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SEE OUR SUPERSTORE PRODUCT PAGES (links below, left column) FOR: ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS / ELECTRICAL COMPONENTS: Integrated Circuits (ICs), Transistors, Diodes, Rectifiers, LEDs, Capacitors, Resistors, Potentiometers (Pots), Varistors, Inductors, Coils, Transformers, Speakers, Relays, Switches, Actuators, Fuses, Circuit Breakers, Crystals, Oscillators, Connectors, Headers, Sockets, Pins, Wires, Cables, Displays, Photo, Video, Laser, Power, other Electronic Parts / Electronic Components. EQUIPMENT: Electronic Test Equipment, Electrical Equipment, Computers, Peripherals, Electric Tools, Hand Tools, Tool Chests, Vehicles (Cars, Trucks, Bikes). MORE TECH STUFF: Scientific/Industrial Valves Fittings, Personal Security, Survival (Survivalists / Preppers), Radionics, Crafts, Hobbies, Strange Unusual, Religious Spiritual, Collectibles - Hardware, Devices, Parts, Special Materials, Books, Manuals, Software. And much, much more!

Simple Fact: Internet is full of Tech-Sounding Crooks eager to steal YOUR MONEY!

We sell tons of electronic parts, mechanical parts, test equipment, hand tools, power tools, consumer devices, computer stuff, special materials, cabling, books/manuals, craft supplies, car parts, valuable collectibles, weird stuff and more for more than a decade. While certainly if a company is new or not physically located in the USA does not prove that the company is crooked, clearly, many crooked companies out to steal YOUR hard-earned money are short-lived fly-by-night companies, many (but not all) located overseas. By the time you realize that they sent you nothing or a non-functional piece of junk, their company is out of business and they have disappeared with your money, often popping up again with a new company name to repeat their swindles. Some even have glitzy websites and use a lot of pseudo scientific drivel - hackers know how to do that. Longevity and being based in the USA (especially in the same location) are good, solid measures as to how honest, competent, reliable and stable a company is. Over the years, many of our Customers have complained, 'I ordered a set of ABC devices from XYZ Company, and they stole my money. How do I know that I can trust you?' Fair question to ask any Online company. First, we are located in the USA - same city and state since starting this business, 10+ years ago. Second, an excellent indication of how well-established a company is today, is how long they have been established Online. Click on Google's archived search page below that proves that Techzonics was established Online in the 2000-to-2004 period (and continuously since then), same location:

NOTE: Prior to Paying for Your Order, be sure to first check and verify by email our stated availabilities, costs, and S/H. Due to a recently past staff shortage over last few years, we are trying to catch up. Availabilities: About 95% of Items listed as available are still available. Prices: About 50% of Items have changed prices, both up and down, depends on the Item. S/H: Increase all stated S/Hs by 25% (blame the shippers). Taxes: New Mexico and some other States, Counties and Cities (but not all) now levy an Online sales tax, which if due, we must collect (blame the politicians). Also, do not pay by PayPal without our prior, explicit and written OK (due to hacking attempts on our PP account; if we need to refund a PP payment for any reason, we charge the Buyer a 10% fee).

TECHZONICS Our Early Websites (circa year 2000) (Google Search proof we are long-established in Albuquerque, NM)

NOTE-1: The purpose of this search is just to prove that we are well established in the USA for 10+ years in the same location. Our organization and webpages since greatly increased due to the large influx of devices, parts, materials and books to our inventories. Availabilities, descriptions, prices and policies found on these 2000-2004 webpages may no longer apply. Only the info on this our current webpages apply to today's offers.
NOTE-2: Google archival searches do NOT display every webpage or webpage change for any website (ours or anyone else's) created during any period googled; most of our webpage postings during those years are not displayed by Google. Our early websites prove that we are a long-term, well-established organization operating continuously from ABQ New Mexico. Virtually all others who advertise similar device-customizing services we provide are untrustworthy fly-by-nights, many are scams in foreign countries.
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DISCOUNTS: Described on each Item-type webpage. Since we try to charge very fair for our Items, we offer substantial quantity and multiple-Item price and S/H breaks, and we will negotiate with our good customers (especially for large orders) - see our MAKE US YOUR BEST OFFER! deal (near bottom of this page) - we do not often offer global discounts, and when we do they are usually for short durations. Short of money? We can also accept trades (mostly electronic parts, test equip., computers) =

ABQ Techzonics
Search All ABQ Techzonics Site for Sought Item(s):
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Electronic Parts / Electronic Components:

Opamp ICs (Operational Amplifiers)

Sound, Music, Generator, Oscillator, Filter ICs

Interface, Converter, Selector, ADC, DAC ICs

CMOS ICs (40xxx, 45xxx)

TTL ICs (54xxx, 74xxx)

Microcontrollers, Microprocessors, Microcomputers

Computer Memory, Programmable Arrays

Power ICs, Voltage Regulator ICs, Voltage References, Voltage Monitors

Optical, Video, Photo ICs Devices, LEDs, Lamps, Lasers, Displays

All other ICs (RF, TV, Comparators, Motor Controllers, Sensors, etc.)

