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Neil Shearing Internet Marketing Strategies to boost your Internet marketing expertise by Neil Shearing! Skip to content The One SecretTerms Of UseAbout Neil Shearing Older posts Push Notification Traffic Course For Beginners Posted on by Neil_Shearing
Push Notification ads are mainly shown on mobile devices
Are You Interested In Generating Push Notification Traffic?


Im not surprised! Push traffic is cheap, at just pennies per click, and can be responsive if you know its limitations.

I didnt know anything about Push traffic until a few months ago when I decided to buy some traffic and send it to a few different affiliate Cost Per Action (CPA) offers.

What Are CPA Affiliate Offers?

Well, to put it simply, an affiliate gets paid whenever a specified action is completed. So, for example, one offer may pay you if someone submits an email address. Another may pay out if someone submits their zip code. Usually the offers are quite easy to complete and pay out a dollar or two.

CPA offers are perfect for Push traffic because we, as the person buying the clicks, have no relationship with the audience. Were essentially buying cold traffic. The best we can do is have someone demonstrate their interest in what were offering by clicking our ad. We can then show them the affiliate offer and have the person take the next step by completing and submitting a short form.

What we cant expect is to generate sales. Its simply too much to ask. People wont generally click our ad and then buy a product from us. If we ask them to do that, were usually going to lose money.

Heres the three-step plan

1: buy Push Notification clicks from a traffic network2: send the traffic to affiliate CPA offers from affiliate networks3: earn more from the completion of the offers than we spend on the ads!

That was what I tested a few months ago.

And guess what?

I made money a decent profit in my very first month of testing Push notification traffic. I made tons of mistakes. I blundered around like a newbie. But I made a profit.

With one particular offer I spent roughly $600 and earned roughly $700 in profit. I more than doubled my money.

And I was direct linking, which means taking the traffic and passing it through an affiliate link to the offer page. I didnt build a website. I didnt build landing pages. I didnt collect emails or any other details.

How To Use Push Notification Traffic With CPA Affiliate Offers

If youd like to know how I did this, including my mistakes, how I set things up now, and the exact offer and ads I ran to make a profit in my first month, check out my new course.

Its 4.5 hours of content and will get you flying towards a profit using push notification traffic.

Already the course has received wonderful feedback and has an average rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 at Udemy. Its also listed as New and Hot at the same time!

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Strategies to boost your Internet marketing expertise by Neil Shearing!

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