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Bert, if you can fly this thing, I think now s the time... TechEmporium has sent along some impressive chiptune versions of Run Wuth Us: in NSF and MP3 formats. Takes me back to my tracking days. 27 July, 2010 Direct link to Season 1 of the Raccoons on iTunes added to the merchandise page. 22 July, 2010 Season 1 of the Raccoons on iTunes did well in Canada, so Skywriter has published the first season on iTunes in the US! Press release here. I'll add direct links to it shortly. 19 December, 2009 Skywriter has published a press release regarding the iTunes deal. 12 December, 2009 There are a couple of Cyril T-shirts available here. 11 December, 2009 Great news for Raccoons fans today. From Josh over at Skywriter: As of Monday December 14, all 11 episodes of Season 1 will be available for sale on iTunes Canada. For now, it will only be available in Canada, but USA and UK will come on board in the early part of next year. Please write me to show your support -- in particular if there are other regions that have a groundswell of desire for this type of thing (Germany, I'm looking at you), let me know. Also, it looks like digital distribution of the songs/albums might be possible as well, please let me know what the preference on priority is for these. My personal priority 1 is the songs from Lost Star, but I'm open for other arguments. 25 November, 2009 As it turns out, the Raccoons are huge in Germany. So much so, that they in fact have the entire series on DVD. You read that correctly, Die komplette Zeichentrickserie. Here is further proof: Cover, Discs, Back covers, Back cover detail. So if you speak German, there you go. Prost! The rest of us still have to wait. Thanks to Mario Platz for the info and photos. 23 November, 2009 Another year goes by! We have a bunch of new information on releases. As expected, Fabulous Films released Season 2 (find it here on They also seem to have another collection of 3 episodes on DVD here, though it's unclear which 3 are included. Both added to the Merchandise page, along with a bunch of used VHS options I found recently. Note that on that page, you may have to disable AdBlock (Plus) if you're in Firefox, since it uses the iFrames from Amazon. That having been said, great add-on altogether. 19 October, 2008 Corrected photo of Nick Nichols, thanks to TServo. 14 October, 2008 Pretty quiet earlier, but lately some news from Mark Smith and Ben Rigsby, both of whom got a reply from Fabulous Films about Season 2, saying that it would be released January or February 2009 and that they are currently "waiting on extras". 7 July, 2008 Posted new fan art by Netka. 5 July, 2008 Added some photos of voice actors (Carl Banas, Len Carlson, Nick Nichols, Rich Little, Susan Roman) thanks to Darrant Terry, a photo of a Lisa Raccoon plush thanks to Patricia Berrigan, and the colored version of Gerry Paquette's Tribute to Len Carlson thanks to Aaron. 4 July, 2008 Happy 4th for those of you in the States! A great surprise as a follow-up to the previous news posting, again from Anthony Stewart! I have some brilliant news about fabulous films thanks to David Monid from the new raccoons forum. He has found that fabulous films have brought out a new raccoons dvd of the fist series but only three episodes. Here is the link: Also what is even better they are going to bring out series 2!!!! I don't know if it worked by you posting my email on your site and sales picked up or the person who sent me that message did not know what they were doing. thank you anthony Let's keep up those support emails to Fabulous Films and convince them to release all of the episodes and specials. One may now safely refer to me as somewhat of an expert on the Raccoons, mostly thanks to the contributions and continuing efforts of the various people who have made this site what it is today.The Raccoons productions remain, to my mind, unparalleled in quality and nostalgia. The music is spectacular, and through his genius Kevin Gillis's evergreen world is a place of stars and symphonies.

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