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The revelations of this book shatter faith in the panda as a force for good.
–Die Welt

It paints the picture of an environmental organization rubbing elbows with industry; doing deals with the rich and powerful, the oil companies and GMO mafia, forgetting its goals and even losing its identity in the process.
–Süddeutsche Zeitung

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WWF accused: Involvement in violence and abuse

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Survival International has launched a formal complaint about the activities of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) in Cameroon. “This is the first time a conservation organization has been the subject of a complaint to the OECD (Organization for... Read more →

Japanese Edition

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Out now: Japanese edition of PandaLeaks. This is great news! And by the way: 黒書 means “black paper”. Please spread the word. ISBN:978-4-8461-1516-6 Read more →

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Cheryl Fontaine said: WWF – you have deceived the public and your donors for a very long time. Not anymore. You cannot “save” an animal by slaughtering it…Alan said: It seems that WWF have lost their way. Building their financial portfolio and setting up empty education centres isn’t helping to preserve our w…


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