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BlogToys and StuffAboutOur ManifestoConnectContact a WeirdoVideosWatch and LaughDownloadWeirdo Wallpaper The Home for Odd, Ugly and Neglected Toys Strange Kids Comics Magazine Needs to Become Reality

I have a mission for you all. Lets help the next issue of Strange Kids Comic come to life. Rondal Scott III heads up the awesome blog Strange Kids Club, and hes trying to get the next printed issue into you hands. Its all happening on Kickstarter. The magazine is chock full of vintage toys []

Continue reading 10:22 pm , February 22, 2014 1 Goodleg Toys X Weirdo Toys Unearth the Toxic Underworld

Its Halloween, and Ive got just the treat for you. Weirdo Toys has recently collaborated with the best bootleggers in Berlin – Goodleg Toys. For a little while now, weve been working on a bootleg piece that perfectly captures our combined aesthetics for cool bootlegs and bizarre toys. Weve brought to life something new and []

Continue reading 1:06 am , October 31, 2013 1 Toxic Underworld Unveiled

After the fallout They are all that crawled out. This is the Toxic Underworld! Goodleg Toys X Weirdo Toys present this group of custom bootleg figures. They will be knocking at your door on Halloween, Oct 31st, at Midnight GMT+1. To stay super-current on the release, follow Goodlegs Facebook feed. Better get your kids to []

Continue reading 12:15 pm , October 30, 2013 3 Cool Collections Fit for Print

Hey folks. I have quick heads-up for ya. Fellow blogger and toy buddy, Brian Adams at, has initiated a Kickstarter campaign to publish a magazine for collectors by collectors. This magazine will have the same name, and it will cover pop culture collectibles, toys, comics, memorabilia, books, and whatnot. Should be fun. Plus, its []

Continue reading 12:32 am , October 27, 2013 0 The Internet as a Series of Childrens Toys

Kids nowadays are playing a lot online – using game sites, web apps, and all that jazz. What would happen if that bizarre world of The internet was brought to life as a kids toyline? Well, this music video of Neosignals Planet Online answers that question for us. The concepts and execution in this thing []

Continue reading 9:29 am , May 17, 2013 1 My Favorite Black Muscle Monster With Detachable Heads

It’s quite rare to find Masters of the Universe knockoff figures nowadays that no one has ever seen or heard of. Well, I take that back actually. There are countless He-Man knockoffs and bootlegs that no one has heard of, but Im more specifically referring to all you hardcore collectors out there. You pretty much []

Continue reading 1:50 am , February 10, 2013 6 I Heard it Through the Weirdo Vine

Hey guys! Theres another social media channel we can all quickly adopt and just as quickly ignore. Its Vine! A video sharing channel where each video is only six seconds long! (If Twitter is blogging for folks with A.D.D., then Vine is YouTube for those with A.D.D.) Ive jumped on the bandwagon, so expect to []

Continue reading 11:27 pm , February 7, 2013 1 You got your M.U.S.C.L.E. in my MOTU!

I have to admit, I get let down and frustrated sometimes by the incessant mashing-up of 80s properties by artists, designers and toy makers. Most of the time this approach comes across as lazy, but sometimes, a nod, a wink, a tribute or an homage to a nostalgic toy property like G. I. Joe, Masters []

Continue reading 2:13 am , January 19, 2013 10 Page 1 of 22 12345...22Next Weirdo Favorites 3rd Annual Weirdo Toy Giveaway

Its that time again – Weirdo Toys Birthday! The site is 3 yea..

Go-Go Gadget Toy!

Its everyones favorite mechanical crime fighter (other than R..

Magic Monster by Heartland

Well, its hard to believe, but I actually have a bunch of new info a..

Super Fantastics vs. Super Diabolics

You see these generic-looking super heroes? (The ones that look a lot like..

Free Madballs!!

You read that correctly. Im giving away fourteen (14)  Madbal..

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The Home for Odd, Ugly and Neglected Toys

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