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All in bullet time, Baby!

Welcome, saluations, or whatever other greeting strikes your fancy! This little internet abode is home to a series of websites of fannish nature here for your viewing pleasure. In other words, Quicksilver.NU is the placewhere an old fangirl keeps her love for character shrines alive.

Site Established - June 28th, 2017

Although the domain itself is brand new, the sites housed therein are actually quite old. Some content here dates back to as early as 2006. That makes some of these websites over ten years old! Information is always in progress of being revamped andreworked to better suit my current mindset, rather than the mindset of a crazed young fangirl who couldn't hide her power level if she tried.


Domain Information about the domain, meaning, design and design log can be found here.

Personal A place for the webmistress to share facts and thoughts of a personal nature.

Network The meat and purpose of the site, links to all of the fansites and shrines owned.

Farewell Affiliates, Links elsewhere as well as cliques, fanlistings and other goodies joined.

Amassment | Joined | Fanlistings | Update Log

QuicksilverNU content, design and writing was created by Bobbi. Franchises and characters enshrined here are copyright their respective owners. No copyright infringement was intended in the creation of the sites contained therein.


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