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Poco F3 Early Review From Poco F1 Long-Term User

I am a new Poco F3 owner, and was a Poco F1 long-term user. Was, because I recently sold that beloved phone after more than 2.5 years of usage.

Yes, I'm aware of the dust that's visible. Haha...

I bought the Poco F1 back in September 2018, shortly after the launch. I had purchase the phone from Lazada Malaysia, and if my memory serves me right, the delivery was quick I got the phone like the very next day or something. This time around, I also purchased the Poco F3 from Lazada but the delivery took a very long time (more than 10 days) this time and it was shipped from Hong Kong. The Poco F3 price in Malaysia starts at RM1,399 and I had gotten the Poco F4 5G 6GB RAM + 128GB storage for RM1,299 during flash sale.

The Poco F1 was a dream phone - it had everything that I wanted in a phone. Top flagship chip at that time of its launch, huge battery, USB-C (not all phones came with USB C then), and most importantly, it came with a headphone jack.

After getting the Poco F3, I realise there are a couple of things which I missed:

I was able to wake the screen whenever I touch the fingerprint scanner on Poco F1 (even when I did not activate fingerprint lock on the phone). I can't figure out a way to do that on the Poco F3.Missing LED light notification on Poco F3. I was Googling "How to enable LED light notification" only to realise that there's no such hardware on the phone. Sure, there's the Always On Display AOD) on Poco F3, but I rather have that turned off because AOD does increase battery consumption.No headphone jack on Poco F3. Sure, I still can use earphones with but it means I have to use the dongle as well. Bluetooth earphones are great but since I do play some games, and it means I have to get earphones with low latency so that there's no noticeably lag between visuals and audio.

Few other caveats I discovered as well:

Low volume when gaming on Poco F3: When playing COD Mobile on the Poco F3, the volume was extremely low and it was difficult to hear anything at all. Thanks to some digging around Facebook groups, I realised that this can be fixed when I changed the "Region" setting from Malaysia to Singapore. Apparently it also works when you change the "Region" setting to India or Indonesia.Poco F3 - MIUI optimisation option is missing by default. I think this is more of a software issue though, with MIUI. Usually a lot of users would be looking to disable this temporarily because of Vanced. Again, thanks to some Googling and search, I found out that you could get MIUI optimisation option to appear by tapping "reset to default values" for five (5) times. But the problem is, some users couldn't even tap on the "reset to default values" as the "reset to default values" option is greyed out.How to enable or fix the "reset to default values" option?First, make sure you've enabled developer mode on MIUI.Step 1: Open Settings app on your Mi device.Step 2: Scroll down and tap on About Phone.Step 3: Tap on MIUI version for about 7-10 times.Step 4: You should see a message saying You are now a developer.Go to Settings Additional settings Languages input Auto-fill serviceChange from 'None' to 'Google'Press 'OK' when you see this notice: "Make sure that you trust this app. Google uses what's on your screen to determine what can be auto-filled."The "reset to default values" should be clickable now and you should be able to tap it 5 times to see the MIUI optimisation option.Here's a video guide on how to fix the "reset to default values option" if you prefer:

So, it looks like I'm complaining a lot about Poco F3, right? It's true, if I were to compare phone-to-phone and early experience, I would say I love Poco F1 much more for my own needs. Like, I've always preferred non-glass back for phones because I'm so clumsy :(. And I really don't care about what people say about how "good phones should have glass", otherwise it feels cheap. And I don't care so much about camera either because I already have a dedicated mirrorless camera for photography purposes.
Nonetheless, there are several things on the Poco F3 that still impressed me of course:

Battery life is impressive so far. Granted, it's a newer phone but it's behaving as good as I expected it to be.Charging speed. Excellent. No complaints.Display. AMOLED. What's not to love about AMOLED.Dolby Atmos dual speakers. Nice.Value for money. Still, one of the main reasons I chose to pick up the Poco F3 is because this is really the phone that is bang for the buck for all the features that it offers. Heck, even Arun of Mrwhosetheboss had given the coveted Best "Most Worth It Phone of 2021" aka "Best Affordable Phone" but also "Best Value Phone" award.Watch his video here:

Overall, I have to admit I don't love this as much as I fancied the Poco F1, but I hope it will grow on me.No comments: I Spent A Month Looking For A WFH Office Chair. Here's What I Found

I'm sure many people have been working from home in Malaysia and beyond in the last year or so due to the disruptions caused by the coronavirus. I'm one of those people and you probably share the same problem as me suffering from bad posture and backaches because there'sno proper WFH setup or essentials such as ergonomic chairs, sit stand desk andaccessories.

