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Volume 5, Issue 1

Submissions open

Fashion Studies is in search of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary written and creative research that analyzes and offers original contributions to the field of fashion. Our journal is mixed-media focused and accepts a wide range of scholarly approaches: papers or creative work, as well as combinations of the two, are always welcome. We also invite collaborative work, interviews, and event reviews in traditional or multi-media formats. We specifically invite the submission of creative formats, practice-based studies, and the research of graduate and emerging scholars.

Fashion Studies advocates and offers a platform for research that is both critical of fashion studies and recognizes fashion’s nuanced history and continued potential as a tool for systemic change. Work that centres diverse voices and experiences in its exploration of dress, that engages with fashion across multiple fields, and that applies innovative methodological approaches to the field, is encouraged.

All submissions to Volume 5 are due by October 31, 2022 to For any questions regarding how to submit, please see our Submission Guidelines. Should you have any further questions, please reach out to We look forward to hearing from you!

Volume 4, Issue 2

Rolling submissions open

We are currently still accepting rolling submissions to Volume 4, Issue 2.

Table of Contents

Volume 1

Issue 1

1. Post No Bill: The Transience of New York City Street Style by Brent Luvaas

2. Ogling, Quizzing, and Spying: The Eyeglass by Susan Vincent

3. Making Research: An Analysis of Arts-Based Practices in the Academic Process, A Case Study of Methods of Inscription by Ketzia Sherman

4. Enclothed Knowledge: The Fashion Show as a Method of Dissemination in Arts-Informed Research by Ben Barry

5. Flourishing Fashion: An Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis of the Experience of Wearing a Happy Outfit by Rebecca Smith and Julia Yates

6.The Several Lives of a Collection of Rag Dump Clothing from Normandy (1900–55): From Farm, to Dump, to Poverty Chic by Lou Taylor

7. Body Doubles: The Origins of the Fashion Mannequin by Alison Matthews David

8. Figurative Mobility: Veiling, Orientalism, and Unknowing Women in US Vogue, 1917–25 by Ilya Parkins

9. Fashion/Photo/Film: The Intertextual Discourse of Funny Face (1956) by Paul Jobling

10. Behind the Scenes with Louise Dahl-Wolfe and Toni Frissell: Alternative Views of Fashion Photography in Mid-Century Americaby Rebecca Arnold

11. Let My Hair Be Me: An Investigation of Employee Authenticity and Organizational Appearance Policies Through the Lens of Black Women’s Hair by Tina Opie

12. Re-Dressing Race and Gender: The Performance and Politics of Eldridge Cleaver’s Pants by Art Blake

13. An Interview with The Fashion Studies Journal by Jaclyn Marcus

14. A Fashion Exhibit Without Fashion by Jennifer Ayres

Issue 2

1. Status, Votive Luxury, and Labour: The Female Rapper’s Delight by Nigel Lezama

2. Review: Diversity NOW! Fashion & Race with Kimberly Jenkins by Jaclyn Marcus

3. Contemporizing Modesty by Romana B. Mirza

4. Clothing Fit Issues for Trans People by Andrew Reilly, Jory M. Catalpa, and Jenifer K. McGuire

Volume 2

Issue 1

1. Hurricane Katrina Hair: Rereading Nineteenth-Century Commemorative Hair Forms and Fragments Through the “Mourning Portraits” of Loren Schwerd by Esther Berry

2. Entanglements of a Dress Named Laverne: Threads of Meaning between Humans and Things (and Things) by Jessica Kennedy and Megan Strickfaden

3. Rethinking Children and Clothes by Cecelia Gomes

4. Custom Clothing Technology: Diffusion of Luxury Practices in Fashion by Nicholas Paganelli

5. Alien Beauty: Posthuman Re-Imaginings by Presley Mills

6. Hyper-Consumerism and Abstract Landscape in Asia by Marie Geneviève Cyr and Joseph Jagos

7. Selly Raby Kane: Surrealist Designer and Social Innovator by Enrica Picarelli

8. The Phantasmagoric World of Thierry Mugler by Julia Skelly

9. Opulent Servitude: Shoplifting in a Culture of Material Excess and Systemic Racism by Evangeline Holtz Schramek and Carolyn Kane

10. Sine Qua Non: An Exploration of a “Catholic Imagination” at the Met by Mark Joseph O’Connell

11. (Un)Dress in Southworth & Hawes’ Daguerreotype Portraits: Clytie, Proserpine, and Antebellum Boston Women by Margo L. Beggs

12. Fashion Film: The Grain of the Past in the Present Guest Lecture by Profession Caroline Evans

Issue 2

1. Grief Becomes Her: Fashion Connections in Daemon & Saudade by Colleen Schindler-Lynch

2. Exhibition Review: Gender Bending Fashion by Myriam Couturier

3. An Interview With Petra Slinkard: Nancy B. Putnam Curator of Fashion and Textiles at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, Massachusetts by Marley Healy

4. Review: Who’s In and Who’s Out of Fashion (Studies)? by Jaclyn Marcus

5. Diversity Now! Sequins, Style & The End of Gender with Dr. Madison Moore by Rachel Rammal

Volume 3

Issue 1

1. Body as Architecture: Designing the Stout Body in the Age of Standardization by Lauren Downing Peters

2. From Venus to “Black Venus”: Beyoncé’s I Have Three Hearts, Fashion, and the Limits of Visual Culture by Cheryl Thompson

3. Affect and Sensation by Ellen Sampson

4. Missed Fit by Philip Sparks

5. Indigenous Dress Theory and Dress in Canadian Residential Schools by Shawkay Ottmann

6. Diagrammatic Manifestos: A Method for Studying the Fluidity of Gender in the Production of Fashion Photography by Floriane Misslin

7. #NaturalDye by Kelsie Doty, Denise Nicole Green, and Dehanza Rogers

8. You Aren’t What You Wear: An Exploration into Infinifat Identity Construction and Performance through Fashion by Calla Evans

9. Fashioning the Academic and Private Self: The Clothing of Johanna Westerdijk in the Context of her Biography by Marta Kargól

10. The Kurious Kase of Kim Kardashian’s Korset by Alanna McKnight

Issue 2

1. Review: Indigenous Fashion Week Toronto 2020 by Nigel Lezama

2. Review: Diversity Now! 2020 with Becca McCharen-Tran, CHROMAT by Ryan Chantree

3. Marks of Obsession: Appearance, Transformation, Pain, and the Abject Female Body by Anna Pollice

4. Review: Diversity Now! 2021 with Nigel “Legin” John, Legin Knits by Bianca Zanotti

5. Clothing, Colonial Subjugation, and the Performance of Political Authority in Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe by Mitchell Gauvin

6. Entangled Fashion: A Psychosocial Contribution to Fashion Ethics in Times of Crisis by Ana Minozzo

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