BIG LOTS Big Analog / Linear IC Lots
Big CMOS Digital IC Lots
Big TTL Digital IC Lots
Other Big Electronic Parts Lots

Transistors, NPN, PNP, FET, MOSFET, UJT, others

Rectifiers, Diodes, SCRs, Triacs, Diacs, other Thyristors

Inductors, Coils, Small Transformers, Small Speakers, Sounders, Sensors, Antennas, Ferrites

Capacitors, Condensers, Tuners, Trimmers, Varactors, Capacitor Networks, LC Filters, RC Networks

Resistors, Potentiometers (Pots), Rheostats, Trimmers, Joysticks, Resistor Networks

Transient Suppressors, Surge Protectors, Lightning Arrestors, Varistors, MOVs, GDTs

Thermal Devices, Thermistors, Thermocouples, Thermostats, Heatsinks, Small Heaters, Small Fans

Crystals, Crystal Modules, Oscillators

Electronic Switches, Electrical Switches, Relays, Actuators

Connectors, Headers, Sockets, Connector Pins, Connector Tools, Prototype Circuit Boards

Wires, Cables, Wire Forms/Devices, Wire Spools, Wire Tools

Other Small Electronic / Electrical / Magnetic Hardware / Parts / Materials

Other Tech Stuff:

Sound, Audio, Ultrasound, Infrasound, Noise Meters/Testers
RF, Microwave, Radar Meters/Testers
Other Electronic, Electrical Meters/Testers
Non-Electronic/Electrical Meters/Testers

Computers, Peripherals, Handheld Electronic Devices (Phones, IPods, IPads, etc.), Office Equipment, Calculators, Labelers

Vehicles: Cars, Trucks, SUVs, Vans, Bikes, Scooters, Motorized Transportation (Ford Bronco II)

HAND TOOLS (non-electric), MANUAL TOOLS:
Mechanics, Machine Shops, Cars, etc.
Vises, Clamps, Tool/Work Holders, etc.
Carpenter, Plumber, Appliance, etc.
Professional, Precision, Electronic, etc.
Restaurant, Kitchen, Tool Boxes, etc.

Crafts, Hobbies, Fun, Sports, Games,Entertainment,Music,Toys

Power Tools, Electric Tools, Dremel Tools

Voltage Regulators, Power Supplies, Adapters, Chargers, Fuses, Circuit Breakers, Power Transformers

Other Electronic Equipment, Electrical Equipment, Big Electrical Parts

Valves, Fittings, Pumps, Vacuum Devices, Plumbing, Pressure Gauges (Scientific-/Laboratory-/Industrial-Grade)

Mechanical Hardware (Non-Fastener), Car Parts, etc.
Mechanical Fasteners - Screws, Bolts, Nuts, Clips, etc.

Raw Materials Processed Materials, Shop Stock / Shop Supplies

Electronic/Electrical Security, Safety, Survival
Mechanical Security, Safety, Survival

Religious, Spiritual, Meditative, Cultural, Ethnic

Unusual, Strange, Paranormal, Fortean, Radionics Equipment

Electronics, Science, Engineering, Computers, Energy, Meters
Medical, Radionics, Mind Control, Electronic Harassment
Personal Personal Security, Survival (Survivalists / Preppers), Mitigating Disasters, Last Days
How-to, Do-It-Yourself, Self-Help, Crafts, Arts, Tools, Cars, Trucks
Political, Legal, Law, Lawsuits, Legislation
Weird, Strange, Unusual, Fortean, Religious, Collectibles, Antiques

Collectible Electronic Parts (includes gold parts), Collectible Test Equipment

Collectible Machines, Collectible Tools

Collectible Art, Crafts, Sports, Cars, Toys, Guns, Knives, Music, Jewelry, Ornaments, Cultural, Ancient, Books, Unusual, Weird, Misc. Collectibles

Welcome to
ABQ Techzonics organization Tech Superstore
1,000s Tech Items! - 1,000,000 ICs! - 1,000,000+ other Parts

In business since 1971 as Consumertronics, Albuquerque, NM, a United States company (parent company of ABQ Techzonics; Consumertronics offers 200 books, manuals, software (PC), and Special Projects services covering a wide range of mostly high-tech security and survival subjects.

ABQ Techzonics is a large and growing high-tech Online Superstore: We have 1,000,000+ ICs (1,000+ different IC part #s, most ICs not listed yet). We have 1,000,000+ other electronic parts - transistors, diodes, inductors, capacitors, connectors, crystals, displays, etc. (most of these electronic parts are not listed yet). Plus we have tons of electronic test equipment and non-electronic equipment, tools, components, and special materials to meet your needs be they business or professional (shop, commercial, industrial, scientific, laboratory), or personal (home, hobbies, birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, antiques, and other collectibles, etc.). See the column on the left that has the links to our many topical webpages. As we are constantly listing new tech stuff and expanding, please regularly visit this our ABQ Techzonics Superstore website, bookmark this site, print it out, save it, and tell your friends!

= Left column has links to dozens of ABQ Techzonics high-tech topical webpages - perfect for filling your parts lists large or small!

