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"In my opinion, it is always very important for an architect to look for solutions to new problems of different scales. Look for your own approach and carefully study the context, delicately add new objects, woven into the prevailing culture and locality.""Architecture competitions seek out non-traditional solutions. It allows the creative process to thrive and to stimulate the imagination. Besides this freedom, it is a good opportunity to take up new challenges with different people. Learning from their way of thinking allows the sharpening your own vision. And most of all, it s fun!""Architecture competitions are opportunities that allow free expression that leads you to resolve a specific and usually uncommon conflict. They are the perfect medium to experiment and explore new limits, that is, to innovate and open your mind towards the architecture of which you would be really proud. For this reason, we participate in competitions in which we value our way of understanding architecture.""Architectural competitions are great opportunities for architects to experience being able to go beyond the limits of their routine life. Competitions are ideal for testing their design abilities on universal, international design platforms and providing an environment for independent design claims.""Participating in a competition allows me to question myself again and again, and to not forget that architecture cannot have the same answer everywhere to the same questions. It allows me to re-think my positions, to connect with different contexts and learn about them. Architectural competitions are a way to keep learning about our world, and about architecture.""Architecture competitions have various themes and limited preferences. The design that I create through the storytelling and penetrating concepts awaken potential creativity. Projects that emerge through many concerns and discussions help the further growth of participants and demonstrate their potential for development.""Competitions, like school, allow for the freedom to play , test ideas, take risks, to be unusual. Besides the benefit of exploring ideas and representational methods beyond the sometimes-banal day-to-day tasks of the profession, competitions allow me the opportunity to demonstrate who I am as an architectural designer, from the selection of competition briefs and sites to the choice of materials and organizational strategies, to the final panel layouts.""It is an opportunity to challenge yourself and to stimulate creativity, especially because you can explore different concepts and scenarios. It is a passion project that fills you up with energy even if you're already overworked. There is a presence of the unknown, and the only thing guiding you is your sense. And there is that sweet beginning of a new project and all the possibilities it brings.""An architectural competition is an extraordinary opportunity to take a step back and challenge our capacities to deliver a new project. Even though some ideas are deeply anchored in our conceptual reflex, we have to go beyond and reshuffle the dice.
It is an exciting time to open ourselves to new subjects, new landscapes, and new practices. What we particularly enjoy is debating our ideas to turn them into a vision which would eventually become a built project.""The three of us are very passionate about our job and love discussing architecture, creating concepts and spaces, and communicating our ideas trough drawings and illustrations. So, participating in competitions also means simply having a good time with colleagues and friends. Second of all, we aim to take part in a wider, maybe even international, discussion about what architecture can give to spaces and people. Competitions offer a great chance for young academics or small firms to show their work.""We participate in architecture competitions because it is an opportunity to learn and experiment with new ideas. We enjoy how architecture s creative process combines research and design to familiarize oneself with a different environment and culture. Since this competition took place during a time when travel was limited, this competition allowed our group to direct our creative energy into an expression that allowed for exploration of a new place, which further expanded our knowledge of the world.""Transitioning from school to the real industry is challenging in that execution takes over the projects. While we are deeply immersed in the practical, we wish to maintain our keenness and acuity on conceptual design and design theories through participation in architecture competitions." "Architecture competitions can help to develop new ways of thinking and compare your work with other professionals. They also provide useful insights for the creative presentation of your project.""Architecture competitions are an opportunity to test and explore ideas that would otherwise likely remain in a drawer, never to be formed into something potentially useful. This way, competitions invite innovation.""Architecture competitions offer a platform for us to ask the question 'what if'. It allows us to test out possibilities that are often constrained in professional practice.""Architecture can exist in many different contexts, and while the predominant one that we have worked in has mostly been academic, with some industry experience, it is always beneficial to push in new directions. Competitions such as SKYHIVE provide us with an opportunity to work outside traditional requirements, while also with constraints that challenge us to be innovative in creating solutions.""Competitions can help improve my computer drawing ability and creativity at the fastest speed, and teamwork allows me to learn a lot from my teammates.""Architectural competitions allow me to challenge myself. They offer unusual tasks and uncommon contexts, which I have to solve and propose the proper solution for in my projects. Therefore, it develops me as a flexible architect able to cope with different tasks and issues. Another thing is that international competitions give the best opportunities to declare myself and promote my ideas and philosophy among the worldwide architectural community.""Architecture competitions are great platforms that allow everyone to challenge their ideologies and thoughts on architecture and what architecture can do without the academic or practical constraints can sometimes greatly influence the design.""Participating in architecture competitions gives us the chance to explore our creativity, think outside the box, and develop different design approaches and project methodologies.""I usually do not participate in architectural competitions, but when I saw the call for entry on the website of The Last Nuclear Bomb Memorial, I was really impressed. The assignment offered a work approach on the edge between the field of art installation and architecture, which fits the type of work that excites me.""As junior architects in the beginning of our careers, we are starting to understand the bureaucratic world around architecture. As such, the creative and conceptual line that defines this type of competition is the motivation we need to keep investing in the quality of the architecture we produce daily.""Architecture competitions of this nature allow anyone to challenge and provide a fresh approach to existing design dogmas. It is an incredible chance to step away from the conventional means of execution and present a different perspective to a broader audience. It helps to facilitate change in the profession through exposure and discussion, as well as one s own professional growth. Competitions are a great venue for experimentation, and a laboratory to unpack and test design philosophies.""Competitions fine-tune your design skills and help constantly question current interests. Also, they challenge you to solve problems that on any other occasion would be difficult to solve.""As recently graduated architects, participating in architecture competitions is important because it allows us to keep imagining possibilities and stretching the limits of architecture, without barriers and restrictions; something that can be limited in the professional field once there are budgets and clients involved. We believe it is important for our creative development to continue exploring ideas that challenge us and promote a strong dialogue.""I love all aspects of architecture competitions and the design process; research, discovery, the a-ha moments, iterations, editing, and presentation. Hopefully, the result is innovative, I have learned something from the experience, I can share what I learned, and continue to evolve in this ever-changing world.""It s important for us to participate in design competitions because they provide us with a creative outlet outside of the studio, where we can take part in tackling real-world problems in ways not limited to the confines of traditional rules and boundaries.""It is a good chance to train critical thinking and creativity. It s also a way, besides real practice, to explore and deepen topics that interest us. It helps us to develop a system of thinking and methodology. Working in teams, it is also important to sharpen our ideas via debating and implement them in design. Finally, to present the project is another practice of communication. The whole process gives us a nice opportunity to formulate our argument in answering an architectural question.""Because it s fun. And because it reminds me of being in architecture school, a time I will always cherish. Idea competitions such as this one also provide venues for the unfettered exploration of ideas, and allow architects an idealized opportunity to imagine the way the world ought to be, instead of how it is.""Besides having a deep respect for the tradition of competitions in the field of architecture, we believe this kind of experience provides a perfect venue for showcasing ideas that can be heard by a large audience, having the potential to impact the architectural culture as a whole. We also firmly believe that each competition we have participated in represents a step towards a learning curve, affecting our practice and teaching deeply.""Competitions are invaluable opportunities to research and test ideas that may not be possible to investigate within the confines of a project brief developed in an office or educational environment. Entering a competition deepens the knowledge of place, typology, and tectonic of architecture. Designers are asked to communicate an idea visually in a concise and compelling fashion. Through failures and successes, competitions are skill builders and thought-provoking bombs for those who participate.""We seek out very specific opportunities that allow us to test our latest thoughts and push our theoretical propositions forward. This competition was in line with our current research and spoke to topics that we feel are important for architects to explore. As this one was right in our backyard, we used it to test some new ideas we've been developing.""The reason why we join competitions is that they provide us with a platform to spark our passion and create works freely. Due to various reasons, architects are often facing multiple restrictions in routine work. However, in this competition we can think more about current social issues and problems and pay more attention to the context of our designs. Through improving the design philosophy and updating the traditional design style, we strive to pursue optimum solutions.""We participate in architecture competitions in order to build up and diversify our design portfolio, challenge ourselves, and obtain new skills.""Architecture competitions have a key role in the development of young architects. They stimulate creativity among individuals or teams regardless of their professional experience and background. One the one hand competitions offer fascinating and complex projects to work on. On the other, they allow more freedom in the design process than in real-life projects.""Architecture competitions gave us the opportunity to gain experience and grow up professionally. We think that besides the practice that we gain from these competitions, participating in them is a good way of observing how others perceive a task and respond to the same challenge. We are always looking for different types of competitions on various subjects to gain the upper mentioned experience and get out of our comfort zone.""For fun and for the experience of crossing borders literally and mentally.""This was the first competition I participated in. I entered so that I could regain some autonomy over the type of design practice I wish to engage in. I was able to apply a system of thinking that (compared to other work I ve done in school or practice) originated from a higher level of personal interest and thus, I hope, generated a compelling result.""Having the need to evolve in design and to develop our way of thinking, we are constantly looking for new equations to solve. This is the reason we take part in architectural competitions: to constantly reframe the field of interest, to travel mentally to new places where the restrictions and freedoms we have may be different.""We see architecture competitions as an opportunity to explore the role of architecture beyond our otherwise very limited social circle and context, having to learn about other cultures and contextual characteristics while responding to them. We take each competition as a learning opportunity and build an archive of knowledge out of it to be more holistic designers.""Like many during the pandemic, our graduate prospects were disrupted, and we used competitions to continue our development as designers. As designers early in our architectural careers, competitions allow us the opportunity to not only lead projects but refine our ethos and experiment with its application.""We participate in architectural competitions because we want to act together to realize a common vision on an architecture that respects and links its local surrounding, environment and people.""Architecture competitions are a great way to challenge my creative skills. It is also an opportunity for me to design a broad variety of programs. What excites me the most is being able to design different buildings, scales, programs, etc.""We think architecture competitions are the purest way for us to reflect upon our work without our self-biased eyes, because we need more than a pair of eyes to value how the architecture works. Architecture competitions also allow us to express our sense of creativity and explore different ways to create an architectural design.""This is the first time we participate in an international architecture competition. We got really attracted to this particular project, because we saw it as an opportunity to work in a project that required the kind of knowledge we ve acquired during our career as architects, which we usually don t get a chance to use working as freelancers. Also, we saw it as a way to show our work to a bigger audience and make our little contribution to the world.""Competitions are a great opportunity to exercise creative freedom and regain a sense of autonomy and ownership over our work. As