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Obooko is a unique collection of free books online for use by anyone anywhere. So start browsing our amazing treasure trove of fiction and factual books by clicking the GET MY BOOKS button above and flicking through the category list for links of interest. Alternatively, use the menu in the navigation bar at the top of every page in our open library to find your favorite categories and genres. If you love reading, you re going to love Obooko!The popular free ebooks from our online library are available for download permanently. Each of our wide variety of ebooks will download straight to your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer in your choice of pdf, epub, or Kindle formats. It s also good to know we don t simply link out to promotional books and novels on other websites across the Internet; all titles are stored on our own high-speed servers, so you don t have to leave Obooko to read online.Whatever your preference, we are sure you ll enjoy reading our wonderful library of free literature including novels, classics, short stories, and non-fiction books, each of which is ready for instant access and yours to keep forever. The majority of our titles are contemporary but we also publish our own public domain books too. What s most important is we guarantee you will never pay a single penny to obtain your free ebooks from Obooko: no fees or charges whatsoever ... zero, zilch, zip, nada! Free means Free!Use Anywhere, AnytimeYou can get your free books through an incredibly easy-to-use, user-friendly online platform compatible across all desktop devices, tablets, e-readers and mobile phones. Like popular video streaming services and free audiobooks, you can browse and continue reading great books at the exact point you left off.What s more, you can leave star-ratings and send feedback direct to authors to let them know how much you enjoyed reading their work.To find out all the benefits of using the site check out our page on how to use obooko, so you don t miss out on the many features available to improve your book browsing experience.Over time, we have all witnessed how the traditional paperback books market is being challenged by books in digital format. And the primary reason behind this is the hunger for accessing everything through scrolling and clicking while sitting at home on a cozy couch.Moreover, the introduction of free e-Books has revolutionized people s reading habits in its truest sense. Surprised? Well, you should not be because free books are gaining more and more acceptance with each passing day. This is because, not only are eBooks compatible with all electronic devices, but their convenience and widespread availability in various formats is making people switch to this mode of reading at surprising rates.Lawfully Operated WebsiteYou will be pleased to know you are using a genuine, lawfully operated website that s been online since 2010. From the word go, we have guaranteed that every ebook in our free program is not only without charge but also 100% legally licensed for you to enjoy.We are officially authorized online distributors of each of our books online, which means we have written permission (a license) for distributing Copyrighted titles by authors or publishers to host and share their novels or factual works globally, in the best format for all e readers and devices. What s more, we passionately comply with and uphold all international Copyright laws to ensure you are never in possession of pirated copies of free books online. Obooko: Legal, Honest, Truthful. As you would expect.Why Consider Obooko for Free Ebooks?We hope that you will be able to find a book or two here, which can either inspire you, entertain you or broaden your horizons in one way or another. Here are a few reasons to start browsing our book categories:The free e-books on Obooko are available for instant download on all digital devices.All books are legally licensed for your peace of mind. No pirated books here!Our free books online are available in PDF, EPUB and KINDLE formats.You can engage with authors by giving star-ratings and sending feedback.The fiction books in our internet archive are written by authors who genuinely wish to share their stories with you. Ebook authors include New York Times Best Sellers USA Today s most popular writers as well as lesser-known, up-and-coming independent novelists.1. Where can I read books online for free?Obooko is a free online book service that can help you find great books. You can also give star ratings, leave feedback for authors and get recommendations for other books on the site. You get access to today s free ebooks: thousands of best-selling novels at no cost in multiple genres.2. What is the best free online library?Obooko! Our site has the best open library of genuinely free ebooks online, with over 2600 books in our database. We would like to have a million ebooks! The site is also renowned for having many rare titles that you won t find elsewhere on the Internet, which is why many people love it here. You can easily add all kinds of eBooks from our free ebook deal in PDF or epub formats to your digital library.3. Are there any famous books on Obooko?Do you know the title of the first ever e-book to be submitted for the prestigious Booker Prize?The answer is The Angels of Russia, a thriller written by British author, Patricia le Roy, which is available exclusively here on Obooko. The book was submitted in 1998, when it caused uproar in the literary world when people questioned whether a digital edition could be considered a real book. As controversial as it may have been at the time, this is a celebrated piece of digital history that you can enjoy right here, right now!4. Are eBooks Good for the Environment?In today s world, nothing is as important as reducing one s carbon footprint on the environment. Speaking of carbon footprint, do you know how many trees per year the book printing industry costs our environment? Well, be ready to be surprised 32 million trees, which is 16 million tons of paper! Do you really want to be a part of this by reading paper books?5. Where is the best place for students to get free books?It s a fact that not everyone who enjoys reading can afford to buy books ... even dog-eared, multi-used paperbacks in thrift shops cost money. Fortunately though, students have access to a smartphone, tablet, desktop or laptop. The solution therefore is to grab a bunch of free e books from Obooko!6. Who is the most prolific author on the site?This accolade goes to Peter C Byrnes, who has an outstanding 64 detective mystery books available exclusively on Obooko, absolutely free of charge in all three ebook formats. You can find out more about Peter in this Blog Post on the subject of why authors write for free.Get Started Now!If you re looking for free ebook deals and the best books online, look no further. Our vast collection is sure to contain exactly what you are looking for.We know how difficult it can be to find good, reliable sources of high-quality eBooks in various categories that are available online. With so many sites out there with scammy layouts and pirated content, getting the right information is an uphill battle. But don t worry! Obooko is the place where you can download your favorite reads safely, without having to pay a single penny.Don t forget to tell your friends about our books!Royalty-free photos courtesy of Freepik: 1) Nensuria, 2) Freepik, 3) Wayhomestudio, 4) LookstudioEstablished for over 10 years, Obooko is an authorised publisher and distributor of free books in compliance with international Copyright conventions and laws, in particular The Copyright Act of 1976 in the United States of America and the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 in the United Kingdom.

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Download the best free books and ebooks online. All popular genres available in pdf, epub & kindle formats. Books are 100% legally licensed for you to download and keep.

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