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Friday, April 29, 2016 Fact-Checking Myths About Sex Trafficking
As I have written about elsewhere, there are a lot of journalists who have said really good things about the myths of widespread sex trafficking. But this is a quick list of links to a pretty indisputable source: the fact-checker at the Washington Post, Glenn Kessler. These links are usually the first place I send people who still believe in those myths.

Loretta Lynchs false claim on sex trafficking arrests
Are there hundreds of thousands of sex-trafficked runaways in the United States?
The Four-Pinocchio claim that on average, girls first become victims of sex trafficking at 13 years old
The fishy claim that 100,000 children in the United States are in the sex trade
The bogus claim that 300,000 U.S. children are at risk of sexual exploitation
The biggest Pinocchios of 2015
The false claim that human trafficking is a $9.5 billion business in the United States
Why you should be wary of statistics on modern slavery and trafficking

No comments: Thursday, May 21, 2015 Roundup on A">Bad Ideas: New AE TV Show Gives Pastor 8 Minutes to Shame Women Out of Sex Work
Man has 8 minutes to convince prostitutes to quit in new reality show

Appalling New AE Sex Worker Intervention Show 8 Minutes Met WithProtests
AE Completely Misunderstands the Reality of Sex Workers by Alana Massey
Did 8 Minutes Lie to Sex Workers?
NPR radio segment A new reality show,8 Minutes, follows a pastor trying to talk women out of prostitution
Sex Workers Say AE Show Lied To Them About Providing Resources And Protecting Their Privacy
AE Removes 8 Minutes Episodes From Its Website After Sex Workers Allege Wrongdoing
Production Company Behind 8 Minutes Manipulated Sex Workers In Unaired Pilot, SourceSays
8 Minutes Trafficking Victim Adviser Says Producers Ignored HerAdvice
AE pulls heavily criticized show 8 Minutes, which claimed to help sex workers leave the trade

How Self-Described 'Whore Nation' Killed the TV Show '8 Minutes'

Combating Trafficking Takes Much Longer Than Eight Minutes

What 8 Minutes Got Wrong about Sex Workers (A Lot)

No comments: Friday, May 01, 2015 Sex Work Style Guide
Many journalists would like to write ethically and accuratelyabout sex work, but dont know the best terms to use. Here is a quick guide tocurrent words and phrases to do with sex work for use in news reporting and journalism.

Problematic terms: These are terms that, unless you are directly quotingsomeone, or quoting from another piece of writing about sex work, should beavoided.
Hooker, whore, streetwalker,ho: Do not use these words, they are offensive. Sex workers sometimes usethese words either in casual conversation or to make a certain point, butjournalists (unless they ARE sex workers) should not.
Prostitute/Prostitution:These terms are generally considered to carry a negative connotation. But inmany countries, they are legal terms, so its sometimes necessary to use them. Butuse them sparingly, and only if it is specifically in connection with someonebeing accused of a crime. Whenever possible, say sex work, or sex trade, or sex industry.
Courtesan and sugarbaby are marketing terms used by sex workers. However, in a news story, they come across as affected,and usually imply that the person speaking/being spoken of thinks they are higher-classand different from other sex workers. There may be certain times when the use of either of these terms is necessary - for example, if one is writing about sugardaddy/sugarbaby websites. But do not use them as general terms for sex workers.
The word pimpshould generally not be used in current journalism about sex work. Its original meaning has been co-opted intoother uses, and it is at best a glamorous description of someone whohas an abusive/criminal/exploitative interaction with a sex worker. Anti-sex work activistsuse the term to bring about a confused emotional response in the reader thatsstrongly rooted in racism. If you must speak of someone who has a businessrelationship with a sex worker, find out what that person actually does for her, and say manager, booker, driver, security, administrative assistant,etc. (The exception would be if someone is formally charged with a crime with the word pimping as part of the language of the law.)

The word madam is archaic and should not be used except in historical references.

Prostituted woman,prostitution survivor, sex slave: these are all inflammatory terms thatobjectify the person being spoken of, and both fetishize and disempower people who have done/aredoing sex work.

Sexual surrogate: This is a very specific (and controversial) type of therapy, and many people do not consider sexual surrogates to be sex workers. Only use this term if you are completely clear that the specific person being discussed calls themselves that. Do not use any other sex worker terminology to refer to a sexual surrogate.

Do not use the term trafficking victim as a synonym for sex worker. Also, do not use the term self-trafficked, as it has no logical meaning.

Do not use the term child prostitute.
Do not speak of men buyinga sex worker, or using her. Say visiting her, seeing her, hiring her, having a session with her. Also, donot speak of someone selling her body.Do not use the word john.It is extremely dated and negative, and no one but anti-sex workers uses that term. Use the term clients or customers.
Better Terms To Use:
Sex work/Sex workers: this isthe most general and the least judgmental term you can use. It's an umbrella termthat encompasses everyone in the sex industry; escorts, dancers, dominatrixes, pornmodels, cam girls (or boys), everyone. Those termsare all non-judgmental terms to use to describe specific jobs in the sex industry. (The term is also sometimes written as one word: sexwork, sexworker, especially on Twitter.)
The term call girlis not an offensive term, but it is rather dated, and not much used any more. Mistress (meaning:not a dominatrix, but the other kind of mistress) is rather vague, but notoffensive per se.
Domme, dominatrix,pro domme, pro sub, Mistress: these are allacceptable terms for people who provide BDSM-related services.
There is no one generally accepted term for people who domassage or other bodywork with a sexual element, but sensual touch provider is probably the most polite. Sometimes theterm Tantric touch provider is used.
Women who work in strip clubs can be either dancers or strippers.

It is acceptable to refer to someone who does in-person sex work as a professional companion.

Clients who frequent sex worker review boards will sometimesuse the term hobbyist to refer to themselves. Also, some sex work reviewsites refer to sex workers as providers (as short for adult services providers), andsex workers occasionally use this term themselves.