working professionals, diverse competition projects are a great luxury. They allows us to try our hands in projects with unique challenges and social missions that we don t normally get to experience. Lastly, if we win, it is a great way to get our name out there and potentially have our project built.""This competition led our team through an exciting and rigorous design exercise. Architecture competitions are conducive to remote learning and helped us remain engaged during the Covid-19 pandemic. Furthermore, we explored design problems outside of the traditional architectural setting and within a unique cultural context.""We are both working and attending school which can get overwhelming and limiting at times. Choosing our competitions allows us to escape our pragmatic daily routine, is a way to exercise our minds, and acts as a platform to test our ideas. Competitions are also challenges that give us the opportunity to work on different scales and discover diverse locations.""Through competitions you are able to express yourself in a very raw and creative way straight from your soul. An idea is growing without all the noise of daily (work-)life. Viewed upside down, it s also a way of finding yourself by researching topics you identify with.""Competitions provide an avenue for the exploration of ideas, often beyond the constraints of conventional project commissions. To grow as a designer, we believe, this exploration is critical. The competition process also enables our studio to explore new project opportunities which otherwise we would not have access to.""We think that competitions are a stimulating exercise for creativity, a way of responding to the needs of people and the environment in total freedom. To measure oneself with uncommon themes, in different environmental contexts where one can express one's own art.""Competitions represent the means to be able to intervene directly in the public sphere through projects capable of dealing with architecture as a tool for the community. They remain the main means of being able to condition the image of the landscape without private superstructures, following a common vision of architecture." "Architecture competitions give me the opportunity to test ideas/concepts and allow for a creative and playful design.""When you are young, a competition helps you find a narrative, present an idea, and get familiar with silly deadlines. As you get older, a competition is a good way to break routine. Competitions offer a rare opportunity to showcase and experiment with ideas and architectural expression without restrictions. You challenge your skills and learn new things.""For us, taking part in architectural vision competition is a big chance for experimentation with space and structure, an opportunity to celebrate the design process and to face unusual topics. It develops us as professionals and motivates us to search for new ways of thinking about architecture.""We think that taking part in competitions is a very interesting experience that broadens our horizons. It provides us with an opportunity to work in a group setting and prepares us for our future careers. Participation in competitions enables us to present our design vision to a larger audience and compare it with the ideas of other participants.""Competitions help to engage and think about projects with less constraints, which allows to create new fundamental concepts and values.""Competitions are a chance to interpret new problems, programs, habitats, and people, broadening your horizons and enabling personal growth both as an architect and as a person.""We see the competition as a challenge, forcing us to get out of our comfort zone. It s an interesting exercise where we have to experiment and materialize ambitious ideas, thus pushing our boundaries of creativity and freedom. Furthermore, it is a great opportunity to experiment with new graphic representation techniques to communicate about architecture.""Architectural competitions undoubtedly are the ultimate testing ground for our creative competence and problem-solving skills. As vital as they are for the architectural field in general, they represent a form of intellectual playground for developing our innovative thinking. Beyond the individual benefits of personal and professional growth and work fulfilment, architectural competitions facilitate the most democratic system for designing our environment.""The greater dynamism of the competition platforms has been contributing, in a very positive way, to publicize new teams, approaches, and different work processes that end up contributing to the plurality of contemporary architecture practice all over the world. For all these reasons, participation in architecture contests proves to be very challenging, as it makes it possible to materialize ideas freely and spontaneously, which often does not happen in the professional context.""It is the opportunity to try new ideas and to set ourselves design challenges that we are not used to on a daily basis. Contests are the means of expressing our creativity, finding tools and knowledge that we can later apply in our professional practice.""In our particular case, architecture competitions allow us to reflect and explore our theoretical concepts about design, as well as to understand and perfect our creative process.""This competition allowed me to apply the skills I acquired during my studies and the knowledge I gained from personal research to a real building task. It was highly instructive to design a building in the framework of structural, practical, and environmental boundaries.""The participation in architecture competitions gives us the opportunity to share our voice in architecture through drawings and design, hoping to resonate with a certain audience. It is also an engaging way to maintain the excitement, creative freedom, and professional motivation for the development of individual extracurricular design projects and collaborations.""Unlike in school, the process of an architecture project is long. It can take up to a year or even a decade to complete a single project. And it takes more time to solve practical problems than to actually do the plan. The competition allows us to think of new ideas and test them out in various projects in different countries that are not usually encountered. Competitions give you the opportunity to think of new things and it will motivate you to work on them.""To explore possibilities and apply my thoughts of architecture through different competition themes. Taking part in competitions allows me to step away from reality; it is a chance to explore your creativity and exhibit the most interesting works.""Our work within the agency also flourishes in a theoretical and prospective reflection of architecture and the project process. Participation in competitions offers a privileged time to refocus and provoke reflection on subjects that interest us through conceptual and immediate responses. We integrate this time into an internal research process, more global and transversal than the usual pragmatic practice of an agency.""Outside our academic and professional lives, we are constantly debating various architectural ideas. Sitting in a bar with a couple of beers, smoking cigarettes, and sketching on paper napkins it is usually the moment when the best ideas come to the table, and we look for the right competitions to showcase them.""We really enjoy the freedom inscribed in architecture competitions. We try to always challenge ourselves to go further than the most obvious answer to the questions asked. For us, it is an opportunity to test the congruency in the process of elaboration of our ideas, hence testing the integrity of our work.""We are particularly attentive and sensitive to issues of architectural design, urban regeneration, and social innovation. In participating in architecture competitions, we see an important opportunity for growth and greater acquisition of professional skills through an experiential process that stimulates creativity and innovation in a competitive environment.""We both think that architecture competitions are a good way to exercise flexibility in design after years of working on commercial projects away from school. Commercial projects tend to be driven by stakeholder interests, and that draws away from a very pure and even wild form of design. Architecture competitions stretch the imagination, allowing for us to do stuff that we are unable to do in everyday projects.""We believe competitions are a platform for us to express our thoughts on social issues with architecture. It is a great way to explore and refine our architecture ethos through different architecture competitions.""After graduating, opportunities to express and develop personal philosophies and ideas without constraints are rare for a young designer. Entering competitions has allowed me to do exactly this.""Participating in competitions is not an easy task, whether you are a professional or a student. It takes time to prepare a good project for any competition, and, quite frankly, it is not easy to win them. So, surely, they could start to feel like a wasted effort and a drain of intelligence, as Rem has put it. But at the same time, architectural competitions provide a platform for both the student and the professional to deliberate on a dissimilar typology, which can be beneficial in a number of different ways.""Architecture competitions are adventures in which we can present our ideas to a worldwide platform. It is indeed a stimulating environment that challenges our mentality and point of view and pushes the boundaries of design.""We participate in architecture competitions in hopes of pushing the boundaries of design. These competitions are a canvas for new opportunities. In these briefs, there are no right or wrong answers.""I like to challenge myself, and during every competition I learn something new. It is a very intense process, but I wouldn t change it for anything else. At the end of the competition, I love to go through my sketches and steps to see the path that I have taken and what I can improve in the future.""Competitions provide a framework to explore how we see the world. A brief is the key that opens up and constrains our imagination.""Architecture competitions provide me with the rare opportunity for complete freedom of design, the chance to do what I feel is right without limitations.""This is the second time I participate in a worldwide contest, and the reason why I do it is because I can explore different lines of design, constructive methods, users, materials, and everything outside of the conventional.""We participate in architecture vision competitions because, as young architects, we can develop our skills on an international stage. It is an excellent opportunity to discipline ourselves and push forward our design limits.""We love to challenge ourselves and to test our ideas in the global context.""We participate in competitions to seek more opportunities to learn about the world of architecture. We see it as a chance to refine and practice the skills we have and through this find our purpose and identity in the way we think and design.""Because it represents an occasion to explore extreme contexts and unique scenarios.""For us, participating in architecture competitions represents a promise of being able to explore architectural ideas in their pure sense. We can work through ideas without being distracted by the conservative restraints and limitations that our projects typically encounter.""Our main reason of participation is that it offers a thinking breakthrough for the way we perceive day-to-day architecture. Another reason is to also convey our design intention and content through an open architecture medium.""Architectural competitions are a breeding ground for new ideas and new talent; they smash preconceptions, break down barriers, and produce award-winning designs. I participate in architectural competitions to immerse into a creative process, guided by a set of difficult challenges, and to bring to life a solution and response that did not exist before.""We participate in architecture competitions to test our ideas and skillsets and challenge our preconceived concepts of what has been done and how we can do it differently it gives us the perfect platform to test daring/radical ideas.""I love how there can be a huge variety of unique designs in response to the same issue. I also love the idea of tackling a real-world issue whilst remaining free to explore conceptual ideas.""Architecture competitions are the right medium to challenge our preconceptions of what is around us and push us to imagine the future we want to live in. Competitions are a great way to develop our thinking and ideas, creating a starting point to make these visions become a reality.""We would like to be exposed to more designs and opportunities which we rarely encounter in our daily work. Our work is more about high-rise buildings, so thinking about a socially related project would exercise our way of thinking in more complex things. Also, acting as not just a designer in a team helped us develop a deeper understanding about the operation of a project. We recapped after we submitted the competition board and summarized which aspects we can improve in and how we will plan the next one.""An architecture competition allows us to think outside of the box and test different solutions to respond to current challenges, such as fast-growing cities and increasing housing demands.""The development of real architectural projects comes with a myriad of restrictions. I choose to participate in architectural competitions as a means of eliminating some of these limitations and opening the door to new paradigms and possibilities within my designs. This allows me to push my interests far beyond their typical barriers and produce topical projects that can inspire real world works.""Competitions allow me to explore broader architectural concepts beyond the limitations of the office routine. They help to rekindle the inspiration necessary to maintain healthy creativity.""By participating in architectural competitions, we allow ourselves to investigate an interest that may include a specific program, scale, or construction that is not commonly explored in academia. Additionally, it is a medium that enables us to render ideas with a potential physical outcome spaces that people will be able to inhabit and experience.""In practice, I have to fight the laws and regulations of the community, face a limited budget, and suffer emotional sentiment by the owner. I left the real world for a moment and participated in the competition to ask myself questions. This is like participating in an F1 match. I wanted to get out of the city streets where I had to commute, and run the autobahn at unlimited speed.""In this kind of environment, there is much more freedom and creativity involved, and it is overall a good exercise. On the other hand, one could always decide to base the design on more pragmatic decisions, as we intended to do in the proposal submitted. This duality makes vision competitions unique.""We see competitions as challenges that can put our team work, our knowledge and our commitment to an idea up