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Russia's Much Vaunted Zircon Hypersonic Missile Launch: Not All It Seems? In the race to field hypersonics, Russia is forging ahead by rolling out the 3M22 Zircon missile to its Navy. But there is a catch...Read More .... Satellite Image of Chinese Navy Submarine in South China Sea At around 11:20 local time on November 3 a Type-094 Jin Class ballistic missile submarine left its base in Yulin, China. It was heading out into the South China Sea, where these submarines perform their nuclear deterrence patrols. Such things are considered secret in China. Yet as it did so, a satellite passed overhead, capturing this fleeting activity...Read More .... Probable First Image Of New Nuclear Submarine Under Construction In China New commercial satellite images, taken on November 2, appear to show a large submarine hull section at the Bohai Shipyard. I have been waiting for exactly this....Read More .... Russian Navy Warships Seen Loitering Off RAF Lossiemouth, Scotland A pair of Russian Navy ships, believed to include a Udaloy Class destroyer have taken up position off the Scottish coast. The ships are around 25 nautical miles from the major air base at RAF Lossiemouth..... Read More .... Colombian Navy Stops A Heavily Ladened Narco Submarine In Eastern Pacific The Colombian Navy has seized another narco-submarine in the Eastern Pacific on October 27. The low profile vessel (LPV) was carrying more than two tons of cocaine... Read More .... World Submarine Rankings: Weapons Load The more torpedoes and missiles a submarine carries, the more targets it can attack..... Read More .... Guest article by C. Edward DavisStalin's Robot submarines Few history enthusiasts are aware that the Soviet Union was also engaged in midget submarine development during World War Two.... Read More .... Updated, originally posted on Oct 10, 2020North Korea Reveals New SLBM: Pukguksong-4 The Pukguksong-4 ("북극성-4ㅅ") will presumably be carried by the North Korean Navy's ROMEO-MOD submarines... Read More .... Upgraded OSCAR-II Submarines May Not Have Latest Missiles The Russian Navy's upgraded Pr.949AM OSCAR-II Class submarine Orel test fired a cruise missile in the Barents Sea today. Significantly, it was a P-700 Granit (SS-N-19 SHIPWRECK) missile. 24 of these massive supersonic missiles constituted the original primary weapon fit of the class. This suggests that despite being upgraded to 'AM' standard, Orel has not had the new cruise missile armament fitted... Read More ....

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