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Yes, you can learn how to teach your kids swimming skills!   On Demand Access to over 5 hours of World Class Digital Swimming Lessons with Kid Whisper Coach Q & Access to the Digital Live Swimming Lesson Course. More Info | Visit WWW.INFJQ.COM or Click Here

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Kid Whisper Swimming Lessons Secrets

Teach Yourself to Swim | Adult Guide

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Learning to Swim should be FUN

Children will be safer and more comfortable in the water the younger they learn to swim. Swimming becomes more difficult to learn as you get older.  Fear of water only occurs from lack of swimming exposure or a traumatic water incident. Swim lessons year round will help your child swim faster and prevent fear of water.  

Swimming Lesson Practice

wim Lesson Club USA knows the importance of swimming safety and wants to help parents prepare. Parents are often left out of the learning to swim process.   The key to instilling safe behavior is consistent swimming skill practice with parent outside of a formal lesson environment.

Teach Yourself to Swim | Adult Guide

Learn the secrets that have helped thousands learn to swim. What if you could identify and overcome the 2 roadblocks to learning to swim: water sensitivity and the fear of falling orwaterbuoyancy. You will learn how to teach yourself the swimming fundamentals; anxiety control, streamline swimming position, treading water, breath control, effective strokes, back float … Read more

Kid Whisper | Swimming Lesson Secrets

After your child is comfortable with water on their face then you can put them under water. You hold them under their arms, count to 3, lift them up out of the water, then allow their body weight to take them underwater you don’t need to push. Additionally you can blow air into their face before submersion to make sure they hold their breath.You will see the child ready to go underwater as you continue to practice this lifting method prior to submersion. Once you begin the lifting always finish the process of going underwater. If the student looks scared then roll them to submerge just a cheek. You should do 3 water pours on the face prior to going underwater.Now they can go underwater and can hold their breath you want to teach them how to take breaths as quickly as possible. Just holding your breath underwater doesn’t allow you to swim safely. We have to begin to teach your child to exhale underwater then to look up to breathe.Underwater Swimming and Pop Up Breathing –If your child is swimming underwater you can transition into teaching them to exhale and take breaths. This is where a lot of kids get hung up and just hold their breath instinctively. You must exhale underwater to take a breath.Catch cloud, and sing with the fish.Starting off the wall, one, two, three, off the wall, have them exhale, sing (humming or growling sound)We are not encouraging bubble blowing this

Swimming is the Only Sport that Could Save your Life

It’s widely understood that swimming is the best fitness sport available exercising all the Cardiovascular, Cardio-respiratory, and muscle systems unlike any other sport. Swimming is a sport that you will be able to participate at all ages due to it’s no impact on our joints.  Swimming is the only sport that can save your life. 

Swimming Skills to Practice Outside of Lessons

Cue techniques: Lifts and blowing in the face. You should ever force a child underwater younger children will never fight, however, as they get older and develop anxiety they will. With children reluctant to go under then you must get them to growl or hum into the water before you help them under the water.Always condition safe behaviorDon’t allow your student to enter the water or jump of a wall unless they have been cued to enter. Count to 3 before entering the water and every time you leave the stairs or wall. Make sure to turn the child right back to where they started every time!

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Teach Yourself to Swim | Adult GuideKid Whisper | Swimming Lesson SecretsSwimming is the Only Sport that Could Save your LifeSwimming Skills to Practice Outside of LessonsLearning to Swim should be FUNSwimming Lesson Practice


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