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Posted on by Rockport Conservative

The FBI And DOJ Criminalizing Opposition To The Regime Is How The Republic Ends. A two-tier justice system is not a justice system. It is a totalitarian system. Its purpose is not justice but population control. ¶ Locking Up Opposition Politicians Is What Putin Does

FBI Director Christopher Wray is guiding the agency the wrong way, fast

The Democrat-Dominated Deep State  Many have come to realize what a huge problem this is.

The Bureaucracy’s Democrat Majority Made America a One-Party Government

Turley Proposes Red State Alliance Against Blue State Boycotts

Ted Cruz: Dems Want To Make The IRS ‘Larger Than The Pentagon, The State Dept, The FBI, And The Border Patrol Combined’ That is the truth. The so-called reconciliation bill would add 87,000 more IRS workers. There is only one reason to do that. | IRS: Gestapo in the Making

Glenn Greenwald Goes to Town on Why Dick and Liz Cheney Hate Trump so Much

Florida school board member openly brags about ‘working from the inside’ to promote ‘woke’ agenda

Portland mayor admits homicides have increased 200% over last year It is hard to be “woke” and tough on crime at the same time.

WaPo: Drag Shows for Children Are ‘Squeaky-Clean,’ ‘Family-Friendly’ Not many of us would call this squeaky clean or family fun.

‘Transgender’ Activists Claim Social Contagion Isn’t a Factor Kids have a hard enough time getting through childhood and teen years, adding this to their problems is just crazy.

Chris Christie is not on my list of favorite politicians, but I like this. Chris Christie shuts down ABC News anchors with reality check when they try to defend Biden: ‘This is ridiculous’

If Trump is Irrelevant, Why is He Still Such a Political Force of Nature?

Experts worry monkeypox disinformation will harm LGBTQ+ community They should worry about what it will do to the community without the proper cautions.

Remember when we were told the Great Coral Reef was decimated and going away?   Annual Summary Report of Coral Reef Condition 2021/22  From the original report: On the Central and Northern GBR, region-wide hard coral cover reached 33% and 36%, respectively; the highest level recorded in the past 36 years of monitoring. It is doing just fine.

My dog, my choice?  Someone finally said it, they wouldn’t be allowed to tear a puppy apart.

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Links and Comments

Posted on by Rockport Conservative

The Congressional Budget Office Hasn’t Finished Scoring the Manchin’s Inflation Reduction Act Never mind, it has already been voted on with VP Kamala Harris casting the deciding vote.

Here is a picture of Manchin showing what a lying face looks like.  Notice the raised eyebrows, especially above the inner eye. A lie tell. The World Has Gone Crazy Same lying face pictured.

 Billionaires, Hollywood Celebrities Join Call to End Public Plane Tracking After ‘Climate Criminal’ Backlash

Democrats’ new campaign slogan: ‘A bigger IRS is a better IRS’ the better to audit you.| Analysis: Latest Version of Senate Democrats Reconciliation Bill Raises Taxes on Small Businesses | Experts Divided Over Long-Term Economic Effects of the Inflation Reduction Act

Gun Shop Owner Wants ATF Auditor Investigated for Using Her Personal Phone to Photograph Documents I doubt that will happen.

Assaulted bodega worker flees NYC for the safety of… the Dominican Republic

There’s A War Raging On The Right That Will Shape The GOP Long After Trump

Biden informs Obama, Bush about al Zawahiri drone strike, but leaves Trump in the dark What a petty dunce.

CDC Suggests Gay, Bi Men Take a ‘Temporary Break’ From Sex to Curb Monkeypox Spread From the Epoch Times and often behind the paywall.  But it doesn’t matter because this headline says it all. | One-In-Five Gay Men Who Got Monkeypox Had Sex With 10 Or More People Before Getting Infected, CDC Says

George Soros Is Aiding Illegals Sneaking Into The US  A friend suggested the people in charge of which “charities” and pacs he gives to are getting very large kickbacks and this old man has no idea any more than Biden has. | DeSantis Exposes Soros’ Plot to Corrupt America with ‘Total End-Run Around Our Constitutional System’

WHAT JOHN DURHAM HAS PROVED  You can read the gist of it here, but the original article is in the Spectator and behind their paywall.

