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Interior Design & Decor

Best Home Decor Ideas and Interior Design Tips

Niches in Modern and Ancient Styles

The idea of niches dates back to Ancient times when they were very common for displaying art like sculptures, vases and other things in Roman homes. As a consequence they were rather common in Christian buildings and served almost the same purpose. Niche Design

The SleepClean Pillowcase Kills Bacteria With Silver Threads

A new startup Silvon are creating bacteria-resistant pillowcases that aren’t treated with chemicals but quiet literally kill bacteria with silver threads. Pillowcase Kills Bacteria with Silver

Kitchen Greenery Decor Ideas

Just when you think you saw everything something comes up on Pinterest. Something always does. Greenery Decorating Ideas

Marilyn Monroe’s New York Apartment on the Market for $7 Million

Marilyn Monroe’s New York apartment hit the market with a hefty price tag of $6.95 million. The two-bedroom, two-bath apartment located on a 13th floor opens the views on East River. Marilyn Monroe’s New York Apartment

Lyfe is a Levitating Rotating Planter

We live in a time of amazing scientific advancements in every field of human life. And interior design reflects that by employing slick shapes, vibrant colors, and often almost improbable decisions in a way saying Levitating Planter

This 70 Square Meter Apartment in Valencia Has it all

This cute 70 square meter (753 sq ft) apartment in Valencia has really got everything one might need for the comfortable living. 70 Square Meter Apartment

This Chair Can Replace Your Home Office

Not everybody can afford a home office, but today a lot of people work from home and some may require some sort of a workstation when they work on weekends at home. Chair Workstation

Designer Grows Crystals on Chandeliers

Chandeliers are usually creative with their looks, shapes and materials, but once in awhile we get something so unusual that it’s hard to say whether it’s too much or a pinnacle of uniqueness. Crystals On Chandeliers

Google Home is Both Creepy and Fascinating

Google Home is a new home system that just came out to compete with Amazon Echo with its rumored facial recognition system and Google’s powerful search algorithms behind it to answer all of your questions. What is Google Home again?

This is a Place Where Obamas Will Live After The White House

Obamas have already found a home to move into after they vacate the White House for the new president and his family. (more…)

Dry Bath Allows You to Relax and Float Without Getting Wet

Taking a bath can be relaxing, up to the point that I don’t know anyone who takes a bath solely for its cleaning purposes.

Off With Ugly Radiators, It’s Time to Bring Style to Heating

Old radiators can be a sight to see for all the wrong reasons. They are often bulky and honestly pretty ugly. Bring Style To Heating

Your Personal AC Now Comes in a Stylish Mobile Wooden Box

So there’s a Kickstarter campaign for a neat idea – what if you wouldn’t have to use central AC that takes up a lot of energy to cool all of your house and still be cool? Geizer The Personal AC

Who Would Buy These Gucci Chairs?

Oh postmodernism, why must you overdo everything? Weird Gucci Chairs

Recycling at Home: Compost Your Food Scraps in Bono Composter

Recycling is good for the soul environment, but it’s not always possible (or in this case impossible) to have a composting pile outside your apartment. Compost Your Food Scraps

Recycling Made Easy With Stacked Bin System

Recycling is an important social issue today, so it’s great to see more convenient ways of doing it. Stacked Recycling Bin System

Farmhouse Sink Will Change The Way Your Kitchen Looks

So you’re tired of same old kitchen sink forms and on a market for something that will make your kitchen look just a little more special. Farmhouse Sinks Are Trendy

Ideas For Pet-Friendly Interior Design

Interior design isn’t always built with pets in mind and their furniture comes in as an afterthought, which isn’t bad but if you’re living in tighter space it can take up precious square feet. Pet-Friendly Interior Design

This Hong Kong Apartment Is Tiny But Boasts Gym And Home Theater

Architects of LAAB have ‘reconsidered residential space’ for this 28.7 square meter (308 sq ft) apartment in Hong Kong to fit home theater and gym, a bathroom with a tub, and even a guest bedroom. Tiny Apartment Boasts Gym And Home Theater