To call someone a sex worker is to say that they have agency in their behavior, so it is contradictory to speak of "forced sex work". However, if on occasion you need to strongly differentiate between people who are being victimizedversus people who are not, you can speak of consensual adult sex work, or just adult sex work. To do so every time would be redundant and unnecessary. The opposite of sex work is criminal sexual exploitation, or simply rape, kidnapping, etc.

If you wish to speak of people who are the most vulnerable and marginalized in sex work, you can say street sex workers, or survival sex workers.
Anti-sex workers sometimes call themselves abolitionists, but sex workers often callthem sex work prohibitionists.

Decriminalization of sex work isvery very different from Legalization.Do not use the words interchangeably. Decriminalizationmeans the repeal of all laws that impose any criminal penalty on the private, consensualand appropriate adult exchange of sex for money. Legalization means that the consensual adult exchange of sex formoney remains mainly a crime, but the state creates a few strictly-controlledloopholes for situations in which it will be tolerated, although still heavily stigmatized.
(Note: I did not list what terms to use when talking about male sex workers, because I'm not one. If I get information about what terms male sex workers prefer, I will add that here.) No comments: This is what I think about the sex work/ sex trafficking controversy, followed by a lot of links for further background and education. (Updated June 2014)
Im a sex worker, I like being a sex worker, and I am anactivist for the rights of sex workers. As part of that, I would like to see aworld where no one is forced to do sex work. That does happen sometimes, andit's bad. But forced sex work is not the huge and scary problem some peoplewould like you think it is. It is not okay that it happens at all, but itsimply does not happen NEARLY as often as anti-sex workers say it does.

To begin with, understand this fact: When lawmakers andanti-sex work activists say sex trafficking they mean ANY exchange of sex formoney, even if it is between two adults and completely voluntary. Let me saythat again, because I think it bears repeating. To an anti-traffickingactivist, an adult person, fully in possession of her rational faculties andcompletely independent of anyone elses influence, who chooses to exchange asexual act for money = a sex trafficking victim.

I think this is deeply insulting to people who really arevictimized. I think one should only use the work trafficked to mean a personwho is truly being forced or coerced, or controlled by another person in a waythat's harmful or exploitative. I also think it's unjust to invalidate theagency of an adult person. You own your body, and if you, as a consentingadult, choose to have sex with another consenting adult, the state should nothave the right to say, "No, we don't approve of your reason for havingsex, so we are declaring your act to be a crime and arresting you both."It does not matter if you decided to have sex because someone bought youdinner, or because they offered you a diamond ring, or if they offered you ahundred dollars.

Further, no one should declare that you are a"victim" of anything without your consent. It is for the person whohas had the experience to identify whether she/he was a victim of something ornot. Its wrong to impose a label on someone they did not choose forthemselves.

Since about 2008, the rhetoric about any act of sex formoney has changed, and it is now all defined as "trafficking". That'shappened for a variety of reasons, most of them to with the allocation of grantmoney and the erosion of civil liberties. So the War On Sex Workers* is muchlike the War On Drugs. There is a system of restrictive ideas about what kindof behavior is socially acceptable, which have been woven into governmentpolicy and law, and there are a lot of people whose jobs and money and sense ofpower are all dependent on keeping that system in place. If there is no socialpanic about shadowy international crime rings and millions of women andchildren being abused in sensational ways, those people will lose power.

Plus, whenever sex is involved, some people have emotionalresponses which are based in their own experience rather that of the putativevictim. There are religious organizations and moral crusaders involved inanti-trafficking who are not shy about their wish to impose a certain type ofmorality and social control, especially on women.

In addition, keep in mind that to many people, arresting andimprisoning US sex workers is not only a moral issue but part of amultimillion-dollar industry. Whenever there is money moving around, in theform of government grants and private donations to anti-sex work NGOs, andlucrative contracts and tax benefits to the private-prison industry,motivations can drift pretty far from the strictly altruistic. Laws againstprostitution are selectively enforced, generally based on race and class, andoverwhelmingly by gender. So the people at the bottom of the social-powerpyramid are those most likely to be hurt by the laws against it.

That's why when you read scary headlines about X BazillionPeople Are Being Sex Trafficked", it does not necessarily mean the personis underage, or has been taken from one place to another, or is an undocumentedimmigrant, or is being forced or coerced into doing sex work against his/herwishes. It also doesn't mean that anyone can actually see/find those supposedvictims, since they are often pure invention, as we will see.

People can be abused in systems of sex work - just as theycan be abused in non-sex work forms of labor, and in all other social systems.But criminalization and stigmatization of all sex work is not the right answer.People are abused in the social institution of marriage, too. But we do notoutlaw marriage and arrest anyone who says, "I do." People are raped,but we do not respond to that fact by outlawing all consensual sex. On a morallevel, we do not want anyone to be harmed. But when it comes to allocatingpublic resources to combat that, the current system does not work. It is notuseful to treat a very wide spectrum of people around the world as if they wereall the same one-dimensional victim, and neither is it wise to try to condensethis multifaceted issue into a few bits of bumper-sticker wisdom.

My goal here is to create sharper understanding of how thesituation is not as black-and-white as people are often told, and that some ofthe systems that are ostensibly used to "help" people are not whatthose people themselves want, and may actually cause even more harm. It's crucial to have a true understanding ofthe reality of the situation, so we can devise systems that offer anyone beingvictimized real assistance while also treating them with dignity and beingrespectful of their agency and their wishes. To that end, this is the readingthat I recommend to get a fuller understanding of the challenges of helpingthose who need help, without criminalizing, stigmatizing and generally imposinga very binary victim/criminal worldview onto a large and diverse set of people.