to the task. This kind of competitions can test our passion and love for architecture and brings a reality check due to the client s specifications.""I like to think of myself as a creative person and I need to create things. Participating in architecture vision competitions allows me to explore the productive side of my personality. It s inspiring and stimulating.""Being that both of us are recent graduates who are starting our professional careers, we both struggle at times to gain the level of authority desired in design projects at work. We see architecture vision competitions as frameworks for us to structure and explore ideas, while simultaneously creating a platform for us to advance our skill sets and hone our design sensibilities.""The most important reason why I participate in architecture competitions is to keep being creative. I can experiment however I want with less constraint than in professional practice.""Architecture competitions give us the chance to explore forms, contexts, materials, or languages different from those that we encounter in our day-to-day work. They keep us looking for new ideas and maintaining a fresh design approach.""I participated in competitions both with design teams and by myself, and I believe that in both cases I had the opportunity to grow. When you work in a team, ideas originate from the union of different sensibilities and you learn from the confrontation with other members of the group, whereas working alone you have the chance to look inside yourself and to understand what really interests you.""By exploring architecture with actual construction plans in mind and outputting those ideas, we grow.""As a small practice, architecture vision competitions give us the opportunity to test new ideas and flex our creative skills on projects outside of our norm. Approaching projects such as this with freedom and experimentation allows us to develop new skills and mediums for project delivery. This has been seen to inspire the team to develop new skills and knowledge that can be adapted into live projects ongoing within the practice.""Participating in a competition is a good way to motivate ourselves, especially during the time of the pandemic, when the whole industry slows down and employment comes to a standing point a competition is what keeps our spirits up and our minds active.""Our daily working environment requires us to provide very practical design solutions for clients. Architecture vision competitions give us the opportunity to think outside of the box and stimulate our creativity with diverse ideas and project locations that challenge our comfort zone.""Participation in competitions, as well as in exhibitions and publications, for us has become a way to develop our practice and be in dialogue with others."1st prize winners “KURGI OBSERVATION TOWER” competition:Daniel Norell, Einar Rodhe and Agnes M hrer from Sweden! "Architecture competitions offer a chance to develop proposals based on a diversity of briefs that allow for wide speculation on architectural ideas. Whilst they are grounded in contemporary issues, they allow for the freedom to engage in a far more conceptual way. This ability to design with fewer constraints offers an opportunity to enhance our creative thinking skills and demonstrate our abilities to a wider audience.""We think it s interesting to see the variety of answers and proposals that result from the same brief.""This has been my first competition entry. Having had my work placement in Copenhagen cancelled due to COVID-19, I decided to take part in an architectural competition to challenge myself and practice the design skills I have learnt at university. It was also an opportunity to explore my own interests and explore ideas which may not be possible within the restrictions of a university project brief.""The housing shortage is one of the most important global social issues of today, and it was interesting to me to see how we could respond to it through the language of space. Architecture vision competitions provide a great opportunity and platform to see and learn a lot from other great works and ideas.""We are interested in experimenting with different architectural approaches and aestheticism throughout the design process of our projects, and we think we would grow as designers that have wider exposure in this creative field.""Because we want to have a lot of different and interesting experiences related to architecture.""In recent years at LTU, many design courses provide projects that are based off of real time competitions. Though the outcome of the course is not to submit for the competition, it s really great because it gives students the opportunity to participate if they wish.""Competitions are a great way to share your architectural vision and develop innovative avant-garde ideas with an essence.""Competitions are a great way to challenge the norms of the industry and design freely again without the formal restrictions that we have become a little too familiar with.""Competitions are an integral part of the studio s focus on research and development (R they provide an opportunity to test, combine and iterate contemporary ideas and technologies that become part of our growing tool kit.""Because they allow us put theoretical visions into practice and push the boundaries of architecture. Moreover, a competition is always a way to learn more and more about yourself and your way to design.""We believe that competitions are the most liberating and creative form of architectural design. It is a great way to challenge ourselves by trying to bring new ideas and develop our thoughts in the field of architecture.""To add to and enrich our university experience, we take part in competitions going beyond the world of student academic work and daily routine with the aim of developing creative ideas.""We decided to join THE ABU DHABI FLAMINGO VISITOR CENTRE - contest at because we like the idea of designing a unique environment. Additionally, the elegant appearance of flamingos and their choreographic movements inspired us to design an interactive pavilion.""This is a chance to create an interesting concept not defined by money. And besides, this is a good opportunity to present our solutions to the many problems with which the world today is measured.""We believe regenerative architecture and sustainable design will be a key aspect in the formation of future generations of architects and users of architecture.""We have been participating in competitions that we consider challenging and that focus on content as well as architectural design." "We believe it is one of the best ways to keep professional creativity alive. by allowing the participants to push their limits. Thanks to these competitions, we as designers are able to widen our capability of thinking and discover new methods. These competitions allow us to push the creative limit with innovative ideas.""For us, taking part in architectural vision competitions is a big chance for experimentation with space and structure, an opportunity to celebrate the design process and to face unusual topics. It develops us as professionals and motivates us to search for new ways of thinking about architecture.""It s been a long time that we ve known each others and wanted to work together, but could not find the occasion. We also prefer working on competitions where there is an opportunity to build, not only create ideas.""Architecture competitions are a way to express our creativity and let our imagination run free. These competitions allow us to develop our architectural design skills and project representation. Furthermore, these are an endless source of inspiration which enable us to begin our professional career. In a very competitive architectural world, this is also a way to have more visibility.""We would like to examine new ideas, experience different design conditions, and expand our opportunities, which is not always possible.""We participate in architecture competitions as a means for unconstrained design exploration. These competitions allow us to dive into our own interests in architecture, space, and construction without the usual limitations of a standard project structure.""The projects proposed in the competitions are incredibly diverse, which allow us to open up new horizons in the practice of the profession. Indeed, on one hand, we are confronted with other realities by discovering different cultures, geographies, local practices and challenges, which open our eyes to the foreign world. On the other hand, participating in competitions fosters a positive and proactive attitude that stimulates creativity in addition to enriching our knowledge.""San Francisco Affordable Housing Challenge reminded me of my graduate thesis project in GSD. The competition provided a great opportunity to revisit and polish the idea, and share it with others.""Thinking about a vision for a specific part makes me grow by studying unknown cultures, studies and situations. Also, my vision could make the globe change. No one knows what will create change and which idea could change our future. Therefore, I consider the problems that are going on and try to create a solution. This small effort could help and change someone s life or some place s problems.""To keep our edge. Speculative design helps architects and urbanists to question norms. Together, through the crucible of vision competitions, we can explore break-throughs ideas for not just for architecture and design, but also for policy, place, and living.""Architecture is about constant learning and development. Competitions allow me to test and explore new ideas, responding to different briefs for sites around the world. As experiments, they re useful as a way to evaluate my own thinking about a site, program and form; more importantly, though, they serve as a forum to explore and evaluate the ideas of other talented designers.""We both enjoy participating in architecture vision competitions and have be doing it together for the last couple of years. We believe these competitions are the perfect platform to be critical of normative frameworks, to dream about unforeseen possibilities, and to explore radical visions that can inform our profession.""We are restless architecture students who are on a quest to learn and we welcome the opportunity to use a platform that supports innovative ideas which influence the future. Competitions are carte blanche for dreams.""Architecture competitions are a representation of freedom where you get to explore your creative ability. An ability which should be exercised on a regular basis and used in practice. Designers face unique challenges in architectural competitions that might be uncommon in the area they practice, which helps an individual to learn the skill of adapting to change.""BOLDR participates in competitions in order to elevate the profession, communicate ideas, and inspire our own practice.""I participate in architecture competitions to synthesize new ideas and push the boundaries of architecture. It is a great opportunity to enhance my computational and graphic skills.""Offtec, as a young society, decides to participate in architecture vision competitions to prove itself constantly and to compare with the major architectural groups at international level, increasing the quality of proposals.""We have just started participating in architectural competitions. We believe that, by working on these projects, we are able to communicate our designs, and hopefully it will help us to grow more in experience and somedaycreate what we could call our own architectural firm.""For me, as an architect, it is an amazing opportunity to express my thoughtsand ideas without facing frames and restrictions. I love to offer my vision of solving certain problems, to experiment and create projects on the verge of reality. The spirit of competition, which I believe should live in the heart of every architect, is a driving force for me.""Architecture competitions are one of the best ways to express the most innovative ideas. And knowing that a lot of people will participate anonymously giveseven more stimulus to think of more driven and revolutionary projects.""Participating in an architecture vision competition provides us with the chance to collaborate with peer students. We are more motivated by working as a team instead of working alone. This type of competition also evaluates our knowledge and practical skills in the field of design and architecture and broadens our vision by competing with talented people around the world.""Architecture competitions are thought experiments for designers. They re great prompts to hone your skills, define ideas and collaborate with friends. The exposure they offer is also an attractive benefit.""The main reason I enter architecture vision competitions is to increase the reach and publicity of my projects. As a young designer, it can be hard to publicize your own work, especially at the beginning. Therefore, competitions can offer a fast track, as the design is often published across many platforms, meaning the audience it reaches is far greater.""Every once in a while, it s good to pause and to put all your skills and knowledge to the test. It s always beneficial to examine how much you have improved and to define or redefine your weaknesses. Plus, it s fun. I treat it as a hobby.""This is my first architecture competition. I was previously working on a personal project of my own related to bird feeders. I felt that the ideas I was generating there could be implemented into the design of a birdhouse as well. The competition was a great opportunity to share my ideas and push myself to learn and apply new skills.""Architecture competitions are an important outlet for architects and students, they provide a platform where people can express their ideas to like-minded individuals without the constraints of budget or pragmatism. Competitions are important within our field because they allow us to pursue our endeavor to define the zeitgeist of the 21st century.""I think participating in the competition can be unrestrictive, to open the mind as much as possible, to inspire the heart with the most essential ideas. It should be a pleasure to present these ideas to the public.""As a practical architect I often get caught up on the idea/routine that I should only apply my abilities to the built environment and tend to forget that I can offer more. Architecture competitions allow architects to keep a bridge between practical architecture and the realm of academia to create unique proposals.""It is a lot of fun solving vision competitions and it is a huge challenge for us. As students we do not have enough time to gain experience during our studies apart from during one semester when we have to do at mandatory 6-month internship. Therefore, we do try to participate in international architecture competitions to gain more practice.""Competitions like this spark our imagination and creativity as well as create opportunities to tackle original topics that go beyond university standards. They give a chance to face actual problems of places that we didn t know earlier, broadening our horizons in the process.""Recently, we have been interested in participating in competitions