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On 07.29.21, In Articles, by Marilyn Z. Tomlins On this day 131 years ago, Vincent, lying dying in the arms of his brother, Theo, was penniless. Today many have become billionaires out of him, and many will continue to do so. In pain, Theo holding him, he said: I want to die like this. Indeed he did. Theo too was at the end [ ] On 07.27.21, In Articles, by Marilyn Z. Tomlins Sunflowers oil the delights of a summer day out WHILE REMEMBERING VINCENT VAN GOGH (Here follows a guest post by Chris Aspinall. His blog can be read on IT is, I think, very easy to take the places where we live for granted. I may only have been in the Orb Valley for [ ] On 06.29.21, In Articles, by Marilyn Z. Tomlins Are you one of the brave who despite Covid-19 will this summer of 2021 be coming to Paris? If so, then you will have to put the village of Auvers-sur-Oise on your agenda. Or rather you will have to put Vincent van Gogh on your agenda. Indeed, Vincent and Auvers are linked for eternity. It [ ] On 06.24.21, In Articles, by Marilyn Z. Tomlins (Here follows a Guest Post by Chris Aspinall) AMERICANS, it is said, cannot cope with the concept of cricket being a game that can last for five days. This week here in France, a single sporting event starts that lasts a month – and those competing don’t just appear for short periods, they’re putting their [ ] On 05.06.21, In Articles, by Marilyn Z. Tomlins On Saturday, May 5, 1821 – 2oo years ago – Napoléon Bonaparte breathlessly whispered ‘Josephine’ and with a sigh his life ended. No greater Frenchman has there been than this man – you may not agree with me though – but now a virus which originated in China has robbed him of the honour his [ ] On 04.15.21, In Articles, by Marilyn Z. Tomlins On Monday, April 15, 2019 two years ago today a fire broke out in Paris beautiful Notre Dame Cathedral. Since that day workmen have been restoring the cathedral. It will apparently take another two years before it will look as it did on that April day. I will not go into the reason [ ] On 03.14.21, In Articles, by Marilyn Z. Tomlins Every day at 5 p.m. the French Ministry of Health issues the newest statistics for how this terrible virus is attacking France. At this moment 09.30 Sunday 14/03/2021 these statistics are: TOTAL CASES : 4,045,319 DEATHS : 90,315 PATIENTS IN INTENSIVE CARE : 4,070 DAILY NEW CASES : WAS 29,759 ON SATURDAY, 13/03/2021 DAILY [ ] On 03.13.21, In Articles, by Marilyn Z. Tomlins The Parisians love them, and so do tourists. I am talking about the Paris street market. Strolling round Paris on a Sunday won t be such a delight as it is without a street market. Of course, for those living in Paris they are also perhaps mainly a shopping area where one can buy [ ] On 03.03.21, In Articles, by Marilyn Z. Tomlins To come across a painting one day quite unexpectedly and to think that you have in your possession a work of art by a famous artist – Van Gogh for example, or Picasso, or – well you can insert any famous artist’s name here – is something wonderful. In 2010 this was exactly what happened [ ] On 10.03.20, In Articles, by Marilyn Z. Tomlins It is always a pleasure for me to visit the town of Auvers-sur-Oise. Auvers-sur-Oise is of course where Vincent van Gogh spent the last two months of his life, and where he died and lies buried. I, an admirer of Vincent not only of his paintings but so too of the man go [ ] On 08.16.20, In Articles, by Marilyn Z. Tomlins As you may know I not only write but I also paint. That is canvases and not walls. I will show you some of my paintings here now. All are to be bought. So if you are interested do email me here on this site, or at Or if you are a art gallery [ ] On 05.02.20, In Articles, by Marilyn Z. Tomlins On your next visit to Paris and you have a day to spare and you wonder where to go, what to see, what to do, think no more. I know where you should go: must go. The town is named Brie-Comte-Robert. It is not one of those large, noisy towns in the Ile-de-France [ ] On 02.23.20, In Articles, by Marilyn Z. Tomlins What is the world coming to? Have you heard of a killer being released from prison because he has a heart condition and may die in prison? Well, this has now happened here in France. On November 17, 2009 I wrote the following piece for the true-crime site It was a case which [ ] On 01.26.20, In Articles, by Marilyn Z. Tomlins I have been neglecting my website. However, there is a good reason for this. I am deep into writing another book. And what it is about? The picture above should give you a clue. Here follows my intro to this new book of mine. Myths die hard. Some never die. They go on and on [ ] On 10.20.19, In Articles, by Marilyn Z. Tomlins Oh, fortunate you who will be taking a break in the French capital this coming Christmas and New Year period because here are many new art exhibitions here now. I will list them. Luxembourg Museum (Musée du Luxembourg) 19 rue de Vaugirard, (6) L’AGE D’OR DE LA PEINTURE ANGLAIS – from Reynolds to [ ]

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