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Passionate to work with the global academic community to promote open scholarly research in various disciplines of Medical, Engineering, Sciences and Technology to the world.

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Open Access is free online research made available by journals like us by not charging any fees on content submitted...

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At Iris Publishers, we value the integrity with which authors go beyond the realm of human imagination...

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Iris Publishers, we like to give recognition those who have made outstanding contributions to science. To all such...

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Iris Publishers is deeply committed in building a community of motivated researchers who regularly create manuscripts...

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Our Vision

To accelerate the growth of scientific learning through research gathered from all over the world. We want to be the catalysts for new discoveries in medicine, neurosurgery and other fields of science that will help cure diseases and find new ways of sustainable living.

We fulfill this aim by building a free platform of premium content that is carefully reviewed and always true. In true sense we’re looking to create a scientific community for authors, researchers, professors, students and medical professionals to exchange opinions and better their craft through the sharing of experiences.


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Editor In Chief

Jiujiang Zhu
School of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Wuyi University, China

Global Journal of Engineering Sciences

Maria Ciurea
University of Petrosani, Romania

Scientific Journal of Research & Reviews

Tingkai Zhao
Northwestern Polytechnical University, China

Modern Concepts in Material Science

John P McCarthy, RPA
Delaware State Parks, USA

Open Access Journal of Archaeology & Anthropology

Osama Kamel Adwan
Al-Baha University, Saudi Arabia

Current Trends in Civil & Structural Engineering

Jiming Chen
Nanjing Medical University, China

World Journal of Gynecology & Womens Health

Hiroko Kanoh
Yamagata University, Japan

Open Access Journal of Addiction and Psychology

Xu Zeng
University of Florida, USA

World Journal of Ophthalmology & Vision Research

Cecilia Young
People Health Magazine, Hong Kong

Online Journal of Dentistry & Oral Health

Danmei Sun
Heriot-Watt University, UK

Journal of Textile Science & Fashion Technology

Mervat N Wahba
The University of Tennessee Health Science Center, USA

Archives in Neurology & Neuroscience

Jianqing Zhang
The University of China Agricultural, Beijing

Online Journal of Complementary & Alternative Medicine

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Editor's Choice

Should Labor be Routinely Induced from 39 Weeks of Gestation?

Daniel Faustin

Current Trends in Computational Geomechanics and Geotechnical Engineering

MB Can Ulker*

Application of MOO Techniques for the Time-Cost Trade off Problems in Civil Engi...

Tayfun DEDE* and Soufiane KAMİL

Viral Hepatitis B and C Need to be Approached as A Major Public Health Problem i...

Irma V Machado*

Metaheuristic Optimization Algorithms and Civil Engineering

Tayfun DEDE*

Understanding the Integrated Gene Regulatory Networks for Hepatocellular Carcino...

Long Gao*

Sustainability Aspects in Smart/Functional Textiles

Muhammad Zahid*

Interdisciplinary Cooperation for a New Era of Textile and Fashion Technology

Byung Hoon Kim*

Importance of Technology Acceptance Assessment for Successful Implementation and...

Hamed Taherdoost*

Complementary and Alternative Medicine Use in Cancer: The Role of Clinical Pharm...

Amani E Khalifa*

Hypothyroidism, Hypertension and Breast Cancer: Scientific Insights

Amani E Khalifa*

Advance of the Modified g-C3N4 Materials by Doping WO3-x (X=0.1, 0.2, 0.3)

Jizhou Jiang*

Otolaryngology, Hearing, Knowledge and Globalization

Jorge Francisco Moises Hernandez*

Toxicological Investigations in Food

Loai Aljerf *

Preventing Anal Sphincter Tears During Delivery. An Update from Scandinavia

Jouko Pirhonen*

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Latest Articles

Research Article - CTCSE

Evaluation of Furrow Irrigation Efficiency: A Case of Omo Kuraz - III Sugar Factory Irrigation Farm, SNNPR, Ethiopia

Yilkal Zewude and Tamene Mojira*

Published: September, 2022

Current Trends in Civil & Structural Engineering

Abstract PDF Full Text

Research Article - AHM

Remote Sensing Analysis of the Impact of COVID lockdowns on Water Quality in Four Water Bodies in Latin America

Ivan Lalovic, Fernando Miralles-Wilhelm*, Sara de Moitié, Philipp Grötsch, Adam Belmonte, Jihoon Lee and Raúl Muñoz Castillo