for small projects that allow our team to take a break from the daily studio pressures and focus on unique design problems from around the globe. Resolving complex contextual and programmatic issues pushes creativity and generates robust discussion.""We always participate in this kind of competitions to test and improve our abilities. In this case, unique visions are always a final product of long talks, tons of sketches, different attempts and sometimes failures. There is probably more knowledge to be gained out of conclusions when feedback surprises us then when everything is correct.""I often do competitions when what I m practicing day to day becomes stagnant, repetitive or too easy. A competition is an opportunity to sharpen the blade, explore and experiment with a different typology and to challenge myself to test my ideas amongst others with a similar drive.""Competitions for us are a great way to develop our creativity and express our vision of architecture. We participate in vision competitions when we find extra time in our office work, as it gives us the opportunity to think in design issues more than in our daily work.""Participating in architectural competitions gives you a unique chance to express your ideas and challenge yourself against an exciting brief. In addition, it also provides an opportunity to learn how to create and present a coherent narrative around your idea.""We seek to compose architectural quality, with a philantrophic intention, which we believe makes a difference for the people engaging with it. The architecture competition can make this possible.""Competition is a great way to challenge ourselves, test ideas and get a better understanding of our design approach.""Architecture competitions become our media to share our ideas and thoughts which sometimes we can t deliver on our real projects. This way also improves our creative mind to always find new ideas and possibilities. Participating in architectural competition also challenges our idea in a bigger world that we can see where we/our idea/our architecture practice stand.""We participate in architecture competitions because if we only design what people already have or already want, nothing new will emerge, and we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking that created them.""Architecture competitions provide the opportunity to think freely and conceptually, without the constraints of professional practice. We participate in these competitions because we see them as opportunities to research new topics, experiment with design, and challenge ourselves.""Vision competitions provide a platform that allows total exploration of ideas and concepts that at the very least provide further elaboration on the ever-evolving definition of what architecture is, and how its meaning may be interpreted and implemented in both the near and far futures.""I participate in competitions because they offer the possibility to design with new and innovative forms of architecture. They also push you to think outside of the box and do research into how you can make your vision possible. Competitions also give you the opportunity to design spaces that can be different from what you usually design.""I participate in architecture vision competitions mainly to challenge myself. I see it as a tool for learning and an opportunity to be creative and experiment with new ideas. Architecture vision competitions offer a freedom of expression that is otherwise restricted when you work for an office or a client.""We believe that participation in architecture competitions can create many great opportunities, especially for students. The basic and fair answer stands behind our personalities and is linked with our passion about architecture and the chance to challenge yourself. Architectural competitions are a great chance to improve many of your skills, to widen your knowledge and express your creativity. You can also learn how to work as part of a team and how to use your unique qualities to complete one project.""Participating in architecture competitions is a way for us to take a step back from our day-to-day work and experiment with different ideas on design challenges that we may not otherwise come across. The process of working on a competition is rigorous and demanding, and helps us to keep an open mind, aiding our design and critical-thinking skills as they apply to real world projects.""It s a chance to do different projects from what we are used to, and to be able to build our architecture in different cities and countries. Also, the media generated around the project is very important to the office s growth.""Competitions are a great way to design an interesting project and to gain new insights from designers around the world. I love to design, and the existence of many competitions allows me the freedom to choose to work on projects that interest me.""We believe that in order to maintain the agency of the architect in society, that when entering a competition, since many entries remain unbuilt, that it further drives the progression of incoming architecture students, as well as helping maintain the public s knowledge of where architecture is going. By pursuing competitions with the hopes of the possible construction of the results, our partnership gathers more authorship in the architectural realm.""We participate because we believe it is important to develop research through design on a regular basis.""It allows us to experiment and try out new concepts and ideas. This type of competition gives us creative freedom not being limited by loads of rules. We aim for new designs that are out of the box , in order to push current limits and boundaries of architecture.""Competitions allow us to develop a collective thinking and re-question the boundaries of the discipline.""It's a stimulation. It keeps my mind constantly alert and open. It also allows me to confront new topics and specific contexts. It is an opportunity to be able to express myself freely and to perfect my architectural style.""I want to challenge myself because competitions allow one to think out of the box and to increase one s potential. I also believe that the competition will bring the opportunity to grow ideas and develop human resources and skills. Competitions encourage a dynamic working environment as the working team will do brainstorming to come up with the best design.""Competitions are a great way to explore and test in an uninhibited context that allows for new creative freedoms and playfulness.""I enjoy the dynamism of leaning toward ideas or toward reality. I find clarity from the ideas that inform the aspects of reality I want to represent.""It s as important to have a vision as it is for people to know where to go before driving their car onto the road. Vision in architecture is critical to design and building better for people and generations from now on. It pushes the boundary that defines us and our world, which can be better and will be better.""Creative thinking is one of the best things that we can do without even moving a finger. And this is the key to what architecture vision competitions are about. Not to mention that they make me want to acquire more knowledge in a fun way!""The focus was on being creative together again. A small task which felt refreshing outside of daily jobs.""Participating in an architecture competition allows the participating architects and students to share, discuss and compare views and ideas internationally. This supports the spreading of knowledge and expertise outside of the home, university or workplace.""Competitions help us to develop our conceptual thinking, creativity and to explore our architectural boundaries. We believe it is a great opportunity to show to the world what we think and what we love to do.""I like the opportunity to test ideas and techniques in a very specific way. It is the challenge and fantasy that is the driving force.""Participating in ideas competitions is, for us, a way to question how our society works and to seek solutions to improve people's lives, or to respond to current problematics that are less obvious to be implemented in the professional world. The architecture competition makes it possible to develop radical ideas that can lead to changes.""Architecture competitions provide the opportunity to put forward a polemic or radical idea that prompts thought, debate and discussion which may often be a catalyst for change. Without the constraints of conservatism (and sometimes budget), we enjoy a level of freedom to question and often mock the ideas that we assume are a given.""I am currently in the transition from the academic world to the architectural industry. Participating in competitions allows me to continue indulge in learning and thinking like a student. This competition is especially personal because it was based on my final year student project. It gave me a chance to rework the project and synthesize what was essential to carry it further.""As a series proposing an architectural design that satisfies local people's specific desire, we tried to apply our philosophy to the affordable housing challenge competition in Paris. We conducted in-depth research and discussion on the position of those who actually needed affordable housing in Paris. In other words, we envisioned a new space that would satisfy their innate fantasy by utilizing Paris underutilized rooftop and we would like to consider how a new pattern of life could be realized there.""For us, each competition is an opportunity to carry out research work and to question ourselves on society and the city. 
It is an opportunity to work on innovative themes that go beyond traditional consultations/building competitions.""I believe participating in architecture competitions should be an integral part of architecture, it's an exercise in the most important topics that we face or will face as a society and thus should be the ones that get the most attention and work.""What I find most beneficial about architecture competitions is the interchange of ideas. Not only do you get to exercise your way of thinking, you also get an insight into how other people approached the same problem.""Architecture competitions invite involvement in a range of projects that would not naturally occur when working on commissions. Most often they invite you to engage in something new and can serve to generate growth in your own work and thinking. I like to participate in competitions so I can feel engaged in the work of other designers around the globe after spending time, focus, and energy on a design. Plus you are your own boss.""Architecture competitions are a unique platform on which to design and represent experimentally. The fun of it is that design for competitions need not exist in exact reality. They are a chance to take risks and to work with different people in different ways. Ultimately, embracing this freedom allows for discovery and inspiration that provides invaluable insight for larger scale, commissioned design work.""We participate in competitions to confront our work, our vision and to propose answers that we hope to be relevant to current issues. In addition, participating in competitions allows us to express ourselves freely, without any judgement and with an experienced jury.""Architecture competitions give us an opportunity to test our creativity and come up with something that is close to pure fiction. It is an experience we enjoy returning to after a long, dull day of constraints. As a startup, we also find architecture competitions an efficient way to build up our experience while revamping our portfolio.""It has a novel topic and inspires my thoughts, allowing me to learn how other people think about the same problem, which is a very interesting and meaningful experience.""I have had different reasons for participating in architecture vision competitions. Exploring other ways of approaching a project with a diversified team, discussing specific themes that are often neglected by my school, investigating other scales. However, there is always a common reason, to think outside the box.""We believe that participating in a competition is an extremely stimulating opportunity to express pure ideas and to experiment a multidisciplinary design by researching and involving different perspectives within the creative flow of architecture.""We felt that this would be a good opportunity for us to explore and experiment with ideas that break conventional notions of architecture and the built environment. Participating in architectural ideas competitions allows our ideas to be heard and this could hopefully spark a critical debate among people of various disciplines regarding our interests to achieve a consensus in designing great cities.""As students of architecture, we spend a long time engaged in theoretical discussions which are essential in developing the mind. Much of this development is left behind as soon as one graduates and enters the workforce. I believe that architecture competitions are a way to consistently challenge one s perception of reality. This allows the mind to develop beyond the regimentation of monotony and extend into the discourse that promotes change in the practice.""We see vision competitions as the best way to question the status quo of architecture. It is a great opportunity to criticize its weaknesses, turn up the volume on its threats and freely express our own perceiving of possible improvement. With this approach we always develop ourselves as well.""We believe that this kind of gesture makes reality better. Architects who work in the field have limited time to think about diverse ideas. Participating in architecture vision competitions does have a lot of value in terms of studying and learning different perspectives, getting away from the frame of reality, and also providing examples for others.""Within our experiences, we found that competitions are incredibly useful creative exercises to imagine and produce a project. It also allows us to learn more about particular cultures and local materials. All in all, we believe competitions to be an opportunity to broaden our horizons as architects.""Architecture can sometimes present times of mundanity, especially when one gets into the execution part of a building. The challenge that such competitions create, aids in keeping the problem solving mind alert. So we think of them as brain training for architects.""Most of the time I work on real projects, for this type of competition can be really refreshing for the mind. I like to participate in architectural competitions from time to time, especially when an exciting subject comes up. The freedom of creativity are given, the ideas can be fully realized.""I participate because it gives me the possibility to improve my personal skills and knowledge every step of the way. It allows me to be creative through the thinking steps and also to work rigorously on every step of the project.""Participating in this competition is, for us, a way to improve and cultivate our curiosity and creativity, as architects or designers, we have to maintain those precious skill.""By participating in a design competition, it stimulates and develops the creative mind. And it connects how we perceive