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It s funny how creativity ebbs and flows.One minute you are so full of words that nothing but writing a book can be their outlet. Other times you stare at at the screen, typing One Upon a Time 60 times because you can t think of anything to write down.One minute you have this great quilt idea, the next minute, as you start collecting materials, you find nothing reflects your idea.I have two personal friends who have added painting to their creative repertoire, and honestly are very good at that, too. Maybe it s the seasons that change our creative move. The need to be outdoors more, alive and singing with the birds and dancing with the bees.Yeah I can see me doing both.But there is a different feel to spring than fall, summer than winter. What excited you last winter often disappears or, better yet, metamorphoses into something new and different.Do you change crafts as the Earth changes seasons?We all stick to our basic first love. Of that I don t doubt. But when I read blogs where artists are trying collages instead of knitting or making miniatures instead of pop up cards, I am delighted. One good friend has turned from crocheting to repainting and redecorating her bedroom.It s a great feeling to get your feet wet in self expression.Even if we don t know what we re doing, the enjoyment of learning just for the sake of learning is unmatchable. Maybe that s why so many have so many projects going at one time. I m going to make a collage for my sister! I m going to paint the landscape behind my house! I picked up this new book at a garage sale the other day; think I ll start reading tonight! I m going to sew beautiful trim on a bunch of hand towels! I m going to … I m going to … I m going to …And here we are. Starting all over again. Or continuing where we left off last week or last month. Give us a little background music, a little work area, and voila! We are off on another adventure.I myself am fighting between continuing my next book, making enough Angel Tears for the craft fair in September, figuring out how to put a book online, and keeping the weeds out of my new pop up/out garden. I feel like I m at the beginning of a mountain trail, but at least I know I have company on my way up.How about you and your pastimes? Any new ones creeping in?Share this:FacebookRedditEmailTwitterLinkedInTumblrLike this:Like Loading... Sometimes it s fun to wander through someone else s past. That s what I did this evening, and lo, I found a fun post about the moon and the universe and rocks. You will have a good time reading this too. It s one of those posts that pop up on the bottom of a different post. Rethinking Life is sooooo interesting! Thanks for the smile!Rethinking LifeIf you listen to scientists talk about planets and moons, gravity and all the rest.  you will hear them say, “The Moon was trapped, captured by Neptune’s gravity.”Trapped and captured.  When I hear that, or read it, I immediately feel sorry for the moon, since it was TRAPPED and CAPTURED without it’s permission.  I mean, it was floating around,  minding it’s own business, and suddenly, it’s in ORBIT around a planet.I’m thinking the moon is a rock, and probably doesn’t care, but still…those are bad words…trapped and captured.  I don’t know what other words we could use, since the moon, or rock, was just passing by on it’s way to someplace else, but by passing too close to a planet, it became a prisoner.Which, makes me realize that everything is a prisoner of everything else. Things are always capturing our attention, or trapping us in dead end…View original post 1,176 more words May 24, 2021 ~ humoringthegoddess ~ 19 Comments I love when I get crafting supplies in the mail. I feel like I ve won the jackpot. The lottery. The contest. I got a new load of flatback acrylic rhinestones today. Clear, Aurora Clear, Light Blue. Purple. Ruby Red. One inch half domes that make you want to look deeper and deeper into their colored depths.Visual sensations are amazing. Shiny, dull, opaque, translucent, sparkly, reflective all send thoughts and reactions through all of us. That s why we react one way to bright neons, another way to soft pastels. Too much orange or yellow or pink can affect us in ways we d never think.Do you work with colors? According to Bright Side’s Psychologists Point Out 11 Clothing Colors That Reveal Your Personality, the colors you wear mean something to the world.The color black is perceived by others as an indicator of prestige, power, seriousness, and intelligence. People who prefer to wear black clothing are ambitious, purposeful but also sensitive. As a rule, they are emotional and easily excitable, although they often try to hide it.Brown is the color of the earth, the color of something reliable, strong and stable. People who like to wear the color brown are slightly conservative, respect their elders and always look for peace, stability, and strength in everything.People tend to associate the color blue with intelligence, trust, efficiency, and tranquility. Blue shades of clothing are often chosen by kind, sympathetic, courteous and even shy people.Those who prefer green lead an active, public life, they always live in a good area and they are financially stable. They are also caring, kind and have a soft heart.Purple means sophistication, wealth and luxury. People who wear purple are emotional and sensitive, and in clothing indicates creativity, insight, and love of art. They are dreamy, passionate and love mysticism. These people are also known to be unpredictable and dealing with them can be both easy and difficult at the same time.Red is the color of passion and power. People tend to associate the vibrant color with energy, movement, and excitement. Those who often wear red are bright, easily excitable, slightly self-centered and also addiction-prone.Yellow is the color of happiness, sun, and laughter. shades of yellow in clothing are often used by active, creative and addicted people. They are bright dreamers and adventurers, ready to explore and conquer.White is the symbol of freedom, purity, innocence, and simplicity. This  color attracts reliable people who love freedom and who look at life optimistically. These people are very neat and organized in everything they do, they like new beginnings and strive for perfection.Soft pink is considered calm, warm and feminine and is one of the most powerful sedatives. People who love pink are romantic, optimistic and self-righteous (in a good sense). As a rule, they are people who appreciate kindness and comfort above everything else.Orange always gives an atmosphere a fun party vibe, in addition to being a warm and opportunistic color. It is also cheerful, creative and attractive. Those who like to wear orange are optimistic, energetic and cheerful, and are eager for change. Although they can be slightly flaky people, still they can be ambitious and prudent.Gray is the color of balance, Gray and its shades are a symbol of tranquility, dimensionality, and maturity. a person who favors gray is someone who does not like to attract attention and tries to maintain neutral.SOOOOooooo … Do the colors you wear have anything to do with the colors you work with? If you knit with a lot of yellows, are you sharing happiness, sun, and laughter? If your sketches have a lot of white space, are you trying to portray freedom, purity, and innocence? If your main character has red hair, are they passionate and powerful?There s a lot to think about there. I started making Angel Tears with mostly clear, Aurora clear, light pink and light blue stones. As time has moved on, I ve started using dark sapphire blues and purples and deep ruby reds. I have a feeling people will love sparkles of all colors hanging around the house.You are creative to please yourself, but, with so many personalities out there, you try to please others, too.Let me know your thoughts on color.Share this:FacebookRedditEmailTwitterLinkedInTumblrLike this:Like Loading... May 17, 2021May 17, 2021 ~ humoringthegoddess ~ 10 Comments Every now and then I get on a kick to learn something from the Internet.Not how