FAIR PRICING: We try to price our Items fairly. Compared to other high-tech Sellers, most of our Items are already priced low as we are both strictly Internet and wholesalers. Because we sell only Online, our operating costs and overhead are much lower, so we price much lower. In addition, you may get Discounts and Free Electronic Parts (see below). Interested in an Item but believe our price is still too high for you? Then verify to us what another major Seller sells the Item for less than our price (include their S/H and minimum order limit) and we will seriously consider selling the Item to you for LESS THAN THEIR TOTAL PRICE! - see our MAKE US YOUR BEST OFFER! (bottom of this page). Interested in placing a large, combined or multiple order with us and/or you are an established customer and/or you want an odd amount of an Item but also want substantial price and S/H breaks? We seriously consider all reasonable proposals on price, S/H and quantity!

ABQ TECHZONICS NOW BIGGEST HIGH-TECH, ELECTRONIC PARTS ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS STORE IN NEW MEXICO! Sure, some other high-tech sellers may have higher rankings on Internet Search Engines for general key phrases, such as, electronic parts, (due to their PAID rankings based on general key phrases - which anyone can do as there are no inventory, service or expertise requirements), and some of them even have a walk-in store which takes your time and gas to drive to (we are strictly Internet and our inventory is easily checked Online - as opposed to driving to a store and then being told by the clerk that they don't have your Items and never will or they must be backordered). ABQ Techzonics beats everyone hands-down in New Mexico when it comes to selling its huge varieties and quantities of electronic parts, electromechanical parts, electrical parts and other high-tech parts and components and special materials. You can easily prove this for yourself: Do an Internet search for specific electronic parts by part #, for example, and see how often we come up in the top 3 pages compared to all other New Mexico electronic parts sellers. And the big national corporate electronic parts suppliers usually charge higher amounts (because they routinely overcharge the Government and large corporations, they also falsely claim that they have access to higher quality parts, and their top management is grossly overcompensated at YOUR expense), require higher minimum orders, heavily penalize small orders, lack many of the hard-to-find parts (especially vintage and obsolete ICs and other electronic parts), lack our variety of high-tech items, fill their orders using cheap, inexperienced kids who know little or nothing about electronics, and they are usually slow at shipping. If you have been buying from any of these New Mexico or big corporation guys, please don't continue down the same wasteful, costly and time-consuming path - buy from us instead! Common sense tells you that when you need electronic parts, electronic components and other high-tech parts, test equipment, tools and materials, you FIRST check with the seller both most likely to have your Items and have your Items at cheapest prices and needed quantities - we will even promptly deliver them to you in the Albuquerque / Rio Rancho area for large orders. Plus, we almost always ship or deliver within two work days of payment clearance (zero clearance periods for cash, Postal M.O., Money Transfer Services (MTS), PayPal, and acceptable Items of Trade). We are the ABQ Techzonics Online Superstore.



Because of high and escalating costs of travel and job insecurity, more people and businesses than ever engage in activities in and near their homes. And more people are returning to their former home-based hobbies and crafts, such as electronics, to create fun, useful and profitable gadgets again, to start new businesses, and to increase their technical knowledge and abilities for self-improvement and/or for marketable skills - all requiring electronic equipment, tools, parts and materials. We have just the electronic parts, electronic test equipment, tools, special materials you need! Order from ABQ Techzonics Online from the comfort of your home today! Invest in electronic parts, etc. to create something really cool, useful and lasting, and to save or make money repairing, upgrading or creating electronic devices.

Naysayers say that because the economy is bad, this is the wrong time to invent new devices, start new businesses, or creatively expand existing businesses. Even when times are bad for 90% of all businesses, there still are businesses which flourish. During the Great Depression, Hewlett-Packard was founded in a home garage. Polaroid and Revlon were also founded. And while DuPont faced severe economic problems, DuPont expanded its scientific research and invented neoprene and nylon, which brought it great wealth. Even billionaire Bill Gates started out as a tinkerer in his garage. These companies have since made $ Billions and became global household names and megacorporations because they had the foresight and courage to win! Right now, huge invention opportunities include security, energy, medical, electronic countermeasures, communications, and infrastructure.

Just imagine proudly creating devices you can use and/or sell at profit to help offset your increased costs of energy, food, medical, security and other costs. And/or keep your employment skills sharp, and you job resume more impressive. And/or take up an exciting, creative and challenging electronics hobby. And/or you and your child do Science Fair and science class projects together. Believe in the better, work towards it, and tomorrow will be a better day. So let's get to work!

In the Dec. 2010 issue of the great Nuts and Volts magazine for electronic hobbyists, businesses and schools, Editor Bryan Bergeron stated, (You) want to have a supply of components around so that you don't have to wait two weeks for parts to arrive when you get the urge to build something... This is especially important if your job or business depends on designing, fabricating, modifying or repairing electronic or electrical devices, and can literally mean the difference between job or business success or failure. However, many electronic parts and devices be here today and gone tomorrow - availabilities and prices often swing wildly - so you need to seriously stock up. As electronic designers and fabricators for decades, we know this is the new reality. For our own Consumertronics labs and shops, we always maintain a large depth of parts, equipment, tools and materials.
EXAMPLE: In 2011, Japan suffered sudden and devastating earthquakes and tsunami which will take Japan decades to economically recover from. Many electronic parts, electromechanical parts and electronic devices and test equipment are Made-In-Japan and/or Japanese distributed or consist of components, and/or materials which are Japanese made or Japanese distributed which don't have the Made-In-Japan label. The result was and is some very serious shortages. Also, as Japan rebuilds, its rebuilding efforts have resulted in the buying back of many Japanese-related electronic parts to repair and build equipment, thereby much amplifying these electronic and electrical parts shortages. We certainly felt the big increased interest in our electronic parts.