I've been meaning to get a good chair for myself and I finally got to work last month and spent about four weeks of researching and visiting some office furniture showrooms in the Klang Valley before I decided on this: WILLY 2 HIGH BACK MESH CHAIR.

It's been a mix of fun and frustrating journey before I finally settled on getting this chair so I thought I would document and share it here.


I got the Willy 2 High Back Mesh Chair after weeks of researching.Most businesses don't put their prices up front. You have to reach out to them to get a quote. If you can, go and test out the chair you want before buying (height and weight considerations, plus other preferences).If you're given a model name/code, try searching for it online. You might be able to get a cheaper option for the same chair.Some popular office furniture showrooms are located in Sungai Buloh area and Puchong.What makes a good work chair (if you're on a budget)?

I started by doing some research on what I should look for in a good chair by reading recommendations from Lowyat Forum, Reddit, lists by some portals (but their choices are limited to those they can earn from affiliate listing), among others. There were some standout recommendations from the community - IKEA's Markus office chair which many people say is great but I had some reservations because I read that one of the biggest cons of the chair was that it lacked some adjustability. A friend (about the same height as me) who uses the same chair in her office doesn't recommend it either. At this point, I decided to set a list of criteria about the features I want in this chair that I was about to get:

My ideal work from home chair with the best value should be/have:

Mesh chair so I don't have to worry about chair peeling if it's made of leather (or PU leather most times)Adjustable lumbar supportAdjustable arm restWith a high-density foam - for a more solid, firm seatWithin the budget range of RM400Why I was looking for an office chair under RM400 was because I was using a gaming chair as a benchmark. 'Gaming chair' and 'ergonomic' kind of synonymous these days, and I know a few friends and colleagues who have gotten gaming chairs - specifically the TTRacing Duo Racing PC Gaming Chair model - which is still selling for only RM399. It has been dubbed as one of the most affordable and best budget gaming chair, and has gotten some really good reviews but of course you might not want to compare it against brands like Secretlab.Where to buy good ergonomic chair in Klang Valley?

With these criteria in mind, I deepen my search. Here comes one of the most frustrating process: A lot of these businesses do not put their prices upfront and you would have to send them a message over Messenger/Email/WhatsApp to get a quote. Granted, they probably do more B2B than B2C but still, it required extra effort on my end to just know the price. Based on the products that I had seen on their website or social media pages, I've reached out to more than a dozen of businesses including: Alterseat, Ambient Concept, Keno Design, Furniture Direct,OfficeEquipment2u (Sykt. Kichong Office Equipment Sdn. Bhd),SIF South Island Furniture Malaysia,Supreme Office Furniture System, WYSEN,Chesters Collection,Benithem, Gozzo Direction, Shelton Mart (Shelton Office),Asiastar Furniture Trading Sdn Bhd,TCT Office System Sdn Bhd, AM Office, iGreen Office Furniture,SAM SM FURNITURE, MYND Furniture... and a few others.I kid you not. Some were quick to respond, some passed me another contact, some didn't even reply. Also, I noticed there are a few popular ones with showrooms located in Sungai Buloh and Puchong.

It was after this phase that I roughly know what was the price range I was looking at. For the features that I were looking for, I was looking to fork out at least RM380 to RM600 on average - depending on what kind of features I want and can give up.

With the year end, I had a break from work and so I thought I would be more productive in my hunt for the office chair I needed and so I decided to pay a visit to theAPEX Office Furniture Exporter Sdn Bhd at their Jalan Ipoh showroom. There was construction going on in the area and it was difficult to find parking on a Friday morning. But at least the showroom was huge and there were at least one dozen of mesh office chairs available for viewing. So it was worth the trip.

After my visit to the APEX showroom, I decided it's a must-have to have a highback office chair as it's just more comfortable. At the showroom, I took some photos and made some mental notes of which models I can consider but wasn't that keen to proceed with an order yet as it was slightly out of what I had budgeted for and I wanted to explore my options.