to make Chinese Raman Noodle Salad or How to Start a Fire at your Campsite, but ways to improve what you already know.We really all do know alot. It s just that sometimes we have to be reminded of how much we really know.Lately I ve been reading what to do before your first Arts and Crafts Fair; how to sell your product, how to fill the holes in the marketplace with your own goods.In the past I ve also read articles about how to bring more traffic to your blog, how to do research on the Internet (so you don t waste half a day looking up things you already know), and what readers tend to go for in both style and topics.Of course, I ve also researched Faerie Circles and the Etruscan Civilization, so you can at least say I m diversified.Articles always say readers like lists. Lists of A, B, and C, or 1 through 10, of things they can do to do whatever it is they want to do better. In the past I ve written a couple of blogs testing out these new waters: 9 Ways to Survive the Holidays, READ THESE (gimmicky) GUIDELINES NOW!!, and the Top 10 no, 20 no, 5 List are all attempts to get a handle on how to do anything better.They say people can t resist lists. It s like the best thing to be be able to check things off the list and show off how competent you are. Much easier than reading pages and pages of a book devoted to just one thought.So here is my Creative List of 10 Ways to Spark Your Creativity: Listen to music. Plato says,  “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”  Find background music to suit your mood and let it play behind your creativity! And don t be afraid to change it up!  I ve been known to write to everything from Japanese Traditional Music to the Beatles to Schumann, and lately I ve been crafting to HorrorBabble podcasts.Set aside a special place to organize your thoughts. Although many of us try and plan out our next creative project, it s hard when the kids are wrestling in the next room or the TV is blasting a terrible sitcom from the 80s. It s hard to work at a messy kitchen table or a bed covered with cats and dogs. Take a break with your pen and paper and find a place that hits that special spot inside.No matter how wild, obnoxious, or impossible your project sounds, write it down. Don t let the size of the task dictate the amount of enthusiam it can build. I mean, you know you can t build a castle out of old buttons or peek into the livingrooms of Hemingway or Prince Charles, but you can imagine it. Work out those details as if you could! Start opening those creative doors.Don t be a baby. This was me the other day. Making Angel Tears, I had run out of 1 round mirrors. All I had left was 1 square mirrors. I didn t want them I wanted rounds. I almost lost a whole day s worth of work pouting that I couldn t move forward without rounds. Finally I got off my stupid high horse and made some lovely Tears with the squares. What a waste.Quilters and collage artists already know this, but collect fabric and designs and objects that just ring a bit familiar to you but to which you have no use for at the moment. I know this leads to overflowing scrap bins and buckets of odd sea shells and ladie s gloves that have no real purpose except to take up space. But something about your collection called you pick up the feeling of why it inspired you and just do something with it. The project will fill out as you go.Everybody had done everything that could be done in the world of Art. Or writing. Or Photography. Everyone has taken pictures of clouds, written a novel, or painted a picture. Everyone has researched fabric, history, monsters, and recipes. Nothing you create will be 100% new. So take what someone else has done and make it your own. Put your own spin on timeless projects and put some of your soul in it. After all, that s one organ that never runs out of energy.This is a hard one. Don t let others influence what you want to do. There is no problem asking for advice, taking a class, or cruising the Internet on how others did it. There s no problem asking for creative criticism, basic editing, or suggestions on alternative ways. Listen, understand, then do your own thing. There is a reason you picked red for the grass or the Courier font. If it s too out there and you know it, be prepared to listen, promote, and accept.Share your enthusiasm. I know most of the people around me aren t as creative, as flighty, as dreamy as I am. They all have their own things to do, and most of them aren t in the Creative category. Find someone who loves their craft and share your enthusiasm with them. They need an appreciative audience, too. I used to belong to a writer s association, and I always got a high from attending conferences and meetings. Just to be with your own blood pushes up your creative needle.Don t be afraid to experiment. I can t tell you how many roads I ve wandered down my whole life. I ve painted with acrylics, stenciled walls, made throw pillows, painted murals, represented my BnB at the Renaissance Faire, written 6 novels and 30 short stories, crafted suncatchers, and collected second hand and Medieval eclectic furniture and wall hangings for my BnB. Don t ever thing an idea you are really enthusiastic is too much to research. To pursue. If you really have a good feeling about your craft, study it. Research it Then make it your own.I never really thought I d come up with 10 tips on being creative. I ve rambled on for over a thousand words, and wonder if I ve really said anything worthwhile.Believe in yourself. Make a schedule, research, practice. Throw away, save, collect. Review, change, start over.And above all have fun. You deserve it.Share this:FacebookRedditEmailTwitterLinkedInTumblrLike this:Like Loading... Martin Blank is one of North America’s premiere figurative glass sculptors with a style quintessentially his own. May 14, 2021 ~ humoringthegoddess ~ 15 Comments There is nothing more inspiring than a Spring Morning.Country sounds are louder, more melodic, than you can imagine. Sitting on my back deck I hear a symphony of sounds: a woodpecker at work in the woods, robins, crows, and a half dozen other birds I can t identify singing their little hearts out. There s a bird in the far feeder squawking at any other birds coming near his breakfast, and a squirrel or two chitting and chatting at something moving in and around him.  Now and then an airplane roars past from the heavens, and the neighbor down the way is running his tractor through the fields.This is when I enjoy sound the most. No blaring TVs, no obnoxious radio stations; no yelling or swearing or scolding.Most of my life I lived in the suburbs, and there was music out there, too. Just a different tune was played. The morning symphony of birds singing was joined by traffic on the busy street a block away. Summers brought out the sounds of kids in the neighborhood playing (mine included), dogs barking, lawnmowers buzzing, a rumbling truck passing by now and then.This was when I enjoyed sound the most, too. No blaring TVs, no obnoxious radio stations, no yelling or swearing or scolding.I think most of us lose touch with the songs of nature along the way. We are in the office from early morning until late afternoon. We are driving here, there, and everywhere. We are at soccer games and grocery stores and classes. We have to deal with computers, telephones, bosses, co-workers, talk shows, housework … the list is endless.We never get a chance to just sit and listen to life around us. We are too busy, too responsible, too many tasks and not enough time.I know. I ve been there. Many days I m still there.That s why everyone needs to take time to listen to the flow of life around them. We need to reconnect with the other side of life. The musical side. The sunshine side. The inspirational side.No matter what our current situation, there is always time to get inspired. That s where creativity comes from. Where it feeds from. Where it bursts open and spreads more seeds from.City, suburb, countryside. It doesn t matter. Get up early one morning and listen to the sounds around you.You ll be surprised how much life is going on with or without you.Share