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“Used as room wides on the previous session, and have now been promoted to L&R on the tree. I think you’ve created a monster!”

Erik Swanson-Mixing Engineer, CM50 FET recording Star Wars Episode VII

“Over the past year of Scoring Sessions, I have utilized the Wunder Audio CM50 and CM12 microphones on a regular basis and interchangeably with the vintage M50 and C12 microphones. Throughout that period the Wunder microphones have performed perfectly and proven to be equal in every sonic character to the originals they stand beside.”

Shawn Murphy

“My CM7-GT M7 is the best mic I’ve ever used. It’s like magic. On everything.What a joy. Thank you thank you thank you”.

Rob Fetters

“I wanted to make our Wunder GT sound more like a full CM7.  Wunder created a mod for the GT and called a GTS mod… and man, it sounds amazing.  The highs are smoother, the mic overall is more clear (but in a vintage way, hard to describe), it is fuller… it has deeper lows and a more rounded, smooth top.  The GT sounded incredible… but this GTS mod on the GT mic makes it the most beautiful mic I’ve ever heard… ever…  I recommend it x1000! Mind blowing.”

Matt Gangi

“The more I use our CM7 and CM12…the more I love them.  The mics are clean, quiet, and full of robust flavour.  Everything anyone could ever want in a top notch vocal mic.  Thanks for the great work you do.”

Keith Gary, Chief Engineer, Blue Rock Studios

“Thanks for being so darn obsessive about what it is you do. Your passion and commitment clearly come through in the end result of the product. AMAZING. I can’t say it enough.”

Brian Kieta

“Just got my new CM7. Wow!!!!! Many congrats! She is a beauty and a beast! I was speechless when I turned it on and tested it.”

Carlos Fuchs

“Our Wunder microphones are all over the record!  Vocals, drums, room, upright piano, guitars, you name it, it has either the cm7 or the cm67 on it.  They are absolutely beautiful as well, we could not be happier with our mic’s”.

Jessica Kerr

“The CM50s are stunning. The high end is clear and clean with an effortlessness that other mics can only dream of. I am thinking here of this and that from the land of Prince Hamlet and the “100K” mics from the land of the rising sun.  The reach is spooky and the complete lack of low-mid woof-woof trickery coupled with full low-end extension is a revelation. Wonderful mics that I’ve only begun to explore.”

David Simpson UBC School of Music

“This mic is now a “go to” piece in every session.  From beginning to the end of tracking! It shines in every application, from recording bass drum, front of drum kit, bass amp, guitar amps (open backs and 4×12’s),  and lead Vocals. There is modern classic being born here. Just like 421’s, 57’s, 1176’s etc…The Wunder CM7 FET is legend. This mic has had ZERO tech drama, our prized Wunder CM7 recorded lead vocals on JET, Meat Puppets, Built to Spill, …Trail of Dead, and every band we encounter.

Chris “Frenchie” Smith, The Bubble Recording, Texas Grammys Board of Governors

“The CM7 FET would be a far better utility mic than a U 87, I’d love to have a stereo pair of CM7 FETs to use on piano.”

Stuart Sullivan

“It’s like a cool mix of vintage and modern.”

Josh Ramsay

“I love it! It sounds like a three band Pultec. I love it that you can go up above 12k and it’s such a smooth high end. Very transparent. Natural, never fake. It’s got the depth!”

Manny Marroquin, mixer, engineer: Alicia Keys; John Mayer; Mariah Carey; Kanye West

“Ever since the Wunder Audio Wunderbar console arrived, we practically don’t need our mass of mic preamps anymore, because everything on that console is so good.”

Stephan Jenkins, Third Eye Blind

Wow, I was pretty blown away. I couldn’t tell if it was just quality of the tracks or the openness of the console but everything sounded great. It was effortless to mix. Sound and simplicity was stellar. Bravo.

Joe Chiccarelli

The Wunder Audio Suprema line adds a new level of clarity and dimension to an already amazing series of microphones.”