First, understand terms:A very quick overview of different views of how sex work should betreated - prohibition, decriminalization, legalization, etc. I am an advocatefor decriminalization. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prostitution#Laws
Then, start reading here: Journalist Melissa Gira Grantsarticle The War On Sex Workers*. Grant has written a lot on this topic, butthis is a good snapshot of the problem. "Although nearly allprostitution-related law in the United States is made at the state or municipallevel, redefining prostitution as trafficking provides a rationale for federalaction against the sex trade... It is about an unholy marriage of feminism withthe conservatism and police power that many feminists claim to standagainst." http://reason.com/archives/2013/01/21/the-war-on-sex-workers
Update: a pair of articles that address the ongoing issue of US globalpolicy and sexworkers: U.S. Policy and the Unjust Approach to HumanTrafficking of the International Justice Mission: When you picture a human rights defender, arethey carrying handcuffs? By MelissaGira Grant http://rhrealitycheck.org/article/2012/10/02/unjust-approach-international-justice-mission/
Part Two in that series: To Address Human Trafficking, theUnited States Must Take a New Approach by Melissa Ditmore and JuhuThukral http://rhrealitycheck.org/article/2012/10/02/in-handling-sex-trafficking-crisis-president-obama-may-not-be-getting-it-right/

A recent article in Time about how why decriminalizing is the right answer for sex workers.

A Breakdown Of CommonMyths: "there are hundreds of thousands of underage sex slaves"No. This is a perfect example of how false statistics aboutprostitution are uncritically accepted and repeated by (paid) celebrityspokespeople to drive public policy: Village Voice Takes on Ashton Kutcher,starting back in 2011 http://www.villagevoice.com/2011-06-29/news/real-men-get-their-facts-straight-sex-trafficking-ashton-kutcher-demi-moore/full/
My remarks about that in Seattle paper The Stranger. http://www.thestranger.com/seattle/control-tower/Content?oid=9028548
The story of a landmark study by John Jay College ofCriminal Justice that "demolished virtually every stereotype surroundingthe underage sex trade". For example: the majority of underage peopledoing sex work are actually young men of color.The FBI reportsthat $80 million is spent annually for law enforcement and social services torescue approximately 200 child prostitutes per year. That's a$400,000-per-rescued-child average. Also, only 10% of underage sex workersreport having pimps. http://www.seattleweekly.com/2011-11-02/news/lost-boys-demolishing-the-underage-prostitute-stereotype/
That lie about the average age of entry into prostitutionis 12 to 14 years old has also been debunked on many, many occasions. Here: http://www.politifact.com/oregon/statements/2013/mar/02/diane-mckeel/Is-average-age-entry-sex-trafficking-between-12-an/