NPR, that was the plan  They don’t understand why we in border states have sent illegals to NYC and DC. They also don’t seem to know Biden was sending them all over the US already.

Agents seize stash of ladders, ammo in remote part of southern border This might even slow them down for 24 hours.

All About Trump

Donald Trump: Next President Must ‘Remove Rogue Bureaucrats and Root out the Deep State’ This is why they want to grind him into the ground and salt the earth around him.

Trump delivers at CPAC, hilariously mocks ‘phony’ account of struggle with Secret Service

Have We Been Fair-Weather Friends of Donald Trump? I thought this was going to be a mea culpa, but it isn’t, it is an, I am a Never Trumper and I will stay that way, never mind that he did what I agreed with.

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Posted on by Rockport Conservative

I am going to try to list all related topics together.  I’ve been collecting them for several days now.

Nancy Pelosi:  Pelosi’s Right. Wait … What?                                                                                 | What Pelosi Instinctively Gets Right About Taiwan                                                                     | ‘America Stands With Taiwan’: Pelosi Departs Taiwan After Promising U.S. Support Amid China Threats    And after these feel good stories when even I was thinking it was a patriotic move, the silly woman comes up with this to explain herself. ‘This can’t be real life’ : Pelosi claims ‘connection’ to China because of lie she was told as a little girl I have to say it was a Santa type lie, didn’t every child of her, my generation, think we could dig all the way to China.  Give us credit for knowing it was on the other side of the world.

As for her husband: Paul Pelosi’s charge includes DRUGS along with alcohol, new judge mysteriously takes over DUI case  Friends in high places.

Hunter Biden: FBI Director Found It ‘Deeply Disturbing’ the Way Hunter Biden Allegations Were Handled                                                                                                                    | Meeting Joe Biden Had With Hunter Associates Raising Eyebrows, Lawyer’s Response Causing Laughter                                                                                                                                    | FBI ‘Aggressively’ Pursuing Hunter Biden Investigation, Director Wray Says                         | Hunter Biden involved in 2018 deal to send grain from Ukraine to China; stunning documents show · American Wire News                                                                                             | The Art of Scandal Implosion: The Political and Media Elite Prepare To Drop Hunter Biden in a “Controlled Demolition”  this one by Jonathan Turley.

More about the FBI and Director Wray: FBI official transferred after whistleblower allegations of political bias, senator reveals                                                                                       | FBI: Quoting Thomas Jefferson Makes You A Potential Domestic Terrorist…                       | The FBI Twice Interfered in the 2020 Election to Sabotage Trump. Now What?                  | Ted Cruz checkmates top DOJ official for not enforcing federal law against pro-abortion protesters outside SCOTUS justices’ houses                                                                                      | Dirty Chris Wray Says FBI Is Still Investigating Fake Conspiracy Charges related to January 6th — FBI Is Still Looking for 350 Americans to Arrest                                                   | Sen. John Kennedy Reads FBI Agent’s Anti-GOP Tweets Into The Congressional Record   | The Democrat-Run FBI

Illegals: Pentagon Denies DC’s Request for National Guard to Deal With Bussed Immigrants and they are not even close to percentage numbers that have overwhelmed the border states.                                                                                                                                            | Texas Adds New Move to Its Brilliant Busing Illegal Aliens Idea

Covid vaccines and healthcare:  Wuhan Lab Was Genetically Manipulating Deadly Nipah Virus, Expert Testifies at Senate Hearing                                                                              | Yes, NIH Funded Gain-of-Function                                                                                                 | FDA Considering Splitting Vaccine Doses to Increase Supply That might not be necessary, it is possible not than many plan to take it.                                                                   | Poll: Majority Americans Regret Taking Covid Vaccine                                                                | Indiana legislature passes first post-Roe ban on most abortions                                               | Creepy! Video shows woman teaching ‘sacred’ abortion ritual with alter for sacrificed baby

I saved many more  links but this is quite enough to even look through.