and want to be involved in architecture. A design competition like this is where the most special and unusual results are achieved.""These competitions help us to practice and most importantly to develop our conceptual thinking, to explore our architecture s boundaries. They allow us to follow freely our creativity and to find inspiration. They are also good opportunities to test the strength and the efficiency of our team.""Architecture competitions give participants the opportunity to act and design on architectural and social issues, attempting to solve real problems. We believe it is a good way to push ideas and abilities beyond the standard architectural practice, therefore increasing the freedom of thinking widely.""Architecture competitions are a great way for me to test my design skills and help me understand my own design vision. It is also a unique platform that allows young architects to express themselves.""Architecture competitions of this nature allow anyone to challenge, and provide a fresh approach to existing design dogmas. It is an incredible chance to step away from the conventional means of execution, and present a different perspective to a broader audience. It helps to facilitate the change in the profession through exposure and discussion, as well as one s own professional growth. We believe competitions are a great venue for experimentation, and a laboratory to unpack and test design philosophies.""Participation in the competition is always an incentive to search for new ideas, concepts, it is a challenge, first of all for yourself, a reason to get out of the comfort zone. It is also an opportunity to think about more global challenges, to go beyond student design. ""Office Provisional participates in vision competitions because they provide artificial deadlines for work that we might otherwise not produce. We believe that vision competitions offer a space free from too many constraints where some of the most excitingly fantastical ideas can emerge.""We think they are useful and important tools to explore the issues we face as a society in our everyday lives. ""Architecture competitions are a good way to get out into the architectural world, it s an opportunity to grow and explore the different edges of architecture. Ideas are flowing freely and nothing is filtered.""We participate in architecture competitions because we can explore creativity, create remarkable designs and study unusual themes. In this specific competition we were especially interested about the site, the city of Rome, a historical and cultural environment where Camilla and Rafaela had lived.""These competitions give a voice to what is most needed in our built environment. It creates a platform upon which to develop new narratives in hand with provocative designs.""To participate in an architecture vision competition is an important step from the imaginative stage to the professional. When participating, one is pushed into thorough research, clear communication as well as questioning and refining the material produced.""I am a bridge engineer. I am trained in the mechanics and engineering of structural engineer system, but I have not received the orthodox study of architecture. I try to study bridge architectural aesthetics through self-study, investigation and project practice. I want to discuss and communicate with architects all over the world through this competition, and express a reasonable and beautiful understanding of bridge scheme as a bridge engineer through my work.""Competitions are a great way to design an interesting project and to gain new insights from designers around the world. I love to design, and the existence of many competitions allows me the freedom to choose to work on projects that interest me.""Architectural competitions are a great chance to test certain ideas. They are great opportunities as well to launch your career and establish yourself on global markets.""Competitions are about exercising your muscles and trying to beat your peers. There really is no better way to hone your skills than to be shut away in a room with collaborators discussing brazen ideas and acting on them. A completed competition entry will often exemplify the soul of an architectural idea untarnished by the decision committees of the real world.""Competitions allow us to explore emerging research through concrete design exercises, elevating our design process and scientific inquiries through their overlap. They also give us an opportunity to playfully exercise our design skills and develop effective methods of collaboration and communication.""Architecture competitions offer a chance at some kind of success but also help bolster my portfolio and keep me stimulated. I like to believe they improve my employability.""Gauja National Park Footbridge architecture competition perfectly matched our philosophy. We also work in industrial design and have developed the organic design bark for the Italian firm Alessi, and also for our office house "casa boucquillon" bathed in the heart of Tuscan nature. We could not have imagined a better integration into nature this organic motif that represents the tree bark in Gauja National Park.""Competitions allow us to focus on the experimental, for me it is a challenge revolving around re-questioning boundaries and norms of the discipline.""Participating in vision competitions is a great opportunity to step out of our daily practices to reinvent our conceptual skills.""Competitions, such as this one, allow us to push our limits and expand our boundaries. In all fields of design, when working for clients, ideas can get lost in translation or dismissed all together. It comes with the territory. With competitions, we gain a therapeutic sense of freedom to create on our own terms.""There ssomething about a deadline that makes you create things you wouldn t normally start do. This type of work should be a constant in the work of architects, as they enhance their creativity and quick problem-solving.""Architecture competitions are a great way of testing concepts and strategies freely. Within the framework given by the brief, one has the opportunity of constructing a narrative that is true to their beliefs and to test it.""This is the first competition I ve taken part in. I considered this experience as a chance to put myself out there, no matter the result, while unleashing my creativity. I find these competitions a great way to have a nice confrontation with other experts while having fun.""For us, it is a unique opportunity to participate in those fields that are not fully developed inside the bureau, or in that typologies that are not required at the moment by the client but will be definitely in demand in future.""We love a challenge and see the innovative and conceptual briefs of architecture vision competitions as an opportunity to be forward-thinking and experimental in our designs. We find participating in these competitions is also a great way to contribute to the design culture on an international scale and connects us with designers worldwide.""Competitions are a free space to challenge yourself as a creative and to challenge the cohesion of your team. It s also an occasion to think freely and to define what matters to you and what architect you d like to be.""The challenge, the exposure and the experience. The challenge is to get together and create something that is engaging and appreciated by our peers and architectural enthusiasts alike.""I like professional challenges, participation in architectural competitions gives me an opportunity to create different interesting projects. The necessity to get involved in the cultural, geographical, climatic and other aspects of designing competitive objects in different parts of the world - is the best way to develop the professional level.""The firm regularly participates in competitions to inspire their creative staff, foster collaboration, improve their design process, and celebrate their diversity and passion for design.""In real projects, there are a lot of factors that limit the designer, such as municipal plans, governmental procedures, clientele s budget, etc. You have little chance to implement what you imagine. In this respect, competitions are a platform which set the designers free. In this ambiance, the designer could show his own style easily and force his limitations.""Two points. Firstly, it is a rare opportunity for me to think in different ways from the normal work in school. Secondly, I am pretty interested in designing the flamingo observation tower.""Conceptual architecture, even if not built, expresses the direction of our society and how we envision our future. Participating in conceptual architecture competitions offers the opportunity to escape from the strict limitations that a real commission carries and allow for exploring freely new ideas. Furthermore, they often give architects the opportunity to expand their experience and portfolio on non-conventional projects that extend internationally beyond the regions of a country.""We treat competitions as the vehicle for testing lines of research currently being developed within the studio. We target specific subjects that help us expand our portfolios and where we can implement our research in complex geometries and sustainable design.""As young architects/ designers, architecture vision competitions provide a good platform and opportunity for us to speculate and test different design ideas and present to a worldwide audience.""Ifeel it is important to think about not only the proposals which would accept in your own country, but also try to create architecture which is strong enough for various people to be convinced, and the competition is a chance to practice.""In competitions, we have more freedom to really show our own way of thinking and our ideas. It is a perfect opportunity to let our imagination go, and to do research about cultures, architecture, materials, and so much more.""We participate in different architecture vision competitions to continue to work on and improve our skills while sometimes doing less conceptual work at our daytime jobs. We probably want to be challenged a bit and feel the adrenaline of a short-term project. Moreover, vision competitions allow us to imagine a poetic vision for a project and gives us the opportunity to develop more theoretical ideas, which is mostly neglected in traditional competitions.""They are a challenge that lets you work beyond your own abilities and they give an opportunity to design in an often unique environment. They force you to explore different concepts and cultures and simply are an amazing experience in themselves.""Competitions are a way to push my ideas and abilities beyond what I would in practice. They are driven by concepts and vision, providing the freedom to experiment. They are refreshing, motivating and remind me why I started studying architecture.""We were longing to do a smaller scale project on our own, test our creativity and take advantage of knowledge gained in the past years. Taking part in this competition was a great opportunity for us to explore a new typology, context and approach.""Our aim is to enter at least two open competitions a year with different programs and scales. It is a way for us to practice agile thinking, a chance to play, a way of developing a collective thinking and of connecting to a larger international architecture community. We always enter with the goal of winning.""Practice. It is also an excellent opportunity to re-evaluate yourself and compare your ideas with architects from all over the world with a much larger variety of design strategies and ideas than you could ever find in a single university or work environment.""Participating in the competition has allowed me to pursue a brief which I was passionate about, this made the design process extremely rewarding as I was able to draw upon many areas of interest to formulate my design. The work produced in these competitions is a good way to explore new ideas in a public forum which may go on to inspire others in their own design work.""A shared vision, and a burning desire to design, and build what the architecture vision competitions are asking for from participants. For instance, Mandira has wanted to design and build a meditation cabin for a very long time. A prospective client with a site, a program of requirements with room for change, and a deadline challenges her out of her comfort zone to do it.""I wanted to push myself to the limits of my design abilities, and have a chance to experiment with some design ideas I have had for a long time.""Participating in an architecture competition is a great way to stay current and have fun along the way. ""Competitions are an opportunity for architects to speculate and to develop themselves. Competitions are to architecture as peer review is to other fields; a competition can be a testing ground for design ideas before they are implemented.""NÓS participates in competitions to experiment new processes of design, representation and collaboration in a global contemporary setting.""For now there is nothing we wish more than to get the possibility to share our enthusiasm, experiences and ideas for the new dimension of art and architecture.""I feel that architectural competitions are important in improving your creativity, and also a good way to improve your skills in using different software and making visual presentations. In general, it is a good way to present your new ideas about the topical issues on architecture to a broader public.""Architecture competitions challenge you to rethink specific topics. They provide the freedom for testing alternative ideas.""We believe that architecture competitions help to explore new alternatives to existing problems, and even sometimes pose new questions/dilemmas for future explorations. We feel privileged/ hopeful to be a building block for future, even greater ideas.""We believe that there is no better way to improve our skills and awareness of architecture outside of our job than to enter great competitions like this. It not only allows us to see other approaches to one single topic but also gives us a chance to work purely on our terms without any limit to creativity, which we find extremely stimulating as thriving architecture students.""Competition briefs that challenge new thinking are a compelling way to reconsider many age old social issues that need fresh eyes. A simple question posed to a room of creatives will bring an abundance of different responses, all correct in their own interpretation.""Vision competitions give us the opportunity to be more experimental than we would be in the office. These competitions often have very interesting and inspiring tasks that you wouldn t typically receive from a client, that raise current global issues and challenge our way of thinking.""We see architectural competitions as opportunities to showcase our philosophy. By truly including nature and society in the question, projects can only be improved.""We would like explore and enrich our experience among different types of projects and test our efficiency within a limited of time. And we discovered, the sky is our limit.""Competitions are usually a great opportunity to develop new