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An entirely serious Shakespeare play, with an entirely shit-faced cast member.

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An entirely serious musical, with an entirely shit-faced cast member.

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Liverpool, UK


Oct 1

Boston, USA

Romeo and Juliet

Sept 15-Nov 19, 2022

Nottingham, UK


Oct 6

Isle of Wight, UK


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A Pissedmas Carol

Dec 15 - Jan 07

The original, award winning, international smash-hit from the legendary Shit-faced Shakespeare®.

Accept no pale imitations and see the live show that started it all! Since 2010 Shit-faced Shakespeare® has delighted audiences the world over with their high-brow mix of classical Elizabethan drama and no-holds-barred drunken antics.

Featuring a rotating cast of the finest classically trained actors, the choicest cuts of Shakespearian classics and more inebriated antics than you can shake a weather beaten bull’s pizzle at! Shit-faced Shakespeare® is the unique theatrical experience that has left audiences roaring in the aisles the world over.

“Come, come, good wine is a good familiar creature, if it be well used” Othello: Act 2 Sc III

What happens when we take some of the world’s finest classically trained Shakespearean actors, a handful of the greatest works of English literature and add in enough alcohol to sterilise a brewery floor? Shit-faced Shakespeare® is exactly what happens.

Each night we take on one of The Bard’s most exciting theatrical works and one carefully selected cast member is charged with drinking for 4 hours prior to showtime. The remaining sober cast are forced to fight their way through the show while incorporating, rectifying, justifying and generally improvising round their inebriated castmate. What could possibly go right?

With foul language, partial nudity, simulated acts of a sexual nature, attempted singing, full contact wrestling, full nudity, actual acts of a sexual nature and involuntary ‘tongue stuff’ Shakespeare plays are considered classical entertainment… All we’re doing is adding a splash of booze to the mix.

“This is no-holds-barred ecstasy in Shakespearean guise, and with a different culprit every night you can always come back for more”


“It shouldn’t work, and yet I laughed until I cried.”

A Younger Theatre

“Wherever I looked I saw hands over mouths and bodies bent over, shrieking with laughter”

West End Wilma

“Explosively funny, this is remedy for anyone who ever thought Shakespeare was dull.”


“The audience felt free to shout, boo, and clap during the show – and, most of the time, simply laugh out loud.”

Theatre Bubble

“It’s a fucking mess. A fucking spectacular mess.”

Austin Chronicle

Best Comedy Brighton Fringe 2016

Sellout Show Edinburgh Fringe 2012 - 2018

Sellout Show Brighton Fringe 2013 - 2018

Sellout Show Adelaide Fringe 2018

Best Comedy Show Scout Somerville 2017

From the professional pissheads behind Shit-faced Shakespeare® comes an all singing, all dancing and all drinking musical theatre experience like no other.

Shit-faced Showtime® features a cast of professional musical theatre actors given an original script a selection of the very best showtunes and a whole chorus-line of cosmopolitans. Starring a single drunken cast member; no two nights are ever the same as the best of Broadway gets wasted on the West End!

Nowhere else can you discover a drunken Dorothy, an over-the-limit Oliver or a Bolloxed Billy Flynn. Shit-faced Showtime® reminds you to never drink and dance.

“Another brilliant zinger, Another reason not to move,Another vodka stinger, Ahh!I’ll drink to that!” Sodheim: Ladies Who Lunch

Not content with Elizabethan ruffs and tights Shit-faced Shakespeare® began taking things in a more musical direction in 2015. We are now the proud purveyors of sequins, tap shoes and ‘dance supports’ for the masses. Shit-faced Showtime® takes the very best of Broadway and throws in enough Prosecco to placate the most prurient Prima donna.

Shit-faced Showtime® takes some of the most musical theatre beloved stories - Oliver Twist, The Wizard of Oz, The Pirates of Penzance - and remixes them with original scripts, songs from the wider world of stage musicals and, of course, we keep all of the classics you love and expect. All Shit-faced Showtime® shows are 1 hour long and feature an actor who’s been sonorously quaffing spirits for a full 4 hours prior to showtime!

With sexually suggestive acts, wanton aggression, vicious inter-cast rivalries brandished for all to see, blue language, bluer content, acres of exposed flesh and decidedly unfortunate ‘dancing’ Musical Theatre is still very popular… We’ve just taken the drinking out from the wings onto the stage.

“At one stage I saw about 30 arms thrown up in an outburst of tear-fuelled laughter – so I suppose you can say that the atmosphere in the theatre was fantastic”

West End Wilma

“Watching a drunk musical theatre actor try to negotiate lines and lyrics, blocking, harmonies, choreography, and quick changes is endlessly fascinating and entertaining… quite incredible”

Broadway World

“It’s an outrageous evening which will have you dabbing tears away from laughing too hard”


“Continues to support the Shit-faced legacy for ridiculous, yet hilarious, performances, certain to have you helpless with laughter.”


“Go and see this ASAP”

Pocketsize Theatre

“Frankly, this is extremely risky”

Plays To See

Sellout Show Edinburgh Fringe 2017 - 2018

Sellout Show Brighton Fringe 2015 - 2018

Shit-faced Shakespeare® Shorts

Simply cannot wait to see a Shit-faced Show or are you craving that sweet hit of Shit-faced action after a recent exposure to our magnificence? Perhaps you simply wish to procrastinate at work for 3 and a half minutes? Whatever the cause, we’ve got you covered with our free webseries: Shit-faced Shakespeare® Shorts. Like, comment and subscribe to the channel to receive the latest updates you lucky, lucky so and so you.

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