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Links and Comments

Posted on by Rockport Conservative

Pelosi’s Right. Wait … What?  It is the Patriot Post, they could be right.  It may be her first and only act of statesmanship.

Why The High Plains Turns Off Its turbines To Limit Wind Production While The Texas Power Grid Is Stressed

Three on the same subject. Why Are There So Many Idiots in Politics? | The Point of No Return | Everything Is Worse and You Are Just Supposed to Take It

No, NYT, The Difference Between Abortion And A Miscarriage Is Not The Mother’s Feelings The need for this answer shows how evil the opposition to pro-life movement is.  The difference is intent to kill and grief for loss of a wanted baby.

‘I impeached Bush twice’: Bumbling Nadler stumbles through debate opening Nadler could be in worse shape mentally than Biden.

There were primary elections yesterday: Trump’s endorsements triumph in last night’s primaries | Kari Lake Wins Nail-Biter in Arizona Despite Apparent Mail-In Ballot Fraud | Arizona House Speaker Rusty Bowers loses state Senate bid after criticizing Trump | Nevada County Appoints Clerk to Use Paper Ballots, Hand Counts as Election Challenge Heads to Court | Blake Masters Wins Arizona Republican Senate Primary  | Pro-Impeachment Rep. Peter Meijer Loses To Trump-Endorsed Primary Challenger John Gibbs |

And all that in spite of this:  RNC shreds Arizona county that ran out of ballots · American Wire News

What If CNN’s Supposed Effort To Regain Credibility Is Sincere And They Move To The Center? They were never actually center, they just weren’t quite as openly biased.

All FBI Agents Must Blow Their Whistles Or They’ll Be Complicit In Bureau’s Politicization | Surprise: The case of the missing Jan. 6 text messages now extends to the Pentagon

Climate Emergency? What A Crock, Part 2

Judge Strikes Down San Francisco Law Allowing Illegal Aliens to Vote

Do you know how bad the illegal growing of cannabis in California is?  Do you know who grows it?  Cartels, and not just from Mexico. Daily Caller video, Narcofornia.

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Links and Comments.

Posted on by Rockport Conservative

Sarah Hoyt and John O’Sullivan have written posts that mirror my feelings.  I am just about ready to believe any conspiracy that comes along.  How the World Really Works John says: “In short, though I haven’t weakened yet, I’m tempted to become a conspiracy theorist.”  Sarah posts The Weirdometer  and says: “In the last few years, I have had to apologize (mentally if not in person) to so many people I used to consider conspiracy theorists. ¶ And now, the weirdometer is broken. It has taken the shape of a little, yellow, fluffy chick, and intermittently meeps in a piteous tone.” (a long post and this is way down near the bottom)

Now we know! Manchin brags about the payoff he got from Schumer, Pelosi to sell out the country This was linked last night and he has taken a lot of flak since I saved it.  Well deserved, flak.

Terrorism experts uncover glaring problem with successful strike against Ayman al-Zawahiri: ‘Masks the undeniable truth’  I’ve had two people send me notices of an Arab News report in Nov 2020 reporting his death.  I do not have a link to that.

GLOBAL WARMING MYTH: In 1995 The New York Times Warned that East Coast Beaches Will Be Gone in 25 Years

A New Bill Takes On ‘Zuckerbucks’ and ‘Bidenbucks’

Biden Sending Another $550 Million In ‘Security Assistance’ To Ukraine

Open Borders Activists Balk at Red States Busing Illegal Aliens to Blue States

In Paul Krugman’s Upper West Side Bubble, All Is Well His bubble doesn’t cover flyover country.