ideas, to dream big or small, and to develop yourself as an architect. It has always been important to me to participate. I treat myself with a competition praline once in a while. It makes me happy! It is a different way of thinking, like outside the box . It is not just about to solve the task." "We see the architecture competition as a fertile ground for us to exercise our design muscles to think through program materiality, construction, and other issues, outside traditionalcontexts. Architectural design takes a long time. However, in the realm of competitions, our creative spirit can manifest much quicker. The competition challenges us to test ideas and rethink convention.""It is a really good option to start your career and to exercise designing and team-working. In most cases the topics are very interesting and most of the time there are no limits for your ideas and thoughts. So you can do (nearly) whatever you like and try the concept of your dreams. And of course because we like doing it.""The competition was a good way to test how the team worked together. It is also a challenge to engage with a subject rarely encountered in everyday practice.""For us, taking part in architectural vision competition is a big chance for experimentation with space and structure, an opportunity to celebrate the design process and to face unusual topics.""We understand that the true value of an architectural project comes from the discussion between different opinions of the subject. Likewise, we believe that being participants of this exchange of different points of view enriches the professional formation of those who dare to do so.""It provides an opportunity to explore theoretical ideas in practical terms.""We take part in architecture vision competitions because it brings new challenges, fresh ideas, conceptual thinking and mainly great fun for us.""We always wanted to work together and then this competition came up. The matter was interesting so we thought we should give it a try. Additionally it was a great opportunity to practice the design process. Learning by doing, right?""We decided to participate in this contest to test our abilities as young architects.""I participate in architecture competitions to compete with talented enthusiasts from all over the world. This particular mindset challenges your ability to develop conceptual approaches and strengthen your ability to communicate your proposal.""Architecture competitions give us an excuse and an opportunity to explore different ideas and concepts that we can later incorporate in our everyday practice.""As most of our works are built, the focus is on the functionality of the execution, rather than the vision. In our day-to-day practice, we miss having the freedom to have a complete control over the vision. Competitions are a chance to show that we care about it and we want to show what our vision is.""We think that participating in architecture vision competitions is a chance for young architects pay attention to social issues, a chance for us to contribute something valuable back to the society.""We view architecture competitions as an important tool in strengthening our own design thoughts and conceptual progression. We also find it essential as a learning tool to look at how other architects face, and resolve the same problems.""For us participation in architecture vision competitions is a great opportunity to develop our skills and broaden our perspective. Most importantly we treat this as a new experience and we wouldn t be able to have this sitting around doing nothing.""We sincerely hope that through the power of architecture, we can eliminate the imbalances and inequalities among the urban classes and find a dignified way of living for the low-income groups.""Through the NIKA Creative Lab, we are always looking for ways to cultivate new ideas in a collaborative lab environment. Vision competitions are the perfect place to test and build a conceptual model of organic design ideas that can influence research and real projects in future.""To participate in a competition of ideas, it means to elude the function and the structure to favour a language closer to the architectonic dogma. With utopia as a connecting line, it allows us to develop a discourse which is not dependent on time, allowing us to discuss pure shapes and spaces.""When we decided to join the SKYHIVE Skyscraper Challenge, our first participation in an architecture vision competition, we were fascinated by the idea to open our minds to a new design topic.""Beebreeders is a platform that allow us to exercise our design skills and explore unconventional situations, that is why we have the opportunity to experiment and address the projects with ideas that might not be feasible in real life.""This was my first design competition. I love the freedom to push the boundaries of design and to explore futuristic concepts of form, space and technology. The majority of us will lose that vision when leaving school and entering the workforce, but these competitions allow us to rekindle why we wanted to be an architect in the first place.""Design competitions are great opportunities for young architects to offer answers to building programmes they would not otherwise have access to. This is a unique opportunity to question programmatic and contextual issues that are often complex. The variety of proposals put forward by the various candidates also allows them to see their own approach to the project in perspective, and learn from it.""Participating in a competition means team building. It s pizza nights, out of the box thinking, improving your skills on making concepts, visualizing and storytelling. It s a chance to get involved in other types of projects,different from those you work on every day.""Competitions are usually a great opportunity to develop new ideas, to dream big or small, and to develop yourself as an architect.""I participate in architecture vision competitions to gain a broader awareness and exposure that goes beyond the physical realm I m naturally bound to.""Architecture vision competitions allows participants to push the limits of their ideas. It educates designers to deal with different ecological and social problems through architecture. It is a learning process of framing complications and devising good solutions. Experience from competitions help us grow as designers, in the words of Frank Lloyd Wright "talent is good, practice is better, passion is best. ""We are interested in public opinion - we see it as an exchange, competition and a challenge. We are always open for discussion and are ready to share our vision and experience with others.""First and foremost, architectural competitions are fun, and they provide a great opportunity to explore new ideas and perfect presentation ideas.""Vision competitions bring us to simple, yet strong ideas. This particular one provoked us to answer questions such as: what is a shelter nowadays? What is the minimal area for living? What does it mean to share a space with others?""White is interested in any platform where we can affect positive change through architecture. Architecture idea and vision competitions provide a unique opportunity to explore concepts between building and landscape in a more speculative context, and they can be a very effective way to allow younger architects and interns the chance to immediately impact the design process.""I like to challenge myself in architecture and try to get out of my comfort zone and architectural competitions gives you this kind of opportunity. It is a way to pick a different architectural program or object, and try something you really wanted to do but you just never did before.""We participate in architectural competitions because we want to exchange experience and knowledge which we've gained on our education and professional paths in a challenging way. We spend free time with a common passion, we do not only enjoy our time but also develop crucial skills like creative thinking.""While working at an office you are limited in your design decisions by all sorts of factors. Competitions allow you to work freely.""These competitions offer a safe playground for our ideas, visions to fly freely. A place where we can try our creativity and brains to put together a powerful concept. A liberation of the constraints and time consuming day-to-day tasks. They offer possibility to challenge yourself, compete with others, familiarise yourself with different sites and communities, analyse other points of view on the same subject, while working together with your colleagues.""Currently, all of our ongoing projects are in Canada and to be specific in the Greater Toronto area; so we are trying to explore new contexts.""In order to gain experience as students. Also we like to have an area where we can express our interest in parametric design techniques.""I enjoy the creative freedom that these competitions allow. While daily practice is incredibly rewarding, competitions such as this offer a chance to exercise my mind and explore design problems that I might not otherwise have the opportunity to delve into. They provide me the opportunity to research and explore a place and context that I may not otherwise have explored. I enjoy that. And I enjoy seeing other solutions to the same problem.""Participating in competitions is a perfect opportunity to face this challenge, developing new ideas, evolving personal perspectives, acquiring new capacities and tools. To achieve this, each new project must be faced with accuracy, curiosity and the will to surprise and be surprised.""Competitions are the means to challenge norms of corporate architectural production. It is a possibility for young architects to find our positions and communicate through well-articulated projects.""Architecture competitions give an opportunity to speculate on design and test the limits of what architecture can do for society. These competitions stress the importance of conceptual design and research that challenges the profession to create more dialogue.""Participating in architecture vision competitions is an opportunity for us to challenge our own understandings of architecture, and to speakour own thoughts out loud. It's a journey through which we give our best, hopefully to contribute on the subject, and at the same time, it gives back to us. We improve ourselves, and we get even more motivated and passionate to prepare for the next journey.""Besides having a deep respect for the tradition of competitions in the architecture field, I think this kind of experience provides a perfect venue for showcasing ideas that can get heard by a large audience, having the potential to impact the architectural culture as a whole. I also firmly believe that each competition I have submitted to date somehow represents at least a step towards a learning curve, affecting my practice and teaching deeply.""I participate in architecture competitions to challenge myself as a designer and thinker. On another level, I do so in order to join conversations about what is possible through architecture and learn from the international architectural community.""I like interesting challenges that I cannot often encounter in school. Schools are training us for the professional world, so we will have a very certain theme and specific requirements which can be constraining sometimes. Competitions give me more freedom and control to think about architecture problems and it is fun.""Participation in architectural competitions allows me and my colleagues in the studio to apply our own ideas and practice author's methods in the process of solving various architectural problems.This can be both small design tasks, and large conceptual works, for example, the concept of territory development. Participating in contests brings up such important qualities for the architect, such as the ability to quickly switch from one task to another and the ability to complete work on time.""Architecture competitions are important to challenge our architecture to be more than practical and they give us a better view on the builded society in the future.""Architecture competitions of this nature allow anyone to challenge and provide a fresh approach to a design dogma. It is an incredible chance to step away from conventional means of execution, and channel a different point of view to a broader audience. It facilitates the change in the profession through exposure and discussion, as well as one's professional growth.""We consider architecture vision competitions as a tool to express ourselves in a unique way, because the format allows us to reach beyond what we see. These competitions not only give us a route to explore our creative potentials but they re also a getaway to a more exciting field of understanding.""Architecture competitions are the opportunity for our practice to completely unhitch our design thinking from standard worldly constraints. Competitions are the chance to take a pure functional or architectural thought and extrude, develop and test it in isolation from forces of the market place, community expectation and client requirements. Competitions are the playgrounds of an architect s mind.""To participate. To exercise our creativity. To explore our creative identity in a space that is free of the constraints that we usually have to contend with.""We want to share our vision of a better life for people and our ideas to make it happen. We are interested in creating architecture that is driven by social causes, context-related, environmentally sustainable, and have positive influences on people s lives. Competitions are where we have the freedom to implement what we believe without too many constraints. Besides, it give us the opportunities to expand our professional network and potential collaboration.""We participate in architecture vision completions to have a say in shaping the society. We appreciate the democratic nature of competitions and the platform it offers to express ourselves and make us better architects. Our designs are informed by research and the concerns of the context. However, we enjoy the flexibility vision competitions offer in flexing the creative muscle.""Because I have found them a great opportunity to express the way to make architecture on a human scale, through the vindication of previous concepts. When I had some freedom to design, but at the same time respecting certain parameters of design, i had the opportunity to design from the other side of the world for a place that has been recognized worldwide for having great potential in every field, and was the gateway to the new look of architecture.""We participated in this competition thanks to the openness of the brief and our common interest in the theme: creativity. It gave us the opportunity to test the tools we have learned during our degrees in the real world without the restrictions of a university assignment.""For young architects, architecture vision competitions are a great opportunity to work on programs and scales that the first commissions of a young company can't reach. These competitions are good exercises, to experiment but also to be aware of the reality of the demand. It's also a way to choose projects that really inspire us and develop a creative