Argon2 Hash Generator, Validator, Verifier and Resources.

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Argon2 Hash Generator & Verifier

Generate password hashes with Argon2 algorithm, the winner of thePassword Hashing Competition

Argon2 Hash Generator

What is Argon2?

Argon2 is cryptographic hashing algorithm, most recommended for password hashing.

It is designed by Alex Biryukov, Daniel Dinu, and Dmitry Khovratovich from University of Luxembourg.

Argon2 has 3 variants:
Argon2d, Argon2i and Argon2id. Argon2i is optimized for password hashing. Argon2 has 6 input parameters: password, salt, memory cost (the memory usage of the algorithm), time cost (the execution time of the algorithm and the number of iterations), parallelism factor (the number of parallel threads), hash length.

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Argon2 Hash Validator / Verifier

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Password Hashing?

Password hashing is a one-way process of securing plain text password by creating a bit string of a fixed size called hash using cryptographic hash function. Cryptographic hash functions designed to be a one-way function, that is, a function which is infeasible to invert.

What is Password Hashing Competition?

Password Hashing Competition, organized by cryptography and security experts, is an open competition to raise awareness of the need of strong password hashing algorithms and to identify hash functions that can be recognized as a recommended standard. Argon2 was selected as the final PHC winner on 20 July 2015.

Resources, Articles and Tutorials

Argon2 Specifications PDF

Argon2 Specifications PDF on GitHub

Argon2 Source Code

Reference C Implementation of Argon2

Secure Password Generator

Strong Random Password Generator

Secure Password Hashing in 2019

Password Hashing: Scrypt, Bcrypt and ARGON2

Argon2 Libraries (Argon2 PHP, Argon2 Java, Argon2 NodeJs)

How to Use Argon2 for Password Hashing in Java
Read More
Protecting passwords with Argon2 in PHP 7.2
Read More
Zero to Hashing in Under 10 Minutes: Argon2 in Nodejs
Read More


Note #1: We do not store any passwords, never.

Note #2: Always choose a strong password, containing special characters, lowercase and uppercase letters and numbers.

Note #3: Always use trusted libraries for creating password hashes.

Note #4: Stop using weak hashing algorithms such as md5, sha1, sha256, etc.

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