3 Interior Design Ideas To Steal From This New York Loft

Located in East Village this light-filled loft was designed by Shadow Architects that managed to bring homeliness to the former hospital building. Ideas To Steal From This New York Loft

Loft Sixty Four by EVA architecten Used To Be A Workshop

Located on the streets of ‘s-Hertogenbosch in southern Netherlands this cute house used to be a workshop back in 19th century. Today its name is Loft Sixty-Four and it was designed by an Utrecht studio EVA architecten. This Loft Used To Be A Workshop

3 Modern House Facades That Combine Old With The New

Many modern houses don’t have much of a facade. Big windows, simple shapes and clean lines take priority over ornate exteriors but these three homes combine parts of old architecture with new contemporary elements, which makes for an interesting sight. Facades That Combine Old With The New

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Interior Design

Want to know everything about décor, interior and architecture? InteriorHolic is the right place to find quality information about basic home décor rules and decorating styles. Find tips and tricks on improving your home or apartment; myriad of design and remodeling ideas. Learn about the latest architectural projects around the world and learn about the latest interior accessories, furniture and other home decorations collections.

Special Today Fashionista InteriorsAnimal Print WallpaperExquisite Kitchen Design Best Room Decor Ideas Benn+Penna Designed Kitchen That Extends Outdoors Read Full Article 13 Kitchens With Vintage Elements Read Full Article Kitchen Feature: Niche Shelves Read Full Article 16 Best Laundry Room Designs You’ll Want To Replicate Now Read Full Article Green Kitchen Design Ideas For Spring Read Full Article 3 Incredibly Bold And Stylish Ways To Use Brass In Kitchen Design Read Full Article Narrow Kitchen Design Ideas Read Full Article 5 Kitchens That Look Different Read Full Article Sky Blue Kitchen Design Ideas Read Full Article 5 Kitchen Ideas For Modern Home Read Full Article 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Remodeling Tips Time To Remodel Your Laundry Room?These interior designs offer a ton of inspiration>>>

Interior Decor on Budget

Repurpose Your Sewing Machine For Your InteriorRepurpose your treadle sewing machine into new furniture>>>

Interior Decor

InteriorHolic is an ultimate guide to home décor and everything related. Interior accessories, furniture, color schemes, decorating styles and new unusual design solutions for any home, space or room. Featuring new as well as experienced and known designers and their works InteriorHolic is all about creativity, new and original design, and informative content on the topic.

Decorating Basics

Color Design Style Small Space Useful Tips accessoriesapartmentarchitecturebathroombedbedroombudgetbuildingschaircolor schemeconversiondecordesigndesignerdesign ideasDining roomDIYeco-friendlyfurniturefurniture designGardenglassgreenHome DecorHome Officehouseideasinteriorinterior accessoriesinterior decorinterior designkids roomkitchenlamplightingliving roommodern stylesmall spacesofastorageSwimming pooltabletilewallpaperwood Recent comments Tim said:

I have a pot just like the one in the pic. How do...

on How To Create Spilled Flower PotLinda Pedersen said:

Lorretta, better to use annuals as the...

on How To Create Spilled Flower Potหนังโป๋ said:

Thanks fоr sharіng your thoughts...

on Top 10 Hi Tech Chair Designs & ConceptsLouise said:

Hi I am interested in the vinyl old door...

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Quirky shapes, ambitious designs, new materials, and new different styles have come with the modern architecture into construction today. The purpose of the building is not always seen in its design.

Architecture of Future

As the modern architecture has followed the Industrial Revolution we saw the simplification of form, clear lines and little of no embellishments.

10 Unique Hotels Around The World

What makes you want to stay in a particular hotel? Location, interior, services or architecture and facade?

Best decor ideas

This Chair Can Replace Your Home Office Art Deco Bathroom Design Ideas Interesting Design: Felt Pebble Cushions Understated Elegance In Kitchen

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