Harvard Study Wrecks Insurrection Narrative of Capitol Riot Not that anyone who hates Trump and his voters cares about the truth.

What is it with these liberal initial entities? Pet Project: BLM Activist Shaun King Used Donor Funds To Buy $40k Thoroughbred Show Dog | LGBT nonprofit leader to be locked out of company bank accounts, flees U.S. amid investigation

Germany’s green energy transition from carbon fuels and nuclear energy to renewables has “failed”, a state Prime Minister has declared.

Trust the Artificial Intelligence, Part One Richard Fernandez

Prominent Senator Predicts ‘Deal’ to Hide Hunter Biden Indictment From American People

Nancy is in Taiwan, more about that tomorrow.

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Posted on by Rockport Conservative

Three links from Conservative Review:  3 Big Blunders Showing Mitch McConnell Isn’t The Legislative Genius He Thinks He Is | Medical Care For The Teeniest Patients Keeps Getting Better Despite The Left’s Abortion Obsession | Horowitz: Great Reset phase two: The war on medical freedom is joined by a war on food security

Renewables Falter As Texas Power Grid Sees Record Demand | This One ERCOT Chart Explains Why Texas Is Having Electricity Shortages (courtesy of Dick Hoese)

The Climate: It’s Hot and It Can’t Be Stopped “But wait! We may yet be saved.”

In Brief: Political Correctness Helped Turn Monkeypox Into a Global Emergency  | Monkeypox Primarily Affects Gay Men. Why Are We Scared to Say It?

Biden Admin Offers a Bad Prisoner Exchange

Top Democrat Senate Nominee Fetterman Signed Agreement to Outlaw Oil and Gas Development

Manchin Hides the Truth About Raising Your Taxes Not unexpected.

Senator Says Sinema Wont ‘Easily be Twisted’ on Machin-Schumer Deal

Couple from Medicaid firm awarded millions in NY contracts delivered over $300K in donations to Hochul, Cuomo Business as usual.

Rebranded Cuomo throws shade at J6 committee; a pointless ‘gotcha game’ like impeachment, he says “My question is are we really learning enough about what matters?” Cuomo said of the grotesque political spectacle. “Or, is this starting to play like a gotcha game? “Like the impeachment,” he added”

FBI, Director Christopher Wray are in for a rude wake-up call over Hunter Biden investigation Too bad it won’t get Biden out of office.

The global recession drum beat is getting louder | Dollar-Store Dinners and Vats of Shampoo Help Families Cope With High Prices I visited one of the local Dollar Generals last week and found they still have quite a lot that is still just a dollar.

Feds send pregnant migrant teens to states where they can get abortions  Apparently even the progressives realize how many unaccompanied children are raped on their journey.

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Posted on by Rockport Conservative

David Brock’s “65 Project” Targeting Republican Lawyers An “Insidious Attack on Democracy”

Justice Thomas’ Withdrawal Exposes The Growing “Unavailability” of Diverse Opinions in Higher Education

Trust the Artificial Intelligence, Part One by Richard Fernandez

Blogs Doing The Work That The Old Grey Whore Lady (The New York Times)Refuses To Do

Leftist Group Used by Russian Operative to Spread Propaganda

Biden Administration Confirms Plan to Give IDs to Illegal Immigrants It would be good if they all had IDs saying I am an Illegal.

Video: As Pelosi’s Plane Is Coming Close To Taiwan The Chinese Army Begin Firing Live Artillery Shells In The Taiwan Strait

Why is the CDC shelling out $55,000 on credibility training for Dr. Rochelle Walensky?  Good Question.

Ketanji Brown Jackson will rule on one affirmative action case despite recusal pledge

US regulators will certify first small nuclear reactor design A step in the right direction?

