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An easy system
for measuring production

Prepare your company for uncertain times! Identify weaknesses in your production processes. Find out where to look for savings in operating costs.

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What is sensor X?

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Easy and non-invasive installation on moving parts of the machine or on power cables.Our solution enables independent wireless data collection from installed sensors.Using 3D printing, we adapt the shape of the sensor exactly to the installation location.We offer an entire ecosystem including both sensors and cloud infrastructure for collecting and interpreting data.Thanks to our mobile application, you can collect data not only from sensors, but also from individual employees.Start without any risk! We provide our customers with the opportunity to rent SensorX on trial.The security of your data is our priority. Data in CloudX is always encrypted and anonymized. In addition, only you know the true context of the data measured.I’d like to buy itI need an advice

The process

Our goal is to deliver to customers all the data they need to continuously streamline production processes. To this end, we’ve built a compact and easy-to-understand ecosystem of tools.

Sensors for monitoring machines

Mobile application for describing data

Automatic data processing

Real-time visualization of production status



They measure the humidity and temperature at the installation site. At the same time, thanks to the Mesh Node function, this sensor can serve as a transfer point for surrounding sensors.


It measures the current in the phase conductors of the machine's power supply. In the basic configuration, the sensor is equipped with 3 measuring elements – so it can be used for 3 phase conductors simultaneously. It is possible to set its own threshold for each Current sensor in the SensorX portal to differentiate between the active and inactive state of the machine

Optical / Hall

It measures the number of passes of a magnetic or optical mark through a sensor. This sensor can be used, for example, to measure shaft speed or conveyor movement. The advantage of the magnetic option is the extremely easy installation.


It detects physical movement of the installed sensor. It allows you to record when and for how long the moving part of the machine was active.

EnvironmentalCurrentAccelerometricOptical / HallCompare the sensors

Sensor properties

Event Counter

These kinds of sensors measure the number of events per unit time. Typically, this is the number of passes of an optical or magnetic tag. When installed in a suitable place, these sensors are able to measure the real production power of the machine. For example, if one movement of the feeder corresponds to two production units, it is possible to set this relationship for the respective sensor in our SensorX portal. You’ll then see statistics as the number of production units per unit of time in the report.

Mesh Node

This is the ability of the sensor to transmit the signal of the surrounding sensors to the gateway. This solution significantly increases the range of wireless transmission. The distance between the sensor and the gateway is not important, but only the distance from the nearest sensor with the Mesh Node function, enabling us to cover large production areas without cabling.

Activity Indicator

Sensors with the Activity Indicator feature are able to distinguish when a given machine is active and when it is inactive. For example, if you want to find out how much production time is spent on which order, you can use the Activity Indicator with real-time interpretation of our mobile application.

Enviro Monitor

The sensor measures the humidity and temperature at the installation site.

Event CounterActivity IndicatorMesh NodeEnviro Monitor

Sensor housing

We urge that all our sensors are in housings made using 3D printing. The reason is simple – we want to enable our customers to install the sensor at the measurement site exactly according to their ideas. Thanks to 3D printing, our sensors can have almost any shape and anchoring elements. Just send the assignment and we will print a "tailor-made" case for you. If you don’t have any specific requirements, we’ll supply you with a sensor in a standard housing with dimensions14×32×41mm.

CloudX Gateway

The access point to our cloud is the CloudX Gateway. It’s a small device that just needs to be connected to the power supply and the Internet. Everything else can be left to SensorX. The individual sensors connect to the gateway themselves and log in to your CloudX account, where the sensor data is sent to afterwards.

Comparing sensor types

EnvironmentalCurrentAccelerometricOptical / HallMesh Node Event Counter Activity Indicator Enviro Monitor

Applications for workers

Sensory recording of the activity of your machines is usually not enough. It’s also important to know, for example, which machine the order or product was made on or which worker operated the machine. In other words – it’s necessary to interpret sensory data. And that's exactly what our mobile application is for.

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You’ve chosen a suitable sensor and downloaded our reporting application. Excellent. But how to bring everything to life? No worries! Just register your sensor and set its parameters on our web portal. The administration of your mobile application also happens in the same place. It's simple, fast and anyone can do it.


Our cloud platform, CloudX, is one of the elements that make our system truly unique. It’s a digital space in which data from sensors are processed. Although it is the heart of the whole solution, CloudX is completely invisible to customers. Just register and install the SenzorX hardware components and that’s it. You can pay attention to the obtained data and the management of your production. You can leave everything else to us!

Possibility of integration


PowerBI Standard

We will create an account for you in the PowerBI platform in which you will be able to analyze all your data from both sensors and the mobile application (and of course their mutual combination). This is a universal visualization that should suit most SensorX users.

PowerBI Custom

If you want to present the measured data in a specific way, we can customize the visualization of PowerBI to your needs. We can add graphs, selection filters or, for example, we can connect the visualization to another data source (for example, export in your ERP or accounting software) according to your requirements.

Excel Add-in

If you want to be able to work with your data locally, you can use our handy Excel add-in, thanks to which it is possible to download data from CloudX directly to your computer. You can then work with the data without any further restrictions in the MS Excel environment.

CloudX VIP Lounge

Are you a developer and want to use SensorX as a component of your own product? We’re also open to this type of cooperation. We’ll create a separate database for you within our cloud solution and provide you with an API. How you then handle the data will be up to you.

PowerBI StandardPowerBI CustomExcel Add-inCloudX VIP Lounge

Want to know more?

Arrange a video presentation with our specialist –
we’ll be happy to show and explain everything to you!

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How to begin?

Rent sensors to try them out!
Do you want to try out how SenzorX can be used in your production? To begin with, we can offer you a one-time rental of any sensor. You can try to install the sensor and test whether the solution suits you. CloudX Gateway, on-line PowerBI report and our application for data collection from employees will be available to you at all times. We’d be happy to guide you through the entire process and advise you on everything. The data that you get during the test lease will be available to you even after the end of the test period in the form of an Excel or csv document and a pdf version of the Power BI report.

I’d like to try it


Want to know more?

Arrange the rental of our sensors to try them out

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