And here, by Brooke Magnati Claims made by charity often indicates apotentially damaging approach to addressing human needs. http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2013/mar/13/comic-relief-prostitution-claims-off-donating
And here: The Law Of Averages http://maggiemcneill.wordpress.com/2011/11/27/the-law-of-averages/
And here: Unpacking the myth: the average age of entry intoprostitution is 13 http://eminism.org/blog/entry/62
More about numbers: The Washington Post Lies, damned liesand sex work statistics by Maggie McNeill http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-watch/wp/2014/03/27/lies-damned-lies-and-sex-work-statistics/
While the United States has spent almost $1.2 billionfighting sex trafficking globally, much of those funds have been misallocatedon advertising and anti-trafficking campaigns rather than spent on actualevidence-based research and rescue operations.http://www.alternet.org/civil-liberties/10-surprising-and-counterintuitive-facts-about-child-sex-trafficking?page=0%2C3
Emi Koyama crunches the numbers on FBIs 2013 OperationCross Country that claimed to
target sex trafficking. Results: not what youthink! http://eminism.org/blog/entry/387
From the same author: Rescue is for Kittens: Ten ThingsEveryone Needs to Know about Rescues of Youth in the Sex Trade http://eminism.org/blog/entry/400
The throngs of sex-traffickingvictims (of any age) simply cannot be foundWashington Post, 2007: The fact that the alleged hundredsof thousands of sex trafficking victims simply cannot be found has been noted."President Bush has blanketed the nation with 42 Justice Department taskforces and spent more than $150 million -- all to find and help the estimatedhundreds of thousands of victims of forced prostitution or labor in the UnitedStates. But the government couldn't find them." http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2007/09/22/AR2007092201401.html
Honolulu: In spite of federal funding and a special taskforce, police in Honolulu cannot find even one trafficking victim in a year oflooking. (But they still want more money.) An excellent series of articlesabout sex work in Hawaii. http://www.civilbeat.com/articles/2012/03/15/15152-cops-prostitutes-and-pimps-arrests-turn-up-no-trafficking-victims
Missouri: Anti-trafficking org throws parties and collectsdonations, but where did that money go? Missouri Attorney General takes actionagainst Stop Child Trafficking Now. The nonprofit spent hundreds of thousandsof dollars to fund private special operatives teams to gather undercoverintelligence about child sex trafficking. SCTNow claimed to work closely withlaw enforcement. However, when pressed for more details, SCTNow could not pointto a single case in the country where information lead to an arrest orprosecution. http://www.kshb.com/dpp/news/local_news/investigations/missouri-attorney-general-takes-action-against-national-nonprofit-after-41-action-news-investigation#ixzz2REMDbXr5
Kentucky: How trafficking stats get made: those arrested forprostitution are promised leniency if they say "I was trafficked". http://www.whas11.com/news/local/LMPD-Prostitution-triples-sex-trafficking-a-concern-at-Derby-time-205301341.html
Tennesse: Chattanooga police recently found exactly onetrafficking victim, although a study in 2011 claimed the area had "morethan a hundred". Quotes from an editorial: "Chattanooga Police ChiefBobby Dodd said the sex trafficking incident...was "the only one I knowof." And also, "The study is, apparently, based on erroneous surveysand severely lacking in verifiable facts... Unfortunately, local organizationsappear unprepared to help what few sex trafficking cases there may be in theChattanooga area." http://www.timesfreepress.com/news/2013/jan/26/sex-trafficking-study-apparently-free-press/
Maryland: The tone of news stories about prostitutionarrests will sometimes read as slightly more sympathetic than in the past:"She has been caught in a sting. Her day is ruined, but the police hopeher life can be saved." But thepeople are still arrested. This is how anti-trafficking groups work: theywant to rescue people - by arresting them.http://www.wjla.com/articles/2013/04/prostitution-led-by-growth-of-area-gambling-police-say-88017.html
Pimps and clientsare arrested No. Usually it is the seller, not the buyer who is arrested. Arrestingpeople for sexwork takes resources away from the truly needy, and harms women.
Colorado: A study of arrests in Denver reveals thatprostitution busts affect women more than men: adult males made up 39 percentof arrests, while adult females made up 61 percent,and women are more likely toget jail time: 70 percent of women, as opposed to just 36 percent of men.http://blogs.westword.com/latestword/2012/05/prostitution_denver_study_women_johns.phpIllinois Department of Corrections reported 127 prostitutionadmissions in 2012, at a cost of two million dollars: http://www.dnainfo.com/chicago/20130321/chicago/prostitution-charged-as-felony-should-be-dropped-say-preckwinkle-gainer#ixzz2RB5ahC1U
Nevada: Heres an example of how lies about sex traffickingissues are used to control and punish adult sexual behavior, criminalizecitizens who have harmed no one, and extract money for the state: Nevada SexTrafficking Bill AB67. "There is a lot of federal money available foranti-trafficking efforts in a time of austerity and sequestration when manybudgets are being slashed." http://www.projectredumbrella.org/no-on-assembly-bill-67-ab113/http://www.projectredumbrella.org/no-on-assembly-bill-67-ab113/
The Superbowl SexTrafficking Myth: This one is very dearly loved by anti-sexworkers. Wheneverthere is a major sports event like The Superbowl or The Olympics, there isalways a rumor that huge flocks of trafficked sex workers will brought in forit. That has consistently been shown to be untrue. http://glaconservatives.co.uk/blog/andrew-boff-asks-mayor-why-500k-was-wasted-on-an-alleged-increase-in-trafficking-which-never-took-place-during-olympics/
And here. http://www.snopes.com/sports/football/escort.asp
And here. http://www.laweekly.com/2012-02-02/news/super-bowl-prostitution-hoax/
And here. http://nextcity.org/daily/entry/new-orleans-braces-for-unlikely-surge-in-sex-workers
The Global Alliance Against Trafficking of Women (GAATW)released a 75-page paper disproving the myth that major sporting events attractlarge numbers of sex workers, let alone human traffickers. There is noevidence that large sporting events cause an increase in trafficking forprostitution. (PDF) http://www.gaatw.org/publications/WhatstheCostofaRumour.11.15.2011.pdf
New 2014 Superbowl Sex Trafficking Stories: A reminder: thereare no definitive sex trafficking statistics for the United States. They arenot collected by any central agency. So any article you read that says X Cityis the Number One hub for sex trafficking! is completely and 100% WRONG. Theresimply is no data to back that up. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Bogus. They are makingthat up.
But! There is one question about sex trafficking in the USthat HAS been exhaustively documented: sex trafficking around The Super Bowl.And the consensus continues to be: it doesnt exist.
The Sex Trafficking Super Bowl Myth by Susan ElizabethShepard http://www.sportsonearth.com/article/67226344/sex-trafficking-at-the-super-bowl-is-an-urban-legend#!WUDom
The Super Bowl trafficking myth: Every game brings warningsof a boom in forced prostitution -- but there's no evidence by TracyClark-Flory http://www.salon.com/2014/01/30/the_super_bowl_trafficking_myth/
Just in Time for February, the Myth of Sex Trafficking andthe Super Bowl Returns by Anna Merlan http://blogs.villagevoice.com/runninscared/2014/01/just_in_time_fo.php
The Mythical Invasion of the Super Bowl Hookers: There's noreality behind the idea that some Lost Tribe of Gypsy Harlots wanders about theworld from mega-event to mega-event, unimpeded by the usual logistics oftransport and lodging. http://reason.com/archives/2014/01/26/the-mythical-invasion-of-the-super-bowl
Its not just the Superbowl. "World Cup 2014: On MythsAnd Reality Of Sex Trafficking: Human rights violations in the context of theWorld Cup 2014 go beyond human trafficking and child sexual exploitation"By Sonja Dolinsek http://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/opinion/2014/06/world-cup-sex-trafficking-201465123438956286.html

Sex Work IssuesGlobally:As of June 2014, Canada'slaws about sex work are very much in flux."Dont piano teachers deserve the same protection asprostitutes?" By Tabatha Southey http://www.theglobeandmail.com/globe-debate/columnists/dont-piano-teachers-deserve-the-same-protection-as-prostitutes/article19043328/
Analysis from Justin Ling here: "Not Quite The NordicModel: The federal government has tabled its new prostitution bill. But does itput the lives of sex workers at risk?"http://nationalmagazine.ca/Articles/June-2014/Not-quite-the-Nordic-model.aspxBackground stories:
UK, The Guardian, 2008: Britain's "Poppy Project"which received 5.8million pounds in funding, was widely denounced by 27 keyfigures in sex work research from prestigious universities across the UK andoverseas. They stated that the report was conducted with neither ethicalapproval nor acknowledgement of evidence and co-authored by a journalist knownfor producing anti-prostitution findings. You can't just churn out politicalpropaganda and say it's research. You end up with very dangerous policy. http://www.guardian.co.uk/education/2008/oct/03/research.women
UK, The Guardian, 2009: Inquiry fails to find singletrafficker who forced anybody into prostitution. "The UK's biggest everinvestigation of sex trafficking failed to find a single person who had forcedanybody into prostitution in spite of hundreds of raids on sex workers in asix-month campaign by government departments, specialist agencies and everypolice force in the country." http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2009/oct/20/government-trafficking-enquiry-failshttp://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2009/oct/20/government-trafficking-enquiry-fails
UK, The Guardian, 2009: "The sex trafficking story is amodel of misinformation... the UK's 2003 Sexual Offences Act uses the word todescribe the movement of all sex workers, including willing professionals whoare simply traveling in search of a better income....The cacophony of voiceshas created the illusion of confirmation." http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2009/oct/20/trafficking-numbers-women-exaggerated

2010 US Human Rights Watch: Cambodian Sex Workers Face Unlawful Arrests And Detention http://www.hrw.org/news/2010/07/20/cambodia-sex-workers-face-unlawful-arrests-and-detention