The Dutch kulaks farmers continue to protest

FBI Continues to Cover Up and Block Requests for Information Related to Seth Rich

WHAT FRAUD? Racine, Wisconsin Rolls Out Its Mobile Home Voting Station on Wheels – Paid for Exclusively with Zuckerbucks  What could go wrong?

‘Woke’ billionaire who trashed the Founding Fathers has profited off Natives, oil  What a hypocrite.

Barr to Garland: Time for a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden — and maybe Joe  He should just say President Biden and his son Hunter should be investigated by a special counsel.

Erroneous Data Found on Dominion Voting Machines   Shortly after the 2020 election, we learned that for some machines, the Dominion error rate was as HIGH as 68%! That’s an unacceptable margin of error for any measuring device, especially a state-of-the-art computerized voting machine. “We are roughly three months from our next election.”

The Dutch kulaks farmers continue to protest – The New Neo

DOJ official named in FBI politicization allegations played role in Lois Lerner IRS scandal The DC establishment is just a viper’s nest.

WH Excuse for How Flying Illegal Aliens to NY Is Different Than Busing Them to DC Breaks All the Silly Meters

The crisis of Generation Z  Read the comments, too.

This could be what is wrong with Gen Z CNN Journo Who Reported ‘Fiery But Mostly Peaceful Protests’ Gets Emmy Nomination

Why Team Biden might be purposefully grinding down the middle class

Prince Charles’ charity fund accepted one million pounds from Usama bin Laden’s family, spokesperson confirms  Royal arrogance mixed with royal stupidity.

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Posted on by Rockport Conservative

Britain shutters its only kids gender identity clinic, could ‘be the biggest medical scandal this century’ Frankly, when it comes to biggest scandal of the century there is a long list. A Big Win in the Fight Against Transgendering Kids

Contracts Indicate Biden Admin Set to Spend Over Half a Billion Dollars on Chinese Backed Luxury Camp for Illegal Alien Migrant Children

WAYNE ROOT: My List of Studies & Government Data from Around World Showing the Covid Vaccine is Dangerous and Deadly, and the Worst Health Care Disaster in World History I admit, I have not checked all these links.  I have probably read some of them at other times, but I thought some of you would be interested in seeing them.

Thanks, but No, Thanks “The University of Texas at Austin will not accept potential funding from a Hong Kong-based foundation after concerns were raised about the foundation’s links to the Chinese Communist Party and its alleged foreign influence activities”. At last, someone finally got a clue.

MEDIA ADVISORY: 96% of U.S. Climate Data Is Corrupted | The one point that can get people off the global warming obsession train

U.S. Postal Service Opens Permanent Political Division, Dedicated to the Delivery and Return of Mail-in Election Ballots, DNC Lawyer Mark Elias is Very Happy  Is this constitutional?

Germany darkens cities, turn down thermostats and considers shutting down breweries to deal with energy shortage

House GOP Finally Offers Border Security Platform  For what it’s worth.

This came out as breaking news just after I finished the newsletter yesterday.  Biden Reverses Course, Will Close Gaps In Areas Of Border Wall As Crisis Hits D.C., Elections Loom  Elections Loom Biden ‘quietly’ filling holes in the border wall in Arizona … but not in Texas

Andea Widburg who also blogs as Bookworm has some good posts on American Thinker. A superb article exposes the fissures in America | A shocking video shows how racialized America has become

Friendly Persuasion this one is the fun stuff.

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Links and Comments

Posted on by Rockport Conservative

WHO chief: ‘Men who have sex with men’ should limit sexual partners to curb monkeypox spread This is why we also see this headline: San Francisco declares local public health emergency amid monkeypox outbreak  I had to override Firefox to see this last one, you may have to do that, too. Censorship tried/censorship failed.

