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Xtra Power Professional

Xtra-power manufactures high-quality Power Tools superior-performing electric power tools in different categories. The wide variety of Power tools like Angle Grinder, Straight Grinder, Marble Cutter, Wall Chaser, Drill Machine, Die Grinder, Impact Drill, Wood Cutter, Sander, Router, Jig Saw, etc. is known for their reliability in any environment. Under professional construction supervision, the Professional Power Tools have followed international design standards meeting all the requirements. The products guarantee incomparable execution and accurate work to produce better output. The project can be done without investing too much manual power and the Power Machines have impeccable features. The products are lightweight and available in different sizes based on tasks. The Power Tools are of two types- the traditional one with plugs ins and cordless Power tools enabling smooth movement from place to place. The Power Tools assure long operational life and precise results.

Xtra Power Gold

Xtra-power exhibits the best bench of better performing Power Tools suitable for modern requirements. The Xtra-power Gold category includes Power Tools like Electric Planer, Brush Cutter and Chain Saw with assured long-lasting performance. These Power Tools take less effort, time and energy to fulfil even a difficult job. These user-friendly products have been designed with features specializing in the best way to work with rigid materials. The speed and efficiency of the Power Tools from the Gold category is unequal compared to the available Power Tools in the market. The products are flexible and you can move them in any direction for getting the right angle and shape while cutting the material. The design structure prioritizes the precision and accuracy of the Power Tools for a long time. The excellent Power Tools can be the best alternative for traditional hand-held tools to provide incomparable results in cutting and shaping.

Xtra Power Heavy Duty

Xtra-power is known for providing heavy-duty power tools of a higher quality and performance than its competitors in various sectors. It is widely known that heavy-duty tools, such as angle grinders, marble cutters, wall chasers/slot cutters, chainsaws, demolition hammers, woodcutters, and jig saws, among others, are dependable in any setting.With the assistance of skilled construction professionals, these tools have been created while following global design standards and meeting all specifications. The products guarantee an unmatched level of execution and accurate work, both of which will increase productivity. Heavy duty tools offer an astonishing range of skills so that the task can be performed without needing a lot of manual labour. The products are lightweight and available in many sizes to suit various needs.

Hi-Max Power Tools

Xtra-power provides the prominent collection of Hi-max Power Tools with an internationally recognized design structure ensuring improved performance levels. Some of the different products belonging to this group are Marble Cutter, Angle Grinder, Electric Planer, Router, Screw Driver, Drill Machine, Orbital Sander, Electric Mixer etc. These power tools are known for their long service life and user-friendly characteristics. The professionals can handle the products flexibly without stressing too much about the results to meet the requirements efficiently. The Power Tools are easy to operate and move for creating a perfect finishing and cutting performance. The raw materials used during the design process are high quality to make it more reliable to perform even complex tasks that are impossible for hand tools. Less maintenance is the standing out feature of Hi-max Power Tools. The products assure well-maintained results and performance each time.

Xtra-Power provides top – quality Angle Grinders………

Xtra-Power creates innovative Marble Cutters that make…… READ MORE

The Xtra-Power circular saw is designed to help you cut…….

Xtra-Power exhibits a superior collection of………

Xtra-Power showcases premium quality double……..

Xtra-Power showcases  premium quality Wood……

The Xtra-Power electric planer is a paint concrete and………

Xtra-Power Provide the best quality Belt Sander in……..

Xtra-Power Provide best quality Rotary Hammer…….

With Xtra-Power demolition hammer, you can be…….

The Xtra-Power drill machine is designed to give……

Xtra-Power exhibits premium quality Screw Driver Drill……..

Xtra-Power provides the premium quality double…..

The Xtra-Power electric mixer is a paint concrete mixer……..

A concrete vibrator is essential piece of equipment..

Xtra-Power provides superior quality Straight Grinders……..

The Xtra-Power die grinder gives you smooth edges.….

Xtra-Power manufactures premium quality Jig Saw….

A blower is used to blow a gust of clean and fresh air…..

Xtra-Power manufactures          superior quality Gasoline.

Xtra-Power Provide high-quality Cut-Off Machines……

Xtra-Power Provide the best quality Miter Saw for…….

The Xtra-Power Impact wrench power tool……

Xtra-Power presents an array of premium quality Hot…..

Xtra-Power power provides you with best quality core….

Xtra-Power provides premium quality Chain Saw Grinder…..

When you use the Xtra-Power chainsaw, you can easily….

Xtra-Power Provide and exhibits the premium……

Tool Kit Xtra-Power provides a complete tool kit …….

With the help of the Xtra-Power brush cutter, you……

Featured Products

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XPT 485 Cordless Impact Wrench

Quick View Read more Xtra Power Professional

XPT 400 Angle Grinder

Quick View Read more Xtra Power Professional

XPT 401 Angle Grinder

Quick View Read more Xtra Power Professional

XPT 402 Angle Grinder

Quick View Read more Xtra Power Professional

XPT 403 Angle Grinder

Quick View Read more Xtra Power Professional

XPT 404 Angle Grinder

Quick View Read more Xtra Power Professional

XPT 405 Angle Grinder

Quick View Read more Xtra Power Professional

XPT 407 Angle Grinder

Quick View Read more Xtra Power Professional

XPT 408 Angle Grinder

Quick View Read more Xtra Power Professional

XPT 409 Angle Grinder

Quick View Read more Xtra Power Professional

XPT 410 Straight Grinder

Quick View Read more Xtra Power Professional

XPT 411 Marble Cutter

Quick View Read more Xtra Power Professional

XPT 412 Marble Cutter

Quick View Read more Xtra Power Professional

XPT 413 Marble Cutter

Quick View Read more Xtra Power Professional

XPT 414 Marble Cutter



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One thing I like about Xtra power is that they always maintain a wide variety of spare parts and machine spare parts. This makes it easy to sell to clients and end consumers without hesitation. Whenever a problem arises, the team ensures that all hands are on deck to help us.Vikas JainBelieving in Xtra Power has changed my life. Coming to their head office after so many years and seeing their team functioning as one unit in sync has left me astonished. Meeting their team gave me many insights into sales and marketing strategies that I never thought I could apply to my business. The overall experience was an eye opener for me, making me hold them in high regard.Kailash PandaFor the past 15 years, I had never thought about adding more brands to my portfolio since all my and customers' needs are being satisfied because of the range of products they maintain. And, I am sure I won't have to look anywhere else in the future because that's what means being associated with Xtra Power.Manish AgarwalXtra Power always tries to deliver something extra to us. The color scheme of products is so unique and varied that it stands out every time compared to its competitors. The quality of the packaging and its combination makes it eye-catching for every customer.Shabbir HussainDoing business with Xtra Power does not mean being their dealer; it means being a partner for life. Their increase in the digital presence daily is making my life easier, making it easy for me to explain and show to customers what Xtra Power is all about. Their excellent logistics team ensures we get timely delivery every time without any fuss or hamper in our sales.Awesh BansalThe quality of the products is excellent. Buying from Xtra Power feels like getting value for money. The new products that Company Offers are attractive. The brand name for Heavy duty, XP, is very appealing. The response of the team is apt and on time. The team behaves appropriately all the time.Jitender KumarPreviousNext


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