Yahuhanan (יהוחנן) Yukia (雪亮) Sese (謝) Cuneta

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I am an athlete, a content provider, customer care specialist, a community management officer. My interests range from photography to creative writing. With a top-notch skill in deductive reasoning and investigation. Rookie of the Year (2016) Elite Global Sourcing, Inc. Community Forums Moderator of the Year (2011) netGames, Inc. (f. Level-Up! BPO) National Champion 1st Philippines m/set Computer Competition (1993) St. Mary's Academy - Pasay City Expertise Community Management Creative Content Provider Customer Care Specialist Information Developer Intellectual Property Expert Professional Analytical Conflict Management Resolution Deductive/Inductive Reasoning Language proficiency: English; Filipino Leadership Management Translation: English; Filipino CMS b2evolution Blogger/BlogSpot Hugo Tumblr WordPress ᜌᜓᜃᜒ(Yuki) (雪亮(ゆきあ)) is a bibliophile and technophile, an avid gamer, anime otaku, trekker, and amateur photographer. He is an advocate of "Free Culture", "Open Knowledge", "Creative Commons", "Free/Libre Open-Source Software", and the "Fediverse" (federated social-network). His first online project was in 1998 when he launched the unofficial website for Ansalon MUD (a text-based online game) where he was also an "immortal" (gamemaster) and "builder" (level designer) of the game. Outside of his volunteer work and before there were "community managers" as we know it today, ᜌᜓᜃᜒ(Yuki) (雪亮(ゆきあ)) was already active in establishing and managing communities, forums, and mailing lists/groups. One such online community was his own Laibcoms.Community where he managed the backend, frontend, and marketing; and trained members on how to manage and market an online community. This early experience allowed him to acquire excellent skills in customer care and sharpen his analytical skills; which enabled him to provide the best service in the gaming and customer service industries for almost twenty (20) years now. Today, he is honing his (creative) writing skills and is an active athlete and traveler known as The Faithful Athlete and The Confident Traveler. He also went back to writing poetry and playing musical instruments, he goes by The Yūgen Bard.

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