You obtaining robust supplies of electronic parts, electromechanical parts and electronic devices, test equipment and special materials NOW - rather than ordering them when you expect to need them - is even more critical if you expect to both find them and pay reasonable prices with short lead times. If a part or device you need NOW or even may need in the future is available to you now at a reasonable or negotiable price - better get it now. We are here to help you succeed - please let us serve you. While we have deep supplies for many (but not all) of our electronic parts and electromechanical parts, we sometimes sell and/or use internally so many of them so quickly that we sometimes run out unexpectedly (we sell a lot of Items as you can see when you browse through our Items - many Items with Sold Out notices, especially in vintage parts and devices). Please let us help you fill your parts, equipment, tools and materials needs list.

For specs on electronic parts, refer to Alldatasheet.com, Datasheet Archive, and DatasheetCatalog.com Online databases datasheets for integrated circuits, transistors, rectifiers, diodes, and many other electronic parts specs. Electronic design tutorials, electronic applications, specific circuit designs and even patent data can be found using Google, MSN (Bing), Yahoo, etc., as well as many books filled with electronic parts datasheets and circuit designs.

Few today can afford to dispose electronic equipment / electrical equipment / computer equipment which was working fine when it can be repaired cheaper. With the economic crunch and the 2011 devastation of Japan, more people are repairing and upgrading equipment for themselves, family, friends, and/or job or business to save much money. And you often get better performance by upgrading your equipment with newer and better electronic parts, even when existing parts are still good, especially if performance is off or failure would result in a big loss. While few electronic parts go bad with age, electrolytic capacitors is a major exception, but usually not difficult or costly to replace with better capacitors. For example, a 100F, 18V capacitor 20 years ago is typically much larger than one today. You likely can fit into the same physical space a new 330F, 18V capacitor for much improved ripple/noise filtering or bass range. Another great example is our popular SF16 high-voltage superfast rectifier (400V, 1A, low Vf, nanoseconds fast) - much better than popular 1N4004, 1N914, 1N4148 rectifiers/diodes - including germanium diodes in many cases (see our SF16 rectifiers on rectifier/diode webpage).

Many more technical positions from design and development to repair and upgrade will come with this new surge to rebuild America's infrastructure, improve energy resources, rebuild our industries, support military and security efforts, etc., likely resulting in great opportunities for those with the electronic parts, equipment, knowledge, experience and savvy. Are you seeking technical positions or advancements, or to start or expand your own high-tech business or career? Do you have invention ideas that you just gotta do? Time to prepare for these rare special opportunities! Creating cool electronic devices you can demonstrate for your (prospective) employer, colleagues, professors, investors and/or clients should help you get that special position or keep your present one, impress potential employers, professors and investors, or create or expand your own business or career. Technically smart and creative? Don't wait a minute more - flaunt your stuff!

If you are preppers - people preparing to survive an impending global disaster - large supplies of food, water, guns, ammo, clothes, medicines, etc. are not enough. For sure, you will have electronic gear with you, and you will likely have to design some of your own gadgets on the fly (e.g. security systems, such as perimeter alarms, communications devices, triggering devices, lighting/ventilation/purification systems, etc.), as well as repair and modify existing equipment. Better stock up now.

Ebay's Shocking Sordid Ebola History!
Is "EBAY" Prophetic Play On" EBOLA"?

What is Your and Your Loved Ones Lives Worth?
Minimize Your Risks By Buying From Techzonics.com!

See: www.techzonics.com/ebay-ebola-sordid-history.htm
And Why Online Auctions are Huge Risks for the Spread of Pandemics, Pests

These days, no one has extra money or time to waste. Through ABQ Techzonics, in business for 30+ years as Consumertronics (10+ years Albuquerque, NM), we are selling our Items cheaper and with more varieties than ever before and willing to negotiate (see our MAKE US YOUR BEST OFFER! - near bottom of page), respecting your privacy, and with more versatility in reducing YOUR costs (Item prices + S/H) for good-customer quantity and multiple-Item orders. Check with us first. And tell your friends - bookmark us and spread the good word about ABQ Techzonics!

Most Online auction sites are dangerous, privacy-invading, crime-ridden and cumbersome shopping formats (Superstores Beat Online Auctions), for example, Ebay clearly encourages crooked Ebay Buyers to swindle its Sellers to rip-off fee payments, which forces Ebay Sellers to jack up their Ebay prices. Many people are cash-strapped these days. Unlike calcified corporate Online auction sites and Online malls, ABQ Techzonics can freely engage in flexible pricing and bartering deals (Trade Buy Offers), and can do local pickup / local delivery (Local Pickups Deliveries). And if you have high-tech Items we would like to sell - especially small electronic parts - we would like to negotiate a Supplier-on-Demand contract with you (Supplier-On-Demand Offer) to advertise your Items on our webpages.

