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The greener way to insulate your home

Termex uses natural cellulose fibre made from recycled paper, offering you a natural, net-zero method of keeping your house warm.

Great for the planet – and your wallet

Termex cellulose fibre insulation is guaranteed to reduce your heating bill by 30-50%, with homeowners likely to start seeing a return on investment in as little as a couple of months.

What’s more, this CO2-free insulation is longer-lasting than most synthetic alternatives, saving you even more money in the long run.

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Our story

Environmental responsibility

Why Termex

Professional insulation, without the upheaval

Termex is quick, easy and safe for a professional to install. They don’t need to take up floorboards and there’s no waste or mess, so homeowners can start benefiting from the insulating effects within a matter of hours.

Made to survive Scandinavian winters

Our cellulose fibre has natural heat retention properties that prevent fluctuations of temperature within the home, keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Developed in Finland and tried and tested in Northern Europe for over 30 years, our standard of insulation is good enough for the coldest of winters.

Products that champion low carbon construction

Whether you’re planning new builds, renovations or providing installation services, Termex helps you take the lead on sustainable insulation that works. Our insulation is irritant free, fire- and mould-resistant – good for the environment, your customers and your team.

Termex Cellulose

The green standard for insulation. Our ecological insulation fibres, made from recycled newsprint, help to insulate homes and save the planet in one go.

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Termex Reindeer

For houses up to three storeys. Our BLOW-IN technology reaches even the most inaccessible surfaces and gaps, enhancing heat efficiency and reducing draftiness.

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Termex Geko

For specialist and mass application. Our Geko KARL blowing machines are designed for everyday use by professional insulation companies, while our EGON machines are ideal for larger-scale projects.

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Environmental responsibility

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We are currently developing our installer network in the UK. In case of enquiries please contact us with the below form or directly at and +44 7891 537402.

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