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Some Popular Divorce Cases of US Celebrities

Latest celebrity news is one of the top subjects that people love to read about. This is mainly because celebrities are treated as idols and common people love to keep themselves updated about what is going on in their favorite celebrities’ life.Most often celebrities are known for excess and exaggeration, and unfortunately for them their divorces are often extreme as well. So, when it comes to divorce, people usually want to know about popular divorce cases of celebrities. Read More…

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How to Divorce Your Parents

Married couples can divorce while lovers can break a relationship, but what can be done if you want to leave your own parents. There can be certain times when you don’t want to stay with your parents and cannot leave the house as you are still not 18. This is the time when the question strikes the mind as, ‘How to divorce your parents?’ Well, in the US if you want to divorce your parents, you can request for ‘Emancipation’ that will relieve your parents of any responsibility and control for you. But not all the US states have laws that allow it to be done. First you need to know whether the state where you reside have the provision for Emancipation and then you can proceed further. Read More…

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US States Sample Divorce Papers

In most of the states of US except New York a divorce is called dissolution of marriage. As marriage is a legal contract you can dissolve it legally via divorce. To get divorced legally, a couple will need a court order and must follow all the local rules and regulations while filing for a divorce.

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Sample Divorce Agreement for the US States

When a couple decides to file for a divorce petition after being married for several years, it is actually a big phase in their life. It is not like you decide to get divorced from your spouse at the spur of a moment. There is always some reason behind a divorce case. Hence, a lot of effort is made by both parties when there is a question of getting a divorce, especially if they have children. Read More…

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Can You Really Get Free Divorce Records?

In the US, it is quite common to find people looking for FREE divorce records. But, ‘Can you really get free divorce records?’ Well, as divorce records are public information you can surely get them for free in all the US States. Public records, as the name suggests, are open and free to the public. Divorce along with birth, marriage, and death are the public vital records that can beobtained for FREE. Read More…

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Analysis of Divorce Laws of the US States

In the US, marriage is a legal contract and hence when you wish to terminate it you need to do it in a legal manner. The termination of a marriage in a legal manner is referred to by different names in different parts of the US.The most common names are Divorce and Dissolution of Marriage. Read More…

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Sample Divorce Application Form for the US States

No matter what is the reason behind your divorce, the amount of information you need to gather and the list of paperwork you need to file can be daunting. Until you have the right resources, you may not be able to go for the whole divorce process in a systematic manner. It is not like you go to the court and simple ask for a divorce order. There are plenty of tasks involved in a divorce. Read More…

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Sample Divorce Certificate for the US States

A divorce certificate is an important document. This official vital record documenting the divorce of a couple is kept by a government entity. In the US, by “divorce certificate” it means the certified replica copy of the original divorce document. At times it is also referred to the original divorce document which is kept by the issuing US state or county government. Read More…

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Divorce Property Settlement Agreement

In the US, divorce rate has gone drastically high. Whatever maybe the reason for getting divorced, there are lot of complexities in a divorce process and one that tops the list is the divorce property settlement agreement. Read More…

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No Fault Divorce Statistics and More

By no-fault divorce, we mean the kind of divorce where to end a marriage one does not need any kind of allegation or proof of fault. With this kind of divorce, you can easily end your marriage legally irrespective of whether your spouse agrees or not to your decision. As of 2010, all the US states except New York has the option for no-fault divorce. Read More…

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Some Popular Divorce Cases of US CelebritiesHow to Divorce Your ParentsUS States Sample Divorce PapersSample Divorce Agreement for the US StatesCan You Really Get Free Divorce Records?

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