Much of the competition you see on corporate Online auctions between Sellers is not real competition. Today, many Items sold are made in or controlled by one country, a Pacific Rim country, which strictly controls all of its industries and most of what Americans buy these days. They then flood the auction's offerings for the Item by using a myriad of Online auction IDs and scams to game the system by offering the same or very similar Items in different ways. But no matter which Seller you buy from, at most you save only a few dollars. Typically, their puppet Sellers have low prices but high S/H or high prices but free or low S/H - all to confuse, exasperate Buyers looking for real bargains. Also, many corporate Online auction sites sell counterfeit goods and stolen goods.

As a Buyer, one of the first things you might notice about modern corporate Online auction sites is that when you factor in Seller S/H costs, the amount you end up paying for an Item is often close to or above what you can buy the same Item for retail down the street! It didn't used to be this way. Why? Because modern corporate Online auction sites now charge their Sellers steep fees and impose costly inconveniences and allow so much swindling to go on - all of which Sellers must add onto their Item prices. And they are often slow and cumbersome, and filled with many annoying ads. We recently did a study and found that about 14% of all new Items we ran into on a popular corporate Online auction site actually end up costing you the same or more than if you bought the Items new in retail stores, and about another 74% end up costing at least 85% of retail store bought Items. Then add on their S/H! ABQ Techzonics is a small business, and while we try to price our Items substantially lower than do Online auctions, many of our Items cannot be found on Online auctions and sometimes unknown to us prices change substantially, so sometimes we unintentionally overprice (or more likely underprice) an Item. However, when we overprice an Item, WE WILL SERIOUSLY CONSIDER a new, lower price with a customer if he/she can document current market lower prices for it (including their S/H because some Sellers sell at low prices and high S/H). Corporate Online auctions never permit price negotiations between Buyers and Sellers.

Interested in integrated circuits (ICs)? It does not make logical sense for you to check out Online auctions first before visiting ABQ Techzonics IC webpages because our large and growing selections of ICs and other electronic parts (and electromechanical parts) are comparable to that of even the biggest Online auctions for electronic parts and electro mechanical parts, some of our integrated circuits and transistors are available nowhere else - many not even on eBay - many not even available from the usually overpriced, bureaucratic and calcified bigger guys. And our topical webpages are not swamped with 10s - 100s irrelevant same-search-word Item results you waste your valuable time wading through on Online auction sites. And even with the relevant results, each Seller confusingly uses different formats, policies and sales conditions.

Recent studies show that less than 1/2 of our integrated circuits and transistors offers were also found on searches of both titles and descriptions on both eBay auctions and eBay stores. The Find statistics using eBay searches were also less than 1/2 for inductors, capacitors, transformers, relays and other small electronic parts, electromechanical parts, tools, electronic test equipment and electrical equipment, slightly greater than 1/5 for valves and collectibles, and less than 1/10 for technical books and manuals. So check us out first! But if you have already checked out an Online auction and still can't find the Item at an acceptable price, then check us out. Never forget that we are willing to negotiate price and S/H - especially on quantity and repeat customers. And never forget that even if we don't have listed the Item you need in stock, we may have it as a yet-to-be-listed Item and/or we can often obtain it from one of our sources.

You deserve the best prices and service reasonably possible. When it comes to prices, the simple truth is that more often than not when you can find the same Item sold on eBay.com, Amazon.com, Craigslist.com, less popular Online auction and sales sites, or the big Online high-tech parts and equipment retail sites, our prices are almost always either much less than or about the same as these sources for high-tech parts and equipment. Again, if we overpriced an Item you need, let us know - we will negotiate. Shop with us first - only go to eBay, Amazon.com, Craigslist, et al if we don't have it.

Other important considerations is that even if you find the same/similar Item on an Online auction today, the same/similar Item or its Seller may vanish a day later. On most Online auctions, sale listings constantly expire, Sellers constantly change categories/descriptions/ policies/sales conditions/prices/quantities, and Sellers come and go. On ABQ Techzonics, the same Item is much more likely available - giving YOU a dependable source and supply now and into the future - usually close to same price over time, no Item ever expires unless we run out, and no losses or changes in Sellers. On ABQ Techzonics, while we can't guarantee later availabilities as some items do sell out, on the average, our Items are listed much longer (we usually buy electronic parts in quantity) and at much more predictable prices and consistent descriptions and sale conditions than on Online auction sites - especially electronic parts.

And when you buy from ABQ Techzonics, the Item is shipped fast - you don't have to nervously wait until an auction closes - as much as 10 days with some Online auctions - and you don't have to worry about being snipe-outbidded seconds from auction close - leaving you empty-handed.