Prior to that trip to the APEX showroom, I had contacted one of the reps from Keno Design and he was very responsive. The PIC had sent me his name card with three addresses - the head office in Puchong, Showroom 1 in Puchong and Showroom 2 in Boulevard Business Park at Jalan Kuching saying that I could pay a visit. Following my visit to Apex in Jalan Ipoh, I searched Showroom 2 address and found that it was nearby. Since it was nearby, I thought of making a trip there as well. That proved to be a wrong decision.
The place was absolutely dodgy. Difficult to find parking but there a basement parking. I had a bad feeling about it but I didn't wanna waste more time going around so I thought of just trying to basement parking. Once I past the entrance to the parking I immediately knew I made a major mistake - plenty of parking except the whole area was smelly, poorly lit and there were water leaks. It was eerie. Escalators were not working too but I braved through everything only to find out that Keno Design had closed down that showroom and they are only operating in Puchong. I was already disgruntled that all the effort was for nothing... and then of course, the autopay machine wasn't working and I had to go to the security guard to ask where I can (begrudgingly) pay for the parking ticket.

Is it to anyone's surprise that the guard had no clue that the autopay machine wasn't working? But at least he tried to help me out. In the end, I went up and down alone, and finally found the other machine that was working. Finally left that horrifying place after scrambling around for about 25 minutes. Avoid Boulevard Business Park at all cost. I'm not sure how this place got 4 star overall rating out of 65 Google reviews, but I am not the only one who found the basement car park to be utterly creepy. Anyway, I digress. That whole experience and ordeal was a complete turn off and I decided to scratch Keno Design from my list.

I sort of decided on getting the APEX 'Dang' chair (or the cheaper model, 'Easy') because it felt like the quality was really good although the downsides were that it was slightly above my budget and that my feet were dangling a little even at the lowest height. I contacted the general WhatsApp contact and also the sales guy who gave his number to me when I visited the showroom, but the response was rather lacklustre. The latter did not even reply my message after I asked for more details - probably think I'm not a "serious customer". I found another number through the APEX FB page and the latest guy was very responsive and helpful. I was about to proceed but didn't in the end because when I had asked for the price, the prices that he quoted were about RM30 to RM50 more than what was quoted by the two APEX reps earlier and this rep had told me that the waiting time was about 20-30 working days since they were going through a peak period.
Not too long after, I visited AM Office's branch in Sungai Besi (Dunia Perabot) because I wanted to check out their mesh office chairs especially the XG4553 Mesh Chair Highback Chair which I first saw on Shopee. The chair had gotten some good reviews on the platform. However, to my disappointment, there weren't many models available for viewing and when I tested theXG4553, it didn't felt great when compared to the APEX chairs. I still didn't completely write it off my list because it had the features I want within my budget, and the best of all - AM Office was offering free shipping for it.
Before the new year, I also went to OfficeEquipment2u (Sykt. Kichong Office Equipment Sdn. Bhd) cause it's in Cheras and not too far away. The lady here was quite helpful and there weren't too many chairs either. During my visit, there weren't many options for mesh chair with adjustable arm rest but the stocks were new and the PIC was kind enough to offer to remove the wrappings and all to let me try them.

