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Watch the stream on a virtual big-screen.


Walk around together in a recreation of E-werk, Willemsoord and Budleigh Salterton. This multiplayer environment allows you to walk around the party, chat with others, and most importantly, watch the demos the way you're used to: surrounded by intoxicated sceners in Saarbrücken, Holland and England.


Within the last month or so we've been working hard to create a venue where you can not only watch the stream, but also connect with your friends. On top of this we've been adding various features to add to the experience such as chat, emotes, dances, booze mechanics, party lighting during DJ sets, tons of some demoscene soundbytes to discover around the world and much more!

What it isn't

A professional and polished product. Really. We apologize if it runs poorly on your machine, we've tried hard to keep it accessible. Other than that there are many features we couldn't do on time, or proper stress tests.


If the stream doesnt play:

Tap Escclick streamclick updateChange stream to RadioChange stream back to twitchstreamsSelect revision.Wait up to 5 seconds for it to start playing.

Whats new in v1.337?

GOOD QUESTIONWe probably broke more things than actually adding new things!Soccer fieldAlpacasMore other stuff
Sofa World v1.337 (Windows)Sofa World v1.337 (Linux)Sofa World v1.337 (Mac)

Whats new in v1.05?

Press F11 for fullscreen streamKnown Issue mac users might need to restart the game after giving mic permissions for chat to work.
Sofa World v1.05 (Windows)

Whats new in v1.04?

Bug fixesKnown Issue mac users might need to restart the game after giving mic permissions for chat to work.
Sofa World v1.04 (Windows)Sofa World v1.04 (Linux)

Whats new in v1.02?

Hopefully fixed mutingFixed talking indicatorNo more cars inside the buildingBug fixesKnown Issue mac users might need to restart the game after giving mic permissions for chat to work.
Sofa World v1.02 (Mac)

Whats new in v1.01?

Fixed audio chat muting.Fixed speech indicator.Fixed text wrapping.Added extra demoscene twitch streams. (click update and swap to radio and back to refresh the list)Fixed video not playing.Known Issue mac users might need to restart the game after giving mic permissions for chat to work.

Whats new in v1.0?

All levels unlockedMore volume control3D voice chatHD baguette UFO with mini gameMore foliageMore t-shirt logosMore okkies!Known Issue some macs have issues with voice and text chat.

Whats new in v0.77?

Better PerformanceAnimation cullingLast build missed some buildingsSomething is still wrong with animation when game is started, will be fixed after NOVA

Whats new in v0.76?

God save the queenMore BannersTerrain fixesOcclusion Culling fixesObjct placement fixes

Whats new in v0.75?

Animation sync fix

Whats new in v0.74?

Nova!More okkies!Audio VisualizationLinux & Mac builds will be available as soon as possible, sorry for the delay

Whats new in v0.73?

Stream should now start correctly the first timeAmbient Sound effects fixTT Assen race addedNew Asscension-egg

Whats new in v0.72?

Chat formatting fixWindmill sound fixGray hair fix

Whats new in v0.71?

Outline Online 2020New video stream system (should be compatible with windows 7/8/10)UI and menus redoneCharacter CustomizationBackend redoneAbility to hide / mute other playersNew Drunk mechanicsStill the same terrible flashlight we all know and loveFriesland FixedMore okkies!Dutch warm feelingsDay one beard patchThe linux build is untested, feedback welcome

Whats new in v0.61?

Video stream still not working for pre windows 10 users, we are working on a boomer build, stay tuned!Different stream quality options, grabbed directly from TwitchUpdated logoUpdated photoboot textureAdded Partyhall Clock (gmt+2)Chat limit of text box should be fixed nowPlayer List works with resizePlayer count added in chatwindowFleshlight is now a toggleCaps-lock to toggle RunPage-up & down to toggle first/third personArrow keys can also be used for movementRight shift can also be used to runIn-game help updatedOcclusion culling fixes

Whats new in v0.6?

Everything :)Video stream doesn't seem to work for Windows 7/8 users due to windows media foundation

System Requirements

We worst system we tested sofa world on was a Intel i5 with the Nvidia MX130, which was doable ;)

Let us know if your experience differs, we are always working on optimizing Sofa World to make it available to as many people as possible.

Lowering Quality and Super Sampling in the settings menu can get you a long way.

Windows 7/8/10 and Mac is supported. Linux is still experimental

Powered by Unity, Photon, Mixamo (character & animation), a bunch of free 3D assets & audio.


Short Term Goals

TRSAC/Boozembly ??? Make all previous parties available

Medium Term Goals

Acutally tested Linux supportVR SupportVoice Chat Bonzomatic Support

Long Term Goals

Party Organizer Portal Player Achievements Controller Support


Improve Performance Improve Network Performance



Sofa World is brought to you by Poo-Brain.

Wurstgetrank Tropical Trevor Gabbie Ixion Chibi reality404 Plofkip Peerke Okkie Rosie RoccoW Duckz0rs

Get in touch

If you run into any trouble (have you tried turning it off and on again?), have suggestions, or want to talk about life in general

Contact us at, or find any of us on Sofa World / Discord / Telegram, be aware we will be enjoying the party ourselves.



We have ongoing upkeep for the networking services & website. Please consider a small contribution if you've enjoyed this experience, so we can buy beer while we keep doing what we love!

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