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Creativity Portal is wonderful! Go there and play! Joy Sikorski, Best-Selling Author of How to Draw a Radish

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Dear Creative Friends,

You may remember that in 2000 I launched as a free online resource for creatives of all kinds to explore and express creativity. 21 Years later it continues to be an invaluable online repository that uplifts, inspires, and informs.

Our mission is to continue offering productive content, creative tools, multiple perspectives, and playful prompts to help lead others discover, connect, and express the treasures within, resulting in transformation of the human mind, body, and spirit.

Just as other content-driven Web sites require a means for sustainability, so do we. We do not require that you turn off your ad-blocker to access our site or run annual fund drives to ask you to give. But, the dynamic nature of the Internet and options for sharing web-based media in sustainable ways requires constant innovation, flexibility, and adaptation for independent Web sites like Creativity Portal to exist online. And since we're good at creative things like this, we're pleased to announce our new content-sharing model that gives you direct access to over two decades of creativity-inspiring features and delivers our newest offerings right to your inbox.

This decade has gifted us with new vision and renewed zeal to connect and invigorate our creative audience. That's why we're collaborating with you through our eScribir / Creativity 1-2-3, providing subscription-based access to enjoy our full library of creative content and subscriber-only premiums.

Please subscribe below to begin enjoying the fruits of this unique online space.

Warm regards,

Creativity Portal fosters creativity through expressive, therapeutic, holistic, spiritual, and practical lenses. We aspire to contribute positively to the World Wide Web with authentic life-changing content to help individuals reach deeper levels of engagement and connection where lasting change happens and inner transformation takes place. Please support the positive contribution our site makes by subscribing through the PayPal button above. Feel free to contact us with your questions. Thank you so much for your support!

The Power of Uplifting Spaces

Why are online spaces like this important? Creativity Portal encourages an openness to experience to unlock awareness as a multi-faceted gem with endless layers, spirals, opportunities, and possibilities for the perpetual unfolding of inventiveness, imagination, innovation, originality, individuality, artistry, expressiveness, playfulness, inspiration, vision, power, talent, gifts, skills, and ingenuity. Spaces like these are vital, nourishing, and uplifting to the human spirit. They open unique opportunities to connect with one another on a deeper level to share and learn from our common experiences. They invite you to choose your own journey with a "yes, and," to celebrate the gifts and talents that will flower within when sown with intention and tended with care.


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Freeing the Creative Within

My Creative Space

The Van Gogh Blues

Through the Eyes of SoulCollage

Power of Now Journal Prompts

365 Pictures Daily Prompts

The Nine Modern-Day Muses

The Art Science of Light Bulb Moments

Transforming Change and Loss

Writing Your Way Home

Guided Imagery

Alan Watts on Zen

Art of the Song

Imagination Prompt Generator

Self-Care and Connection

Writing a World-Changing Book

The Art of Is

Inner Critic Care System

Habits to Spark Creative Genius

20Q Interviews

No Ordinary Time

Creating Your Writer's Life

Journey of Self-Discovery

Look for the Good

Courage and Craft

Learning from Leonardo

Swing Into Creative Play

Flourish In Your Own Creative Style

Creative Through COVID

Freeing the Writer Within

Make Your Creative Dreams Real

How to Draw Lessons

Tightening and Sharpening Prose

Paper Sculpture: Collage Cubies

Light Bulb Moments on Tap

A Year of Writing Dangerously

Opening Your Intuition


Fabulous Friendship Festival

Higher Levels of Creativity

The Fiction Writer's Journey


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Subscribe to enjoy creativity coaching articles, interviews, writing prompts, and activities to inspire your creative life.

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