I asked for permission to take some pictures for my consideration. Later, I learned that it's available online and sold by others but at a higher price. This won't be too much of a surprise, but basically there are a lot of SMEs selling the same products but they're branded differently and priced differently, of course.
Take for example, this chair model known as 'LT-NT38(HB)'. It's being sold by Meco Office System, Tetrix, Office Furniture Direct, and Easy DIY Marketing. All at different prices.
Anyway, January's here. I was seriously contemplating getting any of the models I've tried from AM Office or APEX since I won't have much time to head over to showrooms any time soon. But like the saying goes, you snooze, you lose.Found out that theAM Office XG4553 Mesh Chair Highback Chair price has increased from RM385 to RM415 now (RM30 increase). Seems to be a trend as I discovered from a Lowyat thread that theAlterseat ARV-1810 used to be RM499 in November 2020 (perhaps a promo?) but it was selling at RM549 in December 2020 (RM50 increase).I was also close to getting the APEX Dang (without adjustable armrest) from Shopee/Lazada as there was this seller who was selling it for RM380. But the price was raised to RM430 after the new year. Knowing that you're forking out a bit more money in just a matter of days didn't feel that great.
I probably have spent too much time on this, for something so small lol. But I must finish what I have started (sorry for dramatising but you know what I mean). I was determined to get a new chair by hook or by crook, especially now that there's increased uncertainty whether there will be movement control order (MCO) or not. Got to make my decision quick and stop overthinking.
So earlier this month, I reached out to Human Art Office System. They were quick to respond and they recommended the Willy 2 High Back Mesh Chair. I asked for an address for their showroom and made by way there over the weekend. I have to admit I was initially a little confused as the address they gave me led me to a shoplot with a signage that reads 'Asiastar Furniture Trading Sdn Bhd'. Anyway, they have quite a few models here (but I think the APEX showroom had more options on display overall) but I still ended up with the Willy 2 anyway, which was (and is at the time of writing) on promotion. It didn't have the adjustable lumbar support feature that I was looking for though, but that's not really a trade-off as during the test, I felt that it was sufficient for my usage. I was told the price for walk-in is actually higher, so here's a tip: do mention that you saw it from their website.
And that's it. I finally placed an order. It's supposed to be ready for collection within 1 week or so. So let's see.1 comment: How To Get Vouchers Or Promo Codes For Zalora, Shopee, Lazada That Work If you've always asked "How can I get voucher code in Lazada?" or "How do I get a Zalora Malaysia promotional code?" or "How do I get a Shopee voucher?" to get the maximum discounts, I may just have a trick to share with you.

It requires some work but I think it might just be worth the effort to get some additional discounts. Usually no promo code is needed to get free delivery on Zalora but you'd have to spend a certain amount and be based in certain selected regions.

Between Shopee and Lazada, Shopee is more generous in offering free delivery and usually at a very low minimum spend. Free shipping vouchers on Shopee are credited automatically into your account and you can claim additional free shipping vouchers from the platform.

But there's a way that you can get more than just free shipping vouchers on Zalora, Shopee or Lazada. If you're an avid consumer of these platforms, you probably already know that they often give out promo codes or vouchers, it's just that you have to be quite resourceful and smart about it.

Here's how you can promo codes whether it's for Zalora, Shopee, Lazada, and possibly any other merchants or local SMEs using Facebook or Instagram to advertise.The trick? Use Facebook Ad Library.

Here's a tip. If you're using AdBlock or any kind of extensions that disable ads, you should disable it when using Facebook Ad Library otherwise this may not work properly.

Here's an example of what I see when I searched for Zalora Malaysia. As seen in the screenshot above, the Zalora promo codes are '35JOLLY' and 'CASHBACK30'. Of course there are more as you scroll down the search results. Basically, with Facebook Ad Library you can see a list of ads that ran recently associated with a Facebook Page or Instagram account and you can grab the code and use it before you check out.

If you have troubles getting results, remember to check if your filter is set to All/Malaysia under 'Country' and make sure you select 'All Ads' instead of just 'Issues, Elections or Politics' .

This could work with all the different e-commerce that you're familiar with, from food delivery services such as GrabFood, Foodpanda, AirAsia Food to online marketplaces such as Lazada, Shopee and Zalora.

Here's an example of how I put it to use for AirAsia Food promo code:

Here's another example when I searched for Foodpanda Malaysia's Facebook page:

I actually don't hate ads but sometimes I find them to be interesting and useful when it's relevant and lets me discover new things and brands. Not so great though, if you easily succumb into buying (especially when buying something that you don't need). The idea of using the Facebook Ad Library as a database to search came about after I saw an ad by this local SME that offered a promo code for first-time purchase on their website. I was shown the ad after I visited the website for the first time just a few minutes before. After so long, it finally dawned on me, that as a consumer, I can intentionally search for ads using this platform and see what are the promos that a particular business is offering.

If you've dabbled into or already doing something related to digital marketing, you'll probably be familiar with the terms like re-marketing. It's rather common for businesses to use re-marketing to show you these ads on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or websites within the Google Display Network ecosystem. And you may or may not see the ads depending on how these ads are being set up.Not going to dive into the technicalities of it, but basically these are real ads that are being served to the targeted audience... and instead of waiting for the ads to be shown to you, you can intentionally look for them instead.