this:FacebookRedditEmailTwitterLinkedInTumblrLike this:Like Loading... It s the beginning of a Glorious Day here in the Midwest.Being alone with my dogs and cat and fish and computer and crafts room and my messy closet floor, there will be a lot of things I ll want to accomplish that I can t always accomplish with company around.But you know me. That s not what this particular blog is about.I had an idea in the shower this morning, and I d LOVE to hear back from all of you. The more the merrier.I really enjoyed the end scene in the movie The Time Machine with Rod Taylor, where George comes back from the future to grab three books to take back with him. It goes something like this:Filby: He must have taken something with him.Mrs. Watchett: Nothing, except three books.Filby: Which three books?Mrs. Watchett: I don’t know. Is it important?Filby: No, I suppose not. Only – what three books would you have taken?I thought about throwing you/us onto a deserted island or in an isolated cabin in the woods, but then you/we would have more to worry about than what books to read. Food, tools, medicine, is all too much to think about on this beautiful morning.So here is the question:If you time traveled into the future (or into the past), which three books would you take?This time around I m going to put restrictions on the question. Like being specific on the time period, (forward OR past), what you have in YOUR library (vs. stopping at the bookstore first), and only three books.After all, those are the choices George had.And, as a side, if you feel like it, are the three books the first three that came to mind, or did you think about it for a bit first?I ll go first. And it s really hard.I ran downstairs, tripping over my Tears crafts bins, and looked at my shelves. Ack! An eclectic mix, for sure. Seeing as they have to be books from MY library, for reading I d take Lord of the Rings Trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien; for art, the History of Art (1st Edition) by H.W. Janson (1982); and for poetry, The Illustrated Household Book of Poetry Charles A Dana 11th Edition,  1868.None of these books are modern in the sense of the word; I m ashamed I don t have any current poetry or updated art books. I tossed around bringing a book of Shakespeare or Edgar Allen Poe stories and poems, but their rhetoric might not be as entertaining after the 375th read.If I had time to think about it, or had time to run to the bookstore or library, my choices may have been different. But, for what I have, for what I would have to share with others for eternity, would be a little bit of entertainment through the ages.After all, how could you not enjoy a happy ending? At last they rode over the downs and took the East Road, and then Merry and Pippin rode on to Buckland and already they were singing again as they went. But Sam turned to Bywater, and so came back up the Hill, as day was ending once more. And he went on, and there was yellow light, and fire within; and the evening meal was ready, and he was expected. And Rose drew him in, and set him in his chair, and put little Elanor upon his lap. He drew a deep breath. Well, I m back, he said. Share this:FacebookRedditEmailTwitterLinkedInTumblrLike this:Like Loading... Creative Monday!Actually you can say that about any day of the week, depending on the weather, your mood, your itinerary, and your energy level.Creativity is much more than starting a new painting or designing a new pop-up card. But you already know that.Being creative can mean taking a virtual online tour of magnificent museum slike the British Museum, London, The Guggenheim in Bilbao, in New York, the Musée d’Orsay, Paris, or the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Reading is always a step towards creativity. There are milllions of stories out there of people who made history being creative Steven King, Eleanor Roosevelt, Albert Einstein, Frida Kahlo, Henry VIII, Maya Angelou, Gertrude Stein. History is full of people with creative, interesting, exciting lives. One of my favorite ways of expanding my creativity is finding new recipes online. I tire of the hot dog-french fries menu, so I periodically take a stab at foods I ve always been curious about but too lazy to buy or make. My husband recently learned a smashing egg foo young dish, and I have stepped out of my comfort zone lately to experiment with a classic French Chicken Basquaise and Cuban Ropa Vieja. Cooking is fun, eye-opening, and very rewarding.I have also been listening to different kinds of background music while I craft, write, or walk. Lately I m into Spanish Guitar music and Ambient Japanese Instrumentals. There are podcasts about nature, astral travel, and who knows what else that can tip your scales one way or another to play in the background.How else can you be creative without investing all your spare time and spare change?I m sure you can come up with dozens of ways to expand your mind. Books from the library, free lectures, arts and crafts classes, wine and painting parties the list is endless. There are crafting challenges and writing challenges and cooking challenges all over Word Press and Pinterest and Facebook there s always something to pique your interest.There is no such thing as being bored in this universe.All you have to do is take the first step. Make the effort to learn something new or hone a craft you ve been tinkering with.  I haven t been writing lately (except for blogs), and the itch is almost becoming unbearable. I want to write about visiting Paris and its countryside for a while now, which takes research research research. That s exploring to me. That s creativity in yet another form.Creative Monday.A chance to start again, to continue, to excel and fly and explore.Take advantage of this opportunity you ve been given. And spread it out all throughout the week.Share this:FacebookRedditEmailTwitterLinkedInTumblrLike this:Like Loading... May 6, 2021May 6, 2021 ~ humoringthegoddess ~ 4 Comments Late night musings that have carried over into the daylight If you could look into a crystal ball to see your future, would you?According to scrying experts, crystal balls can be used for recalling dreams, checking the present, revealing desires, karmic therapy, finding a soulmate, seeing the future, or watching out for dangers.That s a lot of responsibility for a crystal sphere.I own two beautiful crystal balls, one held by unicorns, the other by brass dragons. I myself have never seen anything in a crystal ball. But would I want to? Would I want to know what was in store for me next week? Next month? Would I be able to channel the direction of my vision, escaping tragedies like death and Covid-19 and atomic bombs? Could I focus on something small like the outcome of my first craft fair or if my story will get published?Somehow I don t think you can control the direction of incoming information. Like a hole in the dam, it starts small but it doesn t take much to burst through with more water than you can imagine.Telling the future is too much water for me, I think.I don t think I d want to take a chance on finding out something big and having to keep it to myself. Even if it s pleasant news like I m going to be a grandmother again or I will sell a thousand Angel Tears, I don t think I d want to experience the feedback that might result from peeking into the future.Like invisible wavelengths, time and space have a weird way of payback. Maybe that s why it s safer for me to write about time travel in my stories. I already know my present, which is someone else s future, which gives my character the edge on survival in the olden days. I worry about the character changing the present by screwing up in the past meeting yourself or your grandfather and making him turn left instead of right, changing the ancestry line to make you a boy instead of a girl.  