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Many of you have noticed thatAge Gradeshave changed on this site. That is because we are now using the most recent version of the WMA committee’s factors. Having updated Age Grades on this site facilitates the committee’s analysis. They are also much more accurate than previous versions so help us confirm performances listed on this site are valid. TheAge Grade Factors, if adopted, will be effective 1 January 2023.

Age Grading is an adjustment for a performance (time, height or distance) based on age – the older you are, the bigger the adjustment. The adjustment, known as an Age Grade Factor, is multiplied by the performance to get an Age Graded Performance so all times, heights or distances for each event by athletes from 20 to over 100 years old can be compared to each other! The Age Graded Performance is the equivalent to what the athlete would have done when they were in their 20s.

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Meet the Athletes: Laurent Hassid, FRA - M60

Small (1m74) sports passionnated!
Good runner with 53"25 in 400m hurdles (under 20).
Great (french scale!) US Foot runing back in the late eighties with the Castors de Paris, 3 times french champion and MVP of 1987 final. Best known as Mob Castor#88 (under 30).
Totaly poor football (soccer) player but fond of after games beers (under 40).
Supporter of my son Hugo, a decathlon and javelin specialist, (ever)... it was the occasion to discover hammer throw at age 46.
Since then I try to understand hammer,
and I try! and I try! and I try...

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Kunnan Mestaruuskilpailut in Urjala, FIN on 24 Aug
Bayrische Seniorenmeisterschaften Wurf in München, GER on 17 Jul
WRTV Meisterschaften in Heidenheim, GER on 17 Jul
USATF Indiana Masters and Open Championships in Fort Wayne, USA on 23 Jul
Painon Ja Moukarin Heittokilpailut in Helsinki/E, FIN on 18 Jul
Dunderkastet in Strömsund, SWE on 23 Jul
Dane County Championships in Madison, USA on 23 Jul
Washington State Senior Games in Tumwater, USA on 22 Jul
Keystone State Games in Wilkes-Barre, USA on 24 Jul
Heinäpään Heittokisat in Oulu/H, FIN on 23 Jul
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Tuomas Ukonmaanaho (CAN - M77) 9.24 - Shot Put (4kg)
Kert PiirimÄe (EST - M25) 15.56 - Shot Put (7.26kg)
David Foley (CAN - M38) 4.55 - Pole Vault
Yasin Haji (ETH - M26) 28:31.0h - 10000 Meter
Dennis Baldocchi (USA - M67) 27.62 - Discus (1kg)
Cody Bidlow (USA - M30) 10.78 - 100 Meter
Victor Bobryshev (RUS - M65) 41.05 - Discus (1kg)
François Bontemps (FRA - M58) 12.14 - 100 Meter
Rick Lapp (USA - M73) 54.80 - 300m Hurdles
Kim Mottrom (AUS - M37) 43:26.0h - 10k Race Walk
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