces in the World - These 15 Famous Palaces stand the test of time and remain symbols of the achievements of different cultures around the world. Destinations - Top 15 Cities with the Best Gourmet Food - Plan your trip to include the best gourmet food on the planet thanks to this compilation of the best gourmet cities around the world. Destinations - Top 15 Best Chocolate Destinations in the World - Chocolate makes you happy and you can’t even deny it. So why not take a look at 15 countries and places that are devoted to producing some of the best chocolate on this planet. Travel Tips - 15 Best Travel Tech Accessories - The convenience of bringing the right tech accessories can dramatically enhance your travel experience. I list out the 15 best tech accessories you don't want to leave home without. Military - Top 15 Countries With the Strongest Military - We have listed the top 15 militaries in the world according to the amount of people that are currently operating in the military, regardless of roles and including the reserve military. Culture - Top 15 Things You Didn't Know about Chinese Culture - Chinese culture is deep, complicated and full of many interesting facts, legends, customs, and superstitions that you will discover here. Culture - 15 Unique Aspects of Mexican Culture - Here we review the history and culture of Mexico and its influence in the areas of sports, art, entertainment, language, music, and celebratory events. Culture - 15 Unique Aspects of German Culture - Germany has a long list of truly unique customs and cultural aspects that may be considered strange to the rest of the world. Culture - 15 Unique Aspects of American Culture - We have listed the top 15 elements of American culture that set the country aside from, not only the rest of the Western world, but the world as a whole. Culture - 15 Unique Aspects of Japanese Culture - We list 15 of the most unique aspects of Japanese culture, spanning from the bizarre traditions, to customs that are simply very different to what we would expect in Western Europe. Pirates - Top 15 Modern Day Pirates - Many may think horrific swashbuckling pirates are a thing of the past, but there is still a handful that exist today. Architecture - 15 Biggest Architectural Blunders - We have drawn up a list of the biggest 15 architectural blunders that resulted in buildings being destroyed or permanently changed. Architecture - 15 Amazing Architectural Style Types From Old to Modern - We have listed 15 of the most significant architectural styles from the last 300 years that have gradually become the style that we have today. Terrorist - Top 15 Most Horrifying Terrorist Attacks - We have created a list of the 15 most significant and terrifying terrorists attacks that have occurred in the 20th and 21st century. Architecture - Top 15 Amazing Ancient Egyptian Architecture - We’ve listed the top 15 structures that came from Ancient Egypt that can still be seen today, ranging from pyramids and status to temples and mortuaries. Pyramids - 15 Fascinating Facts About the Ancient Pyramids - Discusses 15 Interesting facts about the pyramids beyond their architecture, including ones from China, Mexico, and other areas around the world. Inventions - 15 Things That Remained the Same in the Past 100 Years - These objects and creations withstand the test of time and prove that their inventors were outstanding in both their design and implementation. Inventions - Top 15 Greatest Inventors in History - Without the successful inventions that these remarkable inventors created, the world as you know it would look considerably different. U.S. Presidency - 15 Interesting Facts About Abraham Lincoln - Abraham Lincoln was arguably the most fascinating president the United States ever had. There are many little-known facts about this amazing president that will shock you. Cars - Top 15 Best Quality Car Manufacturers in the World - These 15 car manufacturers are the best in the world in terms of quality and standards for a sturdy, reliable vehicle that will stand the test of time. College - Top 15 Colleges in the World That Are Hard to Get Into - The colleges listed here are examples of extreme cases where excellence in learning is overshadowed by the daunting feat of landing that acceptance letter. College - Top 15 Ways to Make Money in College - There are many ways you can earn money while you’re in college and here is a list of ways that you probably never thought of before. Wisdom - 15 Incredible Yet Weird Story Lessons About Wisdom - Discusses 15 incredible yet weird stories about wisdom and lessons we can all benefit from that have their origin in traditional stories. Google - Top 15 Myths about Google - Since Google has become such a pervasive part of online life, and with the company seeming to always expand its range of products and services, myths and hype abound. Internet - 15 History Facts About the Internet - Discusses 15 interesting facts about the origins and technical developments that make the Internet what it is today. Mardi Gras - 15 Fascinating Facts About Mardi Gras - Here are some interesting facts about Mardi Gras that will give you a better understanding of what is actually going on in New Orleans during the celebration. Weddings - 15 Unusual Wedding Rituals - We’ve listed 15 of the strangest wedding traditions in the world, and explained the meaning and significance behind all of them. Halloween - 15 Fascinating Facts about Halloween - Holidays like Halloween are a deep part of our culture, and draw attention to aspects of the human psyche you might not otherwise reflect on as explained in this list. Holidays - Top 15 Weird Holidays To Consider Celebrating - Love holidays? Want more holidays to celebrate? Well your in luck! This is a list of 15 holidays you probably never knew about that you can start celebrating. Plastic Surgery - Top 15 Cosmetic Surgery Procedures - Cosmetic surgery procedures are becoming more popular and cheaper than ever before. Learn about the cosmetic surgeries people get the most. Movie Theaters - Top 15 Most Amazing Movie Theaters in the United States - From a modern twist on an old classic, to a theater with breathtaking views, here are the best of the best when it comes to the US's top movie theaters. Astronauts - 15 Ways Astronauts Live Differently on the ISS Than on Earth - The astronauts who live aboard the ISS say that life is very different up there, but just how different can it be? Let's find out! Moon - Top 15 Fascinating Facts About the Moon - Despite the fact that the moon was seen, recorded, and samples of it analyzed Earth-side, there are plenty of fascinating facts about the moon that aren't common knowledge.

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