process with more liberty than your usual client.""Mainly to keep our creativity going and to challenge ourselves. It s also a way to learn about and investigate different subjects. We view these competitions as a way to improve ourselves and to widen our knowledge. It is also a great experience to work in a team and add to everyone's experience and background to the proposal.""I have a passion for design and a burning desire to tackle and contribute to real-life problems and global challenges.""Because it can provide me with a good stage to show my ideas about architecture.""The majority of our firm s work is production-oriented with little design input. We decided to do design competitions to allow the creative juices to flow and expose ourselves to a project that we would not find within our client base.""Global competitions provide me with a brainstorming challenge to inspire creativity and offer a chance to find answers to real-life market requirements, offering a platform to showcase my innovative ideas.""I believe the architectural vision competition to be a valid and important process of furthering the architect s roles in the progress of creating and implementing new methods of living, working and travelling and imagining the future scenarios of our cities.""We participate in architecture vision competitions as part of our ongoing research for new housing typologies. These competitions give us a site and context to visualise our ideas, put them to test and help us better understand the strengths and weaknesses of each iteration.""Architecture vision competitions allow us to consider the built environment abstractly in order to address global issues concerning the design of cities and the state of the built environment separately from our practice as a professional service. We also use the competition format to test ideas, techniques, and various modes of representation - formal explorations, new software, image making and graphic representation.""Entering architectural vision competitions is an interesting and collective way for the design community to come together around real problems. We understand competitions as a testing ground for new ideas and as a method to challenge preconceptions about our world. We decided to enter this competition in particular because the housing crisis is a very palpable, very complex issue. Living in London and especially working in architecture, we see every day the tension the housing crisis causes in the city.""It was actually the first time I participated in an architectural vision competition, and wanted to use it as a space to test ideas within my research. It formed part of the collective research of the design unit I am studying with@bartlettu13and for@somosaldea.""Vision competitions give a freedom to develop or rethink our ideas. It gives opportunities to take another position and point of view which changes how we see things in a new way and boosts our creativity. But our motivation is not only intrinsic, at the same time we want to share our knowledge and our research by participating in vision competitions.""Social housing as a typology is a complex work of architecture intended to be inhabited by a diverse population. The answers given to this typology are unfortunately based on simplified assumptions, repeated standards and uninspired architecture. Our interest in thiscompetition was to create a vision beyond today s monotonous development, which this competition allowed for.""Vision competitions are an important element to test research ideas and thoughts and even to develop research by design activity in a more protected environment: when doing exploratory research to be realistic is much more relevant than to be real. And vision competitions have exactly this kind of connotation. Moreover, it is also very important to confront what you are doing in your practice and research with what many other peers are doing.""Instead of living my own dream, I wish I could have the opportunity to present my schemes to the public, to people who are from different professions and different backgrounds, and to people who might really need that scheme to help them sortthrough the issues they have now. I wish I could have the opportunity to hear the voice from them, to receive all the comments and criticism from them, which is extremely essential to any architecture proposals. We are building for people.""We live in a society that is becoming over-regulated. A vision competition gives us the opportunity to embrace our creativity. Also, it is an opportunity to take over the challenge of dealing with a very unique site and brief.""By taking part in architecture vision competitions, we are aiming to refresh our design mind as the design approach would be completely different from daily work.""We participate in architecture vision competitions because we want to measure our ideas against international competitors, and to get international public recognition.""We were interested in the unique site situation and program. We believed it was a chance to create new culture by design for this project.""After having successfully completed student projects together we decided to bring our work to the next level.""The site was very interesting at the first time too. And a good idea for the concept which came at the very beginning gave us the motivation to participate.""Participating in architecture vision competitions gives us a chance to explore further in various international projects. It also enhances our knowledge in assimilating and learning the new culture and development. Simultaneously, it s an opportunity to explore and express the new concepts that we have not attempted on our daily basis projects.""I participate in architecture vision competitions because I like thinking about a concept, planning and formulating with building components, and discovering possibilities for specific sites. Since I love nature, I try to pick competitions which allow me to show the impact of nature on architecture design and vice versa. I perceive such competitions as an important input in a professional career and a priceless contribution to my personal growth.""As young architects, we believe that vision competitions allow us to express our ideas and realize our designs in a non-constrained manner. Moreover, we believe that it kick-starts our careers and gives us exposure in the design and architecture world. Seeing other entries for the same competition allows us also to learn and grow by seeing other points of views and solutions designed for the same project.""We saw Pape Nature Park Gateway competition as a way to consider the relationships between the natural environment and human intervention through symbolism, function and form. Participating in such a competition helps us reflect on issues that are crucial in the broader context, yet something we typically do not encounter in our daily lives in the metropolis.""I enrolled this competition for the following purposes: to practice how to output my study and how to express my ideas ; as part of a laboratory curriculum to acquire architectural communication skills; to acquire worldwide perspective and ability; specifically, I am interested in generation of architecture in the place where the primitive environment of the earth remains, such as the horizon of landscapes in Northern Europe. In BEE BREEDERS there are many competitions for such sites." "Modern cultural and economic conditions in Ukraine shape a development far from the samples of modern architecture. Participation in competitions allows us to be involved in the new history of architecture and to be in the context of its development.""I enjoy the creative freedom that these competitions allow. While daily practice is incredibly rewarding, competitions such as this offer a chance to exercise my mind and explore design problems that I might not otherwise have the opportunity to delve into. They provide me the opportunity to research and explore a place and context that I may not otherwise have explored. I enjoy that. And I enjoy seeing other solutions to the same problem.""I enrolled in this competition as I had to work on my final thesis and I found this competition interesting to use.""We seek out interesting architectural competitions as a way to hone our craft for the everyday world. They present an amusing and low-stakes opportunity to test out new ideas, or to explore new project typologies that we haven t had a chance to jump into professionally. Perhaps most importantly they offer a fun excuse to practice how we illustrate and explain our ideas both graphically and verbally which is critically important for the success of a small firm.""Architecture competitions allow a unique opportunity to explore the capability of architecture, somewhat removed from the pressures of regular work. I have chosen to participate because I felt the urge to extend the ideas and interests that were aroused from my studies. This specific competition was appealing to me because it combines my interests of architecture and music, in a country I love." "Competitions offer designers an opportunity to investigate design challenges with a different set of constraints. We feel that competitions allow us to think in new ways, examine our process and explore alternative means of graphic communication. We spent a lot of time prior to entering the competition arguing about everything under the moon. The competition was a way to take our two different personalities and see what cohesive idea could come out of it. It was a great way to put arguments on paper.""Most of the time we are working with so many demands; it can be a wonderfully collaborative experience, but it can pull us away from our original intentions as architects. Competitions are an opportunity to step away from external demands and rediscover what is important to us. Ideally this resonates with others, and we see how others responded to the exact same parameters.""We participated in this competition because it gave us a chance to exercise our muscles on a different project type and in a different context. Cultural venues are a building typology that interests us deeply because of the clear connection between people, place, events history and identity. It s a tremendously exciting thing to be a part of and the competition gave us just that opportunity.""Because we are young and ambitious people (☺), we wanted to test ourselves at an international level as well. Dealing with such interesting topics has a very refreshing effect on the everyday-work and on our community as well.""An architecture vision competition allows us to develop our ideas outside of the framework that reality usually places around a project. Of course we are also driven by the opportunity to realize our ideas, but a competition provides freedom, both in research, design development, detailing and presentation techniques.""The competition is a means to rid yourself of the constraints of every day design, and explore your own creativity dynamically. It is also an interesting way to learn about the world.""All of my design processes begin with extensive research, so I consider architectural competitions as a great learning opportunity. Through this project for example, I discovered an array of fascinating facts about Iceland and its history, whilst also learning about state of the art construction materials and building technologies. In addition, architectural competitions give me full freedom of imagination that is sometimes restricted in practice due to budget, planning and client s preferences.""Each competition is an opportunity to grow. Competing and confronting with other equally prepared firm/individuals pushes us to improve, experimenting and going beyond our limits, within the architectural field.""Architecture competitions of this nature allow anyone to challenge, and provide a fresh approach to existing design dogmas. It is an incredible chance to step away from the conventional means of execution, and present a different perspective to a broader audience. It helps to facilitate the change in the profession through exposure and discussion, as well as one's own professional growth.""I participate in architecture vision competitions because they allow me to use my original ideas in architectural designs. I am sure that developing my imagination has improved the quality of my daily work in the office.""Architecture vision competitions allow artists to explore the possibilities of the framework to its latest extent, something that is sometimes difficult when third party interests are involved. We consider these opportunities unequalled chances to present our conversation with context as a pure manifestation as a designer could expect.""I participate in this type of competition because the architectural program and the location is unique. The challenge to be met is even bigger when you know that there are many young talents who participate. Moreover, it goes about a competition that enjoys great international visibility. Beyond all this, the personal challenge is to excel while having fun.""For us, taking part in architectural vision competitions is a big chance for experimentation with space and structure, an opportunity to celebrate the design process and to face unusual topics.""I understand competitions as a mental exercise, in which you ask, think and reflect on the search for universal solutions to specific isolated problems.""For us as students and working architects, participating in this vision competition was a way to step out of the boundaries of the day-to-day profession, and helped us broaden our horizons on how to take on projects. With this we concluded that every assignment, also within the profession, should be approached in this way. Keep a fresh mind on what architecture can mean or express.""Competitions are thought provoking exercises. They test your understanding of various architectural challenges while at the same time offering you different narratives on different societies and places, and the impact design has on them. The research process, collaboration and execution are a learning process. A fun one to be sincere.""This is a good way to keep the mind rolling and flexible. Competition usually puts architects in a position of searching for questions before coming up with a solution. These are interesting moments for experimenting. Besides everythingelse, it is a way to put in act new collaborations, like our team did.""Architecture competitions are fun. They offer a good platform to experiment new ideas and explore different approaches to architecture.""Architecture vision competitions continuously trigger us to train our sensations on designing, redesigning and finalizing. As a team, we learn so much from each other through one architectural design.""Competition prompts give us the constraints and platform to pursue creative design projects outside of the office. They also motivate us to follow through on these pursuits through a financial investment and fixed schedule.""This kind of competition is a good field for matching with other points of view. It can be fascinating to observe how a place can be conceived by other architects and designers. It gives you an opportunity to try different approaches and experiment which is definitely something you don t see every day.""It is a refreshing exercise and an escape from our everyday works. Generally, we get to design things that we do not regularly have a chance to design sometimes for places and users we do not get to think about. It is a rewarding opportunity to face a challenge and develop new design perspectives as a result.""The architecture competitions allow the possibility to take the design process to a level where experimentation and speculation become problem solving strategies in a creative and unconventional way. This is the perfect venue for telling a story through architecture." "Natsaw the call for this competition one day, and it appeared to us all as a great opportunity to sharpen our innovation and designing skills. Besides, we always want to work together in some challenging project. Since everybody is now in Bangkok, so we knew this competition is a great chance for us to brainstorm and to do something stimulating.""We had this idea before we participated in this competition and think our idea is suitable for this competition. During the project, we deepened and furthered our idea. Of course, we faced many challenges, but finally overcome them.