I've been putting this trick into use myself in the last 2-3 weeks and it's really useful so far and I've saved and gotten some cashback here and there.

Got more tips to share? Let me know in the comments below.

No comments: Buying A Fake iPhone When I Had No Money And Lessons I Learned I got my first handphone when I was in Form 3. It was a Sony Ericson W810, which was a decent model then. My next phone then was a fake China-made "iPhone". It was some sort of cloned iPhone that was poorly made.
More than 10 years ago, when smartphones started becoming a thing, I had no clue what an iPhone was. I did not comprehend that the Apple brand, was one 'atas' brand that commands premium pricing for its products. That is still true today.
To think back, this fake iPhone - the OS was so bad and everything was quite poor including the camera. I think some subpar smartphone at a cheaper range would have better performance. Heck, the pixel on the phone also died after one year plus and the screen was rendered useless. So, it was money wasted really. I vague remember that my mum and I had visited some fair (like a tech fair) and the promoters were promoting it, and then my mum bought it for me because I wanted it. I wasn't even earning any money and I had dare ask for something like that?!
How foolish was I.
In retrospect, I would never spend that kind of money again. Hindsight is great isn't it?
Well, but I never learn until I was about to finish college. When I was 18, I was entering a lot of contests and at one point, I actually won a Samsung Galaxy S2. For those who remembered, the Samsung Galaxy S2 was a flagship phone then and at its launch, the phone was retailing at RM2,099. I decided to keep and use but it didn't last long before it died on me (perhaps I'm a terrible user lol). The me now, knowing my needs and wants, would've sold the phone and get a mid-range option instead. It's just my choice because I never really need to use all the features.
I've owned more a couple of phones in the last decade since the purchase of the fake iPhone. For each phone that I owned, I manage to sell them away every time instead of keeping them whenever I decided to change.
Earning and being responsible for my own money means I'm more cautious with the way I spend my money. And with that said, my experience with the fake iPhone taught me a couple of things:Be cautious about what people say, especially when they're trying to sell you something.Research, research, research. I make it a point to understand what I'm getting before making a purchase. That may mean I'll take a longer time to make up my mind sometimes, but I believe it's for the best.Know what's good for myself. There'll be a lot of noise about what's trending, what's great about this and that but I need to evaluate and prioritise.It's possible to get good things at a good price. Now, the fake iPhone was a bad buy. However, the beautiful thing about the world we live in today is that there are plenty of options at our fingertips. There's definitely something that I want or need at the right price.Don't be lazy. Sometimes, it takes effort and time to find that thing that you need without overpaying (see previous point).Ukur baju di badan sendiri. Yes, that means buying something within my own means. Don't ever get into debt just to buy things I cannot afford.No comments: The Queen's Gambit: A Review From A Girl Who Plays Chess

I was asking for some recommendations from my sister about what new shows to watch recently and she said in passing 'The Queen's Gambit', among others. She told me, it was a show about chess. I didn't give too much thought about it even though I have been actively playing casual online blitz chess myself in the last 3 years or so.

I can't recall what I was doing before I finally started watching The Queen's Gambit. Oh yes. I did ask a friend whom I used to play chess with quite regularly last time if he had watched it and he said it was nice.

I didn't get my expectations up and didn't know it was starting to get some great reviews when I started. The only thing I knew was that I recognised the name of the lead actress, Anya Taylor-Joy which was from Split - one of my favourite movies in recent memory - except the terrible ending (sorry M. Night Shyamalan).

I finished all seven episodes within 3 days earlier this month. It's definitely binge-worthy material.

A few things I really loved about the series personally:

1. The story

In a lot of ways, the story feels like it was a based on a real person's story but in fact, it's fictional. I guess this could be due to the fact that many events in the show are based on history. Everyone loves a good story where the protagonist succeeds against all oddsand here was Beth Harmon, rising above things within and outside of her control - like her life's circumstances and addiction.

There's one running theme that I could relate in some waysabout male dominating the chess. Well, to think about, I think it's a fact that males do dominant in every sporting activity. I'm not a competitive player and I don't have any kind of FIDE ratings but I joined the chess club in school for sukan (lol) and they are dominated by males students. Most peculiar, I found out that quite a number of female students also joined the chess club then because the sport (arguable depending on who you're speaking to)... well, doesn't requires much physical movements and you didn't have to go under the sun. This was despite them not knowing how to play and they did not have any intentions to learn how to play either. I digress. Still, even today when people find out that I can play chess, I'll get that "Oh, you playchess?" though not the condescending kind but of fascination. Lol.