So I make my time-travelling characters swear to never speak of the future. Like that works.But back to scrying.Taking a peek in a crystal ball to tell your future might make hedging your bets easier, your choices simpler, but I wouldn t mess with Mother Nature.There is a reason things turn out as they do.I suppose there might be a decision or two that I would have made differently in my past. Stupid decisions. Painful decisions.But then again, if I had chosen left instead of right, I probably wouldn t be blogging today. I wouldn t have the family I have, the friends I have, or the long life I ve led.I will leave peering into the crystal balls to those who know what they re doing.  Crystal balls make beautiful art pieces in the sunlight, but their mysteries can stay a mystery.After all I want to make sure I stay a girl when I go back in time Share this:FacebookRedditEmailTwitterLinkedInTumblrLike this:Like Loading... I came across Eva s post on my Monday Morning Readathon, and it stuck a chord in my creative sphere.In her post she said, This is a portrait of what I think I should look like on the outside. In daily life I look and dress quite conservatively. But when I close my eyes, this is how I picture myself: more rugged and a bit punky. And it made me wonder:Do we all look different on the inside? Is our other self someone quite different look-wise, thought-wise? Who is the person writing your novels? Painting your landscapes? Cutting out your quilting patterns?Is it the same person that looks back at you in the mirror every day?What a startling thought.I thought I d say yes, it s me me me. But it s not.A lot of my books are me a little younger, a little thinner. Her decisions are not always what I would decide, but, as my husband said reading a book one time, I can t really judge it because it s me.But I know my inner me often looks different than my outer me.   She is more confident, stands taller, is a great conversationalist, and can wear those great outfits I see models online wear. She has flair which she applies to her writing, her cooking, and her life.We are the same, inner-me and outer-me, yet we are not.Read Eva s article and see if it stirs an echo in your mind, too.As I am recently retired, my hubby and I took a few days off mid -week and went camping. This is the first time out for our new camper, and first time it s just the two of us (except for the dogs).I don t know which one feels stranger.I have camped most of my life, with some gaps in years between campsites. But it s always been in a tent. Lots of bending and pulling and grunting before you can sit and listen to the wind blow.As my retirement gift to myself, we bought a little RV. Now most of the movement is about not bumping into each other inside the small surroundings. I ve also always gone camping with my kids and grandkids. There is no life better than sitting around a campfire talking and smoring with family and friends.Last night it was just the two of us.Tonight for dinner it will be just the two of us.Tonight around the fire it will be just the two of us.The jury is still out on the two of us thing.I love my husband. He let s me be me. Even if that Me is goofy half the time.But times like these are the real test for a relationship. No taking off and folding laundry, no going downstairs and making Angel Tears, no going out to the garage and working and fixing stuff all day.This is silence. Together. Daylight and evening light. No movies or kids to distract us. No job to go to, nowhere to hide.It s been quite interesting so far.I know we are not Siamese Twins. We don t need to be glue balled to each other 24/7. We actually LIKE each other. Despite the fact that I love writing and Crafts and he loves hunting and fishing, we seem to give each other enough space to be our own selves.But with my adult onset A.D.D. I sometimes find it hard to just sit still and do nothing.To read and then play a video game on my iPad then take a little nap then walk the dog then read then write a blog then read some more then find a gossip column on my phone is my idea of doing nothing.He sits and reads.I m still getting used to this camping alone thing. Then again, being alone is a relative term, right?Share this:FacebookRedditEmailTwitterLinkedInTumblrLike this:Like Loading... I should have the word Creativity tattooed across my arm or forehead or something.Not that I m more creative than anyone else. Not that I spend more time creating than anyone else. Or appreciate Art in all of its dozens of forms any more than anyone else.It s just that that word is always dancing around inside and outside of my head.Take my gif collection/selection of Monday.Others might not be as mesmerized by them as I am. I get it. It s moving computer graphics. It s graphic design in motion. Gifs are taking one picture and making it move. Or several pictures and blending them into one another.It doesn t matter how they re made it s that they are made that surprises and delights me.Gifs are all over the place now. They are constantly being created, many highlighting movie stars or normal people doing weird things or saying weird things over and over again.I find creativity in the original gifs.The ones that bring waterfalls to life. The ones that make stairways to heaven or swirling galaxies. Or reflections in glass that ripple and mazes that forever hypnotize.Like I commented to my friend Elaine who commented Monday  I enjoy them because they take reality one step further.And that s what creativity does. Creativity with a capital C.Artists take every day objects and make them special. Enhance them, embrace them. Change them. Change their fabric or their intent or our perception of them. Artists use a myriad of textures, fabrics, utensils, colors, materials, styles, and interpretations of influences around them to make their own special creation.And it s amazing what they come up with.When I tell you that you, too, can get high on creativity, it s true. You don t have to understand every shadow and shade, every cut and stitch you can appreciate someone s work just for what it is. Someone else s work. Someone else s creative mind pulled out of the 4th or 5th dimension and made real here in the 3rd dimension.You can do it too.I know I sound like a broken record. A record with a skip. Ta da BANG. Ta da BANG. Over and over again. But I want to encourage you to explore the world of Creativity. See what the world outside your window offers.Unique Artists. Traditional Artists. Visual Artists. Musical Artists. Graphic Artists. Gardening Artists. Woodworking and Glass Artists. Calligraphy Artists. Interior Decorator Artists.You get my drift. YOU are the artist.Go enjoy the world. And report back to me what you find. For those of you who encouraged me with my multi-tasking madness the other day, I thank you. Talking with you helped relieve the stress, the pressure, and the madness. I am tasking one task at a time. Sometimes they last 10 minutes, other times 3 hours. But I assign myself to one project at a time.Well, okay. There are times when I do a little work on the computer while I m watching a movie. That s a hard multi-task to stop. But sometimes an old TV Western in the background while I research does my soul good. That s why I resent TV commercials especially in the evening.I can t believe how stupid seniors seem to be to advertisers.Heaven forbid we are missing out on a multitude of Medicare benefits, need help dealing with walking (collapsible cane), need lawyers to deal with Non-Hodgkin s lymphoma from RoundUp or mesothelioma from asbestos exposure, missing out on extra spending money from reversible mortgages (this isn t my first rodeo), and expensive car repairs if your car s out of warranty.It s amazing how help is just a phone call away.No one s laughing at Non-Hodgkin s lymphoma or paying for car repairs. But to think that One call, That s all (another obnoxious lawyer commercial here in Wisconsin) is doing yourself and those you love a big disservice.Young kids not yet near retirement age and old kids at retirement age don t be stupid. Don t think there is a one-stop cure for all your woes. No TV lawyer or TV star is going to help you when you are sick or in need of cash.It seems so simple, but it s amazing how many people fall for TV scams.Okay for the advertiser, it s not a scam. It s a legitimate business. And somewhere down the road they can help you out.But there