We are one-stop-shopping - no more dealing with many different sellers, page formats, and policies, transactions, payments, S/H, addresses, tracking and accounting details - plus we are willing to negotiate with you, you can combine your orders to save much S/H, we permit and even encourage trading and local pickup / local delivery (links above), we don't hassle you with intrusive and annoying ads, and we respect your privacy! Corporate Online auction sites routinely abuse your privacy - see, Privacy we do suddenly run out of some items, and we get in many items all of the time that we do not have the time yet due to our small staff to enter in here and we can get many items not listed here from other sources.

From the decades of my high-tech electronics design work - including hands-on design knowledge and experience - We are very familiar with electronic design, electronic components, electronic test equipment, and other commercial, industrial and scientific tech hardware. While we certainly don't know everything about everything, our tech knowledge is extensive. You are not dealing with technically incompetent high school dropouts managed by MBAs you find at many high-tech retail stores and online companies today - including some of the big electronic parts houses. My high-tech publishing works are extensive, see our popular Consumertronics.net website or herein on our Books Manuals page. We also do high-tech electronic research, designs, development and fabrications, including for Lone Star Consulting, Inc. Just to name a few of Lone Star Consulting, Inc. devices: Wiring Hitchhiking Harasser Eliminators, The Ultimo EM Direction Finder, The Ultimo EM Transmitter Triangulator, The Personal EMF Jammer, The Ultimo Ultrasonic Transmitter Triangulator, The Ultra Ultrasonic Detector The Ultra Ultrasonic Jammer, The Ultra Ultrasonic Shrieker, The Ultra Ultrasonic Countermeasure, The Sound Snap Shot Device, The Hypersensitive Sound Alarm System, The Subliminal Mixer/Amp, The Ultimo Ultrasonic Communicator The Brain Signature Waveform Detector, The Ultimo Binaural Beats Experimenter, The Ultimo Brainwave Analysis The Unknown Scanners - The Device!, The Ultimate Weapons The Super Soft-Pinch Electrodes, The 6th Sense Communicator, and The Telepathic Amplifier (our hotlinks policies apply). Note that all Lone Star Consulting, Inc. devices are customized devices only - because they are a totally separate business from us, you must contact them should you be interested in their truly eye-popping devices.

Thank you for your time and attention. And for your business, highly favorable social networking, chat group, blog, forum social media recommendations, posting of our web page hotlinks, and your many other favorable responses. Please order your ABQ Techzonics Items today. We await your order. Please bookmark and print out this webpage and tell your friends and associates. And please regularly revisit our website as we still have tons of tech stuff to list (mostly electronic parts, electromechanical parts, electronic test equipment, tools), and we frequently add to our offers.

The best of successes in all that you do.


John Williams, M.S.E.E., CEO

John Williams is a former Senior Electronics Design Engineer (Lockheed); Professor of Computer Science (NMSU); Electronics Weapons Design Engineer (Navy, Air Force); Health Physicist (NIH).

Item prices and descriptions are guaranteed for 10 days from this Catalog's Online current update (as long as inventory holds out). We have listed only a fraction so far of all of our Items, so if you cannot find an Item on our pages, please email us. Let us help you fill your parts lists. New policies and policy changes take immediate effect upon publishing. Changes in prices, descriptions and policies occur without liability to us, and may occur without prior notice. While we have a huge inventories in warehouse storage, we do not have a store open to the public so we don't do walk-in business. However, we can do local pickups and local deliveries, see: Local Pickups Deliveries

About Us - Who we are, and our genuine high-quality electronic parts, electromechanical parts, electrical parts, electronic test equipment, tools, machines, computers, lab, industrial equipment, special materials, general hardware, other high-tech devices, crafts, books, weird and collectibles.

Superstores Beat Online Auctions - Modern Online auction sites now rampant with frauds, scams, privacy invasions, malware and high fees!

Ebay's Sordid History With Ebola - Ebay's Shocking Sordid Ebola History, and Why Buying From Online Auctions Highly Risky to You to Diseases, Pest Invasions!

Our Buy Trade Offers: Short of Cash? We Buy Trade Many Electronic Parts, Test Equipment, Small Machinist / Precision / Electronic Tools, and Special Materials - Don't Throw Away Your New Electronic Parts, New/Used Electronic Test Equipment, Tools, or Special Materials!

Local Pickups Deliveries - For reasonable costs and faster delivery times, we will do local deliveries and allow local pickups!

Supplier-on-Demand Offer - Your High-tech Items You Want Us to Sell for You!

Our Privacy Estimated Word Counts (Books Manuals)


Email: wizguru

We are technical professionals dedicated
to serve YOUR High-Tech Superstore needs
- Mad Scientists Who Even Have the Weird Laugh!

ACCESS PROBLEMS: If you have problems accessing our ABQ Techzonics website from a private or public source (e.g. Library), try, techzonics.com, www.techzonics.com, and http://www.techzonics.com. Or call us: 1-505-321-1034.

