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World's fastest antibiogram

Based on first in class nanomotion technology platform, our rapid AST saves lives by finding the right antibiotic on time and reduces spreading of antibiotic resistance

First in class nanomotion technology platform

How our rapid AST works

4-8 hours
Blood cultures
1-2 hours
strain id
Day 0
1-2 hours
Resistell AST

Resistell proposes an alternative to culture based antibiogram, the current gold standard in antibiotic susceptibility testing. Our offering is a diagnostic device. The rapid AST method is based on the detection of vibration caused by living bacterial cells. Because the test is growth independent rapid AST, we reduce the time taken to get a result from days to hours. Resistell provides information on which antibiotic should be used to treat the patient.

Latest news

Key publications

A rapid unraveling of the activity and antibiotic susceptibility of Mycobacteria. A. Mustazzolu, L. Venturelli, S. Dinarelli, K. Brown, R. A. Floto, G. Dietler, L. Fattorini, S. Kasas, M. Girasole and G. Longo. Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, 63, 3, 2019. View at publisher Nanomotion detection method for testing antibiotic resistance and susceptibility of slow-growing bacteria. M.I. Villalba, P. Stupar, W. Chomicki, M. Bertacchi, G. Dietler, L. Arnal, M.E. Vela, O. Yantorno and S. Kasas. Small 14, 1702671, 2018. View at publisher Nanomechanical sensor applied to blood culture pellets: a fast approach to determine the antibiotic susceptibility against agents of bloodstream infections. P. Stupar, O. Opota, G. Longo, G. Prod'Hom, G. Dietler, G. Greub and S. Kasas. Clinical Microbiology and Infection, 23, 400-405, 2017. View at publisher Detecting nanoscale vibrations as signature of life. S. Kasas, F. S. Ruggeri, C. Benadiba, C. Maillard, P. Stupar, H. Tournu, G. Dietler and G.Longo. PNAS, 112, 378-381, 2015. View at publisher Rapid detection of bacterial resistance to antibiotics using AFM cantilevers as nanomechanical sensors. G. Longo, L. Alonso-Sarduy, L. Marques Rio, A. Bizzini, A. Trampuz, J. Notz, G. Dietler and S. Kasas. Nature Nanotechnology 8, 522–526, 2013. View at publisher

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