are so many other trustworthy ways to get help.The obvious are family and friends. Government agencies are here to help you figure out everything from filing taxes to claiming Medicare benefits. Hospitals have medical groups and counselors to help you get the help you need for illnesses of all kinds. Even groups like AARP has assistance programs to point you in the right direction.You don t need a televised lawyer or doctor to help you out.Also, don t be afraid to do the research yourself. Take notes. Ask your friend or your grandkid to give you a few search lessons on the computer if you can t figure something out. Don t follow TV promises helter skelter down the rabbit hole that could lead to who-knows-where.I have a relative who has a half dozen devises he bought on TV: a foot pedaling machine to use while watching TV, plus a pocket fisherman or two. They are still gathering dust and grime sitting in the basement. But they ~sounded~ so promising! So good!There is nothing wrong with wanting to do better, feel better. Nothing wrong with wanting a better, easier life. We all want that.Just use your head. Don t fall for TV promises and easy answers. Do your homework, then do the work.And stay off of late night TV.Share this:FacebookRedditEmailTwitterLinkedInTumblrLike this:Like Loading... I am one of those people who is always doing something while doing something else.Before you congratulate me on my multi-tasking abilities, let me assure you. I am beginning to hate it.Take Saturday, for instance. I was watching Downton Abbey, writing my Sunday blog, plus I had a bin of cardboard I needed to cut to size, went into the kitchen and scooped some ice cream, and my phone was nearby just in case I need to look up something or text someone.Why can t I just sit still and watch a chapter or two of the telly? Or just sit and write a blog? I tend to blame my senior-onset A.D.D. The older I get the less I can sit still for any length of time. I have already talked to my physician, so that part is just fine.But I m making myself crazy with all these things lined up to keep myself busy.I m too old to be kept so busy.I ve tried meditation, Valerian, and deep breathing. I ve told myself I don t need to keep busy every second of the day, yet everywhere I look there s something I can be doing while I m doing something else.And I find myself thinking why not kill two birds with one stone? Sew the holes in my socks or research artists while a movie babbles in the background? And since I m already online, why not check out other blogs,  work on updating my website, look for a new recipe for Apple Crisp, and type a text to a friend? I can also paint my toenails and let them dry while I m surfing and watching TV. I m not moving around, after all ….I m making myself crazy.So yesterday I decided to stop multi tasking. Just for the day. I had a sinus headache anyway, so I just aimed to do nothing.At 8:30 pm I couldn t take it anymore and went online, wrote this blog, turned on my iPad and downloaded a game, plus edited the story I wanted to post. That was after I took time to find some ambient music on YouTube.It s midnight now. It didn t work.I truly have to start tackling tasks one task at a time. Concentrate on one thing at a time. It s okay if a half dozen ideas and projects bombard me at one time, but I have to learn to prioritize and not stress myself out by trying to do three, four, or five things at once.Do you have multi-tasking-itis? Do you do ten things at one time? If you do, let me know how you do it. If you don t, let me know how you do it as well. Like I said earlier, the task list is getting longer and my attention span is getting shorter. And I m not getting any younger.I just can t keep up with myself anymore Share this:FacebookRedditEmailTwitterLinkedInTumblrLike this:Like Loading... I just love this stuff.I just love when creative people share their creativity. There s so much out there I think my head would burst if I looked at all of it, shared all of it.All is a big word.So today I m going to share some great art from a few of those I follow. Take a few minutes and check them out. You ll be glad you did. Annette s blog Beauty Along the Road,  is about discovering beauty in all its ordinary and extraordinary manifestations. She is thrilled to announce the 2021 Creative Project Coaching workshop, Wild Ember Sparking. This monthly workshop series runs from March through October 2021 and assists you in getting your creative project off the ground, with clarity and purpose, and then supports your ongoing project. If you are curious, please check out the details: ve followed Michelle Lee and her blog My Inspired Life  for a bit,  and I enjoy the whole feel of her world. She has poems that will move you (many w/audio), stories that will entertain you, photographs that will uplift you, and people who will inspire you. Like us, she has gone through much, but the calm and graceful way she relates her poetry and experiences leaves a good feeling behind.Elaine runs an award-winning blog filled with stories, poetry, and amazing digital artwork, called, appropriately, Elaine Rose.   Her work is fun and creative and brightens up my day. You can purchase her digital artwork, too!Laura Kate at Daily Fiber is one of the most creative people I know. If she s not quilting she s knitting or trying out new styles in watercolors. Her work is amazing. I never know what she s going to come up with next! To me she s just amazing. You have to check out her work.Ellen Appleby, based in Noosa Studio in Australia, is busy all the time with the ceramics and cards she creates. She has a very small following at the moment, but has large ceramics talent, but I hope she continues to post her work, for it s delightful.Even though I did highlight a work from The Alchemist s Studio the other day, I can t help but show off their work again.  The Studio specializes in raku pottery, which is a centuries old firing technique from Japan. They also make functional ware, pit fired pottery and other pieces of objet d’art. You ll love their work.Writing is always inspirational, as it encourages a lot of trial and error before it becomes a song on the breeze. Candia at Candia Comes Clean is so interesting because not only does she write, but has been experimenting with boussekusekeika, sestinas, rhyme royale, villanelles and other forms of poetry. She is exploring Japanese themes at the moment, so stop by her blog for an interesting time!Sketchuniverse is a virtual meeting point to find and comment on any sketch, drawing or engraving, made by the historical masters. This blog contains so many new and exciting concepts, artists, and styles, along with traditional creative outlets. It is my inspiration for new and unique artwork. You must stop by sometime and just wander his galleries.Another favorite of mine, Gwenniesgardenworld, is full of beautiful photographs of flowers, cacti, and trees. She has such an eye for nature I even have a Sunday Evening Art Gallery devoted to her. I could go on and on with recommendations I ve already spouted about Purplerays,  spiritual enlightenment and self improvement quotes and images;  David Kanigan and Live Learn, whom I ve learned from for years; Jan Beek, sharing spreading love, joy, peace, faith and unity; notquiteold by Nancy Roman, a refreshing trip through getting older;  Tiffany and her Tiffany Arp-Daleo Art blog, a delightful stop for bright and imaginative paintings; and GrannyMoon s Morning Feast, Healing Arts and Pagan Studies, anything you want to know about herbs, tarot cards, charms, and spring cleaning.Good blogs are everywhere. Start one. Read one. Share one.Share this:FacebookRedditEmailTwitterLinkedInTumblrLike this:Like Loading... This past week has been the beginning of something good. Positive. Promising.We are always warned not to get too excited about things we want to see or do or accomplish. After all, it may not happen. Then where will we be? Standing in the middle of the road with egg on our face because we got excited over nothing.I m here to tell you that s the worst advice anyone could give you.Anticipation is one of