HIGH-TECH EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONALISM: Many "high-tech business owners and their employees today are clearly woefully ignorant of the high technologies they sell (including some giant electronic parts houses!). ABQ Techzonics of Albuquerque, NM, USA, is owned by John Williams, M.S.E.E. Mr. Williams is a former Senior Electronics Design Engineer (Lockheed EMSCO); Professor of Computer Science (New Mexico State University (NMSU)); Electronics Weapons Design Engineer (U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force); Health Physicist (National Institutes of Health (NIH)), etc. Williams is also currently President of Lone Star Consulting, Inc. and CEO of Consumertronics.net. While we don't know everything about everything tech (no one does), we have a high level of expertise. We sell a lot of electronic components / electrical components. Most of these electronic components / electrical components are small electronic parts / electrical parts, such as integrated circuits, optical devices, transistors, thyristors, rectifiers, diodes, transformers, inductors, capacitors, varistors, resistors, displays, switches, actuators, relays, crystals, oscillators, transducers, sensors, prototyping, connectors, fuses, wire/cable, power components, optoelectronics, ultrasonics, etc., as well as some larger electronic parts / electrical parts and electronic test equipment, scientific equipment and industrial equipment / parts, electrical equipment / electronic equipment in general, tools, mounting hardware parts, and special materials. And we also buy and trade these types of Items (Trade Buy Offers). And unlike most electrical / electronic components sellers, many of the electrical / electronic component, etc. lots we buy we set aside some of the electrical / electronic parts, etc. for our own electronic projects and research. We sell those electrical / electronic parts, etc. we don't use. Our suppliers know that if their electrical / electronic parts, electronic test equipment, etc. aren't excellent, good chance we will discover it and they'll hear about it!

ABQ TECHZONICS (Albuquerque, NM) SELLS, BUYS TRADES: ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS, ELECTRONIC PARTS, ELECTRICAL COMPONENTS: Integrated Circuits (ICs), Transistors, Diodes, Rectifiers, LEDs, Capacitors, Resistors, Potentiometers (Pots), Varistors, Inductors, Coils, Transformers, Speakers, Relays, Switches, Actuators, Fuses, Circuit Breakers, Thermistors, Crystals, Oscillators, Sensors, Transducers, Optoelectronics, Prototyping, Connectors, Headers, Sockets, Pins, Wires, Cables, Displays, Photo, Video, Laser, RF, Microwave, Electronic Modules, Power Adapters, Power Supplies, other Electronic Parts / Electronic Components / Electronic Subassemblies / Electronic Assemblies. EQUIPMENT, DEVICES: Electronic Test Equipment, Electrical Equipment, Computers, Peripherals, Electric Tools, Hand Tools, Mechanics Tools, Precision Tools, Tool Chests. MORE TECH STUFF: Commercial/Industrial/Scientific/Laboratory Valves, Fittings, Hardware Parts, Mechanical Parts, Supplies, Special Materials, Personal Security, Survival (Survivalists / Preppers), Radionics, Crafts, Hobbies, Strange Unusual, Religious Spiritual, Books, Manuals, Software, Collectibles.

SOURCES OF ITEMS ABQ TECHZONICS SELLS: Surplus, online auctions, hamfests, private sales, business moving sales, overstocks, job lots, wholesale lots, estate sales, garage sales, thrift shops, charity auctions, flea markets, hardware trades, abandoned storage, lost found property sales, discontinued items, obsolete items, warehouse inventory updates, excess inventories, liquidations, business closures and out-of-business sales, foreclosure sales, bankruptcies, government auctions / government sales, new salvage sales, and other sources for integrated circuits (ICs), electronic parts / electronic components, hardware, special materials, etc., Albuquerque, NM area preferred but will buy from anywhere. ABQ Techzonics is both a wholesale sellers/wholesale traders/wholesale buyers and retail sellers/retail traders/retail buyers, largely depending on quantity.


We are trying to sell more Items so we can expand ABQ Techzonics. This is your big chance to fill up on all of those ABQ Techzonics Items you have been wanting to get. NOTE: This is a limited deal - we may at any time end our acceptance of new offers under this deal without liability or prior notice (if we do end new offers, we will still seriously consider offers already made), so don't wait another minute to place your Offer. Here is how you simply do it:
(1) Peruse our topical webpages (left panel above) for those Items of interest to you. Make a list of the Items you want, and what we currently charge for each Item. Figure out what you think a fair discount would be for all of your listed Items.
(2) Email us your Offer (put "My Suggested Offer in your email's "Subject Line") ==> wizguru. Your Offer list should include: (A) The name of each Item (copy and paste Title of each Item of interest (below Item image)), (B) The quantity you want for each Item (may differ from what we state), (C) What we currently sell each Item for, and (D) What you are willing to pay for each Item (your Offer for each Item must be reasonable, and there is a much higher chance that we will accept your Offer - even if low - if you document a currently available Online offer for the same or very similar Item (including quantity and condition) at a price no more than 10% greater than your Offer price). Include in your email for how long your Offer is good for (2 - 30 days).

While we will certainly seriously consider your Offer, we can't guarantee that we will accept your Offer. We will also seriously consider trades. If your Offer is close enough but too low, we will try to negotiate with you (the more Items you Buy, the more we can bend on our prices). If we are interested in your Offer or in further negotiations, we will email you back. If we reach a mutually-agreeable amount, we will then determine S/H. Shipping charges will be the actual Shipping charges. By combining several Items into one shipment, you will save substantial Shipping charges. Handling charges will be a minimum of $5 US (or $10 non-US), and will be based on total number of Items you order, and the total weight, size and shape of your package. By combining several Items into one shipment, your Handling charges will also be substantially reduced. S/H = $ Shipping + $ Handling.