Charlie Kramsky (Bobby McFerrin, Donavon Frankenreiter, Jesse Winchester)

“I was seriously considering an absurdly expensive vintage mic when a friend turned me on to Wunder. I’m glad he did. Nothing beats them. I have both the CM67 Suprema and the CM7 Suprema and they sound absolutely brilliant on everything from acoustic and electric guitars to vocals and room mics. Dan’s (Imagine Dragons lead singer) been using a CM67 Suprema for all his vocals and couldn’t be happier.”

Daniel Wayne Sermon, Imagine Dragons, lead guitar

“The active mode on the DI sounds AWESOME. Consider me an official user and supporter of Wunder Audio.”

Frank Ciampi

“I recently bought TWO PEQ1’s & I love em.  I have found my favorite preamp!  I’d like to eventually get a PAFOUR.  Lastly, I want to let you know that you make some of the BEST audio equipment EVER!  I’ve used them all!  The studios I work for always want me to bring my Wunders with me!  Just wanted to thank you!

Daniel Delgado

“I have used your PEQ2’s intensively over that time…for all manner of styles, instruments…and they are fantastic.”

Zack Smith

“Thank you! I recently purchased a CM7GT from Vintage King and I can confidently say it is the single best purchase I have made for my studio. It’s really a thing of beauty.”

Martin Rawlins, Producer

“All of the vintage API’s, 1073’s, Helios, and Calrec mic pre’s I have collected have been made obsolete. The Wunder wins every shootout for tracking and mixing. This console is akin to cheating, it sounds so extraordinary.”

– Stephan Jenkins, producer:     Third Eye Blind; Vanessa Carlton;  Run DMC

“The CM7 GT…is quite possibly the best vocal mic I have ever heard.  I love it.  I imagine the only thing better is the real CM7.”

Michael Sanfilipp

Simply put, Wunder Audio manufactures the highest quality recording equipment available. Our obsession with capturing the best sound possible forces us to continually ask, "How can we make this better?" We love the vintage sound, and Wunder uses only the best to achieve this, whether it's old technology or new.

History of Wunder Audio

In 1971, Led Zeppelin bass and keyboard player John Paul Jones ordered a custom console to be built for his personal recording studio. In 1999, the guys at Stardog Studio, a recording studio in Austin Texas, were joining together and refurbishing a couple of 80-Series Neve consoles for the studio, and came across twenty-four modules made for this one-of-a-kind desk. Click to read moreThe original desk was destroyed during a move, so the modules were taken out and sold. They thought these modules sounded amazing and figured out that the beauty of the sound was coming from the transformer. But the custom modules were too wide to slip into the Neve desk they were refurbishing. Inspired by these transformers, they wanted to remake the modules to fit into their desk. Wanting to keep the original modules intact, they spent a lot of time creating their own hand-made, custom-wound transformers. Off-the-shelf transformers would never do. They did a little detective work and contacted the maker of the original transformers, who still had the old plans available, and the original winding machine. They had to re-tool to remake the pressed metal transformer-can used in the original module. The transformers are physically larger than the ones used in a 1073 and would just fit in the new redesigned housing with a 5mm clearance! The remake was based on the circuit of the Led Zepplin modules, but their obsession led to many modifications and improvements of this design which led to the creation of the PEQ1 module. When making the module housing, circuits, transformers, and silk-screened faceplates for the Stardog Studio board, the smallest number they could make was 100, or the project would be too expensive. Since only 48 modules would fit in this new board, they decided they would sell the rest, and Wunder Audio was born out of the desire to get the best possible sound to record their own music. This obsession continues with microphones, outboard mic-pre/EQs, 500 series modules, and the Wunderbar, the world's first desk to come standard with three vintage stereo bus flavors, and employs a fully symmetrically balanced discrete summing bus system. At Wunder Audio, we live, sleep, dream, and breath audio plus the engineering that refines its detail to an obsessive edge. We began to ask, “If price and market were no object, what absolute best audio components down the pro-recording chain can we make?” What we came up with is probably overkill for 99% of the engineers around the world, but if you are part of the small, demanding group of people that are as passionate and curious about pursuing the ridiculous best as we are, we have the gear for you.

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