UK, The Guardian: Female reported goes undercover in abrothel to get quotes from women who would be labeled as trafficked. Abrothel worker said, I regret not working in the sex trade as soon as I gothere. (Im uneasy about the reporters methods, but the quotes remain.) http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2013/apr/15/brothel-regret-not-working-sex-trade
The United Nations says: "The anti-trafficking law hasthe brutal effect of punishing trafficked persons, notably persons engaged insex work. The model of 'raid, rescue and rehabilitation' results in extremeforms of violence against sex workers and their families, violating their basichuman rights." http://www.hivlawcommission.org/index.php/news/news/150-separating-consent-from-exploitation?utm_source=Global+Commission+on+HIV+and+the+Law+Newsletterutm_campaign=4b8dd7a609-Newsletter2_13_2013utm_medium=email
International AIDS advocates, who are currently required toSWEAR AN OATH against prostitution if they want government grants, say that theoath, and criminalization overall, hampers their efforts to stop the spread ofdisease. http://newsatjama.jama.com/2013/02/13/jama-forum-the-anti-prostitution-loyalty-oath/(The anti-prostitution oath is currently before the Supreme Court, andjournalist Melissa Gira Grant is covering this story for The Nation. http://www.thenation.com/blogs/melissa-gira-grant
US policies conflate trafficking and prostitution in Thailand:The Nation, Noy Thrupkaew I remember talking to US officials who were confusedthat there could be voluntary prostitution," he says. "They thought,'Why would we need to differentiate? It's all forced and largely the same astrafficking. If we come across it, we should shut it down.' If you think thatsex work is one of the worst things that can happen to a person, then I guessyou can say you are rescuing people to take them out of it." http://www.thenation.com/article/crusade-against-sex-trafficking?page=0,1
Sex Work And The Law In Latin America: Sex trafficking iscriminalized, but often mistakenly blurred with sex work. Confusing sexworkers, who have chosen to engage in this area of work, with trafficked personswho have suffered some form of coercion, silences the legitimate voices of sexworkers and actually blocks discussions on how to end human trafficking. Assex work becomes more secretive, so the vulnerability of the human rights ofsex workers increases. http://www.aidsalliance.org/NewsDetails.aspx?Id=291530
Sex work in Australia: (Note: prostitution is legal somaparts of Australia, although regulations vary from state to state.) Researcherstell federal parliament that illegal brothel raids a waste of time: "Insteadof an evidence-based approach addressing real vulnerabilities, Australia'sapproach continues to try to detect the mythical trafficking victim andtrafficker that is a media-driven stereotype." http://news.ninemsn.com.au/national/2013/04/23/13/16/brothel-raids-a-waste-of-time-sex-workers
More From Down Under: Decriminalizing sex work does notincrease problems. In Australia and New Zealand, laws regarding sex work havebeen undergoing reform aimed at decriminalization since the early 1990s. A 2012report to Australian Ministry Of Health finds decriminalizing sex work has NOTincreased trafficking, or voluntary sex work, or STIs. The whole thing isfascinating, but theres a summary of the findings on page 6 and itsrecommendations on page 7. (PDF) http://maggiemcneill.files.wordpress.com/2012/04/nsw-sex-industry-report-2012.pdf
More from the UK: Soho police raids show why sex workerslive in fear of being 'rescued': Breaking into our places of work and throwingus out on to the street is not saving sex workers from trafficking. It's aviolation. By Molly Smith http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2013/dec/11/soho-police-raids-sex-workers-fear-trafficking
Rupert Everett in defense of prostitutes: There is a landgrab going on: The prostitutes of London's red-light district are beingevicted. Here, Rupert Everett argues, with wit and vehemence, that closing downthe brothels has nothing to do with protecting women. http://www.theguardian.com/film/2014/jan/19/rupert-everett-in-defence-of-prostitutes
UK Dr. Brooke Magnati has a lot of good things to say on thesubject:http://www.telegraph.co.uk/women/sex/9907625/Demonising-sex-workers-makes-their-lives-more-dangerous.htmlShe also tells a story of women being incarcerated in Ireland for (among otherthings) being promiscuous/sex workers, well into the 1970s. This is just oneexample of why many sex workers are extremely leery of help fromgovernment/charity orgs. http://sexonomics-uk.blogspot.com/2013/01/when-help-is-anything-but.html
Video: Here's a good video, with citations, explainingexactly how the US uses a gag order, The Anti-Prostitution Oath, to impose afundamentalist morality on public health efforts and constrain harm reductionstrategies around the world. http://vimeo.com/43262622Video: The Thai sex workers rights group, EmpowerFoundation, has made a ten minute video called "Last Raid In Siam"that shows how they feel about organizations that raid and "rescue"them. (Youtube, has sound, worksafe) "Last Raid In Siam" is funny,but the real-life story often isn't. Two women died while recently trying toescape from an anti-prostitution center where they were being held againsttheir will. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=70rPAxLFFKU
The Big Picture: Ifthere is such a place as one-stop reading for Everything You Need To Know aboutsex work and the myth of sex trafficking Well, there, isnt really. But Ican narrow it down.
The site (and book) of Melissa Gira Grant, here: http://postwhoreamerica.com/ and thebook: http://www.versobooks.com/books/1568-playing-the-whore
Sex work blogger and author Maggie McNeil: Maggie in all herglory is here: http://maggiemcneill.wordpress.com/Two of my favorites of her work are Treating Sex Work As Work by MaggieMcNeill http://www.cato-unbound.org/2013/12/02/maggie-mcneill/treating-sex-work-work
Another global point of view: Anthropologist and author DrLaura Agustín is an expert on sex work and migration. She spent yearscollecting a lot of data from many different countries and wrote an excellentbook about it, "Sex At The Margins." On her blog, you can lookthrough her lists of her articles by subject and date. http://www.lauraagustin.com/and a great article here Prostitution Law and the Death of Whores https://www.jacobinmag.com/2013/08/prostitution-law-and-the-death-of-whores/
This is a good round-up site for current academic researchpapers and articles about sex work, and its conflation with trafficking: http://sexworkresearch.wordpress.com/
Sex Work group blog Tits And Sass always has great opinions whatis happening for sex workers in the US and abroad. http://titsandsass.com/
And for extra-credit Deep Reading: Sex Work Imperialism byScott Long The aim is to roll back more than a decade of progress at the UN,and around the world, in safeguarding sex workers health and safety. http://paper-bird.net/2013/09/24/sex-imperialism/