I know a lot of people see Beth Harmon with the lens that she's a strong female character who finally overcame her demons. But she didn't do it alone. She had a lot of supportespecially from her male counterpartseven if she doesn't realises it.

2. The costumes

Now, I'm not a person who's crazy about fashion. I don't even pay attention to what people wear most times (and apparently people do pay a lot of attention to other people's outfit, from personal experience). But my, you could tell this must be one of those shows that has a great wardrobe. As I Googled to learn more about these costumes, I realised how much thought was put into each outfit. The devil is in the details indeed.

3. Anya Taylor-Joy

I feel like the first episode lays down good foundation for Beth Harmon's character development, but I suspect viewers who have no clue about what they're watching might just drop off because most parts of it were about the orphanage and what it's like (learning how to play chess in thebasement with a janitor that doesn't talk much? not creepy? ok), as chess slowly takes the centre stage. And that would mean viewers won't be able to catch much of Anya Taylor-Joy as Beth. Sidenote: Shoutout to Isla Johnston as young Beth Harmon.

I like this description hereabout Anya Taylor-Joy's performance.Shes stoic-happy, or stoic-sad; stoic-spiteful; stoic-drunk; and stoic and wide-eyed. Lol, it's so true in so many ways. But it suits the character and I thought I really enjoyed how she brought the character to life. Little things that make such big impact, like the way she changes the way she walks according to Beth Harmon's age. Good stuff.

4. Chess

The series is fascinating - because I've learned more than one thing or two about the game. Like some of the chess moves: I don't know the names even if I know how to play it.

Anyway, if you haven't watch this series yet, give it a try? Maybe you'll like it as much as I do.

Last but not last... My favourite line from the series: "It's an entire world of just 64 squares. I feel safe in it. I can control it, I can dominate it. And it's predictable."

No comments: Where Do We Go From Here?

2020 must have been the toughest year for so many people.

Where do I even begin? When I first wrote this and kept this as a draft, I meant to say that this year, the family mourned for the loss of a member in the extended family. As rewrite this entry again, it's with deep regret that I say that another family member has passed away. He was only 32.

When a life is loss, especially when you realise that there's a whole life ahead of that person... what do make of it? This random quote I stumbled upon sums up all that I'm feeling. "You were unsure which pain is worse -- the shock of what happened or the ache for what never will."

There are just too many bad news. People battling cancer, news of suicides, friends battling depression... the list goes on. Such much... pain, disappointments, fear, uncertainty.

Then there's this coronavirus in the background. All of us are directly feeling the effects of it. Coronavirus took the whole world by the storm and it no one was prepared for it.

I can't begin to fathom how the "Covid-19 pandemic" Wikipedia page will be able to contain the wealth of information of this event that will certain go down as one of the most significant moments in history.

The world became paralysed. Indeed, the current situation has set up the perfect stage for the corrupted people in power to continue to rule according to their whims and fancies, without being held accountable.

We've heard and seen enough examples from ministers who continue to impose restrictions at the pretence of containing the spread of the disease but normal citizens are immediately slapped and punished as offenders, being made an example with harsh penalties. All the same time, politicians are let loose to do as they wish. They can get away with it, openly. No further action as they say. We're mad. But it's not just us. This situation is by no means, exclusive to Malaysia. Plenty of reports worldwide of politicians flouting the very own restrictions they impose on ordinary folks who are struggling. India, Nepal, are just some of the many.

It's just a matter of self-interest for these people. They don't even pretend to have regards for any humanitarian concern.

I digress.

Here we are. All struggling in one way or another. So-called leaders of the world continued to rule according to their whims and fancies. We're in the midst of a terrible storm.

It's bleak. I don't have any other words to go on. Our hope as believers is that we find comfort in Jesus and remember that we could too, experience the impossible - like Peter walking on water - by setting our eyes on Him.

No comments: Exploring Geneva: City Tour, Parc des Bastions, CarougeGood morning, Geneva.
This post is the last instalment of the Switzerland travel series. Spent the night atHotel Cornavin and this was the view from the breakfast area.