the most positive energies you can experience. It s okay to be super excited about the last day of school before summer vacation or going camping with your family next month.Why can t you be just as excited about your creative future?I got accepted into my first Art Fair last week. Whether shoppers will be interested in my wares is another story. THIS story is that I get to set up a booth and show off my sparkles and bring some smiles into other people s lives.Will I make any money? Probably not much. Will I make back my initial investment? Who knows? But I m doing something I ve never done before and am looking forward to having fun with it, no matter what.I m also excited because in a few months I m going to expand my blog. I m thinking of offering Angel Tears to my friends and readers, although I m not sure how big of an expansion step I m ready to take yet. But at least I m thinking about it.I ve also started my second I Dreamed I Was In Paris book. There was a lot of research and stress and imagination involved, but I loved every minute of it. I do so love writing, and I want to experience that again. Speaking of writing, I also am going to put my first Paris book online for a free download just because. I ve got other books, too, that I want to eventually share. I don t care about being published. E-books? Maybe down the line. I m more interesting in just making people happy right now.People who hide their work, waiting for the right time to share it with friends and strangers, will never find the right time. No one is ever going to read or see your work if it stays hidden. And that s sad.What if no one likes my Tears? My books? What if I don t recoup the investment I ve made in time, materials, research, and physical effort?Who cares?Do you ever recoup your investment in dinners you make that no one eats? Do you recoup the effort put into learning new skills that your employer has no use for? Or the investments you ve made in buying trombones and pianos for your kids who only want to play video games after school?I always say it s the journey that counts, not the destination. Your thoughts may be, Ah .. but when you get where you re going, then what? I say, Great! Where do we go next? Better to have a lot of places to see, things to do, dreams to aim for, than to sit home, never venturing out at all. Better to share than never to know.It s all there waiting for you. Go and have fun with your creativity.After all Everything s Coming Up Roses for Me and for You!Share this:FacebookRedditEmailTwitterLinkedInTumblrLike this:Like Loading... I was watching the movie Predator  the other night, and the scene of the invisible predator reminded me of this blog from 2016. I still feel the same way. I still won t walk through the woods at night. Have fun!I was watching TV the other evening. A horror flick. Or SF. Or both. No matter.Predator. You know — the Sci Fi movie with Arnold and a bunch of special forces macho men. You know the story line — the alien who comes to Earth to hunt humans for sport.  Well, there was one scene closer to the beginning of the movie that made me pull out a camera and take a picture of the TV screen — a scene that flashed the words blog topic into my brain.The men are walking through the jungle, in and out of clearings, when one of the soldiers stops. Just stops and looks ahead. At the trees, at the jungle. Silence. When asked what was up, Billy said there was something out there watching them. Something you couldn’t see.That kind of terror gets to me much more than blood and guts.The fear of the unknown.Some people can sense something’s not right way before it hits you like a pie in the face. We all have intuition, but some just live with it turned on high, while others barely crack the surface.Do you ever sense things that are — unnatural? Nebulous? Out of our sphere of reality?I don’t care for the scientific explanations. I understand them, I agree with them. But that doesn’t stop me from wondering — what if something was watching us? Something invisible, fifth dimension-ish and all that?I’ve seen dogs avoid places in the wild; some would rather pee on themselves than check out some particular place. I’ve heard stories of birds avoiding certain trees and wild animals refusing to walk through certain areas.It’s like seeing something out of the corner of your eye. If you turn and focus, the thing is gone. But for that fleeting moment you swear there is something there. It is hearing songs on the wind when everyone else hears a lawn mower. Or seeing a glow in the woods that everyone else says are lightning bugs.I know that none of these abnormalities exist — at least not on a scientific level. The guy I dated 40 years ago dashed a lot of my airy faerie ideas out of my head when he insisted science is much more fascinating than imagination.But through the years I’ve regained some of my fascination with the “unknown.” I love to entertain the impossible. The improbable. The ridiculous. For within those worlds lies even more remarkable truths. At least for the person experiencing them.I have never seen the clear, wavy distortions of a Predator before they become visible. I’ve never seen a unicorn drinking from a stream or a faerie dancing through the night.Or have I?We all see things that aren’t there. As we get older and memories fade, what we think we remember isn’t necessarily what happened. The conversations change, the situations change — we rework the past to fit our current psyche. So what I thought my father said before he died might not have been what he really said. The punchline of an old movie might not be the quote I spout out to friends and family.To be honest, I am spooked by things I don’t understand. I don’t like walking through the woods in the dark, or driving down unfamiliar deserted roads at night, or playing Mary Worth in the mirror. Whether it’s an overactive imagination or the true sensing of something beyond reality, I prefer to deal with the unknown my own way.Avoidance.I figure don’t tempt the gods.Share this:FacebookRedditEmailTwitterLinkedInTumblrLike this:Like Loading... April 8, 2021April 7, 2021 ~ humoringthegoddess ~ 27 Comments I have been fretting for some time about WordPress blocking access to Classic Editor.I m old fashioned. I m technically challenged.  I m lazy.I like Word Press just the way it is. I don t need nor want fancy new blocks and all that go with it. I ve been around my block enough to know that I want to stay on my own one-way street.So this morning I set up a little chat with the Word Press Support Group. This is how it went: (I m red)Support ChatIs WordPress totally getting rid of classic editor? I know many who are moving away because of the change.Hello thereMorning!There are no current plans to fully remove the Classic editor as of now. The Classic Block will be in the editor for many years to come and we do still allow you to use the full classic editor for your site.Thank you. I much prefer the old way and have talked to other bloggers planning on leaving wp because of the change.Sure, that s understandable! Many users really like the way the classic editor works and we wouldn t want to just remove that from you.How long will classic editor be availableI don t have a date that I d be able to provide as the WordPress community works on making those changes together, but as far as I know, there won t be any changes to that for the next few years.I will pass along the word. Thank you.So there you have it. To WordPress Support: you have great support people. Please don t stop giving us a choice. To those of you who follow this blog and have backed away from your own because you are confused as to how to get back to classic editor: come back.We all have our ways to get into Classic Editor. I m sure there s a legit, sensible way. But you know me. I m hardly ever sensible.I create a document in block; I type one word in the title then save the blog. I hit the back button and go to my left sidebar to all posts. I find the one I just created (the one with only one word), and click on Classic Editor.Voila! I m back in the Dark Ages! Where I like it just fine.If