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ABQ Techzonics (Consumertronics.net)
P.O. Box 23097, Albuquerque, NM 87192
wizguru@consumertronics.net Voice: 505-321-1034 (9-5 MST, M-F)

NOTE: All Items sold by ABQ Techzonics, Albuquerque, NM, and Consumertronics, Albuquerque, NM, are sold for legal educational and entertainment purposes only. Some of these Items may be controversial. If you are a minor or have a legal guardian, please seek the advice of your parent or legal guardian. Neither ABQ Techzonics nor Consumertronics assumes any liability for anything we sell.

By: John Williams, M.S.E.E. - Webmaster
Great ABQ Techzonics Products Services! Bookmark Now Tell Your Friends/Associates! ABQ TECHZONICS LINK X-CHANGES
(This Section is for mutual exchanges of links between us and other Online entities which address similar technologies and goals. If this applies to your site and you want to link exchange with us, please email us at: Link X-Change Inquiry (and put that in your email Subject Line).
NOTE: As policy, we never recommend for or against any other entity, product or service, and we never assume any responsibility for anything available on, from or through any linked websites in this box)
(1) LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC.: We specialize in the design, development and fabrication of high-tech unique and Customized Devices, mostly electronic devices. Our primary project areas are: Mind Control and Electronic Attack (especially Countermeasures and Detection Devices), Energy/Power, Personal Security and Survival. Our other electronics areas include Computers, Energy, Phones, Sound, Ultrasound, Light, Video, Infrared, Electromagnetic, RF/Microwave/Radar, Weird, Privacy, Surveillance, Improvised, Medical/Radionics, Financial, Vehicles, Laboratory Devices - more. We also do Consulting and Research Papers in all of these areas. Please visit our site today!

Lone Star Consulting, Inc. (www.lonestarconsultinginc.com)
7250 N. Mesa, Suite C, PMB 70, El Paso, TX 79912
VOICE (9-5 MST): [915 - 474 - 0334]

Lone Star Consulting, Inc.
ABQ Techzonics

NOTE 1: By policy, we never recommend for or against, approve or disapprove, sponsor, endorse, support, guarantee, or take any responsibility for any of the content of any non-Consumertronics webpage, website, advertisement, publication or other statement EVEN IF WE HAVE PROVIDED A HOTLINK TO IT. And by policy, we never recommend for or against, approve or disapprove, sponsor, endorse, support, guarantee, or assume any liability or any other responsibility for any non-Consumertronics company, product or service EVEN IF WE HAVE PROVIDED A HOTLINK TO IT and EVEN IF WE HAVE DISCUSSED IT OR INFORMED YOU ABOUT IT on a webpage, or by phone, email, USPS mail, or by any other means of communications. Everything we sell is sold strictly for legal utility, educational and/or entertainment purposes only, and is based on our policies on our policies.htm webpage.
NOTE: This website - including this webpage - expresses the personal opinions of John Williams only for which he has the First Amendment right to express and which are based upon his best understanding of the facts but for which he takes no rsponsibility for. Whatever opinion you find herein that is important to you, independently verify it for yourself. If any John Williams's personal opinion is in error, please email us with your documented and verifiable facts to prove the error, and Williams will then change his opinion on this website to match those facts he can verify through his own independent efforts.
Test Source Links only (no visitor use): Source-1, Source-2, Source-3, Source-4, Source-5, Source-6, Source-7, Source-10, Source-11

NOTE 2: We are not licensed medical or legal professionals, so we cannot provide any medical or legal claim, opinion or advice on any webpage of this website.

NOTE 3: The sources for many of the Items we sell on ABQ Techzonics are usually obtained from surplus, salvage, overstocks, online auctions, hamfests, estate sales, garage sales, yard sales, thrift shops, charity sales, flea markets, trades, assortments, wholesale lots,abandoned storage, job lots, discontinued, obsolete, warehouse inventories, excess inventories, liquidations, business closures, out-of-business sales, foreclosure sales, bankruptcies, IRS auctions, and IRS sales. If you have similar Item you wish to sell or give away, please email us (put in SUBJECT Line: "Items to Sell (or Give Away)).

NOTE: Money Transfer Services (MTS) and all business names referred to on this website (other than ABQ Techzonics and Consumertronics) are referred to only as totally independent sources of services or products our Clients may avail themselves to if they so choose, and to identify the manufacturers of products sold herein (e.g. Radio Shack scanner). These businesses have identities protected by their own unique trademarks and service marks. We are not in any way agents nor representative of them, nor in business with them (e.g. we are not a MTS, nor outlets nor franchises of them). Nor do we state or imply in any way that these businesses are a part of ABQ Techzonics nor Consumertronics, nor do they endorse nor support any ABQ Techzonics or Consumertronics product, service, policy, activity or operation. Nor do we state or imply in any way that ABQ Techzonics or Consumertronics are a part of these businesses, nor do we endorse nor support any of these businesses products, services, policies, activities or operations.

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