Monday, July 21, 2014 Snakes In The Garden Of Eden

UPDATE DEC 2014: The final expose on the lies of Megan Griffiths and her movie Eden.
This is a long but amazingly-researched and thoughtful article by The Stranger's Jen Graves, who was one of the people who originally voted to award Megan Griffiths The Stranger's "Genius Award". A must-read about how sex trafficking lies are created and unquestioned, until it's too late. In this article, the movie Eden is finally shown as the complete fraud that is really is.

Also excellent reporting from Jan 2015: Rolling Stone UVA Story, Eden, and Media Exploitation, by Noah Berlatsky.

My original post from July 2014 is below.

Lets talk about Seattle filmmaker Megan Griffiths. It will be a fairly one-sided conversation, you understand, becauseshe wont talk to me. She wont talk to anyone at least, not about the subjectat hand, which is her breakthrough movie, Eden. But somebody connected withthat movie has told a lot of big lies about sex workers, and I really wantto know who.

The story begins in 2012, when Megan Griffiths co-wroteand directed Eden. The film was billed as true story presenting the reality ofsex trafficking in the US, and a graphic and harrowing account it was. In themid-nineties (so the story goes), a young Korean-American woman named Chong Kimwas kidnapped by an international ring of sex traffickers, held captive, raped,tortured, was witness to several murders, and along with hundreds of otherkidnapped women and girls, forced to be a prostitute. After some time, she madea daring escape.

The real-life Chong Kim then went on to became ahighly-visible professional spokesperson for anti-trafficking campaigns, and soit was that Seattle producer Colin Plank got her and Megan Griffiths together tomake Eden. Eden was released at SXSW to huge critical acclaim, and went on togarner multiple awards and fawning reviews. Megan Griffiths gave severalinterviews together with Chong Kim, strongly emphasizing that the movie was atrue and accurate portrayal of Kims experiences and about the reality of sextrafficking within the US. (Here and here.) All of the publicity materials and all other spokespeople for Eden did likewise. Fast-forward to now: in the wake of the SomalyMam scandal about faked trafficking stories, people are suddenly examining thestories told by other professional anti-trafficking activists more closely.Around June 4, 2014, Breaking Out, an anti-trafficking organization that ChongKim was a board member of, publicly accused Ms. Kim of fraud. Thisorganization, Breaking Out, says that Chong Kim was never a victim oftrafficking, and that she completely invented her story in order to get money.They have also produced court documents indicating that in 2009, Kim wasconvicted of a felony charge, Theft By Swindle, for the amount of $15,000.So far, there have been four stories publishedabout the allegations: http://reason.com/blog/2014/06/12/eden-sex-trafficking-fable-falls-aparthttp://www.mediaite.com/print/no-time-to-fact-check-the-ny-times-has-moral-panic-to-cover/ http://www.salon.com/2014/06/10/hollywoods_dangerous_obsession_with_sex_trafficking/ http://truth-out.org/news/item/24827-from-somaly-mam-to-eden-how-sex-trafficking-sensationalism-hurts-sex-workersBasically, everything that Eden says about sextrafficking is a lie. (Its certainly not the first time a movie about sextrafficking has been based on lies. Remember the movie Taken, with LiamNeeson? The man whose real life experience it was supposedly inspired by waslater arrested for fraud. Here, and here.) No one but Chong Kim can really know what happened toChong Kim, and she is free to tell her story as she wishes. But as the creatorsof Eden were quick to say, Eden is not just a story about one woman. Sexworkers around the world are organizing and fighting for our civil and humanrights, and Eden is a piece of propaganda specifically crafted to fight ourmovement. Heres why: While adult consensual sex work is definitelynot the same thing as sex trafficking, there is no distinction made between thetwo in law, or in anti-sex worker rhetoric. So from a law enforcement point of view, when one speaks of fightingtrafficking what that means is arresting whores. Some anti-sexwork campaignsclaim to focus on arresting clients, but the vast majority of people arrestedfor sexwork are the workers, and they are not dangerous internationalgangsters. They are usually women and transgender people, predominantly people of color, and theyre usually poor. Interestingly, all the cops in the movie Eden werealso bad guys who were in league with the traffickers. If the main character ofEden had come in contact with any non-crooked cops, she would have been arrestedand very probably imprisoned. But allthe spokespeople for Eden seemed to feel strongly that tougher laws and morearrests is what we need to combat the mythical many-headed hydra of sex trafficking.Eden also had a somewhat murky financial relationship with a number of anti-trafficking NGOs. When these organizations speakof sex trafficking what they mean is: ANY exchange of sex for money, even ifit is between two adults and completely voluntary. No one, they say, can reallychoose to do sex work willingly. People who thinkthey are doing sex work willingly are victims of false consciousness andmust be rescued from their own folly. By force, if necessary.Anti-trafficking rescue organizations likethis, many of them church-based, work hand in hand with police. To an anti-sex worker, being arrested is "rescue", so when they speakof rescuing victims, they are talking about people brought to them by police, inhandcuffs. They utilize many of the same strategies as anti-gay conversiontherapy schemes and crisis pregnancy centers. The ACLU is currently investigating one prominent rescue organization for civil rights violations.Eden is to the sex industry what ReeferMadness is to marijuana legislation reform. Its a titillating sexploitationmovie, purposely created for a neoconservative agenda of arresting more peopleand controlling sexual behavior. It is a feel-good film for a sexual policestate, pernicious rubbish used to legitimize stigma and state-sponsored violenceagainst sex workers. It perpetuates the misery of people who are trappedbetween poverty, a right-wing Christian anti-sex agenda, and theprison-industrial complex. Eden should never have been used to solicitcharitable donations and get lucrative grants. It should very definitely not beused to sway voters, influence public policy or government funding, or todirect the focus of law enforcement.In spite of repeated requests for comment, no oneconnected to the film will make any statement in response to these allegations.(Griffiths did publish one Tweet on saying she was deeply concerned about the allegations, but nothing more.) If they stand behind their work, then why wontthey speak? I believe that Colin Plankand Megan Griffiths knowingly perpetrated a fraud with the movie Eden. Theyshowed negligence of, if not actual disdain for, the truth. What they have donemay not rise to the level of legal fraud, but it is certainly a moral one. Andits a fraud that is still harming sex workers.For more information about how the myths of sex trafficking are invented and inflated, see here. Overall, I do not speak for any organization, onlymyself. But in this particular matter, I am endorsed by the members of the SexWorker Outreach Project of Seattle www.SWOP-Seattle.orgNo comments: Friday, April 18, 2014 Originally Published 2007