""We enjoy the research dimension of vision competitions because it is a field where we can experiment new ideas. It is finally a way to continue to express ourselves as young architects.""We participate in architecture vision competitions when we find extra time in our office work. The value we find in participating in these competitions is that it builds our vision, challenges us to think of design issues that we do not work with everyday, and brings more and more ideas into our firm s oeuvre. It is a great way for us to be inventive and to be engaged in what is relevant in the discipline.""The ability to confront ideas is really significant. Nowadays, we have an unique chance to compare our level to participants . Architecture vision competitions are known for being a great motivation to start brainstorming and conceptual thinking.""We believe, that attending architecture competitions can be a great opportunity to showcase your ideas and visions to a wider audience and broaden your own knowledge and- gain experience. We are also defending our bachelor degree with this project as our final work, which is the initial reason and motive for us to participate in this competition. We had an explicit program set for us, thus, it was easier to handle the work process, having a clear task and a rigorous goal to achieve.""It is simple: it stimulates us. It allows you to experiment, to test your ideas and to refine them. It is the occasion to take a rough idea and to perfect it in an analogical context with the reality. And also for the liberty of expression of this idea, without any constraints.""We find architecture vision competitions a great opportunity to get in touch not only with our creative potentialities, but also with awareness of the reality and demands of the present-day. It is a great challenge where future and young architects like us can practice to work independently, while having the pleasure to choose projects that really inspire them. These conditions generate an occasion to bring out the best results of young designers while enjoying the creative process as well.""Architecture design competitions are a wonderful way of communicating your ideas and visions to a larger audience. For a small team from a small developing country like ours, it is very difficult to reach out to a larger audience by any other means.""It is fundamental, for us as a design firm, to participate in these types of competitions because it opens plenty of opportunities: it gives us a global vision of the architecture needs, it provides a bigger understanding of the importance of function and creativity and last but not least, it adds work experience to our office.""The current cultural and economic conditions in Ukraine form an approach which is far from modern architecture samples. Participation in competitions allows us to be involved in the new history of architecture, be in the context, and keep up with its development.""We always look to participate in the debate about the spatial tasks at hand. We do this to sharpen our minds and to meet people who want to work with us on exciting projects. ""It is always enjoyable to share a variety of ideas and see how other applicants came up with all different design options, so that I could broaden my perspective.""Architectural vision competitions are an impetus for the flight of imagination that has potential to land on the ground with the appearance of something helpful, solid and appealing. It is the opportunity to create without seeing the competitors (who are also enormously empowered) which then you overcome and become stronger by yourself.""It is important to question. Too often, standardized practices or routines blind us from potential inquiries. While it is not helpful to re-invent the wheel, I find that architecture vision competitions to be a necessary freedom from this daily reality. In that freedom, it is truly possible to consider anything, and these unbiased visions I feel are essential in realizing our potential.""Architecture vision competitions are very stimulating, especially for students, offering an open space for sharing ideas from all over the world. I cannot think of a better way of learning, discovering new perspectives and ways of thinking a reality. Furthermore, they are one of the best incentives to test ourselves and improve. In addition, I personally took part in this competition because I found that the possibility of getting an internship in North America is worth the effort.""We want to encounter more design opportunities, and make our works visible.""We participate in architecture vision competitions when we find extra time in our office work. The value we find in participating in these competitions is that is builds our vision, challenges us to think of design issues that we do not work with everyday, and brings more and more ideas into our firm s oeuvre. It is a great way for us to be inventive and to be engaged in what is relevant in the discipline.""The way we see it, these competitions are a great way to try new things out. Their informal nature allows us to experiment with the way we design, work and collaborate. They also provide a platform to broadcast our ideas to a bigger audience.""We enjoy participating in Architectural Competitions as we see them as a healthy, refreshing way of putting our ideas out in the open, and a constant stimulus to move forward from from what we have already accomplished within our realm.""Because it s an opportunity to dream big, to find new solutions for a particular problem and to improve my architectural and communication skills. Basically, to keep on learning.""International competitions propose original and actual topics.Participating in an architecture vision competition is a good exercise to develop new skills, design processes and learn of the problems around the world.""Competition is in itself a challenge that is both exciting and capable to trigger creative processes. We believe this might be a combination that can lead to an interesting project.""Competitions for us are a way to test out creativity, where we are able to respond to a specific design brief in the way in which we find fit, using it as time to research and push forward thinking in the office and develop collaboration.Above all it challenges us and in doing so it forces us to evolve. ""Participate in architecture vision competitions seems to me to be a good way to practice architecture, its spatialities and its concepts without too many constraints related to the architect profession.""An architecture vision competition make us go to the essence of an idea, we have to translate it as directly as we can. It can also provoque a dialog without imposing a constructed reality. A building must not be only one man s or team s work, but the result of a long process which includes differents actors. A competition is only the first step.""Architecture vision competitions provide a platform that allows the greatest flow of creativity and imagination. It allows architects to dream big and to spread their ideas to a global audience. The social sphere of the competitions encourages the intermingling of ideas across the world.""The competition gives an impulse to search for new approaches to architecture. It is a way to express our commitment to humanistic ideas and an active professional attitude to architecture. This attitude gives guidelines for design of rational structures and sensible spaces throughout free search and common sense.""The participation to contests comes from the will to report with different ideas and ways to think about architecture. The contests allows you to investigate and address different issues, putting you constantly in a challenge. It is a processing project tool. It is a way to implement your project capacity, thanks to a constant confrontation with other project outcomes.""Architecture visions competitions create a platform for us to work through design problems that really enable us explore the potential of what architecture can be. It's part of trying to understand and develop what techniques and sensibilities work for us, and to develop our design identity. For us, these kinds of competitions create a space for that kind of exploration.""We like competitions because we can work from the beginning. Almost always the start of a journey is better than the return. To develop an idea and take it though until the end without losing it during the trip, is very easy in this type of competition and it attracts us especially. In this case we participate because the opportunity represents a taboo subject for society, policy and the law; addressing this taboo subject with the tool of architectural.""We believe architecturevisionarycompetitions are very much in touch with current social affairs. By participating in these competitions, we can stay in tune with world events and maintain our high design enthusiasm level.""Architecture should be a unity of what s rational and functional, with what s sensual and beautiful. I think that modern construction developments reflect the creative possibilities of people. So for me, being a young architect, architecture is also a challenge.""I enter about 1-2 architecture vision competitions each year to actively refine my skill sets. Often in our daily jobs we find our ways toward paths of increasing specialization. Competitions are a way to explore the breadth of the field. Especially in regard to teaching, I feel it is important to continue to push yourself and think critically, and the architectural competition is a framework to do that.""It is a great chance to propose your vision on a particular problem, to put your ideas out there, and get feedback from a range of high - profile jurors. We don't really ever stop. It's important for us to continue learning, with every competition or project, we always aim to develop our skills in something we have never done, or even with a new software have never used.""Because competitions give the architect a very uncommon and unsafe freedom where a dialogue is initiated, not with clients or investors, but with themselves, working as a kind of exorcism where his passions, obsessions, fears, whims... come to light. Competitions help us to know ourselves better.""The Charlie Hebdo Portable Pavilion competition was too interesting to let us pass up doing it. Because we ve never had freedom of speech, it s very difficult for us to solve these problems. How to emphasis the importance of freedom of speech? Should the pavilion be light or heavy? Finally, I let the contradiction and paradox coexist, just like the conflict in movie s play. Therefore, the interests and challenges are the wave that pushes us ahead.""We participate in architecture competitions in order to be part of something greater than ourselves, whether we are working with each other as a team, competing with other designers, or exploring the collective ideas. We love how the boundaries of ideas can be pushed by the collective, beyond any limits that we could individually have conceived.""This competition gave me an opportunity to build my imagination about architecture in a basic and original way.""Architecture vision competitions give us the possibility to concentrate our attention on ideas, wishes and values of the projects, keeping alive the creativity.""We participate in architecture vision competitions because of the above! It offers the unique chance to use architecture to uncover the potential of a site and program. Competitions allow us to escape from the ordinary settings and imagine something extraordinary.""Since graduating I have yet to find a job, and I didn't want my skills to get rusty so I decided to enter competitions as a source of income and portfolio filler. Also, the freedom to pursue my own ideas. This project was a first for me in that I had literally zero outside input. No professors, friends or colleagues bounce ideas off of was interesting to say the least.""We participate in competitions primarily to test ideas, and challenge ourselves against others through the competition format. We also use them to help hone our drawing and communication skills; this is important when teaching our students. The Architecture Vision organisation sets provocative and engaging briefs that are interesting to undertake.""Participation in architecture vision competitions for me is a good way to finding new answers for exciting problems in my context and a suitable direction to creating and detecting my own architecture language.""Instead of a vicious competition, we attempt to make room for productive discourse via proposition made in an arena set for architects and designers.""Architecture vision competitions ventilate and allow the mind to look for new technologies and ideas. You can learn from people of different specialties about topics that apparently seem distant and unattainable. Technological visions advance our ability to serve local communities""Architecture competitions give us a great opportunity to do something different from the daily work routine, still being engaged in our favorite occupation, experimenting and developing our skills. It is also quite challenging to compete with architects from all over the world, comparing different solutions and learning new approaches. No doubt, you will improve, even if you don't win.""We believe that participation in architecture competitions can create many great opportunities, especially for students. The basic and fair answer stands behind our personalities and is linked with our passion about architecture and the chance to challenge yourself. Architectural competitions are a great chance to improve many of your skills, to widen your knowledge and express your creativity. You can also learn how to work as part of a team and how to use your unique qualities to complete one project."This website uses cookies for enhancing the user experience and tracking usage statistics. More information is available in our Privacy Policy.

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