you have a different way of getting to C.E., let us know. If you love the new blocks, Hoo Ha! I am proud of you. Keep blogging. No matter how confused you may feel. Creativity is our life line.We can overcome and hold on to Classic Editor at least for a couple a more years.Share this:FacebookRedditEmailTwitterLinkedInTumblrLike this:Like Loading... Something different. A poem from 2011. Reflections before/during/after writing my first book. Come along.Eternity RoadI see you driving down the laneGolden leaves guiding you homeYour heart is not in your worldIt floats in seas blue and greenNot of your worldYou search for shadowsHoping to make them realTo bring them into your lightAnd make them whole.Time and space are curious thingsThey take shape in the mindAnd vaporize in the void of nowWe reach to make them our ownYet they laugh at our beingOur very nerveYou wait, heart in handDriving tirelessly to the ends of the earthI wait for youLost in another world of time and spiritEmpty wine glassesHold the promise of eternityYet somehow I knowYou are lost on the highway of dreamsThe golden leaves have turned to iciclesThe music has stoppedThe building has closed, the doors lockedYet I see you driving down the laneTrying to find meLost in your own worldIn your own dreamsIt’s too late, it didn’t workI came to the end of my bookThe last page of our hopeShelved with the dreams of othersDickens, Mitchell, AustenExplanations that came too lateRoads that never made their way homeI never give up hopeThat you will follow the hidden pathwayTo my arms, to my heartI will wait for time to tick forwardEver evolving, ever flowingMy heart holds yours in trustUntil you find your way back homeShare this:FacebookRedditEmailTwitterLinkedInTumblrLike this:Like Loading... April 3, 2021April 3, 2021 ~ humoringthegoddess ~ 13 Comments Is there a particular place you go to find inspiration for your craft?Is there a view that inspires you every time you experience it? Music that makes you want to write or paint or knit or carve? Walks or vistas or scenery that triggers your creative muse?Years ago I used to walk the path behind the University in my town. The paths took me past an open field, into the woods, down groomed and ungroomed paths, to a spot where a huge tree had fallen to its  forever-sleep position some time earlier.I used to dream on those paths. I planned my B B strategy there, my novels, my travels, the new-and-improved ME there. A lot of stories came to light in those woods a lot of love and angst and fantasy came alive as I walked in early morning sunlight or late afternoon twilight.That was many years ago. Before retirement, before grandbabies, before the pandemic. Days when I vainly tried to turn my data computer job into a writing job. When I dreamed of being published or being thinner or whatever daydreams haunted my world back then.What made me think about this question today was that I drove down a winding road this morning on my way to the Vet. A road that I haven t driven on, really, since I left/was let go of my job. This drive inspired two novels and a couple of short stories and at least one poem I can think of. I hadn t driven down this road for so long I d forgotten what inspiration felt like.Old inspiration.I now walk my own little patch of woods, looking for faeries and a cornfield that leads to another world and an archway that takes me to Paris. I think my Angel Tears are somewhere in there, too.But I think it s time to walk a new woods. Sit on a new shore. Time to find inspiration in a new place, while keeping a foot in my current one. It s time to experience the transcending moment true inspiration brings.How about you?Share this:FacebookRedditEmailTwitterLinkedInTumblrLike this:Like Loading... Last August I wrote a lovely little blog about Your Favorite Opening Sentence. How Language is the foundation of many of the Arts. To instruct, to classify, to share your Art you must understand and communicate with words. And how important an opening sentence and/or paragraph can be.I shared one of my favorite openings, the first paragraph of H.P. Lovecraft s Call of the Cthulhu:The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents. We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far. The sciences, each straining in its own direction, have hitherto harmed us little; but some day the piecing together of dissociated knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas of reality, and of our frightful position therein, that we shall either go mad from the revelation or flee from the deadly light into the peace and safety of a new dark age.I love the atmospheric set up for the whole piece.Another great opening paragraph is in Charles Dicken s Tale of Two Cities:It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to Heaven, we were all going direct the other way—in short, the period was so far like the present period, that some of its noisiest authorities insisted on its being received, for good or for evil, in the superlative degree of comparison only.And, a final tribute, the opening paragraph from The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson:No live organism can continue for long to exist sanely under conditions of absolute reality; even larks and katydids are supposed, by some, to dream. Hill House, not sane, stood by itself against its hills, holding darkness within; it had stood for eighty years and might stand for eighty more. Within, walls continued upright, bricks met neatly, floors were firm, and doors were sensibly shut; silence lay steadily against the wood and stone of Hill House, and whatever walked there, walked alone.I realize two of my three examples are from the macabre side of town, but that s precisely it how you know from the opening paragraph what the feel of the book is about.There are many ways to start a story. A book. Conversations, descriptions of locations, someone s thoughts on their life. First person, third person, omnipotent. All need be done with skill and flow if the conversations and descriptions and locations are to bring us into their world.It s not easy. I have written many books, and some beginnings are better than others. It s not easy catching a reader s attention in just a few sentences.From: Corn and Shadows:“You cannot live in both worlds.”The words echoed in the back of Anna s mind like waves hitting the breakwater. Soft, rhythmic. They made no sense, at least not in their current context. She tried to hold onto the silver threads, but they slowly faded into meaningless whispers. All her mind could focus on was the slow, continuous beeping that radiated from some distant point.From: I Dreamed I Was in ParisTo write a book about traveling to Paris is like …To write a book about staying in Paris is like …To write a book about what I learned in Paris is like … Nearly impossible.And finally, from: Gaia and the Etruscans:My name is Gaia Borealis.I was told most introductions, most self-driven non-fiction recordings, start out with a name and an insight. Well, as you can see, my name is not of the usual variety. I suppose you could say the same about my life. Of course, doesn’t everyone say that?All my beginnings are different. Different styles, different emotions, different points of view. Sometimes the beginnings came easy I knew the perfect start. Others I wanted to set the personality of the main character in the first paragraph..The point of this blog is that, if you are a writer, your opening paragraph is the most important piece of writing you ll ever do. You need to make your beginning insightful, curious, tempting, flowing, and indicative of things to come. Catch our attention. Give us a feel for the rest of the book.What are some of your favorite opening paragraphs? I d love to hear what sets your reading rockets off!Share this:FacebookRedditEmailTwitterLinkedInTumblrLike this:Like Loading... March 31, 2021March 31, 2021 ~ humoringthegoddess ~ 15 Comments I hate being anthropomorphic.No that s not a political state of mind, nor a medical condition. The word comes from Anthropomorphism. The attribution of human traits, emotions, or intentions to non-human entities.I