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Drawing knowledge

Welcome to Drawnalism

Drawnalism was created by Alex Hughes and Matthew Buck in 2009, to capture information in engaging visual formats.

Drawnalism offers three services: In the Moment, at which Drawnalists work live and in person to create a paper or digital record of conferences and other events;On the Air, at which Drawnalists work live but from distance to create a digital record of online events and calls; and At the Studio, at which Drawnalists offer a comprehensive portfolio of video, branding, line-art, and graphic work.

Over ten years, Drawnalism has been contracted by the EU, government departments, companies, public sector organisations, charities, and academic, medical and public health bodies to deliver its services.

Based on this experience, we have also been able to develop a ‘before, during and after’ package for events and projects. This creates consistent branding, promotes anticipation, captures speeches, presentations and audience engagement, and outputs valuable collateral for reports, online communications and social media.

We are happy to talk to project and event organisers about any combination of our services, and to engage with agencies on behalf of clients. To find out more about our services and current projects, please explore the website, and to see how we could help you, contact us now.


In the Moment

In the Moment was the first service that Drawnalism developed and is the one that it is known for best. Drawnalists work live and in person to create a paper or digital record of a conference or meeting that can be displayed on the day, to support audience engagement, and then used on social media and post event follow up.

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On the Air

On the Air is the service that Drawnalism developed for the evolving world of digital engagement, calls, webinars and podcasts. Drawnalists work live, using video or audio streaming, or as live, from digital recordings, to capture content and audience engagement. This delivers the social and follow up benefits of In the Moment; but is easier and cheaper to commission.

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At the Studio

At the Studio is Drawnalism’s portfolio of branding, line-art, graphic and video services, that can be used before, during and after a project or event, or commissioned as a standalone service. Drawnalism can also offer ‘Animated Drawnalism’ At the Studio to create animated content for social sharing, or work with professional associates to create long-form videos for projects of all kinds.

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Blog posts

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Drawnalism Ink Newsletter: Summer 2022

The Summer 2022 Drawnalism INK Newsletter

Coping mechanisms

In March 2021 - at the first anniversary of the first national lockdown in the United Kingdom - we wrote a post looking back at the early effect of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Now, with the Pandemic entering its third year - and also* a major European war taking place in Ukraine - and the ongoing challenge of climate change we thought it was time to have another look at how we are faring.

Drawnalism Ink Newsletter: Spring 2022

The Spring 2022 Drawnalism INK Newsletter

At the Studio in 2022

TWO YEARS into the COVID-19 Pandemic, we take a look at Drawnalism’s At the Studio service

Drawnalism Europe and the Treaty of Rome

To mark the anniverary of the Treaty of trome which established the predecessor of today’s European Union.

Viral download

The global Coronavirus Pandemic is not nover, more than two years after the virus was first detected in China.

COP Presidency Year: What are the priorities?

On Monday 24th January 2022 COP President Alok Sharma will outline the UK's Presidency year priorities. Given so many issues need addressing urgently, we wonder which of the Sustainable Development Goals will be identified as priorities

Merry Christmas 2021

A very Merry Christmas from all of us at Drawnalism

Peaks and troughs

Timing is one of the secrets of a great event. In this post we explore some aspects of timing for event organisers

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