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Socialism is the Best Medicine

Socialism is the Best Medicine


Why this Blog

Too many people are suffering unnecessary pain. My books document why this happens and how we can end such suffering. The purpose of this blog is to apply the same experience, research, and analysis to present-day events.

Everyone deserves the right to contribute to society and to have their needs met. I open these pages for you to share your thoughts on how this can be achieved.


My Body Is Not Your Capital-Producing Machine – Or Is It?

No one freely chooses to work all their life to produce capital to make others rich. The worker must be robbed of the freedom to say no, to leave, or to change the system. To maintain this social arrangement everyone, including the worker, must do their part.

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To Win Social Justice, We Must Win the Class War

Book Review: Class Struggle Unionism is based on the understanding that workers create all social wealth, and a system that allows a few to obtain billions in riches while the producers of wealth live in misery is an illegitimate system. Once we accept that reality and act as a class, victory will be ours.

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Immigration: Who Benefits? Who Suffers?

There are basically two responses to immigration: the racist response calls for closing borders, and the socialist response calls for workers to be as free to move through the world as the goods they produce.

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No Matter Who Wins This War, Humanity Will Lose

The NATO nations and Russia are all imperial powers. NATO wants to expand into Eastern Europe, and Russia wants to rebuild its empire. All the combatants seek to incorporate Ukraine into their economies, at the expense of Ukrainian workers.

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Webinar: The Social Sources of Sickness

There are no ‘social determinants of health’ under capitalism. Nothing about this society generates health for people or their environments.

Inequality, racism, sexism – these social sources of sickness helped to build the wealth of nations, and they continue to build and maintain that wealth, despite the tremendous suffering that results.

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My Books




My Books

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