Published: September, 2022

Advances in Hydrology & Meteorology

Abstract PDF Full Text

Mini Review - GJES

A Review of Recent Research Progress and Prospects of Direct Borohydride Fuel Cells (DBFC)

Zhiya Han, Hongxing Xin, Xiaodong Zhuang, Peng Wu, Hualin Lin and Sheng Han*

Published: September, 2022

Global Journal of Engineering Sciences

Abstract PDF Full Text

Short Communication - WJASS

Production Fields of Peppermint at University of Presov, Slovakia, and their Analyses of Essential Oils for 5 Years

Salamon Ivan*, Kryvtsova Maryna, Hrytsyna Miroslava and Lapos Augustin

Published: September, 2022

World Journal of Agriculture and Soil Science

Abstract PDF Full Text

Case Report - OJDOH

Treatment of Esthetic Sequelae of Peripheral Ossifying Fibroma with Suine Collagen Matrix-Case Report

Manfro R, García GFF, Poubel VLN, Gondak RO, Souza VZ* and Silva LR

Published: September, 2022

Online Journal of Dentistry & Oral Health

Abstract PDF Full Text

Case Report - ANN

Rapid Resolution of Carotid Thrombus within Two Hours

Fatima Zahra Bensabeur*, Andrew Joseph Reichard and Esteban Cheng-Ching

Published: August, 2022

Archives in Neurology & Neuroscience

Abstract PDF Full Text

Mini Review - ANN

Harmful Substances in the Blood Can Affect the Brain

Siniša Franjić*

Published: August, 2022

Archives in Neurology & Neuroscience

Abstract PDF Full Text

Review Article - ANN

Neurocysticercosis and Subarachnoid Hemorrhage Correlations

Mirza Khinikadze*, Koka Gogichashvili, Mariami Natsvlishvili, Tinatin Chkhartishvili, Aditi Pandey, Harshal Praveen Singh, Swapnil Ahuja, Nadiya Konda, Vishwajeet Dhananjay Dhane, Maha Prathiksha Arul Essakkiraj, Chetali Patil, Riya Rahul Khedkar and Asma

Published: August, 2022

Archives in Neurology & Neuroscience

Abstract PDF Full Text

Mini Review - ICBC

Short Review: Nrf2 and Omega 3 for Human Health

Vijai KS Shukla* and Vaijnath D Lad

Published: August, 2022

Insights in Chemistry & Biochemistry

Abstract PDF Full Text

Mini Review - OJRAT

RAND Wargames Explore Potential of Remotely Operated and Autonomous Ground Combat Vehicles

Sean Barnett*

Published: August, 2022

Online Journal of Robotics & Automation Technology

Abstract PDF Full Text

Review Article - OJRAT

Cross-Platform Collaboration with Help Virtual Digital Thinking of Technological Mind with Artificial Intelligence

Evgeny Bryndin*

Published: August, 2022

Online Journal of Robotics & Automation Technology

Abstract PDF Full Text

Review Article - OJRAT

Unambiguous Identification of Objects in Different Environments and Conditions Based on Holographic Machine Learning Algorithms

Evgeny Bryndin*

Published: August, 2022

Online Journal of Robotics & Automation Technology

Abstract PDF Full Text

Research Article - ANN

Relationships between working memory and the ability to repeat sentences in Alzheimer’s disease

Camille Frouin and Frédérique Gayraud*

Published: August, 2022

Archives in Neurology & Neuroscience

Abstract PDF Full Text

Research Article - ACRCI

Can The Use of Chemotherapy Induce More Formation of Metastases in Patients with Cancer?

Huang WL*

Published: August, 2022

Advances in Cancer Research & Clinical Imaging

Abstract PDF Full Text

Research Article - WJASS

Environmental Effects and Carbon Sequestration Potential of Returning Agricultural Waste to Field By Carbonization

Changkai Zhao, Jiayu Tang, Hongyu Si and Bing Wang*

Published: August, 2022

World Journal of Agriculture and Soil Science

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Aron D Rovner

The Journal of Orthopedics and Sports Medicine is an excellent journal giving incite into the field or orthopedic surgery. Each publication gives pertinent and...more

Amani E Khalifa

I just wanted to share a quick note to let researchers know that Advances in Cancer Research & Clinical Imaging is a respectable journal. It will always be...more

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Welcome to Iris Publishers, your one-stop-place for latest scientific! Here you can read from our vast archive of scientific knowledge that we have collected from all over the world. We’re keen on building a community where new and updated information can be shared between scholars, doctors, medical researchersRead more...

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