FBI: Man Accused of Attempting to Assassinate Brett Kavanaugh Allegedly Searched ‘Assassin Skills,’ ‘Assassin Equipment’ on Internet his own words: “ROSKE: yeah but I could get at least one, which would change the votes for decades to come, and I am shooting for 3 all of the major decisions for the past 10 years have been along party lines so if there are more liberal than conservative judges, they will have the power.”. He wanted to kill at least three.

Pay Attention To The Dutch Farmer Protests Because America Is Next

Dr. Jordan Peterson interviews Michael Yon.  He is in Holland. Europe is Crashing Fast into Freezing Winter Followed by Famine

Shock new research for lays bare brutal toll of inflation under Biden — as we break down why American families are paying a staggering $5,915 more on everyday items Our Local paper is touting the wonderful rise in sales tax revenue, 15%.  Nowhere in the article is mentioned the rise in prices on which sales tax are based.

Citizens caught a suspect who started a wildfire.  I wouldn’t usually endorse vigilantism, but in this case they were justified.

Democrats Seem So Out of Touch’: Dems Launch Cringeworthy Ads Targeting Hispanics, Admit Party Weakness  This is almost laughable. Don’t they know how much competition they are letting come across the border every day.  The Hispanics do. They also see this: Hispanic Republicans hit with racist attacks after daring not to be Democrats

Senate Democrats Move to Check Supreme Court’s Decisions Do they think the SCOTUs  justices will recuse themselves from this case when a suit reaches them?

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Links and Comments

Posted on by Rockport Conservative

Whistleblower: FBI agent who covered up Hunter Biden evidence also pressured subordinates to inflate domestic violent extremism data

Hmmm: Biden met with 14 Hunter business prospects while VP? | Hunter Biden’s biz partner called Joe Biden ‘the Big Guy’ in panicked message after Post’s laptop story

Who or what is Chief Justice John Roberts protecting? If you read my last post you know I suspect it was Roberts.  I could be wrong.

Mexico City residents angered by influx of Americans speaking English, gentrifying area: report   We know how they feel.

‘This is a climate suicide pact’: Now environmental group slams Manchin’s multi-billion dollar spending package that would include oil and gas leasing in Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico Of course the do.

FDA admits puberty blockers can cause serious harm to children The medial holds much responsibility for the trending “gender” problems.

Clarence Thomas cancels himself: Conservative Supreme Court justice quits George Washington University law lecturing role after 11,000 signed petition calling for him to be removed following overturning of Roe v. Wade  Far more that the actual student body.

40,000 Michigan residents wrongfully accused of unemployment fraud can sue state for redress: ‘350 people pled guilty to a crime they didn’t commit’

From Wednesday:

Pence Aides Testified Before Grand Jury in Jan. 6 Probe “According to a new report initially broken by CBS News, a Department of Justice criminal probe into the attempt to overturn the 2020 presidential election results has increasingly focused on communication within former President Trump’s inner circle.”

Metro Dems Beg Biden for Mass Migrant Help The fed up border states have gone too far when they openly send illegals to DC and NYC.  I guess liberals don’t realize Biden has been flying and busing them all over the US since he has been in office.

Nancy Pelosi’s Husband Unloads Massive Stake In Chips Stock For Huge Loss After Buying Shares Before Subsidy Vote Can you say “tax loss?”

Capitol Police Beef Up Security Ahead of Planned Protest at Congressional Baseball Game File under lessons learned?

Cross-Examining the Climate Change Cultists The first order of business is get them to sit still and listen to you.

Is the Biden Family Compromise Worse Than the Walker Family ?  Easy answer – Absolutely! Wray Must Go: FBI Covered for Hunter Biden |

House Judiciary Committee: Whistleblowers Say FBI ‘Pressuring Agents’ to Reclassify Cases as Domestic Terrorism

Hatchets and radios: Smugglers prepare migrants for the dangers of border journey

Twitter resumes purge of scientists, critics of gender ideology after Musk pullout

Vaccine Exec Stepping Down and Another Cashing Out

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