Ok, so I have to tell you an amusing story about an elevator encounter I had this past weekend... Or more accurately, one Candy and Jae and I had.Candy and Jae have played with Traveler and me before, and they all like each other, so when I suggested they come visit us late one evening, he said, Why dont we all go to dinner first? So we all went out to a lovely dinner, and there was some wine, and perhaps we were all feeling just a touch merry and uninhibited. Although really, we can all get that way without wine. Now, you probably dont know this, but there was a big convention in Seattle these last few days of orthodontists. When I say big, I mean we heard there were something like thirty thousand orthodontists in Seattle. Not just American orthodontists, either - there were Spanish orthodontists, there were French orthodontists, there were Indian orthodontists. Heck, there were orthodontists here from countries I couldnt find on a map. I saw a lot of said orthodontists in lobby and elevator of the Fairmont, and plus, we got the skinny from the valets, because those guys always know whats going on. And they like to chat with cute girls. We were looking more than just cute, actually, all dressed up for an evening of fun and games. I was wearing a slinky, skintight black Wolford top and skirt and spike heels, Candy was wearing very high heels and a flippy little black and white dress which made one think that her legs might really and truly be a mile long, and Jae was wearing an outfit that we decided could best be described as a kinky SS cheerleader. We were quite a sight, in the lobby of the serene and conservative Fairmont Hotel. We seemed to cause something of a stir on our way out to dinner, so on our way back in, I told Traveler to drop the three of us off at a side entrance, so he didn't have to escort us back past the interested gaze of the various hotel staff. I mean, the man stays at the Fairmont with his business companions as well, lets not complicate his life by raising too many eyebrows.So we three ladies are in the elevator, riding back up to the suite, and an older couple perhaps late-sixties get on with us. They were both all dressed up, obviously coming from some social event, and something about the ladys expression reminded me of one of my great-aunts the one who was essentially a kind person, but sometimes a trifle querulous. Perhaps it was the reminder of dealing with older relatives that made me say to them, Careful, this elevators been bouncing a little when its stopped, dont trip.Just being a good citizen, you know? But Candy and Jae took my remark as a cue to begin bantering with the man in a manner that one might call flirtatious. He looked mildly startled but pleased. His wifes face suggested that she didnt know quite what to think about these oddly dressed and chatty strangers, but that given some time, she might work up to being displeased by them. This was not exactly my idea of being low-profile, but, luckily even a quaint old elevator like the Fairmonts doesnt take long to get up seven floors. The couple were going on up, and I breathed a small sigh of relief as Candy and I got off the elevator, with Jae a few steps behind us, saying a polite goodnight to them like the former debutante that she is.And the woman calls out, in a half-sweet, half-suspicious voice, Are you three orthodontist-girls?Now, the first thought that went through my mind was: what exactly would an orthodontist-girl be? A female orthodontist? Oh, wow, thats real feminist of you, lady. Gloria Steinem thanks you.Or maybe she means orthodontists assistants. I didnt know what such a persons correct title would be. Neither did she, apparently.But, while I am sure there are some very tarty, kinky-looking people who work in orthodontists offices in all capacities, my strongest reaction was: lady, do we fucking look like orthodontists? However, I would not dream of saying such a thing to a blue-haired, pearl-wearing, great-aunt-ish lady. My Southern upbringing would never permit it. So I turned around to civilly decline any connection with the tooth-straightening industry. Candy, however, is a woman of fewer words. She gave short laugh and a broad, dismissive wave of one hand, and sang out clearly, Oh, hell no! Then she turned and stalked off down the pastel blue hallway in her black and white faux fur coat, like Cruella DeVille gone vegetarian. I was at the wrong angle, but I caught just enough of a glimpse of the womans face to decide that I would follow Candy, abandoning Jae, who stammered something about Tourettes Syndrone as the elevator doors closed on the outraged lady.Oh my god, I cant believe you said that! I was laughing so hard Candy had to grab my arm to keep me from stumbling.Jae caught up with us. She was laughing too, in that horrified way one does when one sees a sacred cow Always be respectful of your elders tipped over into the mud. Jesus, you should have seen her, her eyes got big and her lips got all mad and tight, and her chin started quivering like a bobble-head doll.We reached the suite. Jae and I collapsed onto the couch, giggling madly. Candy looked slightly abashed.I didnt really think about it, she said, biting her lip. I didnt mean to be rude, it just - came out.Well, I said, its probably good that you didnt say something like: Hell no, were not orthodontist-girls, were a bunch of perverted harlots, and were going to go stick needles through this guys nipples, you wanna watch?That made Candy laugh, too. Yeah, well, thats sort of what I was thinking. Only not the wanna-watch part.So if youre a lady of mature years who had an encounter with three wild women at the Fairmont this weekend: Sorry, we didnt mean to be rude. Want us to stick needles in your nipples to make up for it?No comments: Saturday, January 25, 2014 Unsolicited, Indeed: A Letter From Professor Patti Adler
Wow, did I get a weird email today.

