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The Fifth Judge Investigating Jovenel Moïse’s Assassination Steps Down

By Kim Ives, Haiti Liberté, Sept. 7, 2022Walther Wesser Voltaire was Haiti’s fifth investigating judge appointed to probe the Jul. 7, 2021 assassination of President Jovenel Moïse. Assigned to the task on May 30, 2022, he had three months to complete his investigation but was unable to do so, claiming that “certain formalities have not yet been completed.”…Read more

Cap Haitien Demonstrators Vow to “Burn Haiti” If Prime Minister Ariel…

By Ralph "Onz" Chéry, The Haitian Times, Sept. 7, 2022Some banged spoons against aluminum plates, while others wrapped themselves in Haiti’s red-and-black flag or held signs that read “operation guard the dollar” and “we want a change.” They were all demonstrating against de facto Prime Minister Ariel Henry, demanding his resignation.“Si Ariel pa ale, na…Read more

Petition calls on federal government to take action against the suppor…

By Stephanie Wadell, yukon-news, May. 26, 2022Yukon MP Brendan Hanley presented the House of Commons with a petition bearing 500 signatures that calls on the federal government to take action against the support of foreign orphanages and to meet its obligation under the UN Declaration of the Rights of the Child.The petition, presented May 13, was led by…Read more

Gangs engage in boat piracy in Haiti

Par Wildore Mérancourt,, August 24, 2022Lire ce reportage en FrançaisOne o’clock in the morning on May 1, a light spot appeared to follow the thirty passengers of the boat Mèsi Manman on the sea of Léogane. The large wooden boat smelled of fresh fish, carried in large plastic containers. The crew was going to Port-au-Prince to sell seafood…Read more

Haiti’s mango volumes projected to be 48% lower

By, Sept. 4, 2022By far the most exported mango in Haiti is the Francine mango. The primary reason why it is the only exported Haitian mango variety is that the USDA requires mangoes to be dunked in hot water for 60 to 90 minutes, killing any fly larvae because of the threat of the Mediterranean fruit fly. The Francine is the only Hait…Read more

Why does the United States continue to occupy a Haitian island?

By Melissa Beralus, AyiboPost, August 15, 2022The Americans mined a million tons of guano on the island without paying a cent to the Haitian authorities. Other countries have sold the product for hundreds of millions of dollarsLire ce reportage en Français In 1857, two Americans, Peter Duncan and Edward Cooper, landed on the coast of La Navase, an isla…Read more

MOLEGHAF’s Oxygène David on the Shooting of Domini Resain, the Montana…

By Kim Ives, Haiti Liberté, August 31, 2022Last week, unidentified gunmen wounded Domini Resain, the mobilization director of the National Movement for Liberty and Equality of Haitians for Fraternity (MOLEGHAF), at the organization’s headquarters in Port-au-Prince’s hilltop Fort National neighborhood.Haïti Liberté interviewed MOLEGHAF’s secretary general…Read more

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Canadian Foreign Policy

Truth to the Powerless shines as critical foreign policy analysis

By Yves Engler, August 19, 2022

Official Canadian foreign policy supports empire and corporate interests, but you’d never know that if you rely on the dominant media or government pronouncements.

Then along comes Pitasanna Shanmugathas, Ryan Ellis and a team of filmmakers with Truth to the Powerless: An Investigation into Canada’s Foreign Policy. The six-part series explores Canada’s role in creating NATO, its dalliance with 1930s fascism and support for South African and Israeli apartheid. The series also details Canadian participation in coups in Haiti and Honduras as well as wars in Iraq, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Libya. Additionally, it looks at the capitalist, colonial and geopolitical forces shaping policy.

Former defence ministers Bill Graham and David…Read more more





Un ancien premier ministre et 12 chefs de gangs en Haïti déclarés indésirables en République Dominicaine La population manifeste et réclame un changement profond Le Bureau de suivi de l’accord de Montana indigné par rapport à la situation chaotique en Haïti


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