am very anthropomorphic.This is not to be a conversation/discussion of if and how animals think and feel. I will leave that to philosophers and researchers. I just hate feeling three-dimensional about animals. Most emotions are straight on. Agree, disagree. Understand, Don t Understand. Understand yet don t like, don t understand.Sifting through the emotions I feel when I see dead animals on the side of the road or in healthy zoo environments is not always an easy line for me to follow. I went to the zoo today with my family. The Zoo is a wonderfully clean and organized sanctuary for endangered and non-endangered animals. The animals have doctors, caretakers, chefs, and zoologists to take care of them more than many of us have. If it were not for zoos many people would never know what some animals like rhinos or giraffes look like.So I get it.But when I look into the eyes of a gorilla or a seal I sometimes feel they are speaking to me. Talking to me.And it creeps me out.Thinking that orangutans are reading my mind or giraffes are asking to be set free in the wild is, for me, a step across the line. I mean, free the giraffes just to have them be eaten by lions or starve to death? Thinking the gorilla is wondering in human words What are you looking at? when he has no idea who or what ~I~ am, does nothing but arouse unneeded guilt, grief, and remorse in me. This cosmic picture is much bigger than I am.I think this all goes back to the life and death and life-after-death thing. The one-minute-you re-alive-the-next-minute-you re-dead thing. I don t deal well with that topic so I try to think about other things, which leads my wandering mind to think about others trying not to think about it either, including animals.One reason I shouldn t dwell on these things is that my mind is so convoluted when it comes to mixing reality and fantasy.I m glad I got to see the animals with my grandkids, and hope I instilled a respect and reverence in them for life in general and zoo animals in particular. Sometimes that s all you can do.Don t overthink things. Don t put your thoughts in someone else s head.Even if that head belongs to a giraffe.Share this:FacebookRedditEmailTwitterLinkedInTumblrLike this:Like Loading... I don t want to be that person.I don t want to be the person that follows hundreds dare I say it thousands of blogs, yet reads nary a one. The one that pops in once every few months to quick read a few posts, only to gain zero knowledge of the person behind the posting.I m not saying we all should be best friends through our blogs. The world is too big for all of us to constantly connect. We d be like a plate of fried eggs sooner or later, dry with only an over-cooked center to show for our efforts.But I can t help but hit the follow button when I follow a lead which leads me to more of what makes me feel good. Often it s poetry, but lately it s been crafts, photography words and images that touch my center.And I add yet another name I don t get to enjoy as often as I should.I don t want to be one of those people.One of those empty followers.I want to absorb a bit of every post I read, understand and identify with some, be entertained by others. I want to nod my head in agreement or smile in reaction.I don t want to be one of those people who once a week go through their ledger and click on those who I follow and read a couple of their blogs before moving on to the next person. But I feel like one.That s why I tried not to follow too many people when I first started blogging. Some have stuck around, others have wandered down different paths. I wanted to show I was loyal to their following me, and returned the F in kindness.Then I started discovering blogs through other people s blogs and opened up a whole new world of creativity. How could I say no?Thank goodness I am retired I have a bit of time each day to at least read today s contributions. Is this the kind of follower you want to be?Is this the kind of follower who follows me?Am I just a notch in someone else s never-ending belt of a blog once read and soon forgotten?And should I care if I am? At least I m on that belt.Then I look out the window on a Sunday morning, lovely music in the background, coffee perking, a day s worth of creativity (I do my best to make housework creative, too) in front of me, and know that creativity often does not come with rewards.It doesn t always come with first-place ribbons or shiny trophies or extra dollars in your pocket for your labor. Creativity is self-rewarding. We create because it makes us feel good. If we pick up admirers on the way, that s frosting on the cake. But it s the actual high of making something out of nothing that is the thrill of the chase.Thank all of you who read the Goddess, and thank all of you who just pass through and wave. We all are making the world a better place for each other.Share this:FacebookRedditEmailTwitterLinkedInTumblrLike this:Like Loading... GWENNIESGARDENWORLDBLUE HYACINTHThese blue hyacinths are in bloom today in my garden. I couldn’t resist putting one in a yellow vase, I love the combination blue and yellow. I just took one flower as they bloom much longer in the garden than in a vase.After I took this photo I put it in my livingroom on the coffee table, my whole house smell’s like Spring now !Have a great weekend all !!View original postHappy Vernal Equinox!Mother Nature is blessing us with a new cycle of regeneration and renewal!On this sacred day of equal hours of day and night, we are reminded of importance of finding balance as we grow into our new selves. It is a call to birth our dreams into reality and celebrate new life and beginnings!Blessings to all!❤ Rivers in the OceanArt by Lucy GrossmithThose of you who dream of housefuls of dogs and cats running around happy and free most likely have never had cats and dogs running around free.Oh, I m not against having more than one pet per household. I have had two dogs and two cats at one time, and loved them immensely.Maybe I should rephrase that.Those of you who dream of housefuls of dogs and cats running around happy and free have never babysat several dogs from several different families at one time.We took our current dog as a donation from a family member because she was too crazy as a pup around a newborn. We have been taking care of a different family member s little dog for over a year, (I believe she is permanently mine now), and just took in my son s young lab for a few days while they move. We also have a cat who doesn t leave the closet for the duration of my son s dog s visit.Throw in two grandkids under 5 and it becomes true chaos.The visiting puppy relentless pursues the older dog for wrestling matches, and chases the littler dog just because he can. The cat was almost eaten the last time the dog visited, and all three mooch popcorn and cookies from the little ones. The visiting dog has to sleep in his cage, which promotes whines and barks at 2 a.m., the other having escaped his madness by sleeping on our bed (along with the hiding cat). The three-year-old constantly chases kitty to give her an oversized squeeze hug, and the five-year-old smothers the little dog when he gives hugs.Food falls from tables and little hands into waiting mouths, and all this excitement makes the dogs need to go outside every hour.Indeed, it s mass chaos.I ve been taking care of my grandkids a little more this past month as they pack and get ready to move to their new house this weekend. And I realized God knew what he was doing when he decided that 68-year-olds can t get pregnant.I love them to pieces I love their visits and their hugs and their stories. I am blessed with their being in my life every single day.And I definitely like the affection of dogs and cats.But by Sunday afternoon I m in search of a comfy chair, a book or computer, and nobody around. Peace and quiet. All alone. Hoping you  find a way to fit mad pets and kids into your life. They add years to your life, and help you enjoy the peace and quiet even more.Share this:FacebookRedditEmailTwitterLinkedInTumblrLike this:Like Loading...

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