First, quick backstory: ProfessorPatti Adler is a professor of sociology at University of Colorado Boulder. Lastyear, a class she teaches about prostitution came under fire. There wereconflicting reports about her being fired or leaving voluntarily, but it seemedshe had left. Then, she came back. (Or maybe she never really left, its unclear to me.)
Adler, who called the class "the highlight of the semester in my signaturecourse," described what goes on during the prostitutionlecture: Professor Adler has some of her teaching assistants (who are undergraduates) dress up as variouskinds of prostitutes -- she named as categories "slave whores, crackwhores, bar whores, streetwalkers, brothel workers and escort services."They work with Adler on scripts in which they describe their lives as thesetypes of prostitutes.

During the lecture, Adler talks withthem (meaning: the teaching assistants, in character) about such issues astheir backgrounds, "how they got into the business," how much theycharge, the services they perform, and the risks they face of violence, arrestand AIDS. The class is a mix of lecture and discussion, just like most classes,she said.
So basically she has student dress up in sexy outfits and stand up in front of the class and recite stories she teaches themabout sex work. Presumably the students can also ask questions, which thestudents-pretending-to-be-sexworkers will answer, based on the informationProfessor Adler has taught them.
My impression, based on reading the storiesabout it, was that this was really not cool. Professor Adlers list of sex workersocial groups sounds extremely dated at best, and hardly academic at all. Her repetitionof the word whore is offensive. And having student dress up in costumes andtalk about what types of sex their character has is clearly a titillatingfeature that has no place in a classroom.
But the real point is: there arereal sex workers who could speak about their lives, but are not permitted to. Imyself have visited college classes and talked about being a sex worker. Havinga guest come and speak to a class on this subject is very much a thing that canbe done if the professor wishes it. Professor Adler apparently does not wantactual sex workers to speak in her class, she only wishes to have her studentssay what she tells them to say.
I guarantee you that a lot of sexworkers have had to sit in that class and watch all that. I myself have sat incollege classroom and seethed as professors lectured the most arrant nonsenseabout my life. I cannot imagine how Id feel if I had to watch a bunch ofnot-sex-workers dress up and play-act little skits about being me, and see thatbe represented as a college-level of education about sex work. I was glad shewasnt going to teach it any more.
So thats backstory. Today, out ofnowhere, I got this email. And wow, do I have a lot of thoughts about this. Imframing them, but in the meantime, feel free to reply to me on Twitter.

Mistress Matisse,Leonard says you might be open togiving me some help with my skit this semester. Ive only gotten a 1-semesterreprieve, and then I have to go, but Id like to be more sensitive than I mighthave been and make sure I dont insult or misrepresent anybody. I cant havepeople come to my class because the class is really not about prostitution,its about deviant subcultures, and I use the example of prostitution toillustrate a stratification hierarchy. Many college students have only oneimage when they think about prostitutes and thats probably a streetwalker, butI used a dozen people to come down and be interviewed by me starting with theslave role, the crack-addicted role, the streetwalker (male/female/pimp), womenwho frequent bars to pick up customers, brothels, and escort services. Withthat many people I can only give about 3 minutes to each and I ask most peoplethe same basic things: Whats your family background, youreducational background, how did you get into what youre doing now, what do youdo and how much do you charge, whats your risk of violence/arrest/disease, andwhat are your future prospects.Might you be willing to give me somefeedback on a particular stratum or two? Can you tell me what your area ofexpertise is?Respectfully yours,Patti Adlerhttp://spot.colorado.edu/~adler/index.htm
From: Leonard Fahrni [mailto:ldfahrni@aol.com]
Sent: Friday, January 24, 2014 9:04 PM
To: adler@spot.colorado.edu
Subject: some unsolicited advice
Hello Dr. AdlerI am a CU alumand I teach Math and Science classes at Metro State in Denver. I followed withsome interest your brief notoriety and I am glad to see that you have beenreinstated. I wrote a letter of support to president Benson and I'm sure myeffort did very little to tip the scales in your favor. I was just so outragedat what looked like an attempt to censor your academic freedom that I had tovent. In full disclosure, Bronson Hilliard and I played on the same team in theCU trivia bowl in the 90s and I got him to help me direct my letter. My unsolicitedadvice comes from my reading of an unusual group of authors on Twitter. I'msure @mistressmatisse and @Maggie_McNeill don't represent theopinions of the entire sex worker community, but they both criticized you basedon the assumption that people who are actual sex-workers need to have a voicein any discussion of them. I think that point has some validity. I also thinkeither of them would be glad to share their experiences and knowledge with you.I am almost certain that a letter from you would totally floor them, so itmight be worth a look just for that.Maggie mentions you in her blog here http://maggiemcneill.wordpress.com/2014/01/23/and can be contacted at maggiemcneill@earthlink.net;You can take a look at my contentious discussion with Mistress Matisse on Twitteron last December 16 here's anexcerpt, where I claimed you were fired for the content of your class (Bronsonand Phil DiStephano both said you weren't "fired" and I guess youweren't after all) I suggested that it would have been cool if she had been aguest in your class and she agreed with me there. mistressmatisse @mistressmatisse Dec 16 @LeonardFahrni I've been to lot of college classeswhere I talked about being a sex worker, and no one got fired. Because everyoneinvolved was respectful.Leonard Fahrni @LeonardFahrni Dec 16 @mistressmatisseThis one did, no matter what the administration claims. Too bad, she shouldinvite you to speak.mistressmatisse @mistressmatisse Dec 16 @LeonardFahrniI would have. But there are lots of cool, smart sex workers in Denver. Some ofthem may have been students in those classes.She can apparentlybe contacted at Mistressmatisse@gmail.com Thanks fortaking the time to look at this mess. I admire the fact that you are able togenerate such long term interest for your class. I mostly teach service classeslike Business Calculus or classes for Education majors. In the latter, I amalways doing anything to get them to show a little independent thought. I tellthem to question authority and it is always a disappointment that more of them don'tsee the irony in that statement coming from a person in my position. Have a greatsemester Leonard Fahrni CU class of 77,79, 88, 97, 05 and 10 (so far)

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