Breakfast area was packed and it was kind of unusual, as compared to the other hotels that we'd been to during the trip. There were quite a few Indonesians among the crowd.

In Geneva, not only we took the water taxi (boat) but also took a ride on the bus. Making use of every public transport available. Plus it's free anyway if you have the Geneva Transport Card.

Geneva is the birthplace of the Frankenstein story but apparently locals don't even know about this statue's existence.

Just less than three minutes walk from the Monumento al Monstruo de Frankenstein, there's this huge site known asPlainpalais skate park for the public to practise skateboarding, roller skating, and BMX riding.

Huge Starbucks Coffee outlet occupying the end lot.

Spotted the University of Geneva, founded by renownedtheologian, pastor and reformer, John Calvin.

This morning in Geneva was far better than the day before since the sun was out and the sky was bright. It was quite gloomy the day earlier. Also with the withering trees, it gave off a sense of autumn rather than winter.

The above are photos of parts of the Reformation Wall, a monument which honours the major figures of the Reformation. The monument stretches for 100 metres long and overlooks the Parc des Bastions.

The whole area is known as Parc des Bastions (Bastions Park),the site of Geneva's first botanical garden. It's located next to Place de Neuve (New Place). The giant chess sets and the skating rink are free to use.

The Grand Théâtre of Geneve, one Europes premier opera houses, was undergoing renovations when I was there in November 2017. I came to know that it eventually underwent a three-year renovation for restoration works and finally reopened in February 2019.

Paid a visit to the Carouge in Geneva, known as the "Greenwich Village of Geneva", a hotspot with Mediterranean charm. This place is like a village in the city and there are many craftsmen and designers. The Carouge Market is also quite popular here.

We also stopped by at the Eglise Sainte-Croix (Holy Cross Church) in Carouge. There seems to be little information about this church but someone said that the chime of the church is the second largest in Switzerland. The interior is really quite pretty.

Next in our itinerary, we stopped by for a chocolate tasting session at Mr Mrs Renou Patisserie Chocolaterie. Back in 2017, the store was newly opened and one of the founderswas recognised as France's best chocolate confectioner few years earlier.

If I recalled correctly, that hole is the remnant of what happened after a cannon ball was blasted onto the building.

We got a glimpse of Victoria Hall, a concert hall located in downtown Geneva. Only had a look at the outside since we were just passing by.

After all the sightseeing, we headed to Katrepices for lunch. It's a restaurant that specialises fusion of Swiss, French, and Mediterranean dishes.

I'd always chosen to go for sparkling water during the whole trip. Rather than still water. Haha.

Overall, out of the different restaurants and places we had visited in Switzerland, I felt that I like the food in Geneva the best. Suits my palette (everyone has their own preferences of course).

Bidding goodbye to Hotel Cornavin.

So actually, we had some time to spare before our flight. If I remembered correctly, we were planning to squeeze some time to head to Lucerne (or was it Bern? or Lausanne?) but there were some issues with the rail system on that day and the trains were delayed. What are the odds? So in the end we just headed back to Zurich early.

As compared to the time when we arrived in Zurich, this time the Zurich Main Station was much more lively since the Christmas market was up and running. The place was crowded too.

Killed some time here and finally took the flight back via Swiss Airlines back to Singapore, then to Kuala Lumpur.

In-flight meals were decent. We all asked for aisle seats and managed to get them, thanks to the organising tour leader. But, even better - the flight was actually rather empty so we all ended up having the whole row of seats to ourselves. Which meant, with the little people on the flight, most ended up occupying three seats for themselves (cause...laid down to sleep).
Thus came the end of the trip.
Overall, I had such a great experience. It was a really relaxing trip, laid back most times. We didn't have to rush and just kept to our own pace most times, except that we needed to be punctual and still follow the planned schedule.
Of course, I think what made the trip even better was the hospitality by Swiss Tourism - all the guides were friendly and everything just went smoothly. Truly, it was a once in a lifetime privilege, and I'm forever thankful for the opportunity. Happy that I finally got to finish write down about this trip.

Maybe the next posts would be about my Italy trip in 2018. We'll see.No comments: Older PostsHomeSubscribe to:Posts (Atom)HomeServicesContact MeAbout Me and Disclaimer
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