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Show moreAugust 08, 2022

Art and Archictecture in the New Kingdom

Salah SalahThe civilization of ancient Egypt's New Kingdom seems the most golden of all the epochs of Egyptian history, perhaps because so much of moreAugust 07, 2022

King Horemheb

Salah SalahKing Horemheb was the Last King of Egypt's 18th Dynasty and he came from Herakleopolis near the entrance to the Fayoum, little else is moreAugust 05, 2022

Babylon Fortress

Salah SalahThe Fortress Of Babylon Babylon Fortress within it, lies the Coptic Museum which was erected inside it. It was small, but Emperor Arcadias moreAugust 04, 2022

The Flail scepter

Salah SalahThe Flail scepter or nekhakha was a short rod with three beaded strands attached to its top. Its form was clearly ceremonial but probably moreAugust 03, 2022

Stories and Tales in Ancient Egypt

Salah SalahThe ancient Egyptians told stories both for entertainment and to convey a message. Storytelling in Egypt was as old as culture itself. moreShow more ShowingNo More Posts

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